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[Blind Reaction] Equestria Girls Special #1 - Dance Magic

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Blind reaction and commentary on My Little Pony Equestria Girls Special #1 - Dance Magic. T-shirt: https://www.redbubble.com/people/chibi91/works/10964537-cute-equestria-girls-applejack Commentary background music: http://www.bensound.com COPYRIGHTS: FAIR USE, Title 17, US Code (Sections 107-118 of the copyright law): All media in this video is used for purpose of review & commentary under terms of fair use. All footage, music & images used belong to their respective companies.
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Applegeek (1 year ago)
So, I was informed after finishing this that specifically what was changed was that the fundraiser was originally to raise money to be able to go to Camp Everfree, and was now re-worded to raise money to fix it up, now that they've already been there. Unfortunately they seem to have forgotten about the timeline specified later in the episode that ended up putting the camp trip in the fall or winter, as opposed to in the spring or summer. Oops. XD
Bianca Guerrero (1 year ago)
Applegeek can you react to equestria girls short #6 PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DO THIS
Charles 7 (1 year ago)
brigidtheirish well the city they live in, looks like Los Angeles. Although I could be wrong.
brigidtheirish (1 year ago)
If the camp trip was in the fall, then this could still make sense as happening during a warm spell. Can't see the camp happening during winter unless the human Mane 6 live in a place that doesn't get cold. Kinda hard for me to imagine.
Christian Galvan (1 year ago)
Cal Hediger he already did react to them it's just that we don't know when he'll post them up
CalionDisney Hediger (1 year ago)
Applegeek can you make more react of last two equestria girls specials please?
Applegeek, your videos are the only videos that make me happy when Im scared,sad or and angry.. Thank you for existing :3
Cassidy Seery (1 month ago)
It took u 5 min just to start the video
Jeff Holder (2 months ago)
"Once you have it!" #ConformationThatApplejackAndSunsetAreLesbo
Jeff Holder (2 months ago)
Crystal Rainbooms Dance Magic! Pinkie almost did the Best Mates dances from Fortnite!!!
Shadow DuskX (3 months ago)
26:02 was that moon dancer.
Tyler Ingram (5 months ago)
Pinkie is cute
Gaming Togepi (5 months ago)
Twilight has no wings at 24:31 and 24:43
Natsuki (7 months ago)
Sajeev Karunamoorthy (7 months ago)
How twilight sparkle counted money so fast 😨😨😱
Natsuki (7 months ago)
REact to mlp fight song its soooo sweet and and funny closer to the end do it fir me on ur channel and u will see why
Natsuki (8 months ago)
Can i react to this
P S Y C H O T I C (8 months ago)
It's pinkie don't question it!!!! 😂😂😎😎
ScientistA2 (8 months ago)
Watch The Friendship games Bloopers, then you'll know WHY pinkie is psychic.
angel rain (9 months ago)
I bet sunset did that graffiti
Nyru Flame (9 months ago)
If you look at sour sweets belt during the dance magic song. it looks just like spikes heart ruby he gave to rarity. you'll get a better view at the end.
that girl (10 months ago)
APPLEGEEKS FORGOTTEN FRIENDSHIP REACTION ON BITCHUTE I HAVE THE LINK https://www.bitchute.com/video/2Btf9Y3aXQIC/ And thank u Apple geek for responding to my comment so i could find this link in my notificiations right before the whole video was taken down <3
romansarah gonzalez (10 months ago)
If they didn't have a original song then what was that music playing when Rarity and Twighlight went to Crystal Prep
Natalya Richards (10 months ago)
Appleseed you Deleted Applegeek said to we ! 😠😡☠😱😿😿😿
Appleseed (10 months ago)
What are you talking about?
Shallow Chu (10 months ago)
Pinkie pie the rapper
Alex Cupo (11 months ago)
18:20 applejack is just too adorable.
