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Never Before Seen Marilyn Monroe Autopsy Photos

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Marilyn Monroe, the quintessential blonde bombshell, was one the biggest stars of her era and continues to be a towering pop culture icon today. On August 5th, 1962, Marilyn Monroe was found dead of a drug overdose in her Los Angeles home. This all too common fate for illustrious stars seemed fitting for a woman known for her substance abuse problems and rocky personal life. However, the story around her death is filled with holes. What happened the day before decease? Why was Marilyn's dead body transported from one mortuary to another? How did the Life magazine obtain the photos of her dead body? Subscribe to The Story Behind https://is.gd/hixAAr Music by Epidemic Sound: https://www.epidemicsound.com/
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Erdinc Yedikat (1 hour ago)
Marilyn Monroe was't perfect or no angel and I know how much she suffered as a child, BUT in saying that personally I think she had the most wonderful heart and personality and lady like glamour. Marilyn Monroe you were the most beautiful, gorgeous, stunning, elegant, sophisticated woman in the world and we will never ever see a person like you again, your legacy will live on forever and forever. It breaks my heart to the very foundations and depths of my soul at how tragically you were taken away from us so soon...I have 4 big posters of her on my bedroom walls, I have her bed sheets and pillow cases, I have her songs... I love you so much, as do all the people in the comments below me, we LOVE you as did the whole world Marilyn Monroe, I pray and wish that God willing you are now in heaven knowing that you bought us all so much happiness...I wish one day when this life is over, all your fans and the people that adore you such as me, will get to meet you. Rest In Peace beautiful girl, lots of love!!! 💖🌹😘🌹💖
Aj Jennings (4 hours ago)
I think she was murdered, I don’t believe that she committed suicide. I didn’t know what Joe did for her though, that’s touching.
Curlyhead cece (8 hours ago)
Even though he was her ex husband he still attended arranged and brought a heart
Waldemar Fischer (10 hours ago)
Смерть тетка злая никого не красит.Светлая память ты была хорошая женщина!
JJ All (11 hours ago)
That poor woman was used mercilessly by Hollywood. It's a shame she never found peace and happiness in this life. God bless you, lady, God bless you Norma Jean.
Slimey Burritos (13 hours ago)
im sick thats not marilyn 💀
Bren. (15 hours ago)
Lots of pills by her bed but no drink🤔 A phone in one hand but no one came out and said that they were the last person to talk to her🤔
Ali Moradi Ghs (19 hours ago)
Seems that the evil Lindon Johnson was behind the Kenedy terrors! And he accomplished the Vietnam War Crime!
Papilon (1 day ago)
Jeeze guys is there no privacy in this world, even after death?
Megan Dagnall (1 day ago)
She was so beautiful ❤
john john (1 day ago)
Dead of a president
E K c (1 day ago)
Looks like she was beaten or something her face I mean
Jack Grazer (2 days ago)
latino heat (2 days ago)
They say she was a big slut 😢
Racha Chibane (2 days ago)
Sleeping beauty
White Diamond (3 days ago)
enough with the conspiracy theories mah bruthas and sistahs
Logan Minnehan (3 days ago)
Normally I would find these pictures to be very disturbing, however I find these photos of Marylyn be too depressing to be scary for some reason.
Queen P.A (3 days ago)
I don’t believe she killed her self I think they made it seem like it cuz they put pills there plus you can see her face looks beaten I think someone murdered and abused her
noreen ahmed (3 days ago)
Stunning woman ❤❤ and the music just makes me want to cry. R.i.p ❤
Ellie (3 days ago)
1:40 this photo looks a lot like the Twin Peaks photo of Laura Palmer when she’s wrapped in plastic
PaYia M (3 days ago)
Marilyn was a whore. Slept w so many men. Have so many miscarriages. Probably too depressed. N who knows, probably got murdered.
wanda taylor (3 days ago)
Temple run time (4 days ago)
From the picture of her head i think she was hit over the temple cause there a horrible bruise there and they intoxicate anaily cause that’s what the video said
Joseph Borrero (4 days ago)
This is one reason why the Kennedys have been cursed.😱
Honeysuckle Blossom (4 days ago)
If someone tries to take photos of someone when they’re dead then they need to take a damn good look at their morals! I don’t remember his name because I don’t follow football. But a young footballer, think he was Brazilian or something died in a small plane crash. The plane sank deep under water. Some sick b******* went to the morgue and took photos of him! They had to go to court and before a judge for their vile act! Rightly so!
