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[Blind Reaction] Equestria Girls - Forgotten Friendship (Re-Upload)

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Blind reaction and commentary on My Little Pony Equestria Girls - Forgotten Friendship. COPYRIGHTS: FAIR USE, Title 17, US Code (Sections 107-118 of the copyright law): All media in this video is used for purpose of review & commentary under terms of fair use. All footage, music & images used belong to their respective companies.
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Nicolás Maduro (1 day ago)
17:13 Twilight doesn't only imitate Rainbow Dash. she actually imitate a lot ponys in each of those few seconds. i found i identified Pikie, Rarity, Fluttershy, AJ, Luna, Scootaloo, Granny Smith, Iron Will, Trixie, Miss Cheerilee, Photo Finish, Twilight Velvet, Discord. i'm sure there is more characters that Twilight made... i didn't get them but i know they are right there
Haider Ali (10 days ago)
Am I the only one who noticed that the cutie mark on the journal is half of starlight and half of sunset?
Grazielle D'Almeida (15 days ago)
14:13 Tha Crazy boyy! Aaaaaaarrrrruuu
Ribbons Almark (22 days ago)
The moment you realize alongside season 9...EQs final movie is probally gonna be a graduation movie theme.
Alex magic t (24 days ago)
*06:14** this laugh was killing me :)))))*
Alex magic t (25 days ago)
*Applegeek you are so great please don't left the YouTube platform!!! :)*
Brittany Lyles (29 days ago)
He j Should reacted to. the fall of sunset shimmer
Nix789 Nix789 (29 days ago)
I like the M.I.B reference at 35:41, it gives a cool vibe to the whole memory loss thing. 😎
King Sombra (1 month ago)
Should do a reaction on my videos on my channel as I am the True Ruler King around the Crystal Empire #Ruler #CrystalEmpire
Tiny Tomato (1 month ago)
8:12 i’m dead 💀 all i can hear is caN UP a hoBO 😂😂
45Dared (1 month ago)
I just realized the part where Sunset sees flash as an guard is missing. was that on purpose?
allison johnson (2 months ago)
I love your reactson
Elizabeth Moore (2 months ago)
Light her up Ladies not let er rip ladies
Elizabeth Moore (2 months ago)
Go Go Pony Rangers
Name is sri rahayu dwi hastuti In form indonesia My like my little pony eg Tanks you
Mitsuha Asahina (2 months ago)
Hi Applegeek, I think you should re-react this EG special, but with using the Youtube version (the one without any cut scenes from the TV version). Here's the playlist that I make for this EG special : https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL1ReLE7fEeqqXkp7vdKOV43sBwUP21Lh7
Knežo gamer (2 months ago)
14:18 what a reaction
Danielle Nicole Ansaldo (2 months ago)
Applegeek you are the greatest brony ever.
Xenon PL (3 months ago)
When you win revolution 14:13
Sis And bro HD (3 months ago)
35:42 hey that clip is the exact same situation on talking Tom and friends season 2 episode 1 episode where the CEO 👨‍💼 putts on sunglasses 🕶 and uses a mind eraser ✏️ it’s EXACTLY THE SAME SCENE
Reese Hargens (3 months ago)
Hey! No warning ⚠️ why I needed one I’m dead now and I can’t breathe
jack Chang (3 months ago)
Shannon outdone herself providing the voice for wallflower
Evee Violetta (3 months ago)
Religious Prime (3 months ago)
At the beginning when Wallflower said, "I've been trying to get your attention for like half the song." Does anyone else think that was supposed to be a forth wall break? I mean, it was clearly Sunset's voice singing the song, but the character herself's mouth wasn't moving in sync with the words.
Pear Butter (3 months ago)
The real reason why Trixies magic trick worked. It worked right after she referred to Sunset as her friend. THE MAGIC OF FRIENDSHIP!😂
Morgan B (4 months ago)
Technically both twilights did meet at the end of friendship games:)
Ninjaturtlegirl13 (4 months ago)
Hey I know how it feels to have the Flu it's ok I couldn't do anything when I had the Flu. So it's ok your forgiven😊
Sky Lander (4 months ago)
I have one problem when wallflower was taking sunset memories why non of them slap her or punch her and break the rock instead of just standing there and doing completely nothing #CARTOONLOGIC
Feathernote Productions (4 months ago)
"i wanted to hear the rest of that song dangit!" Me: you never will.