Robert Ciotti (11 months ago)
Robert Ciotti (11 months ago)
ragonday ourtneycay (11 months ago)
ragonday ourtneycay (11 months ago)
13:59 anyone notice pinkie or is that just normal in this world
Rainbine Gaming (1 year ago)
I am just saying the one with the headphones in that group of for looks like vanamellon
Dark Moon draw girl (1 year ago)
Pinkie lunch psychic,plese and Double rainboom,plese!!!!
shadow fangirl (1 year ago)
I was drinking water and when you laughed I spit out water it brund my nose that hurted😂😂😂😢😢😢😈😈😈
Molly G (1 year ago)
StarTrap (1 year ago)
I think u ar just a bit tu much for dis shov huh?
StarTrap (1 year ago)
Dragon Sword (1 year ago)
I’m hoping the upcoming Equestria Girls show will have a full theme song. Oh yeah, in case you haven’t heard, there’s a an ongoing Equestria Girls series coming to Youtube this month. (So long as it doesn’t start with the opening lyrics to the main series, I’ll probably enjoy it.)
Thuy vu duc (1 year ago)
Thuy vu duc (1 year ago)
Where Are They're Zeos?
Lazbro Brony (1 year ago)
Gillian Berrow is still my favorite writer.
Timeturner (1 year ago)
Pinkie rapping and Dash breakdancing was the best thing ever. :D
StormCrow77 (1 year ago)
I had been trying to figure out the timeframe of EG since two years ago based on two things: 1: The Rainbow Rocks audio commentary mentions that 'six moons' had passed since the Fall Formal. 2: IDW's EG 2014 Holiday special takes place during the Christmas season right after Rainbow Rocks. Based on that, this is the timeframe I've come up with (so far during the HuMane 7's junior year): Equestria Girls: September Rainbow Rocks: Early December Friendship Games: February Legend of Everfree: Late April (since Filthy Rich mentions 'the end of the month' as the foreclosure deadline). The 'magic' specials: Mid-May (possibly near the end of school term before summer vacation) That line of logic could also mean that 1 month = 2 'moons'
Max1238 (1 year ago)
For some reason, at 18:26, that reminds me of Western land from Mario Party 2 and at 18:55 that reminds of Mystery land from Mario Party 2 as well
Roxxie Miller (1 year ago)
Teodor Gaming ROM (1 year ago)
8:33 and 8:39 Rarity's face :)))
xxItzShadowGirlxx (1 year ago)
8:34 that face looks like a happy meal box
Edward256 (1 year ago)
If nothing else, those wings and ears could add to the "originality" of the music video. ;)
cody2819 (1 year ago)
Rarity Takes Manhattan redone in EG, and I don't even mind. EDIT:I just assumed this special was "during" EG4, you know, them raising money to save the camp? What I assumed. Wait they needed to raise money to attend camp? Huh..no princess, no unlimited bits----HOW DID Twi earn bits in the show itself, same with Fluttershy do they even get paid or what? Also AJ drinking orange juice is 100% fine due to her aunt. P.S, how do you keep your plushies clean? I can't really keep dust off of mine..
cody2819 (1 year ago)
I used a lint roller but think the most dust is from moving him a lot. Btw how do you use compressed air?
Applegeek (1 year ago)
Keep plushies clean? I don't, really. I've blasted them a bit with compressed air once or twice to try and blow the dust off, not sure if it really helped too much.
BronyNumber4096 (1 year ago)
Rarity Takes MainHattin II- Electric Boogaloo!
SVGLNR (1 year ago)
Why is Indigo Zap not present here?
Viper Freak (1 year ago)
Welp, back from my vacation and a hole backlog of notifications to get through. So lets get started! 0:21 Holy crap, that Power Puff Girl styled Applejack is cute!! 5:56 I think alot of Bronies, me included, Wanted to see them wearing bikinies at this point. (or very wet Tshirts without wearing any bra's underneath) 6:47 Those tumble weeds get around, don't they? Plus, I think alot more cars would have come if they did what I staded above. 8:01 well, it's not the time it happened, they did Apple Jack instead of Applejack in the last EG Movie. 13:09 Gonna love that Pinkie, she always cheers me up. 14:15 I was a while ago since I saw episode, bot as soon as I saw Rarity sitting on the couch I thought: Oh, here we go! 14:34 I'm only missing Rarity munching on a random container of icecream at this point. 15:15 which is weird, considering that were able to dance in EG 1 16:22 Of course Twilight would know where the library is, she practically lived there! Oh wait, that was pony Twilight.... Or not? I'm confused. 17:29 Anyone else have a dejavu moment to "Rarity Takes Manehatten" from season 4? 17:55 That, or the EG Pinkie switches places with pony Pinkie on occation.(Just like in the "deleted scenes" of Rainbow Rocks) 18:36 It is. 18:38 And Sunset is wearing the typical outlaw black shirt and hat. 19:18 why are they acting like this is real? It's a fantasy.. right? 20:28 there It is!! Though it losts it's moment. 20:42 Oké Applegeek, you just looked like you came up with an evil thing there, with your fingers drumming against eachother. 38:52 I think you meant "their" instead of "thair" 53:03 well by now you'd posted the second special, so I'm doing that one next. Can't wait.
