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[Blind Reaction] Equestria Girls - Forgotten Friendship (Re-Upload)

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Blind reaction and commentary on My Little Pony Equestria Girls - Forgotten Friendship. COPYRIGHTS: FAIR USE, Title 17, US Code (Sections 107-118 of the copyright law): All media in this video is used for purpose of review & commentary under terms of fair use. All footage, music & images used belong to their respective companies.
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Ninjaturtlegirl13 (5 days ago)
Hey I know how it feels to have the Flu it's ok I couldn't do anything when I had the Flu. So it's ok your forgiven😊
Brooklyn Spinks (7 days ago)
I have one problem when wallflower was taking sunset memories why non of them slap her or punch her and break the rock instead of just standing there and doing completely nothing #CARTOONLOGIC
"i wanted to hear the rest of that song dangit!" Me: you never will.
Boris spivak (15 days ago)
19:35 Excactly it is WallFlower!
Boris spivak (15 days ago)
17:30 IKR! Thats her Granny Smith impression! LOL!
Alexa Johnson (15 days ago)
OMG no second prances, forgotten friendship trixi is friends with two reformed villans wile being a reformed villan her self COINCIDENCE I THINK NOT!!!!
Carsen Maxwell (17 days ago)
Do you try to read all of the comics? I keep wondering if you read the comics because the Annual #1 comic for the Friendship is Magic issues shows "The Fall of Sunset Shimmer"(official title) and it shows how the Humane 5 became friends
Jamie Mould (18 days ago)
39:06 Trixie's magician's exit thingy only worked because she wasn't only thinking about herself but about Sunset.
Jamie Mould (18 days ago)
35:26 Me: Easy there Sunset
Rosie Griffiths (19 days ago)
Trixie and Discord are so alike. Probably why they don’t get on
Piper Woods (26 days ago)
Trixie x Sunset 4 life
Piper Woods (26 days ago)
Ok but just, I was watching you and my mom walked in and just said. "GOODMORNIN' PONYBOY"
MDT NAD (1 month ago)
stay come and I will call for HELP!
Carsen Maxwell (1 month ago)
Applegeek did you see the extended version of this special?
Rusty Fork (1 month ago)
Sunsets horn magic is now red instead of blue,this change could of happen in rainbow rocks
Rusty Fork (1 month ago)
7:38 and you forgot to close and lock the door
broj jedan broj jedan (1 month ago)
Oh my daling
ChandraMigina (1 month ago)
Spoiler, but I wonder what it says about Trixi that in both worlds she became the best friend of the former villain (and yes the main seven are still friends, but at least for a moment it was just Sunset and Trixi ...)
nikita Nikitalovebaby (1 month ago)
Erika_itsumi (1 month ago)
You should react to Friendship games. You'll enjoy it 👍
Caleb Lardizabal (2 months ago)
Wait how about the other memories
onion cat (2 months ago)
I think the person that voices Twilight also voices Granny Smith LOL
Jklmnopski (2 months ago)
Hmmm... The Memory Stone must’ve affected me, because I recall a version of this special that had a scene in the library where Princess Celestia was talking about a broken scroll-sorting contraption. Alas, I haven’t seen this again anywhere I’ve looked. Was that something that actually existed, or am I just going crazy?
Jklmnopski (2 months ago)
Nevermind! I found images of that (and pony Sunset having a double take when she sees Flash Sentry) on the MLP Wiki. I wonder what happened to the this version, was it cut for time?
Shayela Khatun (2 months ago)
Can't you just break out the window?!
Shayela Khatun (2 months ago)
DON'T TAKE THIS AWAY FROM MEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
STR8 RAINBOW ROCKER (2 months ago)
You know they have a scene skip where flash sentry was shown as a guard of the cantorlot library
ellacoolmella (2 months ago)
Chris Corum (2 months ago)
Sunset and trixie have odd and interesting friendship glad trixie got more development.
Irfan Umarji (2 months ago)
the lesson is ''think before you speak or do'' cause when you do something in a good way they might think you're being mean
Irfan Umarji (2 months ago)
12:30 twilight smiled
MWSin1 (2 months ago)
Trixie is mixed-dominant. She plays guitar lefty, but writes with her right hand.