Boris spivak (4 months ago)
19:35 Excactly it is WallFlower!
Boris spivak (4 months ago)
17:30 IKR! Thats her Granny Smith impression! LOL!
Alexa Johnson (4 months ago)
OMG no second prances, forgotten friendship trixi is friends with two reformed villans wile being a reformed villan her self COINCIDENCE I THINK NOT!!!!
Carsen Maxwell (4 months ago)
Do you try to read all of the comics? I keep wondering if you read the comics because the Annual #1 comic for the Friendship is Magic issues shows "The Fall of Sunset Shimmer"(official title) and it shows how the Humane 5 became friends
Jamie Mould (4 months ago)
39:06 Trixie's magician's exit thingy only worked because she wasn't only thinking about herself but about Sunset.
Jamie Mould (4 months ago)
35:26 Me: Easy there Sunset
Rosie Griffiths (4 months ago)
Trixie and Discord are so alike. Probably why they don’t get on
Piper Woods (5 months ago)
Trixie x Sunset 4 life
Piper Woods (5 months ago)
Ok but just, I was watching you and my mom walked in and just said. "GOODMORNIN' PONYBOY"
Yeram Park (5 months ago)
I love you so much
MDT NAD (5 months ago)
stay come and I will call for HELP!
Carsen Maxwell (5 months ago)
Applegeek did you see the extended version of this special?
Rusty Fork (5 months ago)
Sunsets horn magic is now red instead of blue,this change could of happen in rainbow rocks
Rusty Fork (5 months ago)
7:38 and you forgot to close and lock the door
broj jedan broj jedan (5 months ago)
Oh my daling
ChandraMigina (5 months ago)
Spoiler, but I wonder what it says about Trixi that in both worlds she became the best friend of the former villain (and yes the main seven are still friends, but at least for a moment it was just Sunset and Trixi ...)
nikita Nikitalovebaby (6 months ago)
Commander Gree (6 months ago)
You should react to Friendship games. You'll enjoy it 👍
Caleb Lardizabal (6 months ago)
Wait how about the other memories
onion cat (6 months ago)
I think the person that voices Twilight also voices Granny Smith LOL
Jklmnopski (6 months ago)
Hmmm... The Memory Stone must’ve affected me, because I recall a version of this special that had a scene in the library where Princess Celestia was talking about a broken scroll-sorting contraption. Alas, I haven’t seen this again anywhere I’ve looked. Was that something that actually existed, or am I just going crazy?
Jklmnopski (6 months ago)
Nevermind! I found images of that (and pony Sunset having a double take when she sees Flash Sentry) on the MLP Wiki. I wonder what happened to the this version, was it cut for time?
Shayela Khatun (6 months ago)
Can't you just break out the window?!
Shayela Khatun (6 months ago)
DON'T TAKE THIS AWAY FROM MEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
R3Dash— Cloud91 (6 months ago)
You know they have a scene skip where flash sentry was shown as a guard of the cantorlot library
Cover Channel (6 months ago)
Chris Corum (6 months ago)
Sunset and trixie have odd and interesting friendship glad trixie got more development.
Irfan Umarji (6 months ago)
the lesson is ''think before you speak or do'' cause when you do something in a good way they might think you're being mean
Irfan Umarji (6 months ago)
12:30 twilight smiled
MWSin1 (6 months ago)
Trixie is mixed-dominant. She plays guitar lefty, but writes with her right hand.
Carsen Maxwell (6 months ago)
12:26, I was thinking the same thing Applegeek
Coolzzz (6 months ago)
Can you do roller coaster of friendship? Please?
Banana Chips (6 months ago)
I can watch you instead of watching Netflix.
Hannah Martinez (7 months ago)
"Our memories both good and bad make us who we are." Loved that comment. <3
HARLEY FARABEE (7 months ago)
yor reaction at 14:01 omg lel
HARLEY FARABEE (7 months ago)
gots tu say creativ cutymark
Makmur Sejahtera (7 months ago)
When I first watched ff I was amazed no problems awesome songs and yeah EDIT:um I also thought where is sunsets face in that page
Winter Blue (4 months ago)
Maybe it was intentional that Sunset's photo wasn't there. It was Wallflower who gave it to her after all
Kenneth James (7 months ago)
I want invisbale back that's how I feel at school when people be mean to me
M3RKSYNDICATE (7 months ago)
14:14 Season 5 Episode 19 Reaction Flashbacks.