Sky Videos (1 year ago)
Lemon zest is my favorite CPS
Angela Perkins (1 year ago)
I wonder why the Crystal Prep girls wear their uniforms to places like the mall and the ice cream shop?
sal ty (1 year ago)
400th like
Martine Whitear (1 year ago)
love thus can't wait see your reaction to mirror magic your going freak out xxx so good love your reactions
SuperFilipino64 (1 year ago)
Can you react to Sailor Moon meets MLP (1/2) by ToucanLDM, please?
Emerald Moon (1 year ago)
When are you going to react to the two other EG specials ? Movie Magic Mirror Magic
Star Sapphire (1 year ago)
Just an FYI, ToucanLDM is at it again ^_^
msolec2000 (1 year ago)
This is an oldie, but I don't think you have reacted to it: It's called "Logic with Pinkie Pie in the number of stars in the night sky".
OilyValves (1 year ago)
Holy crap that Daybreaker plushie is incredible (sorry, I know it was in your last video, but I'm avoiding movie spoilers). Also fun reaction man. :)
BunnyLikesWafflez (1 year ago)
Applegeek can you please react to ToucanLDM's new video called "Sailor Moon Meets MLP Part 1/2"? it is very funny :D
Hanna Rivernose (1 year ago)
Pleas react to the bride of Discord pls pls pls i love that
Ultraitor (1 year ago)
Why have you not uploaded your reactions to the other 2 specials yet?
Christian Galvan (1 year ago)
Ultraitor ikr just wait patiently
Flaming Spirit (1 year ago)
is that a day breaker plushie im the background applegeek? O_o
Pinkie Pie (1 year ago)
Likes that Daybreaker plushie.
GamingWith Potato (1 year ago)
I love apple jack
Carlos Velez (1 year ago)
yo stop making vids
Crystal Wing (1 year ago)
On Pinkie's rap part in the song, everyone has pony up except pinkie
Your Typical Fangirl (1 year ago)
i like your daybreaker plushie!
AHeroInHeadphones 248 (1 year ago)
just u wait for the last one best one
EaglesMan710 (1 year ago)
9:04 Jesus dude, calm down, it's not that exciting.
Robert Reiss (1 year ago)
CONSTRUCTIVE CRITISISM First let me say I love your reaction. They are always over the top, very funny, and Red Bull fueled. I think the one thing that needs work are your commentary sections at the end. Now I'm not talking about your thoughts and opinions, cause I think you do bring up some good points. But when you do your comments section you describe the episode and give a point by point recap of the events in it. We just watched the episode with you dude. You could probably just give your thoughts and views on certain things and we will know what you're talking about. Anyway, just noticed that's been a continuing issue. Please take this as the advice that it is intended to be, as I like your stuff and can't wait to see what you react to next. Keep being awesome
Robert Reiss (1 year ago)
I always enjoy your stuff. I did notice the improvement with the next couple. Keep being Awesome my friend
Applegeek (1 year ago)
Yeah, you're not the first to have noticed that, and you're right. I don't think I used to do a complete play by play recap like that, just somehow fell into a rut. The way my thought process works, I like to go over everything and explain things in detail, and it's often too easy to let too many insignificant details get in the way of getting to the point. Anyway, I tried to do better on the next couple, hope you enjoyed those more.
CreepyCP JTK (1 year ago)
Please can you react to MLP Equestria girls Movie Magic and Mirror MAGIC PLEASE Clue: in one of them Sunset goes back to Equestria!!!!