Carsen Maxwell (2 months ago)
12:26, I was thinking the same thing Applegeek
Coolzzz noot noot (2 months ago)
Can you do roller coaster of friendship? Please?
Banana Chips (2 months ago)
I can watch you instead of watching Netflix.
Kyoko Ng (2 months ago)
face 9:29
Hannah Martinez (2 months ago)
"Our memories both good and bad make us who we are." Loved that comment. <3
HARLEY FARABEE (3 months ago)
yor reaction at 14:01 omg lel
HARLEY FARABEE (3 months ago)
gots tu say creativ cutymark
Makmur Sejahtera (3 months ago)
When I first watched ff I was amazed no problems awesome songs and yeah EDIT:um I also thought where is sunsets face in that page
Winter Blue (6 days ago)
Maybe it was intentional that Sunset's photo wasn't there. It was Wallflower who gave it to her after all
Kenneth James (3 months ago)
I want invisbale back that's how I feel at school when people be mean to me
M3RKSYNDICATE (3 months ago)
14:14 Season 5 Episode 19 Reaction Flashbacks.
M3RKSYNDICATE (3 months ago)
12:55 To answer your question, I'd probably assume the custom Cutie Mark hybrid on the front of Sunset's Journal, is essentially a visualized representation of the obvious indication regarding the interconnection among both Twilight and Sunset. In terms of communicating across both dimensions.
Jonathan Wilkins (3 months ago)
Why do you laugh at the smallest things!?
Brandon Parish (3 months ago)
40:36- Wallflower Blush's Cutie Mark
Kyoko Ng (3 months ago)
MIC WARING 42:41 AND 45:11!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HURTS MY EAR!!!! D:)
Wolfy _YT (3 months ago)
Twilight loves books and chairs starlight loves kites
Annalisa Rivas (3 months ago)
The ending, lol🤣
sukebestudios (3 months ago)
I was hoping you had the version where they're seen walking into the castle and she does a double take when she sees Flash Sentry.
jagirl966 (3 months ago)
Your laugh is so contagious
Supertank Brony (3 months ago)
When you siad “i’m a wall flower” I instantly thought i’m a helicopter
Cam Miller (4 months ago)
What Wallflower did was pretty messed up to say the least, but compared to what other past villains did, including Sunset, this isn't as unforgivable as some fans say, especially since we've LITERALLY forgiven much worse. Wallflower still thinking Sunset didn't change but was just trying to make herself look good, might seem real petty to us, and for the record it is, and it's what "believing what you want to believe" because of emotion means. BUT it is something a lot of people sometimes do in real life (some are just worse than others) so Wallflower feeling that way, is kinda relatable, as far as not wanting to accept someone because you REALLY don't like them goes.
pokehunterhd (4 months ago)
MoonDustShine (4 months ago)
People have probably done this already if he did it again But on the original video I wrote this comment I realise he probably didn't say it tho: 'Twighlight uses wing slap' Applegeek uses pokemon reference
Christian Parrish (4 months ago)
Who's your favorite character?
Christian Parrish (4 months ago)
I seen it, it was brilliant.
Donald (4 months ago)
@ 12:55 She got the new book from Princess Twilight, when Sunset went into the portal and Starlight was there to give it to her. Not sure if you seen the special, but it was because her current one ran out of pages. It reminds me of Twilight's and Sunset's mark put together, showing she's her student maybe? Wanted to also add... this is a 'cut' version, there are a few scenes that are missing segments for time in a few spots... Youtube parts might have the whole thing, there is a part missing from the 'mechanical rollo dex' Like so can find it maybe. =/
rosalie onayan (4 months ago)
You hold the check mark the wrong side
Chanselor Wright (4 months ago)
Hi Applegeek. May I ask you a question please?
satisfy misha (4 months ago)
5:07 and I the only one that saw that she wasn’t in there? Only the other 6 ?
Captain Morgan (4 months ago)
14:13 Yeah, whip that hat like you mean it!
Sharky Shark (4 months ago)
35:26 min. I love it when the dark side is so strong in Sunset..and Starlight. And since thr movie, even in Twilight.
Sajeev Karunamoorthy (4 months ago)
It wasn't trixie it was wallflower blush 😑😑😑
I'm watching this reaction now because of Kickassreaction got terminated.. :(
Alexander Hill (4 months ago)
There's are some deleted scenes of Forgotten Friendship/Most Likely To Be Forgotten that you wanted to react someday.
