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Quicksilver vs Apocalypse | X-Men Apocalypse (2016) Movie Clip

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Quicksilver vs Apocalypse Fight Scene | X-Men: Apocalypse (2016) Movie info: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt3385516/ Buy it on Blu-ray: https://www.amazon.com/X-men-Apocalypse-James-McAvoy/dp/B01G9AXWH2 Starring: James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender, Jennifer Lawrence, Oscar Isaac, Nicholas Hoult, Rose Byrne, Lucas Till, Evan Peters, Sophie Turner, Tye Sheridan, Olivia Munn, Kodi Smit-McPhee, Alexandra Shipp, Ben Hardy, Josh Helman -------------------------------------------------- ► Twitter: https://twitter.com/filmicbox ► Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/filmicbox ► Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/filmicbox ► Google+: https://plus.google.com/109939716731213840534 -------------------------------------------------- *** TM & © Fox (2016) Monetized by owner/s. Their ads Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use. No copyright infringement intended. *** Quicksilver vs Apocalypse Full Fight Scene 4K Ultra HD https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCuGtSnFs0lbb7Loo0WeKmVQ
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Text Comments (1851)
Scopian01 (1 year ago)
Click here for Quicksilver Extraction Scene: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4ZFYVzmrzWw
Jim Melo (2 months ago)
Filmic box. Pls. Upload scenes from the nun when it is already in blu ray
Yvonne Stevenson (2 months ago)
Filmic box
Helal Bawab (8 months ago)
Pecka boo,i am here
Phil (9 months ago)
Filmic Box I
Avengers squad of marvel (11 months ago)
Is he a brother of peitro maximoff which is in avengers age of ultron
Cyril Smith VA (1 day ago)
Why didn't we get this Quicksilver in Age Of Ultron
Nicholas.J Tolo (1 day ago)
they need to use this version of quicksilver in the MCU I didn't like the avengers age of Ultron movie interpretation
Rohan Gupta (2 days ago)
Apocalypse and thanos should team up
Djizzle96 (2 days ago)
[Insert Thanos Joke]
Paul Pokévids (3 days ago)
RiP physics As far as I know the force he created in running so fast would send Apocalypse to space
koko kwikwak (4 days ago)
is this the half cyber apocalypse like in the video games or he is still a mutant?
Jarod Farrant (4 days ago)
If I was quick super I would’ve kick him below the belt that put apocalypse right out.
Turki Kaboha (4 days ago)
So instead of punching him? Couldn't he just bring a Katana and slice him or chop off his head?
TheGamingGounders (5 days ago)
Nice thumbnail
The Mystic MacTAPPER (7 days ago)
0:50 I forgot how gangster quicksilver was in this movie 😂
MimM (7 days ago)
I have a pretty strong feeling that Qwicksilver might die in the next film and that is why he doesn't appear in the 2000s X Men films set after this. Plus, it would cement Magneto's fall to evil.
El gato con botas (7 days ago)
servidumbre es mejor que el hombre araña
I’m only slightly annoyed that they named peter and not Pietro
Namake David (8 days ago)
That's why when u are fast u end it quickly with a weapon
Ice_ Swallowedcome539 (9 days ago)
어허헣빌런 (10 days ago)
공포의 푸르딩딩 오토튠 머머리
The Bonerous (11 days ago)
Imagine what can quicksilver does if he gets an update from apocalypse
Dheeraj D (11 days ago)
Fuck u marvel studios. This is how powerful quicksilver should be.
Juanito loco (11 days ago)
The first time of how i really see an video in 4k
Is that karrie from mobile legends
Luis Macher Lim (14 days ago)
Thanos would kill him with his snap
bobblake G1 (14 days ago)
quicksilver needs his own movie
Zero Black (15 days ago)
Cant he just vibrate like the flash... To phase at his attack or phase out of that trap :3 ohh well i guess they have different kind of powers
ZiRR (15 days ago)
Charles, I don’t feel so good.
Christian Hatfield (15 days ago)
While I personally think Aaron Taylor Johnson is a better actor than even Peters is, I find this to be the better adaptation of quick silver
mouchios sample (15 days ago)
How the fuck do i feel "charles, show yourselffffff" is like my inner voice everytimes imma go out of my closet even when my name isnt charles?
FreudMessenger (16 days ago)
All talent for movies with real actors is in Marvel side.
Bundaberg Bear (17 days ago)
Apocalypse paid his volunteers nothing for risking their lives; and then proceeded to call his volunteers “useless”. What a jackass.
