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[Blind Reaction] Equestria Girls Special #2 - Movie Magic

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Sorry for the delay on this one! Blind reaction and commentary on My Little Pony Equestria Girls Special #2 - Movie Magic. T-shirt: https://www.redbubble.com/people/chibi91/works/10964537-cute-equestria-girls-applejack Commentary background music: http://www.bensound.com COPYRIGHTS: FAIR USE, Title 17, US Code (Sections 107-118 of the copyright law): All media in this video is used for purpose of review & commentary under terms of fair use. All footage, music & images used belong to their respective companies.
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Applegeek (1 year ago)
Hey everyone, sorry this has taken so long to post. I was waiting for copyright issues to subside (which it appears they have), and while waiting I got very busy with other things. I finally got some time to work on the commentaries for these last two specials though. The last one should be up by tomorrow.
William Tweedy (1 year ago)
Sherlock Holmes always tell you not to go jumping to conclusions.
Argamis (SilverComet) (1 year ago)
Gloriosa Daisy and Medinilla (middle-of-the-body) Magnifica are both flowers. -> Given the looks of some of the friends of Timber´s grandparents (in the pseudo-flashback about Gaia Everfree); they may be related distantly.
Max1238 (1 year ago)
I feel like Chestnut reminds me of Gloriosa a bit based on her face
MrCartoonMovieMakers (1 year ago)
Applegeek if the pudding was expired pinkie would find a way to make it taste good
Charles 7 (1 year ago)
Bence Major patience, more episodes of equestria girls will be revaeled in time, just right now.
Dicelord N (14 days ago)
22:02: "Dr Jones, your whip!"
twist58 (2 months ago)
Well done, Velma.
Jeff Holder (6 months ago)
OK then, if Twi is Velma and Sunset is Daphne, then who is Dashie?
Jeff Holder (6 months ago)
"Ya wouldn't want it ruinin the shot!" Yeah, or Rainbow Dash would LITERALLY kill!
Vosje FariasTorres (6 months ago)
That movie set needs to know about CGI Jutipher won't have bin able to distroi the volkano
Scarlet Witch (7 months ago)
12:26 The Fast & Furious: Tokyo Drift
RJ Par (9 months ago)
Apple geek your a real loser jk 😂
half superset19 (1 year ago)
I hope for more Equestria Girls movie
Echo Flamehoof (1 year ago)
Obvious bad guy is obvious
that girl (1 year ago)
APPLEGEEKS FORGOTTEN FRIENDSHIP REACTION ON BITCHUTE I HAVE THE LINK https://www.bitchute.com/video/2Btf9Y3aXQIC/ And thank u Apple geek for responding to my comment so i could find this link in my notificiations right before the whole video was taken down <3
oooh mojo like from mojojo from power puff girls
Isabelle Shi (1 year ago)
Dash: I got this! *nudge, nudge*
Daisuke Mizugawa (1 year ago)
Where those geos came from?
Sarafina (1 year ago)
Daisuke Mizugawa Watch "Legend of Everfree".
Kent Huang (1 year ago)
I hate how Twilight and Sunset didn’t even defend Juniper or even stand up for her considering they both tried to destroy the world.
18:43 don't forget about pinkie and spike
8:05 well I know chestnut wasn't the culprit cause she was too obvious cause of how many carol marsh mystery books I have read
Jana Lijana (1 year ago)
Pinki is kuku kuku kuku
Jenriel Urchin (1 year ago)
“It’s okay Dashie!” A moment for Flutterdash shippers!
Jenriel Urchin (1 year ago)
4:26-4:31 A moment for Twidash shippers!
Odd Doggy (1 year ago)
I have the book they are making the movie on It's called " daring do and the marked thief of marapore
animefireblade13 (1 year ago)
How did he not realize that applejack was saying pinkie made the fact guide
Radish Rave (1 year ago)
I've actually read that daring do book, IT'S A REAL BOOK AND THE STALWART STALLION IS MOJO IN IT
Zarus Tyran (1 year ago)
That sword is a Macuahuitl, a weapon found in South America.
Midnight -Chan (1 year ago)
a.k rolling? like j.k rolling ak made daring do and jk made harry potter they both have magic and wands soooooooooooooooooo (“D)
StormCrow77 (1 year ago)
6:49 As long as they're not the Belgian variety, I think Spike will be just fine. Most pralines are made with caramelized sugar and nuts (most likely almonds or hazelnuts, since these are supposed to be imported).
