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Hollywood Undead - "Dead Bite" - Drum Cover

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Hey y'all! Here's my drum cover of one of the newest Hollywood Undead songs, "Dead Bite" from their forthcoming album, Notes from the Underground! It's a simple song, so I wanted to make a quick drum cover of it! Thanks to my friend caden2434 for letting me use his equipment once again! Definitely go check out his channel! http://www.youtube.com/user/caden2434?feature=g-user-c Download "Dead Bite" for FREE at http://hollywoodundead.com/ Hollywood Undead's newest single, "We Are", is also available NOW! Go to iTunes and download that! Song: "Dead Bite" by Hollywood Undead. I do not own any rights to the music in this video.
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Text Comments (30)
Brenden Raps side acc (3 years ago)
I am a Drummer your Doing really good keep it up me and my friend play for our church but we have a side band that's like Hollywood undead and screamo lol
Bloody Tears (4 years ago)
hey do u won't to play for are band
Hailey Breckenridge (5 years ago)
I am breath taken! This more than amazing:)
Big Daddy J (5 years ago)
Niceee cover man!
caden2434 (5 years ago)
Heh, okay;) Nice way to COVER up;) haha get it? Oh lawdy I'm clever.
JakeySpades (5 years ago)
Hey hey hey, I said A cover, could be guitar too ;)
caden2434 (5 years ago)
Oh yeah? How bout asking first. ;)
JakeySpades (5 years ago)
Thanks for all the comments, guys! It really means a lot! I'm gonna try to get a cover as soon as I can! :D
Petr Musil (5 years ago)
loli milk (5 years ago)
whoaaa this is awesome
Trystan Young (5 years ago)
Not to bad brother.
Lauren S (5 years ago)
JakeySpades (6 years ago)
Hey thanks! I appreciate it :3
Jérôme Marsan (6 years ago)
Jakey is a multi-talent ;P very good cover dude!
Alex Torres (6 years ago)
you are a GOD
MaryPoppinsGeese (6 years ago)
TheXXApolloXx (6 years ago)
Do Undead!!
Eddie King (6 years ago)
Nice perfect and u should do undead
Braden Balcik (6 years ago)
/watch?v=Xq61a5ihOVs You should do this one! :)
Adam sky (6 years ago)
nice 1 bo .. :D
Savannah Winn (6 years ago)
Your wink <3
RhyderTheGamer (6 years ago)
Brandon Fuller (6 years ago)
Good drum cover
Brennan Pasemko (6 years ago)
its hard to play off beat like hollywood undead great job
Brennan Pasemko (6 years ago)
you're pretty good nice job
Yung Vacuum (6 years ago)
nice bro
Kase Clark (6 years ago)
Blake Willis (6 years ago)
pretty legit
caden2434 (6 years ago)

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