Diamond Sky (1 year ago)
Cherise Seeley shhhhhh.....
Not clue. SPOILER!!!
applegeek there's two more episodes to watch episode 2-movie magic episode 3-mirror magic
George Harvey (1 year ago)
I only just got done writing a review of Legend of Everfree. I was hoping to take a breather from Equestria Girls, but then this was uploaded. Oh well. Here are my highlights as always: 5:42 A bucket of water? Okay. 5:46 Oh, it's a car wash. 5:53 Applepsychic. 5:56 Rarity dries a car with a hairdryer. 6:06 Hi Big Mac. Also, you must really like trucks to know that info, Applegeek. 6:17-6:23 Typical Rarity 6:27 I was just wondering that too. 6:30 Oh, there she is. Not sure about her new outfit, though. 6:32 Oh, so that's what it's for. 6:37 Agreed. 6:40-6:48 Or maybe not. 6:57 What doesn't she have stashed in her hair? 7:24-7:29 Funny. 7:30-7:47 Interesting title sequence. Although, if Hasbro did make this an official TV series, they'd have to extend it a little bit. 7:54 They're really making this feel like a proper TV episode. They even use similar onscreen credits to the ones in Friendship is Magic. 8:00 Well spotted. 8:04-8:17 Rarity talks with a TV. 8:34 That face. 8:36 Hey, I said it first! 8:41 They're back. 8:53 Yeah, but, for us it's been a couple of years. 9:00-9:08 I guess Principle Cinch quit or got fired. It's nice to know Cadence has taken over. Also, your reaction Applegeek. 9:20 Applepsychic (sort of). 9:21 I love Sugarcoat's brutally honest humour. 9:24-9:40 By this point, I could see where the episode was going. 9:41 You as well I see. 10:04-10:11 Sour Sweet: "Button it Sugarcoat, you'll give away our evil plan." 10:13 I didn't notice them before. 10:40-10:46 Wow, that got deep there for a moment. 10:59 That face. 11:02 Hey, I said it first (again)! 11:06-11:44 That is a big risk. 11:12/11:26 Well duh. Even I worked that out, Twilight. If you have half the money now and the prize money is worth double what you need overall then of course it's four times more. It's basic math. 11:34 Thanks again Captain Obvious. 11:40 Pinkie's face. 11:52 That laugh. 11:56 Hi Vinal Scratch and Photo Finish. 12:23 So do I. 12:38 Jazz Paws. 12:53 Yes, we do. 12:54 That face. 12:55 That face, too. 13:17-13:30 Rarity is more concerned about a wardrobe malfunction than her rehearsal. 13:32 Hi Lyra. 13:33 Hey, I said it fir- Never mind. 13:38-13:53 And the episode does go where we think it's going. 13:57 She has work glasses, like pony Rarity. 14:05 Has human Applejack ever said "sugar cube" before? 14:09 She has a fainting/misery couch, like pony Rarity. 14:14 Hi Opal. I see you have a human world counterpart, too - like Angel Bunny. 14:17 Her mascara runs, like pony Rarity. 14:27 You only just noticed her? 14:33 Pinkie rhyming with good timing. 14:48-14:56 Agreed. 14:57 I guess old habits do die hard. 15:40 Umm, no one. 16:04 Twilight and Rarity breaking into Crystal Prep. 16:11-16:19 I find it hard to believe that Twilight doesn't know her old school has a dance studio - even if she never used it herself. 16:33 That face. 16:38-16:46 Hillarious joke. 16:53 I doubt they're going to comply, Rarity. 16:58/17:08 Those evil laughs. 17:18-17:28 That's a good point. 17:28 That face 17:33 That face, too. 17:45-17:58 Another hilarious joke. Also, I didn't notice it was Twilight's castle before. 18:17 The Hu-mane 7 literally putting their heads together. 18:25 Nice outfits. Although Rarity disagrees. 18:37 Well spotted. 18:56 Some more great outfits. 19:03 I thought so as well. 19:06 Hey, it's Ahuizotl! 19:07 Yep, Daring Do books exists in this world, too. 19:22 A change in the animation style to look like a crayon drawing. Also, I'm not surprised - we've seen what goes on inside Pinkie Pie's mind after all (Legend of Everfree). 19:41 Yes, he eats it through the helmet. 19:54 Rarity is about to snap. 20:11 She's stressed. 20:24 Hi Octavia. 20:26 She eats ice cream when she's miserable, like pony Rarity. The writers aren't afraid to copy her counterpart's quirks, are they? 20:41 So they've come up with a dance routine, but not a song. I think I know where this is going. 20:44 Sapphire Shores reference. 21:00-21:17 They had good intentions, but their motivations were all wrong. 21:23 Now you've got it. 22:23-22:34 Proper redemption for these characters. 23:16 I can't believe you made that comparison. 23:22 You gotta love Sugarcoat. 23:34 Music video time! 24:24 Pinkie rapping. 25:42 I didn't notice that reference to Season 1 (Cutiemark Chronicles). 25:50-26:14 New-found friendship between Rarity and Sour Sweet. 26:18 Even the closing credits make it feel like a genuine TV episode. Overall, I love how this special focuses on someone other than Twilight or Sunset; I think it's the right direction if they want to make Equestria Girls into its own TV series, someday. If the next two specials are anything like this one, I'm sure they'll be the first of many new adventures for the Hu-Mane 7.