John Evans (5 months ago)
You know stuff is getting real when Geek waves his hat.
Mikayla Friedman (5 months ago)
This student facility lot you speak of sounds like a place of great power
Classic Tails (5 months ago)
What about Rainbow Rocks? Have you Watched that one?
Matt Romero (5 months ago)
Im First time youtube!
Matt Romero (5 months ago)
I dont believe it. Applegeek your Awesome!!
Matt Romero (5 months ago)
I Dont no why Sunset Shimmer was bluss out
Mohammed Ehsan (5 months ago)
I love you so much appelgeek!!!
KeybladeMasterMind (5 months ago)
if you haven't yet, Applegeek, I would highly recommend you react to Daughter of Discord
Brodie Rushton (5 months ago)
Can you watch roller coaster of friendship
Brodie Rushton (5 months ago)
Can you watch roller coaster of friendship
Katty Nicole TV (5 months ago)
React to season 8 ep 14
Amia Caldwell (5 months ago)
Applegeek watch daughter of discord
Wolverine (5 months ago)
Those stones were basically the equestrian version of Thanos's infinity stones
Can you do the new episode yakity- sax
foxy 13 (5 months ago)
Apple geek you need to calm down
foxy 13 (5 months ago)
I know how raw flower feels
Knitted Cthulu (5 months ago)
And im NOT lonely because i have.....CATS!!!
Rainbow Dashie (5 months ago)
This is an EG story that will be engraved forever in our hearts no matter what happen ; )
Henry Louis21 (5 months ago)
35:58 I do feel like that some students want to destroy the mane 7 with magic to take revenge
Chris Morawski (5 months ago)
Full version of Invisible: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NJbuD2IEMqY It's unofficial, but very good.
JROG1989 (5 months ago)
I like how Princess Twilight was losing her mind when it came to the restricted section of the library.
Diavilos (5 months ago)
Okay the book's Cutie Mark represents the bond of the owners that's why the original had a sun for Celestia and the new one is half Sunset Shimmer's sun and half Twilight Sparkle's star.
Mary Fry (5 months ago)
Nathan Girard (5 months ago)
14:33 "I'm excited to have a green L and no one can stop me."
MelonPeach (5 months ago)
It would have been better if the story went like this: Trixie knew that Sunset was on to her so she pretended she didn't know what it was. She stole the memory stone when it fell out of Wallflower's backpack as well as the instructions. She volunteered to help Sunset look so she wouldn't think she did it. Once Wallflower found out what happened and Trixie escaped she agreed to help Sunset because she knew what it felt like to have no one notice you and she didn't want anyone else to feel that way. They fought Trixie and Wallflower helped defeat her, that way everyone would be confused. Hasbro makes everything too obvious and having them use the magic of friendship on random strangers.
eddog6666 (5 months ago)
Sunset hasn't done what both Twilights did. Unicorn twilight was able to use dark magic before the transformation. Sci-twi faced her demon and used Dark magic to forcefully break the geo's link with Glorosia. Sunset still needs to prove that's she's able to use darkness. Sooner or later sunset demon form will strike. And she gotten a taste of power. This means the longer sunset fights against it the stronger it will become.
eddog6666 (5 months ago)
There is another Equestria girls special already and it's called Roller Coaster of friendship
JB Buff (5 months ago)
Loved watching your reactions on this one, keep being you man, love it! And I really enjoyed your personal moments their talking about your own past and how it isnt easy talking to people that you dont know well or dont know at all. I can relate to that myself. So thank you for sharing and allowing us to get to know you more, that probably wasnt the easiest thing to share. Great job with your videos and taking that step to get started doing these, not easy but you did it! Thank you for putting a smile on my face watching your reaction videos, and for just being yourself man! Take care and looking forward to the latest EQG Rollercoaster of Friendship episode.