Steven Matthews (1 year ago)
Jennifer Montage Reminds Me Of Any Anime Waifu With Glasses
jshort 159 (1 year ago)
I cant believe u didnt see it but those cars or aleast one of them the alarm going off fast and the furious
Hanmacx (1 year ago)
I would have liked Juniper as young sidekick of Daring Do
zetsuei380 (1 year ago)
I would like to point out that those weren't chocolate bars, they were PEANUT BUTTER bars. So they are perfectly safe for dogs to eat (not really recommended but safe non the less).
Clove Land (1 year ago)
Is it just me or has no one read the daring do books that actually exist? This special is based of the marked theif of marapore
At 3:21 I thought it read cartoonz not centerzoom
Usagi1992 (1 year ago)
And I think Canter Zoom reminds me more of Steven Spielberg. Too thin to be Lucas. :P
Usagi1992 (1 year ago)
14:47 - well, it is a cartoon meant for kids'...it's not meant to be taken too seriously. :P
cody2819 (1 year ago)
Hang on...that robed thief, is she wearing Tirek's necklace? EDIT:Hm, Sunset being in the human world having effect on things...can anybody say the mandela effect?
cody2819 (1 year ago)
Dash playing Daring Do? HOW DID THEY NOT GO WITH THAT!? Also "A.K.Yearling personally approved the props"? WHO wants to bet right here and now that she SWAPPED the props for the real relics? It'd be pretty in-character for Daring Do wouldn't that? Altho that would mean the effects we saw during the final filming scene would be real and while the actress did seem surprised...nobody else? Also he didn't ask his niece because she had no experience? Well how else would she GET EXP if she's never given the chance! YOU'RE HER UNCLE FOR TARTARUS' SAKE you should HELP her get casted for her first acting role, right?
John (1 year ago)
I wish that Movie Magic was just a tad bit longer.
Chupacabra Azul (1 year ago)
The girls look lovely in their power pony costumes.
Edward256 (1 year ago)
If only J.K.Rowling had just as much handson on Harry Potter. ;D Speaking of handson, wonder what Junifer would be like if she did get to audition and Yerling herself said no. Try to boycott and burn the books altogether?
Autum Breeze (1 year ago)
43:41 you do know Soarin's a student at Canterlot High, right? He has a pin on his jacket that matches his Cutie Mark
Applegeek (1 year ago)
Oh, I forgot he was in one of the movies. Still though, the ages don't exactly all match up and stuff, could still be a team of fighter pilots out there with Spitfire leading them. Perhaps it would be something Dash could enroll in a military academy to work towards, after she gets out of high school? Always possibilities.
Autum Breeze (1 year ago)
28:45 remember, Spike was directly exposed to Equestrian Magic. Maybe that altered his body's chemistry to match his dragon counterpart's a little.
Autum Breeze (1 year ago)
19:10 yes. You are justified in doing what you did because the star eats all the chocolate bars she PERSONALLY had brought to the set for HERSELF and because YOU wanted the staring role which would NEED professional experience in the first place.
Kent Huang (1 year ago)
Juniper didn’t cause everything. The volcano collapse was not once ever explained. I refuse to believe Juniper did that because Twilight never explained it in her mystery solved speech. Stray magic could have caused it since we know magical things tend to happen randomly in the EG world ever since the end of Friendship Games.
Autum Breeze (1 year ago)
14:51 yeah, no. I'm sorry but that guy deserved to be fired. I can maybe understand the guy mistaking the Humane 7 for the Power Ponies actresses, but HOW could he mistake Spike, a DOG for Humdrum's actor? In the comics in Equestria he's a pony just like the rest of the Power Ponies so it would stand to reason he's a human in the EQG world. I highly doubt he's a talking dog and since Humdrum's meant to have no powers, I think it being a talking dog would count as a super power.
Toshi The Panda (1 year ago)
Well Applegeek, maybe it isn't expired; if it is a reference to "Cloudy with a chance of meatballs" then maybe they got fresh pudding to make the sequel. I'm guessing her friends didn't watch it because like everyone else, they didn't see any appeal in the movie
sans the magikarp (1 year ago)
Is this a new movie ?
