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Funny Demotivational Posters

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This is a collection of funny posters I got from around the web. Please enjoy and recommend what I should or shouldn't do in my next video.
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Text Comments (69)
Shogun H (1 year ago)
lol Nice name
Falko Schlaugen (5 years ago)
not happy with the date rapeone, but other than that, halarious
nateyj11 (5 years ago)
I wouldn't recommend fucking pineapples.
BaldKnobHunter (6 years ago)
dontscrewtheworld (6 years ago)
"Today is under construction. Thank you for understanding." But ... I didn't understand ...
Hitman Mason (6 years ago)
second one is a fail, daleks can fly
drjb08 (6 years ago)
I hate you
H.A. M. (7 years ago)
i saw second one and was all "DDDDDDAAAAAAAAAALLLEEEEEEEEEEKKKKKKKKKK" oh wait, did i spell that wrong...?
TheOtakuGamer (8 years ago)
i can't stop laughing at stupidity
24gadjet (8 years ago)
um x is 4.6
REAPER_C3 (8 years ago)
patronsaint (8 years ago)
@princessBlu898 wait...i don't know, i was never good at finding the hypotenuse of a triangle.... my brain hurts. you're probably right XD
Peyton LeBlanc (8 years ago)
@YourFace676 how x is the same size as the base?
patronsaint (8 years ago)
@princessBlu898 actually, i believe it's 5
calthepal (8 years ago)
2 girls 1 trophie
pharaohjamie (8 years ago)
@sirsomethingorother pro tip: weird al goes with every thing
Peyton LeBlanc (8 years ago)
0:55 x=4cm duh lol
Merlita Macias (8 years ago)
SENSE this picture makes none.
THINBullL1N3 (8 years ago)
@pokemonMAst3r2010 it means 2 girls one cup
THINBullL1N3 (8 years ago)
the pic at 3:27 is pretty good :D
SuperJasontheman (8 years ago)
"Spoiler alert, God isn't real!" Best one
jackster11997 (8 years ago)
Good collection of posters......could be longer, just saying. Good video anyhow:).
wwwaaarrrggghhh (8 years ago)
@pokemonMAst3r2010 when i say this i mean it full heartedly, you don't want to know
wwwaaarrrggghhh (8 years ago)
@pokemonMAst3r2010 then u are a blessed soul XO
perdedoronline (8 years ago)
3:00, very inappropiate.
zerotankor (8 years ago)
35,000 views and no sound... how much money did you get for this?
carolina mondragon (8 years ago)
some music would have been nice
MippyXD (8 years ago)
The first rule of Chuck Norris is to never talk about Chuck Norris.
KenagyB (8 years ago)
futiilty because you may have a level 2 hand gun with 53 bullets remaining but he just cut your head off with a fucking chainsaw lmao i would assume that this is only funny to those of us that have played the game but still the best one
Makkusaurus (8 years ago)
1:13 not to be a buzz kill or anything, but thats actually an aileron roll. not a barrel roll. >.> know the difference. it could save your life.
sirsomethingorother (8 years ago)
@Sunflash3001 I totally understand. At the time I made this all I had on my computer was Weird Al which I thought would have really clashed with the pictures by being a mere distraction.
Michael Heraty (8 years ago)
Could have done with some music, not being a dick. just some constructive criticism
brnleague99 (8 years ago)
Find x. Here it is. (Awesome).
Quinn (8 years ago)
@utsavman47 it looks like theres a big black guy chillin behind them but its hard to see
Rachel Tussey (8 years ago)
yes i did notice that
@SchOcker101 It gets funnier past that one minute mark.
utsavman47 (8 years ago)
2:38 I didn't get this ,plz help
Kimilou (8 years ago)
Holy shit xD
TaJaToT (8 years ago)
Anyone else notice the real thing goin on in "Rule 34"? that wasn't Hoth
Chris Schilz (8 years ago)
dude im sorry... but i watched liike... 1 minute of this and it sucked... im sorry.. but you fail
halossecrets1997 (8 years ago)
@cheatkid11 a black guy they usally show up in mind fucks
halossecrets1997 (8 years ago)
@ShastaLOL its going to be sibling warfare also its a pic of the two girls and a cup girls when they were young.
Christopher Jones (8 years ago)
4:02 - they forgot to add obama on there...
stormthehouse (8 years ago)
I luvs this video, also how do you get a dackwards d?
Mokeynam (9 years ago)
it just needs music.
My Good Self (9 years ago)
"911, whats your emergency." "My house on broomrape ln. is on fire!" o_0
Myrmidon Radd (9 years ago)
@zoro112211 if today is under construction than what about tomorow. oh crap...
pima262 (9 years ago)
most of these were good. but this really needs some sort of music
Westerlund (9 years ago)
it needs music...
alahad (9 years ago)
me tooo!!!
GritimoTheOdd (9 years ago)
That is a street nobody would admit living on, or used as a contact info as noone would believe it was real
GritimoTheOdd (9 years ago)
I just about fell out of my chair laughing at the Bear Grylls one
Lord Birdperson (9 years ago)
Infinite RGP. Problem Solved.
SirReptitious (9 years ago)
I assume you mean the barn one, because I dont get it either. I'm going to assume that if we saw it in its original size, there would be something that we could see??
Alex (9 years ago)
I dont get 2:44?
Austin M. (9 years ago)
yea rule 34 is: if u can imagine it, there will be porn
MediaMeister (9 years ago)
needs epic music
Devon Sanchez (9 years ago)
IM IN YOUR HOOD killing your homies
zach wroblewski (9 years ago)
noise? music?
zach wroblewski (9 years ago)
is that your final answer?
Jake Linder (9 years ago)
in soviet russia, YOU MOTIVATE POSTER! xD
kbob32 (10 years ago)
Yea this video defiantly needs some music
Jeremiah Lofton (10 years ago)
great video, but maybe add some music or something...
MELONMOVIES (10 years ago)
ooן ǝɥʇ uo ʇıɥs ood
xXangrypenguinXx (10 years ago)
at 2:28 it made me laugh even more when i saw dead end for some reason.
Jay Petrequin (10 years ago)
Pineapples! Ours are fucking FRESH! XD
wyldfenix (10 years ago)
When you open a can of whoop-ass Chuck Norris jumps out! LMAO
Callum Goff (10 years ago)
lol i like :19
JCKH2 (11 years ago)
:54 ROTFL 1:45 LMAO! 1:50 LOL 2:44 LMAO!!! Id say that'd cost 2.5 mil at least!

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