Feathernote Productions (5 months ago)
Kyoko Ng (2 months ago)
Vita Zuketto (2 months ago)
Grace (5 months ago)
Hey Applegeek, what's your Bronycon schedule look like?
roblox20 0 (5 months ago)
Plz React to The Dazzlings series S1 and S2 by Tweenanimations Studios
George Harvey (5 months ago)
(Continued from my third comment.) 39:28 Hi Lyra and Bon-Bon. 39:29 We all do. 39:31 Hi random Flash Century cameo that's totally random and has no impact on the plot whatsoever. Seriously, what was up with that? 39:33 I think he's her boyfriend again even without the memory changes. Don't you remember Legend of Everfree and Good Vibes? 39:42 I think you're right. 39:48-39:55 Oops. Also, Applegeek's reaction. 39:53 Blush #5. 40:04-40:11 Yep, that sounds pretty lonely to me. 40:24 Wallflower says she hates Sunset. 40:37-40:45 Oh god. 40:50-41:26 Sunset sacrifices her own memories to protect her friends. It's shocking to watch. 41:14 Pinkie's face. 41:21 Twilight's face. 41:32-41:43 Oh my god, she thinks she's a pony again! Also, Applegeek's reaction. 41:45-41:58 Sunset earns Hu-Mane 7's friendship all over again. 41:49 Twilight's face. 42:01 Geode powers activate! 42:08 Cutie-marks on the cheeks? That's new. 42:09-42:31 The outfits have been redesigned, as well. Why? To sell more toys, of course. 42:12 I just loved how you said "it's morphin time" there. Power Rangers was the best. 42:36-42:42 Pinkie, don't spoil it. 42:48-43:14 The stone is destroyed and everyone gets their memories back. 42:56 Pinkie's face. 43:21-43:30 It all makes sense now. I think we've all been there. 44:01 Blush #6. 44:02 So do I. 44:12 A clever callback to an earlier joke. 44:23 Hi CMCs, Vinyl and Octavia. 44:42 That smile. 44:43 Very nice, Sunset. 44:50 Sunset gives Trixie a friendly punch. 44:52 Hi Rose and Derpy. Also, it looks like Wallflower finally got some new members for her club. 45:01 A picture of Wallflower signed by all of the Hu-Mane 7. 45:03 Blush #7 45:06-45:14 Perfect ending gag. Applegeek agrees. 45:23 Wait, the songs weren't written by Daniel Ingrim? What strange alternate reality are we living in? 45:26-46:42 Applegeek really wants to hear more of Invisible. 46:51-45-57 Agreed. 46:05 You're holding it backwards again. But yes, you certainly did. Overall, this was the best Equestria Girls special I've seen by far. I won't say much else as my highlights pretty much cover it. But with an intense story, relatable characters, and a touching reunion, it's defiantly going to be hard to beat.
George Harvey (5 months ago)
(Continued from my second comment.) 28:15 Hi Micro Chips. 28:21 Hi Bulk Biceps. 28:24 Hi Nurse Red Heart. 28:35 You took the words right out of my mouth, Applegeek. 28:46-29:07 Hi Maud. She is a seriously good rock expert if she can tell all of that from a drawing of one. 29:02-29:07 That's right girls, just back away slowly. 29:07-29:11 I agree 100%. 29:19-29:36 Sunset's friends taking the year book photo without her. That just hurts. 29:36 Sunset's face. 29:38 Trixie looking concerned for Sunset. 29:40 Oh, looks like she did make it in the photo. Not in the way she would've liked, though. 29:42-29:47 Trixie gives some very good advice. 29:49-30:01 Not everyone Sunset. She's conveniently forgotten about Wallflower Blush again. Also, how ironic is it that she's the only person not photographed - they're really hammering in that part of her character aren't they? 29:54:36 Hi Derpy, Vinyl, Lyra, Octavia, Micro Chips and Bulk Biceps. 