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Freemasons - Studio Tour

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James Wiltshire from remix and production duo, The Freemasons shows us their gear packed studio, including the rare Hartmann Neuron synth and more. CREDITS Producer: Chris Barker Editor: Will Seelig Videographer: Will Seelig
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Pure Ambient Drone (1 year ago)
Some of the best rarest synths on the planet in that room and being used for what they were made for.
iamyourfuture808 (2 years ago)
jupiter 8 keys gleam like a Hollywood smile !
Glynn Hatton (2 years ago)
wow its like a space ship... brilliant thanks for sharing
spaceship is Celldweller's studio
fire ghost (2 years ago)
I hope to get a chance of making music such as dj and make my own albums. am so dreamer person! !
Sylvain Blanquart (2 years ago)
hey, where can i get this audio systems life 1 compressor ? i can't get any information on this... :(
SyntaxXxatnyS (2 years ago)
You're welcome :)) But eh, let me clarify: Sadly, I don't own a Pro One and I don't have any videos up on Youtube (yet). After all, I'm not James Wiltshire - in case you thought I am :D Just a random guy who loves sound, music and GEARRRRLUSTTTT ;)
Sylvain Blanquart (2 years ago)
you re right :)) thank you for your help ! ps : i as impress how you use the pro one !!!
SyntaxXxatnyS (2 years ago)
I did some more research, and it seems like the owner of "Brain Audio Systems" is nothing but a scammer: https://beta.companieshouse.gov.uk/company/07463374/officers https://www.gearslutz.com/board/high-end/147288-audiojunkie-sam-ssl-final-chapter-l.html https://www.gearslutz.com/board/moan-zone/64065-one-more-audio-junkie-alert.html#post675764 So maybe it's not that bad, after all :-)
Sylvain Blanquart (2 years ago)
too bad :(( thank you
SyntaxXxatnyS (2 years ago)
It seems like they're out of business, sadly :s
Harold McJury (3 years ago)
everything is his absolute favorite piece. lol.
Mr. Reinterpret Cast (3 years ago)
The Heston Blumenthal of music :)
Hunter Spivey (3 years ago)
I was waiting the whole time for him to play at least one of those synths xD
P K (3 years ago)
where can i find some info about the compressor he is talking about around 4 min mark? he says its brains audio systems LAIF 01 - i google for it but nothing...
Slownoisedubs (3 years ago)
This reminded me of the pointlessness of accumulating gear for it's own sake. Well at least it they got a good tax break. I always notice which gear is being used.... it will always be an accessible position not stacked up in a corner or on the bottom rung of a keyboard rack.
SpacehotelMusic (3 years ago)
Knows his stuff (other than calling a Super JX [ JX-10 ] a Jupiter - which it isn't! obviously just a mix up not worth calling the police in or anything)
stefan wilkes (4 years ago)
Get this man a bigger room!! Iv had the absolute  some pleasure interviewing him a while back a warm and an incredible knowledge. 
discotechwreck (4 years ago)
Also, can't believe they have an Andromeda and Prophet 12 up against walls :o
discotechwreck (4 years ago)
That Brain Audio Systems compressor doesn't even seem to be in production yet!
jamie8286 (4 years ago)
Does anyone have any information on brain audio systems cant seem to find anything on the company? thanks
djmcStanford (4 years ago)
Now THIS was a tour. Amazing.
mylarmelodies (4 years ago)
Ha - I used to own that very JX10! Swapped it with them for the rackmount version. James seems a very very savvy guy and really knows his gear inside out - had a good chat with him!
J K (8 months ago)
show off! :P
axs203 (4 years ago)
Those old Jupiters look so funky with their colours.....not sure about the Andromeda!
ingoodmusic (4 years ago)
invest in synths-stupidest thing ever
MarkoDeLaVoota (4 years ago)
jealous ? yep it cost money but also plays and presents it self like nothing else
Rafael Gorim (4 years ago)
Pqp quantos sintetizadores e teclados...que bacana!
lcaise (4 years ago)
excellent, thanx and keep a good work!
H4NDCRAFTED (4 years ago)
Roland sh-201 at the end in the cheap seats :p
Miguel d'Oliveira (4 years ago)
Talk about love for your gear. James starts off with; "Now this one, is our favourite..." on almost all of them. Awesome studio being used by someone with huge knowledge (+talent) = Not that common.
pcpaulius (1 year ago)
+LemonSlice that's because you're projecting....
LemonSlice (1 year ago)
? I didn't quite get that.
pcpaulius (1 year ago)
+LemonSlice Everything said that make Internet losers hurt about their lives choices or failed loser idols must be a projection... plus a wannabe wikipidia psychologists....
LemonSlice (1 year ago)
pcpaulius is just projecting
alunmauve (2 years ago)
You've made some pretty bold assumptions there. So I'm assuming you've never heard of James until this video. Hopefully you will have seen some of his more recent F9, Computer music or Masters At Work videos and realise he uses plenty of that outboard gear (such as the Neve 1073 EQ and SSL compressor) in the record path to get analog and digital hardware sounds into abelton and logic for production and mixing. I've much respect for his production values and techniques but above all that, his keenness and ability to impart that knowledge to others.
Julien Voirin (4 years ago)
synths museum is jealous ^^
Jolann Brown (4 years ago)
Gosh! I wish I owned just a third of this... A quarter would be good too... ^^ Amazing stud', cool talk. Thanks for the tour.
Stingray (4 years ago)
I wish there was a way to A/B compressors at the same level.  My ears always only hear JUST the level difference, hard to tell if its compression/coloring or the post gain that is doing it.  Thoughts on that?
lee sparey (4 years ago)
Have you got any more details for the guy who fixed the Calrec stuff please?
Effect One Productions (4 years ago)
I loved this studio tour, freemasons know what they talk about. My studio also has old synths , i would never sell one . Love producing even ill never get known ! It aint my purpose anyway.
Stanislaus Erich (4 years ago)
funkybrotha (4 years ago)
name of the compressor at 3.53?
MrHollabk (4 years ago)
Where can I find the compressor he is showing at 3:53 until 5:52? Sounds dope.. One of the best FMM´s!
Vladimir Martin (4 years ago)
http://papa-movie.com/html/leveller.html )))
Ryan Meursing (4 years ago)
Why insult the Clariphonic?
Dylan Nau (4 years ago)
I love synth smell!!! This guy is absolutely brilliant, really knows his stuff.
Dylan Nau (4 years ago)
Andromeda on the floor?? stacked? wha?
x (4 years ago)
Now that was a tour. Nice one. Thanks guys.
Leave The World Behind (4 years ago)
Now here is one, knowing what he is doing! Their music is kind of boring though, so I guess that is what happens when you become so technical...
NOTMuzzaFuzza (4 years ago)
So many synths sleeping :'( I just love this studio! so many things to play with! *-* Producer's Heaven!!!!  Massive cheers to Freemasons!!
Kenan D'Shredder (4 years ago)
One of my favourite studio in music-industry....not to mention the brains! Thanks for the tour =)
joopjunior (4 years ago)

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