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Troy VS Bullies

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From Episode 7 "Who's Cryin' Now?" Troy takes on some hapless bullies who target him for some reason or another. Morphin' Legacy Your Source for Power Rangers News from Mighty Morphin' to MegaForce! http://morphinlegacy.com I DO NOT OWN SUPER SENTAI OR POWER RANGERS, ALL RIGHTS TO TOEI, SABAN , NICKELODEON AND BANDAI
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Text Comments (3681)
LiMitLesS (49 minutes ago)
am i the only one seeing that there is "nickHD"
Zurite (6 hours ago)
Mama ain’t raise no punk ya heard
Jhon Silva (8 hours ago)
*Algum Br que veio pra ver se tem algum Br aqui?*
Sabrina Antonio (15 hours ago)
Bullies exposed!!
lobo piradinho (1 day ago)
What the film ?
Solopani MIKI (1 day ago)
Troy is so going to #WIN
Ajita Risher (2 days ago)
Power rangers is soooo boring
Luis Bolta Ñanco (3 days ago)
Que wea le dijo
Якбивиговорилт по-украински 098565853 номер
Nexus 95 (4 days ago)
A good bully is a dead bully.
Surya Tanamas Harison (4 days ago)
Bullies the red ranger... WTF you doing kid ?
Sharjan Khan (4 days ago)
You stupid bully
At Phitsavart (5 days ago)
Hunor Lorincz (6 days ago)
sania khan (8 days ago)
I mean brave
sania khan (8 days ago)
Omg that boy who was hrave he was sooo handsome
THE BEST M (8 days ago)
film name.please??
Shoho ahmed (8 days ago)
اسم الفيلم اي؟
Samatar Mohamed (9 days ago)
Thank you
Samatar Mohamed (9 days ago)
Dont bully nurds
Fernando Santos (10 days ago)
What is the movie called? Does anyone know please?
Thanglam Suan (10 days ago)
stop bullin and him are eles I will pull your panties down
Andreia Reiys (11 days ago)
Como se chama ??
Sara Fregoso (11 days ago)
Cool as ice
Tony Carlo Selemane (11 days ago)
Dark arrow (12 days ago)
I wish I was exactly like troy all the girls would love me
minamoto iruko (12 days ago)
The last pic: Dias Deer in Gaoranger???
Alex Fan (14 days ago)
*not all heoros wear capes...*
kristian ph (14 days ago)
Size does not matter
princ princ (14 days ago)
Как именуется кинофильм?
apply medley (15 days ago)
SamuraiGaming (15 days ago)
Whats the name of this serie
Games Legend (16 days ago)
Weird pigeons
TheGaza93 (16 days ago)
There’s always a sad and a fat bully....
Jared Daniel (16 days ago)
That wasn't a fight
kral baba (16 days ago)
Puwer rancers ?
Julie McIntyre (17 days ago)
Is it me or do those bullies look like if they existed in real life they would be the ones being bullied?
Arbnor Krasniqi (17 days ago)
name movie?
Mahir Tanrıkulu (18 days ago)
Filmin adı nedir
Gilvania Santana (19 days ago)
Adjudicou de tia joga jta a foto 3k e lindo quinto ano de tia joga jta a foto 3k e lindo 9 santos Betão a foto viu cuscuz de tia joga jta a foto 3k de tia joga jta a foto 3k e lindo quinto ano de tia 5 tryrrh
Konor Makgregor (19 days ago)
Что за кинофильм?
Sallu Bhai (20 days ago)
Red Power ranger
ATLA lover (21 days ago)
This is so cringy....
Games Android (22 days ago)
I wish have that strong 😭😭
يمني وافتخر (23 days ago)
حد عربي هنا صاوعلا النبي
nadia Saunders (23 days ago)
He is
Nael Leal (23 days ago)
Alguém pode me passar o nome do filme por favor
Block minepi (24 days ago)
hendi wiguna (24 days ago)
ceweknya cantik banget siapa namanya
fabio lopez (25 days ago)
Why you bully me
Samah Salman (25 days ago)
Brave dude
سوري وافتخر (25 days ago)
يلي عربي لايك👌
Yazn kaeng (26 days ago)
The Beast (26 days ago)
Dang Troy is a good and a respect person and I wish that he can beat them like I mean that he can fight them
Zara Warda Daniya (27 days ago)
I like TROY .He's so hot . He's so handsome and strong teenager
Willian Rodrigues (28 days ago)
Só nos Estados Unidos que tem esses valetao aqui no Brasil o pau come kkkkk
LukeIsChilling (28 days ago)
Damn everybody should noscope those bullies like they are newbies.
Stupid Lichstar (28 days ago)
Go Troy
Hasnaa AlH. (29 days ago)
Wooow Troy man hot 😍😍😍💔💟
true_ slashx (29 days ago)
Moosecraft is that you
Helo Gameplay (30 days ago)
alguém mi diz q filme é esse por favor
Willian F (30 days ago)
Qual o nome da série??
Muhammed Menekşe (1 month ago)
name iş fılm
Pedro Dias (1 month ago)
Não. Entendi. Porra. Nenhuma. O. Q. Ele. Falou. Kkkkk
فرح فروح (1 month ago)
mhmad haswn (1 month ago)
viniboyzinho 13 (1 month ago)
good lucky
Ali Ali (1 month ago)
كلش حلوه هذه اللقطه حبيته
marcos crespo (1 month ago)
ON 96 (1 month ago)
Wow...... Im just...... Unspeakable
Ait Ali Youssef (1 month ago)
Как кино именуется?
yasir koç (1 month ago)
Fabricio Free Fire (1 month ago)
Nome do filme
chicco doe (1 month ago)
It's really true what he said
Bruno Guerreiro (1 month ago)
que gay isso kkkkkkk
Rudra Pratap (1 month ago)
Movie name pls
lenad krishan (1 month ago)
plz tell me this Drama or filam name
Noel Stuart (1 month ago)
ZlodeY_ Na_Tanke (1 month ago)
Как кино именуется
Troy almost was going to make hem cry😂
Troy is arel héro for all of us💜✌
Mouh le roi (1 month ago)
Name of this film ?
Diana Stefanova (1 month ago)
Shakila Khurram (1 month ago)
A full clear show off
Vincent's Animations (1 month ago)
These bullies are the most retarded and unrealistic human beings on the media
crislane Correa (1 month ago)
Muito bom
Itz Etrain (1 month ago)
kazu kay (1 month ago)
What is this movie called
جسومي الملك (1 month ago)
يمني وافتخر (1 month ago)
حد يكتب عربي هنا
Alex Weight (1 month ago)
never mass with the guy with the leather jack
A PLO (1 month ago)
باسم بركات (1 month ago)
مين عربي شنو اسم الفيلم
Vinicius Vannuchi (1 month ago)
_He _*_protecc_*
george wong (1 month ago)
tipycal usa school full og assholes
Ali Mohamed (1 month ago)
Name of the movie
Zana Ameen (1 month ago)
how link ILike to film

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