29:57 Wallflower is in the background and no one notices again. 30:04 Those faces. 30:05-30:11 Wallflower has known Trixie since 3rd grade - longer than Sunset - and even she doesn't remember her. 30:06 Sunset's face 30:11-30:24 Hmm? I never thought of that. 30:12-30:26 Trixie talking about the 3rd grade, the "Disappearing Frog trick" and raising tadpoles. 30:15 Sunset's face. 30:38 Uh oh, indeed. 30:38-30:44 Con-venient. 30:45 Nice video caption there. 30:47-30:49 Watch and listen closely to what Sunset does here. It's very important. 30:54-31:09 Wallflower talks about her garden, the gardening club and how she's the only member. 31:03 Okay, that is scary. You just asked if she was the only member at the exact moment she said she was. 31:10-31:13 I'm not sure if it's that or she just isn't noticed by anyone, Trixie. 31:11-31:15 Do you supposed it's to do with Wallflower herself? 31:19-31:27 Sunset's that stuck up about the year book? 31:25-31:27 Those faces. 31:27-31:39 Trixie's face and reaction. Also, "the Great and Powerful Trixie is annoyed and insulted." 31:45-33:30 Sunset discovers the truth. Also, Wallflower was supposedly in the first three movies but we never noticed her? That feels so meta. 31:48 Hi Princess Twilight and Flash (in the first movie). 31:50 Hi CMCs (in the second movie). 31:52 Hi Lyra, Flur and Crystal Prep students (in the third movie). I'm not forgetting anyone am I? 31:56 Oh right. Wallflower. 32:03-32:07 Well not exactly. You'll see in a minute. 32:09 That face. 32:17 And there's the stone. 32:18 That's a good point. 32:21-32:24 That's a good question. It seems like a lot, doesn't it? 32:25-32-37 I told you it was important to pay attention to this scene, didn't I? 32:39-32:47 Wallflower is bitter towards Sunset. 33:00-33:30 Wallflower erases everyone's memories. 33:04 That's another very good question and point. 33:09 Hi toy Gummy. 33:15 Hi Opalescent. 33:30 That smile. Also, red bull. 33:31-33:36 Wallflower confesses. 33:38-33:43 Trixie! Also, Applegeek's reaction. 33:46-35:09 Wow, that came out of nowhere. Also, our second of two songs and it's really grand. 33:48 Applegeek's reaction. 34:10-34:14 Nice wordplay on her name. 34:18-34:35 Can you guys say auto-tuned? 34:35 Hi Derpy, Vinyl, Lyra, Octavia, Micro Chips and Bulk Biceps. Again. 34:48-35:08 Sunset tries to sneak Wallflower's bag. 35:08 The song ends as abruptly as it began. 35:10 I'm with you, Applegeek. 35:26-35:32 Woah, Sunset, calm down. Also, Applegeek's reaction. 35:28-35:34 Yes, listen to Trixie. 35:35 Neither do I, honestly. 35:37-35:43 Wow, I suppose it really is like that flash device in Men in Black, isn't it? 35:43-36:01 At this point I was genuinely concerned. How could they possibly get out of this situation of they couldn't remember anything. The answer really surprised me. 36:10 We may never know. 36:14 I didn't notice that. 36:29 That smile. 36:44 Yep, music and all. 36:55-37:00 Well, I guess this time it's understandable why she forgot. 37:01-37:10 There's the song. Also, they're self-aware of this one, too. Also, Applegeek's reaction. 37:31 "The Wise and Moralising Trixie". 37:31-37:45 Trixie and Applegeek have points Sunset Shimmer. 37:59-38:06 Hey, that's my line, Applegeek. 38:13-38:29 Sunset acknowledges Trixie as her friend. And strokes her ego. 39:20 Trixie's face. 38:30-38:37 Yeah, sure it was, Trixie. 38:40 Yes it is. 38:47-39:07 Applegeek's reaction is my reaction. 39:07-39:23 Trixie can only magic one of them out at a time. (Continued in my fourth comment.)
