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Rambling Video About Brand Building, Customer Loyalty & Service, Marketing and More!

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Dulin Cut & Trim is a channel dedicated to helping solo lawn care professionals grow their business through, helpful tips, discussions about different facets of the lawn business, Q&A’s and a weekly vlog that shows a behind the scenes of what it’s like to run a lawn business as a solo operator. For business opportunities & sponsorships email [email protected] Website: dulincutandtrim.com
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otavio jackson (1 month ago)
wrong it take skill mowing at night with no light,we do night mowing
Dulin Cut & Trim (1 month ago)
I guess that’s true
Wayne Essar (1 month ago)
The service experience is complicated by all of my clients not speaking English as their first language. This makes instructions for aftercare of seeding and their expectations on what I can do more difficult. The one thing I did this year that worked best was having "Please stay off the grass" signs made up in English and in two of the three local languages.
Dulin Cut & Trim (1 month ago)
That would make it tricky
David Elder (1 month ago)
I’ve said it before. Your slogan needs to be. God grows it we mow it. Put that on the back your truck or the side. Are you gonna be doing the update video on your truck bed over the winter.
Dulin Cut & Trim (1 month ago)
David Elder true. The one thing that makes me nervous about Bradley is only having one source for parts. With a brand like Toro I like being able to call around to the various dealers and use amazon and eBay if needed. Being locked in to one parts source worries me. But then I’m also used to running very old equipment that I would assume breaks down way more than something brand new
David Elder (1 month ago)
Dulin Cut & Trim you could compromise get a 48 inch Bradley what are they like 4300 and will be brand new. I just like that you’re not paying all that extra money for brand-name. They have the same engine in same wheel motors as the brand name. If you go that route you don’t have to worry about buying someone else’s problem.
Dulin Cut & Trim (1 month ago)
I keep going back and forth on that. 3500 for a stander is very appealing to me and I’ve heard from other guys they are great about sending out parts overnight. But in my area you can get a used 60in toro grandstand for about 4K. So I don’t know which way I want to go. Servicing the machines isn’t really an issue for me so I just don’t know. I’m on Bradley’s website all the time tho lol
David Elder (1 month ago)
On a sidenote. I know you mentioned about getting a stand on mower but the prices are ridiculous. Have you thought about Bradley supposedly they’re coming out with a 36 in the spring. The way the pricing structure goes on there other ones. my guess would be around 3500. I know I’ll be looking into one. I’m not really worried about not having a local dealer of Bradley, I know you can go to a dealer to get it worked on. But I am handy I figured I’ll order the part and put it on myself. I figured save Bradley money and save me time. I’ve heard very good about overnighting the parts.
Dulin Cut & Trim (1 month ago)
Yes, just talked to the contractor the other day about the design. He’s doing all the welding on his own time so there won’t be much in the way of progress pics and vids until it’s time to actually put tit on the truck
Mitch Dickinson (1 month ago)
Great video!!
Dulin Cut & Trim (1 month ago)

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