Czer Kitka (1 year ago)
For me the best is Magic Mirror Second is Dance Magic Last one is Movie Magic
Stephen Isaac (1 year ago)
Czer Kitka you mean "mirror magic"
Stephen Isaac (1 year ago)
Czer Kitka you mean "mirror magic"
Pony Stuff (1 year ago)
Sunset is Fred. Rarity is Daphne. Twilight is Velma. Pinkie is Shaggy. And Spike is obviously Scooby. Applejack is an extra Fred. And Rainbow Dash is an extra Velma. It is the exact same. In fact, I honestly, no joke, expected Juniper to say "I would have gotten away with it too".
briansivley2001 (1 year ago)
Pony Stuff Me too🙄🙄🙄🙄. Being I'm a huge fan of Scooby Doo so this is basically your typical Scooby Doo episode which is awesome😁😁😁😁😁😁. I grew up watching Scooby Doo so this was a treat. Though if they did do it Warner Bros might sue them for copyright infringement lol.
Pony Stuff (1 year ago)
This Special killed continuity, none of it makes sense. EQG Rainbow Dash should still think Daring Doo is an "Egghead thing", and the "Power Ponies" should be called "Power People". It makes no sense. And those are just the most obvious, I can name a bazillion more but I do not want to waste my time.
Argamis (SilverComet) (1 year ago)
Events do not have to happen in the same sequence in both universes. -> CHS!RainbowDash still lives with her parents and already has Tank. -> Sci!Twi was not "sent" to find friends by her mother/tutor; she was "pulled in" by Destiny using magic and her own curiosity. The "Power People" thing sound as ridiculus as "Power Ponies" in the same universe [this is a cultural thing that makes sense in Equestria for nationalism/matriotic reasons (as the world they live in has more sapient beings than horses)]. -> They manage to solve it (at least plurals) chaging "ponies/people" for "wonders".
Ben DeRossett (1 year ago)
6:35 FACE Also, Spike's dead. That chocolate should've killed him.
Lucius Janovich (2 months ago)
Nooo thats a myth hun
Darkhellia DarkFire (1 year ago)
You keep saying chocolate bars when they are peanut butter brittle bars not chocolate. "Bon Mot peanut butter praline candy bar" are what they are called. As for Juniper not being allowed to audition for the role of Daring Do and why her uncle said she was too young and inexperienced he probably meant that she had no previous experience acting and since she's in her teens maybe that might be bad in terms of press. Not to mention the dress that Rainbow Dash finds is for a bar scene. Maybe in movie making any scenes that require bars, alcohol, or seedy scenes require all actors and actresses to be over the age of 21 otherwise the director and other crew members could get into legal trouble by allowing an under-aged girl to act as a character in these places. I know for movies that have bars and sex scenes that no one under 21 is allowed on set either as an actor or as part of the crew because of legal reasons. Also Juniper might not fit the costumes or might not have the right body type to play Daring Do, she doesn't have acting experience and usually with movies the more famous the actors and actresses the more press and attention films get. Maybe the uncle thought that because Juniper has no acting experience and no rep behind her hiring her as Daring Do might bring the film down or might not sell as well to the public. Who knows.
Argamis (SilverComet) (1 year ago)
When Sci!Twi destabilized Fluttershy´s magic, Spike (the regular dog) absorbed part of her magical ability to comunicate with other species (namely: "humanes"); plus getting his brain and larynx modified to properly speak like one. He may had also absorbed from her other "primate abilities" like being able to generate the enzimes to digest all kind of vegetal fruits (like cocoa beans); while now his stomach may be unable to fully disolve bones like a wolf would. -> He may now have other "interests" (with all the magical humane DNA, a logical conclusion is that he may be atracted to Rarity like his dragon counterpart); explaining why Sci!Twi HAD to make him an inteligent robot companion; instead of just keeping playing with CHS!Winona.
Applegeek (1 year ago)
Yeah, I didn't bother to look up exactly what kind of candy bars those were, but quite a few candy bars have some amount of chocolate, and the one that we saw Pinkie bit into looked to me like it was coated in chocolate, based on the color.
