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Stryker Orders Logan to Kill Raven Darkholme (Mystique) (X-Men Origins: Wolverine Game)

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During the Operation Firestorm in Africa Team X had a CIA agent attached to their group. Her name was Raven Darkholme (Mystique) and her goal was to monitor Stryker's actions since it was a politically sensitive region. The operative soon came into conflict with the colonel since she was against interrogating civilians and hurting non-combatants. So the Stryker's solution was simple - Logan was ordered to eliminate the agent Darkholme on sight. Wolverine continued the operation and returned to the Temple Courtyard encountering new type of jungle mutants - Shifters - along the way... "Rendezvous" chapter. X-Men Origins: Wolverine PC Game. Gameplay on Normal. #CJakeWolverine #WolverineGame #JamesLoganHowlett #XMenOrigins #Logan #XMen #Wolverine #Mystique #XMenOriginsWolverine. ►Watch more Wolverine videos: http://bit.ly/cjakewolverine.
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Text Comments (4)
Lilian Woodcock (11 months ago)
Thanks Jake, you helped me on what I was stuck on; now I'm on level 28
Sarah Douillard (1 year ago)
Vert good
Ashley David (2 years ago)
Also, excited for 'Logan (2017) ' too .
Ashley David (2 years ago)
Thanks to 'X- Men Origins : Wolverine (2009) ' the movie, soo ... we got this game, too .

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