MSA 454 (17 days ago)
Imagine if Quicksilver had been empowered.
lol world (17 days ago)
0:48 i love how he giggles
The Skrilltrap (18 days ago)
People complaining that Quicksilver, a mortal, can't defeat a GOD is the dumbest thing I've heard.
Sami Fakhir (18 days ago)
Dyspo vs hit😅
Daniel White (18 days ago)
Is this Canon?
bobby lanex (20 days ago)
So marvel and fox both have right to quicksilver how does that work ?
Mariana Itam (20 days ago)
Quicksilver When you try to troll a default but it was actually a Pro
VAN Puker (21 days ago)
When apocalypse said we're still connected that sounded weird to me.
REDandBLUEandORANGE (21 days ago)
Rue Cassie (21 days ago)
Never seen this movie but why is everyone just standing there not helping him until Raven showed up.
Johary Mamaluba (21 days ago)
Imagine if quicksilver is one of the four horsemen and apocalypse upgrades his power. He would be very OP. Even trash the great(sarcasm) flash.😂😂
Ivanshok EITnoX (22 days ago)
shaneanus (22 days ago)
I loved first class and it was turned to shit when singer returned to ruin the next two films
Scathalinx (22 days ago)
How did karrie get here?
now or never (23 days ago)
Apocalypse's voice creeps me out 😱
Matt Causon (23 days ago)
Gubz calculated the speed of Quicksilver and his estimated at his max speed is Mach 112,000. If we use the equation Force=Mass times Speed then each punch from Quicksilver should be delivering 14,000,000,000lbs of force or in other words each punch is like having one of the great pyramids hitting you in the face.
Random Thoughts (23 days ago)
1st. Quicksilver should of diced Apoc up with A sharp object A trillion times starting with Apoc's eyes. 2nd. Gather up all of Apoc's smithereens in A pile. 3rd. grab Cyclops and bring him close to Apoc's smithereens, remove Cyclop's shades and voila.
stefy hemsworth (24 days ago)
Charles is always so dramatic and powerless
Weed Mario (24 days ago)
0:50 appocalypse's face should have just fucking broke and he should have died instantly
RenzuDraws (25 days ago)
the fact that he's going super speed in a slow downed time just makes me think that he's too op and fast ;-;
Ami N (25 days ago)
Psylocke 🔥 😍😍
your average communsit (26 days ago)
Discount thanos Discount thanos
Kimmy Mac (26 days ago)
Apocilapse vs darksied vs thanos
Laj xD (26 days ago)
Laj xD (26 days ago)
I'm thinking that punch to the neck would have snapped apocalypses' neck right off
Judah Lewis (27 days ago)
Mukesh More (28 days ago)
This is not a quiksilver this is a peter
Mitt Roman Knee (28 days ago)
Juggernaut should’ve been a horseman
SUB-ZERO (29 days ago)
Did anyone notice Magneto was the only one who didn't get touched in the showdown? Everyone else got a power boost except him.
Charlie Dalton (30 days ago)
LOL the stupid rat loser fucker execs at FOX thought a mostly ALL-WHITE cast would work in this day and age? And let me ask you…ok so X-Men might have worked back in the 70s-80s-90s…but you’re telling me people across the globe will emphasize with a bunch of white “mutants” pretending to be discriminated against??? HAHAHA MARVEL/FOX wake up! That narrative doesn’t work anymore. Like a bunch of preppy rich whitw kids are discriminated against because they have power? FUCK OFF assholes And these fucking losers at Fox wonder why their xmen series flops Did you see Black Panther asshole losers? Get with the times assholes? Fox asshole fuckers…diversity the mutant line up you fucking idiots. Same with Marvel/Disney…your whole theme with the xmen is about discrimination and prejudice yet no black, Asian, or Latino male/? Fuck off asshole…PIGS
Fibo (30 days ago)
Is this the hidden lotus technique?!?
Ross Goosen (30 days ago)
THICCsilver rules
Ian Lockyear (1 month ago)
I hate how fhey touch their head to show mental telepathy stuff... makes no fucking difference other then a visual que for retards... once u notice it u will never un notice ig
Mar Celo (1 month ago)
Here is the main problem letting Quicksilver as a member of X-Men: the script will have to create impossible solutions to deal with him so he won't be "invincible". He is invisible against physical actions and can only be affected by immaterial forces like mind control. At this scene, for example, it is a lie that Apocalypse could do anything: creating physical restraining will take forever and at Quicksilver "world" and like bullets he could easily dodge what is going after him. So, in reality, when Apocalypse starts to create the foot lockers, Quicksilver would see it growing as snail and would just step to the side to avoid stepping on it. It is kind like Juggernaut: when he starts moving nothing is able to physically stop him and he can only be deal with using immaterial actions.