Bon Bon (1 year ago)
03:08 Yeah, I was wondering who's that old beardy one back then when I was watching "Legend of Everfree" already. Now we all know. But you know what? I heard that these EqG shorts originally were supposed to happen BEFORE "Legend of Everfree", and that would explain a lot. But later they decided to change the order. 04:00 Welp, at least it wasn't the Candy Mountain :q (BTW, have you seen "Twilight the Unicorn" yet? ;> ) 08:45 They couldn't make it any more obvious, could they? :q I think that learning how to plot from Scooby Doo was not the best idea... :P 08:49 Twilight, you would be a great Velma Dinkley. Only hotter :J 09:29 I was about to say that :D Hmm... So Spike is Scooby, Pinkie seems to be Shaggy (with her love for snacks and wackiness), and Rarity is Daphne. But how about the rest of the team?... 09:51 Which means that it's not her. She's the red herring, obviously. Because the real villains don't leave so many tracks pointing back to them :P 10:45 Yup ;> I knew you will like it ;> 11:10 I can't believe they didn't put the obligatory running through multiple doors scene :P But I'm glad they didn't ;J 12:12 "Doors" reference perchance? :> 12:29 "Star Mares: The Lunar Empire Trots Back" :J 15:18 Looks like there's some kind of a portal inside Pinkie's hair :q 15:21 Maybe she's just thinking in portals ;) 16:13 And of course the proof for that is in the pudding ;> 16:41 She's on the right course to become Counsellor Pudding Head :J 17:13 Why? Red-handed of course! ;> 17:50 I come up with pretty much a similar gimmick in a story I wrote as a 10-years-old :P A thief broke into a museum and stole an old fossilized dinosaur's bone, then hid it under the cabinet it was exposed in, to get it from there later when it wouldn't be guarded anymore (because no one would guard an empty cabinet). And if I could come up with such a story as a kid, then I guess they have to hire better writers :q 20:13 "I would have gotten away with it, if it weren't for you meddling kids and your stupid dog!" ;J 21:13 Didn't you just said something about lack of experience a while ago? :P Oh, right, they _have_ some experience: they played Power Ponies for a couple of seconds :q
Mr. ZAP (4 months ago)
Hey, are you implying Velma isn’t hot?
Argamis (SilverComet) (1 year ago)
R.I.P. Youtube flexible Annotations. Y_Y
Applegeek (1 year ago)
I think you mean Chancellor Pudding Head. ;) And yeah, nice connection on that, didn't even think about it. That would've made a great annotation. Oh well. XD
Autum Breeze (1 year ago)
Bon Bon there's also the fact they were just extras that don't even seem to have speaking roles. Juniper wanted the staring role. Big difference there.
IceStab 7 (1 year ago)
can you react to Pokemon Bridged
George Harvey (1 year ago)
I'm glad this is finally uploaded. I've been intentionally not watching these specials until I was able to see your reactions to them. Here are my highlights as always: 0:45-0:54 Good guess 1:43 A tense opening. 2:05-2:23 Rainbow Dash interrupts filming by pointing out a continuity error. 2:06 A Daring Do villain we've never seen or heard of before. 2:17 That face - from Twilight and you, Applegeek. 2:23 Exactly. 2:28 That smile. No doubt she's a fan-girl. 2:31 The same opening as last time - they really ought to expand it. 2:34-2:41 She certainly is, and yes we do. 2:58-3:01 Sunset Shimmer scolds Rainbow Dash. 3:03 More Camp Everfree continuity. 3:08 The things you notice that I don't are amazing. 3:11 Don't say 'Daring Do' and 'little' in the same sentence in front of Rainbow Dash. 3:20 I knew he looked like someone. I just wasn't sure who. 3:28-3:58 Oh come on guys, let Twilight speak. 4:04 As am I. 4:20 Don't ask me. 4:25-4:31 Looks like they're both fan-girls, like their pony selves. 4:27 A. K. Yearling reference. 4:39 Ouch. 4:43-4:53 I thought Daring Do was supposed to be a wise-cracking tomboy, not a raging movie diva. 4:55 That's actually a reasonable assumption. 5:05 For a moment I thought she stepped in something unpleasant. 5:23 Fan-girl mode activate. 5:25 Those faces. 5:27-5:29 Seriously, watch Twilight's grin. XD 5:34 Hello. 5:38 Smiling and nodding awkwardly. 5:56 That grin. 5:57 Yep, sure seems that way. 6:09 That's a good point. Could you describe the back of your hand if somebody asked you to? Would you bother to remember the details? 