SuperRavensfan101 (1 year ago)
DANGIT im a day late, anyway really been enjoying what youve been lately so thank you applegeek
Ruby (1 year ago)
I'd like to see you react to some of Moliminous mlp content.
Classic Pitch (1 year ago)
8:33 that face. know this is off topic of MLP but anyone else find that to be reminiscent of L/Nears smile from death note?
Aerial Ballette (1 year ago)
so cute shirt, I loves it.. and you say we can buy one huh.. so I would like to buy an Applegeek.. he is a must have for any computer cave.. also you have to have all the Apple's for the collection.. if not that collection then it's the Tech Guardian's set... also must have," noddles.  Would be neat if EG Sunset was still villainess and went to equestrian, to get more power. Pony sunset went t human world, human sunset went to pony word, that would be fun, and that's why we don't see Human Sunset,  she's gone to Equestria to become a far more powerful threatening force. would make a great season finale. Always enjoyed that song, glad to see  the video for it.  Did like Big Mac's truck,  that style of truck always reminds me of granddad. wonder if we will see gummi and Wynona since we've seen opal, that fainting couch.. lol. always fun to see the Crystal Prep crew, as well as see the two groups working together.Would be interesting to see if these shorts spring up to a  series themselves.  This one was good, and can't wait to see the rest of the trio set. great reaction and critic of this EG. Until your next reaction Applegeek... or.. manage to buy you and place you in a cell..," rubs her hoofs together and snickers,".. I'll get yo Applegeek.. and your little friends too.!!" laughs maniacally, then coughs and readjusts herself,".. stay out of trouble young stallion... or at least don't get caught," eye twitches and smirks evilly
Lol Yazzy (1 year ago)
Ooooo Trixie can be starlight's pupil just a suggestion
Lol Yazzy (1 year ago)
Hey I saw season 7 ep 12 and discord is soo cute when he is nice
BigBadSeed (1 year ago)
Indigo Zap was absent because she's currently being investigated for using performance enhancers at the Friendship Games.
ThomasZoey3000 (1 year ago)
Nice reaction to Dance Magic. I can't wait to see your next reaction to the second special. By the way, according to the wikia, Indigo Zap was on vacation at the time of this special.
IceStab 7 (1 year ago)
Hey Applegeek, can you react to '' Pokemon Bridged " episodes? I know you usually react to MLP videos, but the episodes of Pokemon Bridged are really funny. You could just take a break from MLP and enjoy Pokemon. I mean you are a Pokemon fan.
Littlelox (1 year ago)
where'd he get the daybreaker plush!? i want it!!
Jade Muse (1 year ago)
best part of the ep: Nom nom nom. Also, these shorts take place in S6.
Christian Galvan (1 year ago)
Dallin Anderson don't you mean after the fourth movie
Medrano Kelly (1 year ago)
because cadence is the princaple of crystal prep it's like the crystal empire
Cosmic Feather (1 year ago)
So... is anyone going to comment on the shipping fuel in this vid???? That AJ and SunSet ship some people do support it ......... my little 6 yr old cousin supports it :3
Narrator007 (1 year ago)
12:33 "That is a very interesting outfit for Fluttershy." As well a very interesting embrace of same.