Laj xD (1 month ago)
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa that screammmmmmm
Dick Dastardly (1 month ago)
Once again as with most situations Apocalypse rose again because some STUPID BITCH sticks her nose into something that she has NO Clue about and causes chaos just like Lois Lane in Superman vs Batman, Polly Perkins in Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow just to name 2.
Ya Boi Miller (1 month ago)
And to think that all the first punches were in the blink of an eye
Thanos blue
john tran (1 month ago)
Quick silver can just stab or cut off his head. Lol all his weak punches
Raphiell (1 month ago)
Imagine if Apocalypse buffed Quicksilver's power
Emilio Castillo Zapata (1 month ago)
Name of the girl please 1:31
Shadow Manymules (1 month ago)
Man when he broke his leg. I screamed.
sapna chaturvedi (1 month ago)
Faby Perales (1 month ago)
Se imaginan un Apocalypse vs Thanos? Sería épico ltpm
Alan Arce (1 month ago)
Noooo se recuperará más adelante
DG F (1 month ago)
칼로 목을 따버리지 왜 주먹으로 치다가 당함.
J Ch (1 month ago)
Quicksilver's worst nightmare Broken Leg
Harry Pagaran (1 month ago)
0:45 I thought my tab is lagging XD
Block Busters (1 month ago)
1:09 quicksilver didn't see that coming
Venom Max (1 month ago)
No Charles Xavier is hurt don’t die
KappaW (1 month ago)
this villan is pretty fucking weak, cornered two of them and doesnt have the balls to finish the job? How does anyone expect villains who never kill to be taken seriously?
kronos (1 month ago)
Isn't this the exact same scene as in the last Harry Potter movie
B MR (1 month ago)
john kenneth camero (1 month ago)
Quicksilver + nightcrawler will give apocalypse a decent fight
Jamal Tell (1 month ago)
Lol I love how qucksilver just smirks, thinking you aint so tough proceeds to start whooping apoclapyse ass at super high speeds lmao best part ever. Every super hero team needs a speedster lol look at infanty war if they had a speedster. if Marvel hadent made quicksilver so weak shot up buy bullets then they would have maybe almost at some point whooped thanos ass like imagine if evan peters quicksilver helped iron man, spiderman ,quil ,Dr strange mantis and draks out on titan they might. Have had a better chance of winning possiably
Fireblazer Qt (1 month ago)
He can’t phased???
Rery Prayoga (1 month ago)
just find 2 pencil and stab his eyes, with that much speed i think it's the easiest way to beat apocalypse. think like john wick, he can kill 3 man with a pencil. 🤣
Tokujiro Ellis (1 month ago)
Why is every noob superhero called peter
Cameron Richardson (1 month ago)
Infinity war D.C. version
Parthiba Sarkar (1 month ago)
This quicksilver was the best...!!!
Nyana Asiasi (1 month ago)
imagine how clueless the other x men are. They just see apocalypse fly around and then grab peters hair
Kateswolf Cool (1 month ago)
but there’s a plot twist and the entire movie is just avengers quicksilver dreaming about how much cooler he could be
Sam Whitacre (1 month ago)
Fighting dirty You can't stop him He's Apocalypse You can't stop this motherfucker Holy shit balls
twofoureights (1 month ago)
storm was pretty useless... as always. and as always, a stupid haircut. omega level mutant or not.
David Magaña (1 month ago)
0:36 how supervillians call for a lost pet
Sean V (1 month ago)
Why does YouTube show 4 recommended videos on the screen before the clip you're watching even ends? Makes no sense and completely breaks the immersion.
Avatar Eternal (1 month ago)
Sean V That's not YouTube, it's whoever edited this video.
l'uomo di Porlock (1 month ago)
1:03 he reminds me of Madara vs shinobi alliance
feby bacalso (1 month ago)
yeah he can fight this apocalypse who tries to end the world but he cant fight those bullets 😂😂😂
Victor Serrano (1 month ago)
Greg David L (1 month ago)
1:15. Rough sex
Greg David L (1 month ago)
1:15. Ouchy ouch ouch ouch.

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