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Funny Motivational Posters

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These are some extremely funny "motivational" posters...lol...these are pretty damn funny... Song:Lazy Generation Artist:The F-ups Song: Dare to be Stupid Artist:Wierd Al
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James Fan (7 years ago)
3:23 one ninja is right under the left painting next to hall way, another may be on right couch on floor laying down matching shadow next to rug, that light fan on top... is not a fan, and one in hallway xD
Ganelon (7 years ago)
THUMBS UP IF YOU KNOW WHAT THE FIRST PIC IS FROM! i do! and anybody who doesn't know is a loser!
Ry Renee (7 years ago)
hi kate
Ry Renee (7 years ago)
ILoveBlueMoreThanYou (8 years ago)
3:41 LOL always happened when i was little ''child: Mommy what's that? mom: I'ts surposed to be some kind of clown face. child: Oh, i thought it was a RETARDED ICECREAM''
Marshall Greene (8 years ago)
I disagree at 3:22 There is no parlor. This entire picture is ninjas.
Warbmeister (8 years ago)
thumbs up if you paused and searched for ninjas at 3:22, and found fuck all
wolf92193 (8 years ago)
3:37 someone make a demotivational poster of this demotivational poster.
lonewolfM16 (8 years ago)
3:44 was awesome greta video overall
ZeroZX999 (8 years ago)
This video was great! You found some damn good posters!
kingbob3009 (8 years ago)
I laughed so Fucking hard at the retarded ice cream
Unknnnnn (8 years ago)
4:07 I lol'd so hard
codafett (8 years ago)
@xerone07 Wait, how's that a fail
bulletmaggot (8 years ago)
LOL at godzilla one
Ming (8 years ago)
lol 5:08 becaue they didn't install that rocket chair for nothing
blackwaterII (8 years ago)
I had to laugh at 3:19. XD No scope though. You'd have to get some hardcore physics into that motherf***er.
thegoldenarmy0495 (8 years ago)
Alex Calibre (8 years ago)
YOLO SWAG (8 years ago)
@Samaugsch it adds to the fact that she might be blonde. I'm not gonna say it's a guy because the only blonde guy jokes i've heard arent funny
Savemefromhelen (8 years ago)
WTF are sand ninjas?
Citrina Williams (8 years ago)
4:22 Last year when I was at the nd state fair I saw that outside a tent thingymabobber lol
arashi191 (9 years ago)
@KilltrocityStudios ya totally just attach it to my vid
117Jorn (9 years ago)
Boba fetts not dead! HAHAHAHA!
Froggy 020 (9 years ago)
absolutely priceless
SoniLOID (9 years ago)
@Samaugsch q
jonners52 (9 years ago)
Sabine Derpson (9 years ago)
You don't see them? Fail!
Samaugsch (9 years ago)
How did you get that backwards "d" in "backwards"???? :O
Samaugsch (9 years ago)
Wow, I wonder how you make a backwards "p" :D
s b (9 years ago)
BrainiacOutcast (10 years ago)
Aw 3:11 :3
Kendra Lem (10 years ago)
XD i love those! awsome vid!
Dylan Fuselier (10 years ago)
I thought was funny as hell.
masterdirk101 (10 years ago)
The YMCA 1 with Jesus made me laugh so fhking hard.
ManiacalZ (10 years ago)
Haha! Dare To be Stupid Is Such An Awesome Song.
arashi191 (10 years ago)
i know right!!! thanks for watching!!! XD
arashi191 (10 years ago)
luv it!!!! thanks 4 watching XD
arashi191 (10 years ago)
thanks XD
arashi191 (10 years ago)
i think ur right
arashi191 (10 years ago)
yeah i know.... lol
Jonah Latlip (11 years ago)
5:05=about to be pwned
citystar2318 (11 years ago)
the helmets pic is just priceless

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