M3RKSYNDICATE (7 months ago)
12:55 To answer your question, I'd probably assume the custom Cutie Mark hybrid on the front of Sunset's Journal, is essentially a visualized representation of the obvious indication regarding the interconnection among both Twilight and Sunset. In terms of communicating across both dimensions.
Jonathan Wilkins (7 months ago)
Why do you laugh at the smallest things!?
Brandon Parish (7 months ago)
40:36- Wallflower Blush's Cutie Mark
WolfyLØL _YT (7 months ago)
Twilight loves books and chairs starlight loves kites
Cool Kids (7 months ago)
The ending, lol🤣
sukebestudios (8 months ago)
I was hoping you had the version where they're seen walking into the castle and she does a double take when she sees Flash Sentry.
jagirl966 (8 months ago)
Your laugh is so contagious
supertankbrony (8 months ago)
When you siad “i’m a wall flower” I instantly thought i’m a helicopter
Cam Miller (8 months ago)
What Wallflower did was pretty messed up to say the least, but compared to what other past villains did, including Sunset, this isn't as unforgivable as some fans say, especially since we've LITERALLY forgiven much worse. Wallflower still thinking Sunset didn't change but was just trying to make herself look good, might seem real petty to us, and for the record it is, and it's what "believing what you want to believe" because of emotion means. BUT it is something a lot of people sometimes do in real life (some are just worse than others) so Wallflower feeling that way, is kinda relatable, as far as not wanting to accept someone because you REALLY don't like them goes.
pokehunterhd (8 months ago)
MoonDustShine (8 months ago)
People have probably done this already if he did it again But on the original video I wrote this comment I realise he probably didn't say it tho: 'Twighlight uses wing slap' Applegeek uses pokemon reference
Christian Parrish (8 months ago)
Who's your favorite character?
Christian Parrish (8 months ago)
I seen it, it was brilliant.
Donald (8 months ago)
@ 12:55 She got the new book from Princess Twilight, when Sunset went into the portal and Starlight was there to give it to her. Not sure if you seen the special, but it was because her current one ran out of pages. It reminds me of Twilight's and Sunset's mark put together, showing she's her student maybe? Wanted to also add... this is a 'cut' version, there are a few scenes that are missing segments for time in a few spots... Youtube parts might have the whole thing, there is a part missing from the 'mechanical rollo dex' Like so can find it maybe. =/
rosalie onayan (8 months ago)
You hold the check mark the wrong side
Chanselor Wright (8 months ago)
Hi Applegeek. May I ask you a question please?
omflizzie x (8 months ago)
5:07 and I the only one that saw that she wasn’t in there? Only the other 6 ?
Captain Morgan (8 months ago)
14:13 Yeah, whip that hat like you mean it!
Sharky Girl (8 months ago)
35:26 min. I love it when the dark side is so strong in Sunset..and Starlight. And since thr movie, even in Twilight.
Sajeev Karunamoorthy (8 months ago)
It wasn't trixie it was wallflower blush 😑😑😑
Alexander Hill (9 months ago)
There's are some deleted scenes of Forgotten Friendship/Most Likely To Be Forgotten that you wanted to react someday.
John Evans (9 months ago)
You know stuff is getting real when Geek waves his hat.
Mikayla Friedman (9 months ago)
This student facility lot you speak of sounds like a place of great power
Classic Tails (9 months ago)
What about Rainbow Rocks? Have you Watched that one?
The Mentflex44 (9 months ago)
Im First time youtube!
The Mentflex44 (9 months ago)
I dont believe it. Applegeek your Awesome!!
The Mentflex44 (9 months ago)
I Dont no why Sunset Shimmer was bluss out
Mohammed Ehsan (9 months ago)
I love you so much appelgeek!!!
KeybladeMasterMind (9 months ago)
if you haven't yet, Applegeek, I would highly recommend you react to Daughter of Discord
Brodie Rushton (9 months ago)
Can you watch roller coaster of friendship
Brodie Rushton (9 months ago)
Can you watch roller coaster of friendship
K TV (9 months ago)
React to season 8 ep 14
amia caldwell (9 months ago)
Applegeek watch daughter of discord

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