6:09-6:13 Also, very subtle there writers. Very subtle indeed. 6:15 A Daring Do villain we're more familiar with. 6:17 That's cute. 6:29 Pinkie Pie searching for a cupcake fountain. 6:32 Wait, what!? Aren't those satisfying enough for you Pinkie? 6:36 One that's featured in a story trying too hard to be funny. 6:47 This is true. Also, looks like the director and Miss Not-Daring-Do are having some issues. 7:01-7:04 Oops. 7:18 Yes, shhhhh. 7:33 Oh crap...Or should that be, crack? lol 7:36 Oh no, indeed. 7:46 Don't play the pronoun game Rainbow. 7:54 Glad you caught on. 8:03-8:07 I actually found out who the culprit was beforehand. But I'm sure even I would've guessed with all the blatant hints they drop us. 8:08-8:13 That's strict, but understandable. She is the author after all. 8:14-8:22 My thoughts exactly. It seems this world's A. K. Yearling is also Daring Do in secret. 8:27 I guess they don't want to distance themselves too far from the main series. It may be independent now, but it's still a spin-off. 8:31-8:35 And you would be absolutely right. It's a shame how predicable this is really. 8:38 The story would've been better if she had. 8:39 The sound of more dreams shattering for the director. 8:49-9:11 Twilight and Sunset begin to suspect sabotage. 9:11-9:38 Trying and failing to mislead us. 9:18 That hand gesture. 9:26 How did I not make that connection?! 9:51 Which is exactly why it's NOT her. 10:08-10:16 Clever joke. 10:16 Mine too. 10:32-10:41 See what I mean? They're trying way too hard to be funny. 10:45 The first time we see them using their new powers again. And how they're activated. 10:51-11:04 A ridiculous chase scene. 11:14 Someone who knows their way around the studio? Gee, who said something like that before? 11:20 An almost too casual hello. 11:21 Exactly. 11:24 Where? I'm genuinely interested. 11:46 Someone must've been a big fan of that episode in Season 4. 11:51 I wouldn't have known that. Thanks for letting me know. 11:54 They're even calling them the Power Ponies? How does that make sense?! 12:01-12:05 My thoughts exactly. It's the same with Starlight. 12:05 Classic Three Stooges gag. 12:07 Another weird chase scene. 12:17 Again, how did I not make that connection?! 12:23 I know it's probably a reference to something else, but that set reminded me of Doctor Who somehow. 12:24-12:26 You know a lot more about these references than I do. 12:46-12:54 Even I got that one. 12:59 I've heard the words million, billion, zillion, trillion and (possibly) even quillion before. But never kazillion. 13:10 I didn't think of that. 13:21 A net? Really? 13:27 It worked?! 13:42 What are you scared about? 14:11 Yep. 14:15 You guessed it. 14:24 You guess it again. 14:37 That would've been a better excuse. 14:42 Don't worry. I think everyone agrees. 14:49-15:00 So now they can only use their powers if they're wearing the geodes? That's a good plot device. 15:17 Seriously, the hair thing is just too crazy. 15:25 Why isn't she calling for help now? 15:29 Maybe try shouting a little louder Twilight. 15:38-15:43 She literally just said she was, Fluttershy. 15:52 Twilight uses her geode. 15:56 Rainbow bursts through the door in happiness. 16:03-16:08 That's a good idea. 16:51 Pinkie and a magnifying glass. 17:10-17:13 Well that was a quick transition. 17:18 Busted! 17:31-18:51 Twilight explaining what happened, along with Sunset. They are so Velma and Daphne here. 19:00-19:33 Her motives are forced and ridiculous. 19:51 Well your family, so of course he is. But... 20:09-20:15 She's going to be a recurring villain. No doubt. 21:04-21:13 Rainbow Dash, come on. I know you deserve it, but true heroes don't expect to be rewarded for their actions. 21:26 She may look like her now, but I still think her personality should've matched Daring Do's a little better better. 21:28-22:03 The Hu-Mane 7 as film extras. 21:35 Twilight and books? Really? 21:42-21:48 I agree. She sounds nothing like her pony counterpart. 21:04 Obviously. 22:07 Oh Rainbow Dash. 22:13 That face. Overall, this special was okay, but it was incredibly predictable. It also tries too hard to be funny and there's nothing memorable about it. Fortunately, I know what's coming in Mirror Magic. I look forward to seeing your reaction Applegeek ;)
Applegeek (1 year ago)
Yeah, this was a good episode to kind of build into whatever they're heading towards with the use of their magic powers.