Kilroy was here! (4 days ago)
I met Mr. DiMaggio once as a kid living in an apt near the fire station when I used to explore coit tower and conquer the penny arcades on the wharf. My parents had met them before and have a picture taken. I was a regular at the north beach library where he'd turn up from time to time. I'm sure he was a good man, and feel saddened of the tragedies we all suffered.
Cheeky Girl (5 days ago)
Its odd that she died in her sleep yet her face looks bruised!
Misa Misa (5 days ago)
Joe DiMaggio a real man being pretty is like a curse people think they have it easy not true
UnknownDarkShadow (2 days ago)
Misa Misa I heard that he beats her every now and then
Yolanda Sirri (5 days ago)
Why did she look as if she was beat in the face . Is that common when overdosing ? You get various sized bruises on cheeks, forehead and eyes
Farrah Vogue (6 days ago)
For Peace (6 days ago)
It looked like somebody beat the poky do out of her. Her back seemed to have bruises all over it and her hair was a horrible mess, then her face that the photographer took at the morgue was all bruised, as well...surprised more people on here aren't making comments about it..it certainly wasn't in the news. As always they stage it was a suicide and then of course the pills are by the bedside and autopsy shows the toxins in her body. My hope is that she did not feel much of the beating because of the drugs...what a way to go...the evil of this world, if people could see fame is fleeting. I mean look at how unimportant in the end it all ways. She was reduced to being hid in a closet...good grief...sad, tragic and she made the evil one's millions...but, she was truly loved by folks...she had that...God Bless your soul Norma Rae...may you be living with the true King now...Amen.
Luther Ballard (6 days ago)
Sitting here at the table I was looking at this video in my spirit I feel innocent blood murder somehow I believe she was murdered
runeplate123 (4 days ago)
No duh
Moomoo dancer (6 days ago)
Love and God is all there really is.to fulfil a good journey. Sincerely Emogene
Moomoo dancer (6 days ago)
Space time has the young fooled only the very old know this to be true. So o please all you very young use time and your journey wisely and fill it to the fullness of love.
I hope she is in a better place now. she probably never felt truly loved or cared of. as a human being she deserved love and affection.
Joshua Smith (6 days ago)
That’s Evita Peron in the thumbnail and at 4:25.
Mirjam van Zweden (6 days ago)
very sad - no privacy in life - no privacy at all - shame on the world of idiots
Cherri Cakes (6 days ago)
That doesn't even look like her
Arron P. (6 days ago)
I find it hard to believe the most beautiful woman in the world in death could look so terrible I know the blood pools around ur body after u die..so since she was laying face first the blood got at her neck up...but if u were to tell me without me having never seen these pictures this is Marilyn I'd of said yeah sure this looks like a woman in her ,60s or later....death really changes ur looks the body transforms..look at John Lennon body he don't look like John Lennon The way we saw him. death before they cleaned her up didn't look good...did the pic shown after she was put in the freezer or whatever it's called, did they slide her out and snapped that pic and then put her back..even though. She was probably full of make up the coroner's couldn't believe that was her and I'd find the same thing
well, hello there (6 days ago)
Well her funeral was held on my birthday... That's just great
Bts Is ny life (7 days ago)
Marilyn Monroe will always stay at my heart
AYOKIMI IGBO (7 days ago)
I hate seeing people deaths...i can almost see rhem moving
dj diSi (7 days ago)
Because she died before I was born, I just always accepted that this one of the many historical events we all know about, about this lovely person, before my time, who was mostly sad and troubled throughout her life, never treated fairly, and was met with an untimely tragic end. I always felt as sad for her as anyone , but this video made me cry actual tears for her for the first time in my life, Idk why.
Angst1966 (6 days ago)
I know what you mean.  Marilyn died 4 years before I was born, but her life and death have always moved me in some way.  This video just goes to show what a tragic end some of our beloved stars have had.
HoneyMustardCardigan (7 days ago)
Marylin, Vivian Leigh were such beautiful women.Lived sad lives :(
Angst1966 (6 days ago)
It is sad that so many of these beautiful ladies had such a tragic end as such a young age.  Another one is Lupe Velez.  She was a Mexican comic actress back in the 30's.  Please if you haven't already, check out her story and her elaborate suicide.  It is Hollywood legend.  She died young and broken hearted at what should have been the prime of her life.  Also there is Peg Entwistle.   She was the actress that climbed up to the top of the H on the Hollywood sign and jumped to her death below.  There have been many stories of people seeing what appears to be the apparition of a young lady near the bottom of the sign.  Many believe it is the ghost of Peg who has never found peace.  Tragic.