Narrator007 (1 year ago)
9:10 "I'm so glad Cinch is gone!" It was a cinch that Cadance was going to take over eventually. ;)
Narrator007 (1 year ago)
How did you get a Daybreaker so quickly?! Also, what is AJ doing on the same shelf as the princesses? I don't see no wings or horn on her! :)
Applegeek (1 year ago)
That Daybreaker was made by somebody in less than 48 hours after the episode aired, and put up for sale on Etsy. Literally my most expensive impulse buy ever, by several orders of magnitude. AJ is on that shelf because she fits there, and screw wings and horns, she's still a princess in my book. :D
Angela Perkins (1 year ago)
Because AJ is awesome. :)
Bon Bon (1 year ago)
04:30 Equestrian Sunset killed her and took her place :q I heard that the body is still buried somewhere under that horse statue :J 08:00 Hey, we're talking about a company that misspelled their own name in one of their G1 movies :P They misspell their credits all the time. I bet they still keep the same person typing those credits since then :q (except now she has her glasses twice as thick :q ). 08:10 The TV won't answer you, Rarity :D 09:02 Well, she's gone, but she isn't dead :q I bet she's already plotting her revenge ]:> 09:22 More like "Rarity Takes Manehattan" 2.0 :J 14:25 Spike seems to be interested in her too :q 17:55 Nah, she just sneaks through the portal and swaps with her Equestrian self all the time ;> BTW I bet Hasbro would make much more money if they were selling Twilight's castle made of chocolate instead of plastic :g 19:03 A nice piece of foreshadowing ;> 21:45 If only it always worked with idea thieves in Human World... :/
Alisha Dionne (1 year ago)
18:26 luv this 😂❤
Blake Hanley (1 year ago)
I think to maintain the original intended timeframe of 'Dance Magic' the fundraiser should have been intended to raise money to go to Camp Everfree not to repair it.
CSmoke365 (1 year ago)
23:16 That scene became a whole lot funnier now with your Looney Tunes comparison 😂
Trenton Bigsby (1 year ago)
20:39 "dat face" :3
Darkhellia DarkFire (1 year ago)
Rarity told the Shadowbolts her plans for the music video competition at the mall, malls have audio and video surveillance, Rarity could have threatened to tell the judges of the competition that during her visit to the mall to get ideas to earn money for Camp Everfree, upon hearing about the competition and getting the idea for it she ran into the Shadowbolts and told them her idea. There would be video footage and audio recordings of the entire event as well as when the Shadowbolts practiced their first routine of the stolen idea right at the same mall. This could be used against them because clearly after taking the idea and getting the outfits they started practicing the idea to use for the competition. By allowing the judges to view this footage and voice recordings from the security of the mall, the judges could and most likely would disqualify the Shadowbolts from competing thus allowing Rarity and the Rainbooms to win the competition unopposed.
DiodoRUS (1 year ago)
Start in 5:40
Dabo2321993 (1 year ago)
17:55 duh she is ^^ no character broke the reality as often as our little miss pie :D Well except for discord of course, wonder if hes gonna make an appearance too in one of the eqg movies :D
Chris Pyburne (1 year ago)
It would be awesome for their to be an episode of them on the yacht and they would have a mystery to solve. like on the train in F.I.M. XD
Chris Pyburne (1 year ago)
Where do you get your shirts?
JROG1989 (1 year ago)
Keep up the good work Applegeek
Starlight Glimmer (1 year ago)
I thought Dance Magic already aired on Discovery Family. I don't know for sure but I would think so because I was watching MLP and there was a popup that said "in a cretain amount of minutes EG Movie Magic will air". You know, something along those lines. And Movie Magic is second so...I have no idea it really depends on when you are recording this.
Starlight Glimmer (1 year ago)
Okay, never mind, just watched the rest of the intro : )
Stephen Isaac (1 year ago)
hey applegeek. rarity's friends were suppose to take her friend's worries seriously and not joke about it just like in the episode, "lesson zero". my best friend Cory talk to me about it. also I like how you call principal cinch the grinch. lol

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