George Harvey (5 months ago)
(Continued from my first comment.) 11:19 That face. 11:23 Sunset hopes this is all a bad dream. 11:27-11:32 Pinkie pinches Sunset then herself. 11:36-11:49 Sunset's friends think her pendant is a "knock-off". 11:59-12:10 Callback to the first Equestria Girls. Also, wouldn't you ever say that Applejack? 12:10 Pinkie. 12:13 Fluttershy. 12:21 Aww, you can actually hear the desperation in her voice. 12:23 And see the tears welling in her eyes. 12:24-12:37 It is a bit complicated, I'll admit. I suppose everything just happened with different members of the Hu-Mane 7 doing whatever Sunset did; stopping the Sirens, saving Twilight, obtaining the geodes, etc. 12:36 That face. 12:45 Applepsychic. 12:55 Nor me. But at least it's good continuity from Mirror Magic. 13:07-13:13 Applegeek's reaction. 13:16 Not exactly, Applegeek. 13:21 We did get it at the end of Friendship Games. But everyone has been asking for more, I suppose. 13:22-13:33 Applegeek's reaction. 13:33 Hi Princess Twilight. 13:36-13:43 It's funny you should say that... 13:37 Pony Sunset Shimmer - again trying to walk on her hind legs. 13:45 Sunset and Twilight hug. 14:01 Has anyone ever noticed that Twilight has a really long neck? Other ponies, like Sunset and Starlight, have shorter ones and it makes them look younger in comparison. 14:04-14:34 I absolutely knew that was going to be your reaction, Applegeek XD 14:16 The lavender in the hallway is actually continuity from A Royal Problem. 14:21 I imagine this is the last time we'll see this particular design of the throne room. 14:23 Hi Princess Celestia! And Luna. 14:25 Sunset looking nervous. 14:30 Twilight's smile. 14:31-15:37 This reunion is everything we could've hoped for. 14:32 You're holding it backwards, Applegeek - but you're excited, so I'll forgive you. 14:33 Twilight's faces. 14:36 Breathe Applegeek. 14:42 That stare. 14:44 To answer your question, Twilight: no. 14:48 Sunset talking to Celestia for the first time since leaving her. 15:02 Twilight's face. 15:21-15:36 Awwwwwwwww! 15:31 I agree 100%. It's actually similar to a fanfiction comic called The Reunion. I highly recommend everybody to go read it. 15:32 Sunset and Celestia hug. 15:37 That smile and squee. 15:41 Indeed. 15:44 Well, duh. It has been for a while now, Celestia. 15:49-15:55 Sunset trying not to laugh at Luna's words. 15:55 Twilight slapping Sunset with her wing. 15:57-16:10 Sunset comparing the two Lunas. Also, Applegeek's reaction. 16:12 Yes, it would. 16:18 Hi Moon Dancer in the bottom-right corner. 16:19-16:27 Typical Twilight. 16:27-16:32 You were saying Applegeek? Also, "the Restricted Section"? What is this, Happy Potter? 16:30 Hi Minuette. 16:33 Looks like Twilight is having the same reaction you did a minute ago, Applegeek. 16:37 You said it, Sunset. Also, Applegeek's reaction. 16:47-16:52 The old 'mouth hangs open someone else closes it' gag. Also, Applegeek's reaction. 16:51 Bats. 16:57 Twilight's face. 16:58 I noticed that, too. 17:00-17:10 Twilight is about to loose it. 17:09 I just said the sane thing, Applegeek. 17:10-17:19 You just know Sunset did that to set her off. Also, Aplegeek's reaction. 17:27-17:31 That voice. Also, I have no idea, Applegeek. 17:33-17:40 Applegeek's reaction to the "pre-Equestrian era". 17:39 Maybe. 17:47-17:53 Callback to the original Hearth's Warming Eve episode. Also, Applegeek gagging on his Red Bull. 17:53-18:00 Sunset fed up. 18:08 Twilight's grin. 18:12 Clover the Clever. 18:13-18:38 Applegeek is really into Equestrian history XD 18:46 Who? 18:51-19:03 Sunset realises Clover the Clever was clever. 19:13 And seven geodes. But that could all just be coincidence. 19:15-19:33 Ha! The episode almost tricked you, Applegeek. I worked it out in the first 3mins. 19:27 Nice hat, Twilight. 19:32 She did mention it earlier. 19:37 I said it first, Applegeek. 19:39 Hi Trixie. 19:43-19:53 Funny, I was going to say the exact same things about you, Trix. 19:54 Hi Snips and Snails. What's ironic is that their pony selves started out as Trixie's servants in Friendship is Magic. Then they became Sunset's in the first movie. Now they're Trixie's again, but in human form. 19:56 Exactly. 