Bon Bon (1 year ago)
Whoa, and I thought my timestamp comments are long... :q
Klokkwork (1 year ago)
I have a feeling that spaceship movie set was "Alien Alicorns versus Space Pirates"
Autum Breeze (1 year ago)
Klokkwork ah. I didn't think of that. Nice spotting there. Also a nice inter dimensional continuity there
Panda Girl Siries (1 year ago)
Epic Fable Reviews (1 year ago)
the candy wasnt chocolate it was peanutbutter
Sonicstar X (1 year ago)
We both had the same thought at 14:37! We both thought Rainbow's phone was in her other clothes!
Narrator007 (1 year ago)
6:08 [Um... how well does anyone actually know the back of their own hand?] In the case of a female, it depends on how often they paint their nails. In the case of a male, it depends on how often they masturbate.
Narrator007 (1 year ago)
2:48 "Stalwart Stallion?! What kind of a name is that for a production that doesn't... involve horses?" It also sounds like a name an overcompensating human male with virility issues might give himself.
Argamis (SilverComet) (1 year ago)
https://www.amazon.com/My-Little-Pony-Adventure-Collection/dp/0316301876 . It is currently at # 227,716 in Books (globally). . # 389 with the tags [Children's Books], [Animals:Horses], [Mysteries & Detectives], [Fantasy & Magic] -> An early variant of that book was once on the top 100 on one of those individual tag categories (it is currently discontinued and the new current version does not carry on the previous number of sales).
Narrator007 (1 year ago)
How high did it make it on the list?
Argamis (SilverComet) (1 year ago)
Stalwart Stallion is the name of a character on the first Daring Doo real-life Amazon-best-seller book.
Narrator007 (1 year ago)
And then he lost his Mojo...
Autum Breeze (1 year ago)
Narrator007 what does that then say about his pony counterpart? His name must have started as Mojo too
Ziuk1990 (1 year ago)
21:20 surprised I didn't notice that earlier :D
Lucas Stl (1 year ago)
21:22 Ark from Indiana cameo walking off set
Roses and Pies (1 year ago)
`Why do i think that Twilight is like Velma XD
Argamis (SilverComet) (1 year ago)
I just realized that choosing Bon Bon as your alias allows you to make the same comments either as a straight human dude or as a lesbian pony. (Sometimes I had to explain I am a bisexual furry when normies get confused).
Bon Bon (1 year ago)
Because she kinda is. Only hotter ;>
Disillusioned JELly (1 year ago)
Human version of Daring Do... Assuming there is a human version of her. Considering she deals regularly with obscure magical artifacts, her adventures might span the whole multiverse, so Daring Do might be leading a double life in the human world. Well, actually quadruple life since she would be leading two double lives in different universes.
XyKP1fan (1 year ago)
Yeah, I don't know why they had Spike eat the chocolate crunch bars as well knowing it's poisonous for dogs. I was a little disappointed when I saw that. I do hope in the future they address the fact that all the magic in the human world is due to Sunset bringing magic from Equestria into this world and ends with her restoring order to it and eventually returning to Equestria. Don't know if or when the writers decide to do that but I hope they do. Another great video Applegeek Sir. You always make my day. Take care! (^w^) <3
Lilith Booth (1 year ago)
XyKP1fan they aren't chocolate, just peanut butter. Now if he had been eating the pudding, that would have been bad
Immortal Essences (1 year ago)
Pinkie and AJ are cousin
Immortal Essences (1 year ago)
15:57 😏
PattiBumbaGaming (1 year ago)
I really wanna see you react to episode 3 :3
Marissa Chamberlain (1 year ago)
Hey apple geek watch or react to starlight wants your cutie marke
actually, mythbusters did a thing and the statement "like the back of their hand" is valid. people can actually recognize the backs of their hands better than their palms!
