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Funny Happy Birthday Amanda - Birthday Song

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Happy Birthday Song: http://HappyBirthdayPuppet.com Happy Birthday Amanda and Best Wishes on your Birthday! Be sure to check out Happy Birthday Puppet's other birthday videos. TAGS: happy birthday Amanda, happy birthday song, song happy birthday, funny birthday song, happy birthday puppet, happy birthday, happy birthday to you, happy birthday messages, happy birthday cards, happy birthday sms, happy birthday songs, happy birthday lyrics, happy birthday chords, happy birthday gif, happy birthday videos, happy birthday greetings, happy birthday pictures, happy birthday quotes, birthday greetings, free birthday cards, birthday ecards, happy bday, birthday, birthday song download, happy birthday quotes, happy birthday wishes, happy birthday youtube, happy birthday facebook, funny birthday song
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Text Comments (9)
owlloves youtube (11 months ago)
Tyhler Novac (11 months ago)
Can you do a happy birthday Declan video ....my son's birthday is in March in his name is Declan you go to my channel and type in. Declan the DJ I have a series that is on hold for now second season will be starting soon
The real AshBoogie (1 year ago)
Happy birthday sis!
Au'Donis B (3 years ago)
Sing a song for audonis bday 1/24
Au'Donis B (3 years ago)
You should sing me happy birthday lol my name is Au'Donis....1/24
Minecraft Flipgram (4 years ago)
Do Katy and tommy
Marty Martinez (4 years ago)
You should sing happy birthday to me IM Marty and my birthday is October 11th so can you make a birthday video for me and for my friend josh which is was in February do one for next year for josh
Marty Martinez (4 years ago)
Thanks you're awesome
Happy Birthday Puppet (4 years ago)
I can definitely add you to the list and create a video with your name and your friend too! Thanks for watching and commenting.

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