19:57 I was about to ask how she ended up as a sand mermaid so quickly. But then I remembered: it's Pinkie, don't question it. 20:09-20:20 Rarity has at least some recollection of the truth. 20:22-20:28 You can tell they're trying to mislead us into thinking Trixie has the memory stone. Perhaps it would've worked if they didn't draw so much attention to Wallflower in the beginning. 20:37 Trixie's face. 20:49-20:55 Yep, sorry Applegeek, you'll have to put your next wish on hold. We don't want to blow your mind too much in this episode. 20:58-21:06 I think you're right Applegeek. 21:03 Blush #3. 21:08-21:20 Very true, Celestia. 21:22 Blush #4. 21:20-21:43 Celestia pulls one on Sunset and Twilight. She really does have a sense of humour. Also, Twilight, Sunset and Applegeek's reaction. 21:33 Those faces. 21:49-22:07 Pinkie is psyched. 22:14-22:23 Spike is jealous. 22:25 I never really watched Futurama, so I wouldn't know. 23:00 Applepsychic. You actually thought this before I did. 23:03 Why is Pinkie making a hand-bird? 23:05-23:20 Applegeek makes a good point. 23:17-23:21 You wanna bet Pinkie? Also, that face. 23:28-28:31 And it fails again. 23:35 Trixie dancing on the spot. 23:40 Oh crud. 23:46 No, it most certainly isn't. 23:52 Ouch indeed. 23:58 That face. 24:01 Applepsychic. Also, more attention to detail here. There's a games console to show her love of video games, and the black cap and spray cans for when she's Flanksy (the secret street artist). 24:03-24:14 Looks like it's not just Sunset's friends. Everyone thinks she's her old, mean self. 24:09-24:14 Oh come on! 24:15 Sunset snaps. 24:18-24:28 You said it for me, Applegeek. 24:30-24:37 Wait, what? 24:37 Indeed. 24:39 That face. 24:40 They're making it sound like they're going to fight. 24:59 A good motive, but it's not her. 25:05 Sunset's eyes are about to pop out of her head. 25:07 She's right you know. I thought it was a real word, but my auto-correct says otherwise. 25:16-25:25 I'll bet 90% of you thought she was going to say "b#tch" there. Applegeek certainly thought so. 25:23-25:30 Trixe you're not convincing anyone. 25:32 That's a valid point. 25:45-25:49 Sunset severely depressed. 25:55 I'm sure you are, Applegeek. You did say this is what you wanted. 26:04-26:16 Relatability. This is exactly how Starlight and the pony Trixie became friends. 26:17-26:25 Really Trixie? You did? 26:26-26:32 What's in it for her? What do you think, Sunset? Also, yes Applegeek, you did indeed call it. 26:32-26:40 Applegeek's reaction. 26:42 Hi Berry Punch. 26:44-26:51 I think Twilight is a bit too eccentric in this story. Also, that face and Applegeek's reaction. 26:51 Close guess, Applegeek. 26:56 That weird clopping animation on Twilight. 26:58 That weird face by Celestia. 27:13-27:24 Now things are more serious. Also, Applegeek's reaction. 27:32-27:45 Sunset becomes "The Great and Powerful Trixie's Pretty Decent Assistant Helper Person." Also, great response there, Applegeek. (It was at this point the video was blocked on YouTube, so I had to wait ages before continuing.) (Continued in my third comment.)
George Harvey (3 months ago)
+Wolfy _YT What can I say, I'm really passionate about the special.
Wolfy _YT (3 months ago)
George Harvey that’s so long
George Harvey (5 months ago)
I actually did watch this special a few times beforehand. But Applegeek's blind reactions are always the best. Also, I wrote these highlights months ago, but I couldn't post them because the video got blocked. So now, here they are. Be warned, there are HUNDREDS of them: 1:42-2:13 Hey, look at that, we finally have a full Equestria Girls intro! It's not bad, but it could be better than just an extension of what we had already. Also, it sounds like one or two verses are missing. 2:14 And right after that, we get our first of two songs. Also, Hi Bon-Bon and Microchips. 2:18 Hi Sunset, Microchips, Lyra and Bon-Bon. 2:24 Hi Silver Spoon and Diamond Tiara. 2:33 Hi friends. 2:39 Pinkie pulling the old bunny ears trick. 2:49-2:52 You said it, Applegeek. 2:51-2:54 Sunset cuddling Angel Bunny. 