Ker Lay (7 days ago)
Sounds like she was bound to die - no hate
Cara Isadora McKinney (7 days ago)
During autopsies of the head, the facial skin and scalp is lifted. When put back down, the corpse looks strange. I think the bruising is normal too.
Shantie Bissesar (7 days ago)
Uhm am i gonna be hounted becouseo was born on 5 august 2010
Ann Girling (7 days ago)
Why did he bar Grank Sinatra,cos he was wrapped up with 5he Kennedys and Mafia.RIP Marilyn. X
Ann Girling (7 days ago)
The whole death stinks....it was murder.end of.
Angst1966 (6 days ago)
I agree.
Ann Girling (7 days ago)
Look at the lucidity on her body she didn't die playing face down!
makadeni123 (7 days ago)
Music - Yesterday's love by Lalo Brickman. You're welcome
terry moore (8 days ago)
That wasn't her shown like that.
keani dunne (8 days ago)
if i die i reacon no one will come to my funeral
Alvin Koh (8 days ago)
Hollywood seems like the gate to hell!
UnknownDarkShadow (2 days ago)
Alvin Koh It is and stay away from it too
Xx_Star Light_xX (9 days ago)
The part where they took a photo of her face, what's that stuff on her face? 3:34
ANTONIO M. M. FRAGOSO (9 days ago)
LaBi F. (9 days ago)
It's obvious she was murdered at the hands of someone very powerful who went to great lengths make sure his name didn't come up during the investigation. But what can one do now? The least we can do is say she was "murdered" instead of she "overdosed".
Angst1966 (6 days ago)
My thoughts exactly.  Another star that I believe from what I read that was murdered was George Reeves.  The actor that played Superman in the 50's tv show.  It has always been said he committed suicide, but all the evidence points to him being murdered.
Linda Rush (9 days ago)
She was just an actress ffs
mona Stratton (9 days ago)
those fuckers killed her
Joan Marshall (9 days ago)
As much as i admired the Kennedy's the saying is very true when you live by the sword you die by the sword. Robert Kennedy was with Marilyn the day before she died what in God's name was he trying to do? he wanted the red book in which she kept her secret meetings with JFK and supposed to have said that Marilyn needed to be taken care of to her psychiatrist. Peter Lawford fell foul of the Kennedy's and came out with this before he died. If the Kennedy's had anything to do with Marilyn's death look at the disaster in the Kennedy family a lot brought on by themselves which is sad. After JFK's assassination and Robert's assassination Ted Kennedy really messed up his chances in a bid for the presidency when he tried to cover up the Chappaquidik accident. Joe Kennedy was a bad example to his sons.
Mi-se rupe • (9 days ago)
She has been killed by illuminati, same how all the celebrity's had died, every single one of them , died by pills, Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley, Whitney Houston , etc, what a fucking joke who believes this story, she died by sleep pills.
silently loud (9 days ago)
The background music is on point
deezingo (9 days ago)
Man..I was 6 mths old when she died.
Muhammet Şadan Kuzgun (10 days ago)
This is end
R Rockwell (10 days ago)
Nobody is attractive when they are gone. Its life that makes us beautiful.
Lavern Reeves (10 days ago)
😕Of course she is not going to look like the photos yu c r even on TV... that's what makeup does.. hides a person's true identity
Mike Dab (11 days ago)
I bet Ted Bundy would have had a field day with her dead body!
joe green (11 days ago)
According to the book: "Doublecross," it was Sam Giancana who had MM killed, with a poisoned suppository. The Chicago mob wanted it blamed on the Kennedys.
SREEJEET SAHA (11 days ago)
Nobody checked who was on the phone just before her death?
Lynn Love (11 days ago)
She's just resting. 😥
Backyard Stranger (11 days ago)
Life is just like that... All alive and yet nothing is dead.
Dawn Pettersen (12 days ago)
It was the CIA - they killed her!
Dave Bethel (12 days ago)
What language does that caption writer speak? Not English!
Robert Mastnak (12 days ago)
Sometimes this is the price for glory... Sex simbol forever and ever...
Marion H (13 days ago)
Such a beauty but lived a lonely and sad life..RIP..beautiful lady.
Casper Yoohoo (13 days ago)
Such a sad loss of a beautiful woman
J Groucho (13 days ago)
She lived a thousand life times, dont feel sorry for her.
