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Minty's List of Funny Bootleg Movie Posters

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Blessed be thy crap posters!
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Russell DoFrane (1 month ago)
Ok! I lost my shit on Cujo! 😂
TheTEAMBUTLER (2 months ago)
That’s John Cusack on the Freddy poster. With an axe in his face
BoneCity (2 months ago)
Terminator 2
thesmf1210 (3 months ago)
my left ear is still not getting any love :(
jamie fasone (4 months ago)
I don’t mean to be rude I like everything else you do but I hate that one voice you do with that one character with the Chevy guy with the funny glasses where you show the picture and you do the face I hate that saying it’s so annoying I have to skip it every time I don’t mean to be rude but it’s really aggravating when I’m watching these videos cause I enjoy everything else but that
Sky Bird (5 months ago)
Was that evil dead 2 poster the army of darkness
erikwehn2007 (6 months ago)
Is that supposed to be Stallone on The Road Warrior poster or Mark Gregory from Thunder Warrior?
basterd Hayes (6 months ago)
There is a reason there called shit hole country's
basterd Hayes (6 months ago)
Why did the mother in cujo Chinese ????????
Mistah Bryan (7 months ago)
To hell with the blue hand coming out of the Terminator Head, why is Terminator spelled with 'heart' instead of an 'o'? Is this a film about Cyber Love?
Mistah Bryan (7 months ago)
I have a friend who comes from Ghana, I'm nervous about showing him this video :)
Surround Productions (7 months ago)
Everytime Minty makes this sound I die 10:48
Surround Productions (7 months ago)
The Robot was Kroenen
RICHARD BARKER (7 months ago)
The Road Warrior poster looks like a constipated Captain Kirk and Drunken Rambo.
Tom Lohmann (7 months ago)
I heard white British women go to Ghana to bang black men.
The heart in terminator poster
Gregg W. Giddens (8 months ago)
The Terminator one I think was for T2 look at the bottom right, there is a 2. Plus, did you not notice the heart lol
August West (9 months ago)
Awesome video as usual! I do have to say I've seen tons of people that are expressive and kind of talk with their hands, but none of them do it weirder than you. You just make the most nonsensical arm and hand movements I've ever seen. It's like you're conducting an orchestra or something half the time and the other half trying and failing to point at something. It's really fucking weird. If your videos weren't so consistently great it would bother me much more I think, but they are so it doesn't. Keep up the great work man!
Joanne Gray (9 months ago)
I don't remember Michael Biehn starring in Mad Max 2?
John O Sullivan (10 months ago)
And the "o" in terminator is a heart! Hilarious...
John O Sullivan (10 months ago)
Ha ha ha, if you look closely at The Spy Who Loved Me poster the "me" was originally "you" before being painted over. Love teh channel Minty!
Jackson Pickup (10 months ago)
You’ve earned yourself a subscriber, sir
booknerd Lover (10 months ago)
I laughed my ass off through this whole video lol
lordginge2010 (10 months ago)
I've only just seen this video and have been laughing my head off haha... awesome dude
Paul Gillie (10 months ago)
Minty your a funny fucker. Always make me laugh. Keep up the good work mate as always.
Igor Ivanov (11 months ago)
That fish has a dick for a tail
Joshua Christian (1 year ago)
It's a Terminator 2 poster but that still dose not explain why the "o" in "terminator" is a heart. I should move out there. I could make a killing with my art skills.
mrfurball (1 year ago)
Plz do a 50 minute long video on the " I like turtles " video clip with the zombie kid
Sharrel Wright (1 year ago)
Nobody has pointed out you're dressed as Marty McFly!? And 3:41 that's clearly Death Wish staring Charles Bronson :-)
mrfurball (1 year ago)
Sharrel Wright good eye , you must be a ninja detective who works for the CIA cause I would of never noticed that little fact.
DarkRebel7 (1 year ago)
These cinema based videos. Very informative and entertaining. And the accent, Perfect. I think a stereo microphone would be cool, just to get a better emphasis of informative entertainment. Otherwise, continue making more videos!
Kevin Horn (1 year ago)
your videos are great
Kevin Horn (1 year ago)
Feddy Vs Jason hahaha
And that heart shaped "O" in that "Terminator" poster..
MrNeil1210 (1 year ago)
no worse than some old nintendo NES american artwork ....cough.....mega man
sicilianotoronto (1 year ago)
The Cujo one is the best! Lol
Talia al Ghul (1 year ago)
Terminat<3r 2. :P
NBO Productions (1 year ago)
I just got my kidney out so laughing hurts a lot. And after the Nightmare on Elm Street poster I needed to stop watching this because I was in so much pain from laughing
CarrieAnne Atreides (1 year ago)
I have never in my 40 years laughed so hard at a video. I'm appropriating the "anal beads of Skeletor" comment. Fried. Gold.
Big D (1 year ago)
theres a heart in the word terminator ...meaning its a love story
undecidedgenius (1 year ago)
At 13:45 I was actually wondering why the Terminator had a heart shaped O. It is not exactly a romantic comedy.
Hat Man (1 year ago)
5:45 Not a lot of Feddy either.
ivan Medina (1 year ago)
as an artist myself, i think these movie posters are great!! i love them
WEASY-WOO (1 year ago)
What the hell is up with the heart at the centre of the 'O' on The Terminator 2 poster? And i didn't even realise at first that it was a 2 in the background of the last few letters of Terminator. I seriously thought it was just a pointless, mindless bit of squiggling.
Chris J (1 year ago)
That Nightmare on Elm Street poster is for the Dream Child. Hence the baby basket. Artwork is pretty much identical to the original. Freddy be hushin' on that too. And if you havnt noticed with most other Ghana posters, the artists always try to make every character, regardless of their race seem like they are Ghanian. Ghana is one of the poorest countries on the planet, there are maybe a total of 5 artists that paint these posters on old flour sacks and they are used for years and years as these films are broadcast in travelling film caravans across the country (aka a guy with a white van, vcr, and a projector. The film is projected on the side of the van, or if hes a big shot he may have a white projector screen or bedsheet.)
david hatred (1 year ago)
great video minty, unconnected to this vid but do you like any uk comedy?
ITS PRONOUNCED gin e not gin e a
Minty Comedic Arts (1 year ago)
meh what ever this video is old. couldn't care less about it now.
theflyingninja1 (3 years ago)
Very funny!
flynn caldow (1 year ago)
Minty I am a 13 year old child who loves your work. I am your number 1 fan!
Minty Comedic Arts (3 years ago)
+theflyingninja1 cheers mate :)

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