3:03-3:28 Flashbacks of the first four movies. How come they didn't they just use stock footage? It would've easier than animating everything anew. 3:30 Agreed. What is this, the late 90s?! 3:38-3:41 Pinkie pulling the old face on the photocopier gag. 3:47-3:53 I actually didn't think about that, Applegeek. 3:57 Pinkie Pie throwing a paper airplane. Seriously, why is she acting so childish in the first 5mins. 4:02 Hello new character we obviously know is going to be essential to the plot. 4:14-4:24 Fourth wall break. Now Equestria Girls is being self-aware of its songs. 4:18 The first of many, many blushes in this special. 4:21-4:27 Really Fluttershy? It's in your name. 4:28-4:50 Note how this girl, Wallflower, tends to be forgotten a lot. And this special is called 'Forgotten Friendship'. Very subtle Hasbro (sarcasm). 4:41 Sunset Shimmer's face and Applegeek's reaction. 4:42 Blush #2. 4:45 That face. 4:45 Sunset's smile. 5:03-5:10 Of course they did. But why wasn't Sunset's picture on there? 5:17-5:25 Twilight is jealous. 5:24 Those faces. 5:25 That line. 5:28-5:34 You shouldn't have said that, Rainbow Dash. Even Applegeek sees why. 5:37-5:50 Epic Sunset Shimmer monologue. 5:55 "Kissing". There's a word we don't hear often in MLP. Also, Rarity and Applegeek's reactions. 5:58 Applejack sticking her tongue out. 6:00-6:05 You do realise the only reason they want to take the picture at the beach is so the animators have an excuse to show them all in swimsuits, right? It's done all the time in anime. 6:08 Oh yeah and there's that, too. 6:10 "Edible Sunscreen"? I'm not sure that chemically possible. Also, "SBF Funhundred"? 6:11-6:15 Fluttershy's face. 6:16 Hi Trixie. 6:28 To answer your question, Applegeek: quite a lot. 6:31-6:43 Applepsychic. Also, why are they called "suprilitives"? Is "categories" too hard to say? Do you see my point here? 6:42-6:48 Ouch. 6:49-6:57 You can just about make out Wallflower in the background. Keep your eyes peeled for small details like this. Also, Pinkie and Applejack, you guys aren't really helping. 6:57-7:01 Thank you, Applegeek and Twilight. 7:01 Take note of this. 7:02 See, Wallflower is doing something in the background. 7:18-7:26 And the door's locked. 7:24 That face. 7:26 Applegeek's laugh. 7:29 Trixie's face. 7:30 That's a very good question. 7:36-7:42 And Wallflower is 'forgotten' again. Like I said, very subtle Hasbro. Also, that's cold Sunsent. 7:43 I love the attention to detail on Sunset's room here. You can see how it reflects her love of video games and music. Also, Sunset writing to Princess Twilight. 7:50 To answer your question, Applegeek: yes. 8:02 That face. 8:03 I love the cute way she kicks off her slippers. 8:05 To answer your question, Applegeek: yes, and it's gonna be big. 8:12 Applegeek's reaction. 8:16 Well, not exactly, Applegeek. 8:24 What did I tell you? The beach is a perfect opportunity for fan-service and promoting new toy-lines. 8:31-8:38 I agree, that is a lot of test runs. And who else but Twilight would keep track of that many. 8:41-8:44 "A selfie sensing camera." It just goes to show how much selfies have influenced our media these past few years. 8:44-8:52 Applegeek's reaction. Also, he and Applejack make some valid points. 8:53-9:09 Rarity debating which white blanket to use. 8:55 I agree, Applegeek. 9:04 So can I. That's some good attention to detail right there. 9:14 Spike's first line in the special. 9:18 Pinkie has the best swimsuit. 9:27-9:38 Applegeek's reaction. 9:45 Sunset has a nice swimsuit, too. 9:46 Another valid point. 9:48 Those smiles from Sunset. 9:53 Rarity blows a kiss that becomes a flying heart. 9:55 I hadn't thought about that. 9:59 That pose. 10:00-10:04 The selfie camera is afraid of Sunset. 10:04 Applegeek's reaction. 10:07-10:44 Something's up and Applegeek starts to realise it. 10:17 That music really helps in changing the mood. 10:39-10:44 Something is seriously wrong here. 10:49 Fluttershy's face. 10:49-11:14 Sunset sees exactly what's wrong. Also, Applegeek's reaction. Also, also, flashbacks from Rainbow Rocks to Legend of Everfree in reverse order - Sunset has been erased from them. (Continued in my second comment.)
KaiD2 (5 months ago)
Why do I associate Applegeek with Peter Griffin from Family Guy :D? xD

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