Delilah (13 days ago)
Mamma mia era bellissima anche nel suo ultimo viaggio .giovanissima davvero aveva solo 36 anni .
Chrissy Curtis (13 days ago)
This is so sad. She was so young. And so set up....
Petra Maassen (14 days ago)
Charlotte Burke (14 days ago)
That picture is not Marilyn
E Gagnon (14 days ago)
Actually, the rigor mortis proved she didn't die in her bed and on her stomach… She was "placed" there… No glass was found in her room by the first officer called on the scene (his name escapes me right now)… No drugs she usually used to sleep were found in the stomach content… Her colon showed irritation that could be caused by an enema... The day of her death strange noises were heard by the neighbours… They herd a woman screaming, quote: "Are you happy now? She's dead!"...
Quastic (14 days ago)
the problem of being famous is that when you die, its not private. it is shared all over the world.. paparazzi needs to calm down
Rita M (13 days ago)
@Quastic we definitely gonna have peaceful death when only close people would mourn us, but famous people should see that coming after all they're making money out of their fame so I think it's all fear
Quastic (13 days ago)
@Rita M i know, but they should shut up about our death and not spread the word
Rita M (13 days ago)
But then if it's not for paparazzi we wouldn't have all those document information and pics.
Blue Clouds (14 days ago)
She died almost 60 yrs ago but the sorrow of her death is still alive.
Helen Hicks (14 days ago)
Was it suicide? Was it murder? One things for sure, I don't think she was ever meant to grow old, no old wrinkley full of Botox, just beautiful memories for ever! !!!++
Effie Geros Fakinou (14 days ago)
Her face is battered... her face is battered.........
Sandra Hunter (15 days ago)
She was pretty and nice. No plastic surgery.
Snow Flake (14 days ago)
She had a lot of plastic surgery, chin & breasts implants, nose ... etc etc...
Tony (14 days ago)
You wouldn't say that if she had sex with your husband.
【Weeping Angel】 (15 days ago)
6:41 'It LOOKS like suicide' Me: It *LOOKS?*
Jordan Williams (15 days ago)
Not to be mean but didn't she sleep with married men?why is she so glamorized? In today's world she would be seen as a Kim Kardashian...
Michael Knapp (16 days ago)
Boy!!!!!!! I have to say that my innocent comment I wrote about Monroe, sure has hit a nerve with people!! 1 I’m entitled to my opinion and 2 nut jobs from all over keep sending me obnoxious notes on my email. STOP SENDING ME STUFF!!! I’m through with it!!
Ydnardi Zond (16 days ago)
She was a brilliant actress but a lost soul .
Mad Dog (16 days ago)
Joltin’ Joe proved himself a class act by barring the lecherous Sinatra and dirtbag Lawford from attending her funeral. Fuck them–they probably had a hand in Monroe’s death, although I doubt Sammy Davis, Jr. or Dean Martin (also turned away at the gate) were complicit.
IELTS ve TOEFL (16 days ago)
Thank you❤
yuu Asami (16 days ago)
Oh... DiMaggio.... I'm really impressed....💐🌹🌹🌹…
Vasi Vasili (16 days ago)
wake up :Jackie O & Marilyn Monroe: Dual Identities? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9jnfMxrFgok ???? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GXQxSqPyq-8 ????
karthika Eesha (16 days ago)
Her ex sent half dozen of roses to her grave..he loved her much..but she was not recognised the true love🤷🤷..she was a lucky person to had such a true love as her husband...RIP both Monroe and Joe💑
chicky1785 (16 days ago)
She was So Young , Yet very naive . Marilyn lived a very Simple Life . I find her life being very sad . Some how I feel sorry for Her . .
J.R. Vasquez (16 days ago)
Poor baby. This still makes me sad. The men who controlled Hollywood at the time would simply not let her become a serious actress. This coupled with her poor decision to be involved with the president must have led to horrendous depression.
maggie watts (17 days ago)
My father got to meet and get to know both of them.. He was in the press and a newspaper editor in New Jersey.. He told me they were a very happy couple.. at least out in public but she said she was having problems being a "Proper Italian Wife".. ha.. Cooking etc.. She felt she wasn't the wife he needed.. It sure seems they both loved each other very much.. If she had stayed with him she may have been a tad bit unhappy but maybe grown to "accept his love"... I think Joe would have had a chance to save her from "herself".. Very sad..
Rafael Quintino (17 days ago)
Muito triste

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