Andree Malcolm (1 year ago)
Geeks 👽👾together geeks 👽👾forever
PattiBumbaGaming (1 year ago)
Where can you find this?
gimy gaming (1 year ago)
I can't wait for you to watch if you would count what's am about to say about the check list then stop reading in next movie if you will need your check mark paper thing
gimy gaming (1 year ago)
I will try to get rid of any spoilers I see
Jrog1989 (1 year ago)
I'll bet $5 that they had to keep re shooting the same scene that Rainbow Dash messed up at the end of the episode. Still funny though.
Viper Freak (1 year ago)
2:24 Yeah, because MLP is getting all their continuity right the first time (>sarcastically) 3:09 Yep, and was called upon his looks where similar to that of Steven Spielberg. 4:15 Well, it's coming from Pinkie Pie so... 4:21 They're related?????? 5:32 The fangasming is real!! 6:11 The Mythbusters cuvered that one once, making foto's of random peoples hands backs, then cover them with gloves and let them choose which foto was of their hands. Turns out that people know the back of their hands pretty well, seeing that they all had it right. 9:30 Only got 3 members to many. 10:42 Yeah, saw that one coming while Applejack was saying it as well. 12:06 I think that Pinkie needs to borrow Rainbow Dash's geod, just for the pony character she's in. 12:19 We've also got: a old detective set on top, a mid-evil set in the middle and a Fast and Furious set at the bottom. 12:27 Maybe the background, but the cars themselves come from the first movie. 12:55 Got that one too. 14:42 Makes sence, they don't want them to make foto's of the movies being made. 15:11 And Spike as Humdrum. 17:47 now we have the Scooby Doo flash back... wait a minute! A EG Special with a lot of Scooby Doo references, whilst on a set of Daring Doo? Doo you see what I'm getting at? 18:43 And Pinkie as Shagie, Spike as scooby but, who's going to be Fred?  28:55 Spike is a cartoon dog and cartoon dogs can eat anything. You can also speculate that, when Spike got the ability to talk, that beam also changed his DNA makeup so he can eat choclate with no problem. Will you being reacting to Sailor Moom meets My Little Pony (1/2) from ToucanLDM soon?
OMEGA (1 year ago)
this world is like the mirror image of Equestria
WhyRyousoangry Gaming (1 year ago)
I don't know if u r reading this but I'm really confused and I was wondering if u could help. I was confused when rainbow dash grabbed her necklace and got speed could you or someone explain please
Brandon Parsons (1 year ago)
Lilith Booth I am WhyRyousoangry gaming btw
Brandon Parsons (1 year ago)
Lilith Booth thanks I will watch that now
Lilith Booth (1 year ago)
WhyRyousoangry Gaming Have you watched camp Everfree? in that movie at the end they each got a magic geode necklace that gives them powers. and in this it is confirmed that they can only use the powers now if they activate the necklaces
Gavin Woodring (1 year ago)
you will love mirror magic. I'm not a fan of the equestria girls series, but these are okay.
Sir Aran (1 year ago)
18:42 - 18:45 No, I think Rainbow Dash is Daphne, because she got trapped in the supply closet.
YetiRitter (1 year ago)
3:20 George Lucas? I would say Steven Spielberg, the director of Indiana Jones would fit better.
Argamis (SilverComet) (1 year ago)
It has to be George Lucas. -> They do not used CGI for special efects; but instead scaled down props of the real things (like the volcano); just like the original Star Wars. Also the "relics" had real powers within them... you could said their production was done with "Industral Light & Magic".
Applegeek (1 year ago)
Yeah, that could be too.
Madx10th TimberHusky (1 year ago)
Applegeek when I saw this movie, in a movie that movie, in it's movie and it's movie in this movie what movie madness is this?
샤리프사갈 (1 year ago)
React to mirror magic!
VeemonFan (1 year ago)
Scooby Doo's no sidekick, he's the star! Although Mystery Incorporated and Be Cool Scooby Doo aren't great shows
샤리프사갈 (1 year ago)
Did u react to equestria girls #1 if u didn't react, can u do it?
Kate PlaysSW (1 year ago)
Dance magic QUICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Rainstar hd (1 year ago)
22:20 I think 10 times.
MLPDethDealr32 (1 year ago)
12:19 The Third Panel with Dodge Charger and Subaru. FAST AND FURIOUS REFERENCE!!!!!
Basketball Striker (1 year ago)
I want discord on Equestria girls !☹️
PoniiAndii (1 year ago)
I get the feeling this world is generally just really obsessed with horses for some reason.
Mr. ZAP (4 months ago)
Applegeek To quote Daisy (and Colonel Kurtz) “The horror. The horror!”
Applegeek (1 year ago)
"a future in which Bronies took over the world" <-- This, all of this, yes! XD
Bon Bon (1 year ago)
Maybe this is a future in which Bronies took over the world? :q
Phantomations (1 year ago)
So the mane 6 have been background characters twice now, first in Slice of Life and now in the DaringDo movie itself. Also Power Ponies in the human world should be called Power Humans, which doesn't have as good as a ring to it.
Basketball Striker (1 year ago)
Applegeek did you saved redbull for the mirror magic reaction?
Basketball Striker (1 year ago)
+Applegeek great 👍
Applegeek (1 year ago)
I did indeed. XD
Basketball Striker (1 year ago)
When is episode 14 airing?
Basketball Striker (1 year ago)
+Autum Breeze thanks
Autum Breeze (1 year ago)
Basketball Striker August 5th
Basketball Striker (1 year ago)
I enjoyed movie magic more than dance magic but mirror magic is the best one
Christopher Mauldin (1 year ago)
@applegeek another awesome reaction thank you and i love how we both grew up fans of the original Scooby Doo TV series i watched it in reruns almost religiously as a kid in the 80s especially the 13 ghosts of Scooby doo featuring Vincent Price and the Scooby and Scrappy Doo Show some of my favorite scooby doo characters are Scoobys cousin scooby dum and of course Ruby Doo That's Scooby Doo's Sister and the mother of Scrappy Doo also i loved the times that the 3 Stooges and the 60s Batman and Robin appeared in the new scooby doo movies series Rip Adam West......September 19, 1928 – June 9, 2017
Cory M. Nakayama (1 year ago)
t-rex's cloak
PsychoEmbassador (1 year ago)
George Lucas? Canter looks more like Steven Spielberg to me.
Applegeek (1 year ago)
Yeah, that's another possibility.
btamamura (1 year ago)
The only two ways they could've made this more Scooby-Doo would'e been Twilight losing her glasses at one point, and Juniper doing that "meddling kids" schtick of the villains in the original.
Mr. ZAP (4 months ago)
Emily Woodruff-Buchanan Are you implying that Fluttershy is Scooby/Shaggy?
I was thinking the same thing 😂 and Fluttershy jumping into someone's arms
Pony Stuff (1 year ago)
I know right?
Rolk Flameraven (1 year ago)
This is either a transitive world between ours and Equis to an insane degree, or the idea that Sunset is just INSIDE the mirror and this is just some odd funhouse reflection of Equestria is true... Or they just REALLY love horses. Well, if the geodes let them do their magic from everfree whenever they want once Sunset gets her hands on them this is over rather quick. Welp, at least they were correct members of the team from that ep, poor Sunset though being turned into the Mane-iac, forever the "bad girl" it seems. Though, yeah, shouldn't they be the "Power People" I would say 'Power Pack' back I think that is Trademarked by Marvel. Really, leaning into Sunset being in the mirror right now, this is leaning a bit to hard. Cloudy with a chance of meatballs?!? Really? Well crap, Damn it Sunset, always bring your lasso of truth girl! Always! Wow, that was a Starlight like glare there at the end from Juniper wasn't it, wow. I mean I know about the next short already but it almost seems a shame they didn't let that one simmer for a bit more. I'm thinking those "props made by A.K. Yearling" where the real deal, going by those "special effects" there in the end, that wasn't post after all. I'm leaning to a Pony named parody of Willy Wonka, who my or may not be a Pie or Sandwich family member who made that place, it's the only thing that makes any kind of sense!
Applegeek (1 year ago)
Oh man, Willy Wonka...I should've made that connection. XD
Book Lover (1 year ago)
This is my second favorite episode of this. I know it was basically a Scooby Doo like thing, but I've always liked those kind of plots. Great reaction and can't wait for more! XD.
DeadMoon1986 (1 year ago)
Super-teen extraordinaire Rainbow Dash! Rainbow Dash! Runs around in costume wear Rainbow Dash! Rainbow Dash! Saves Canterlot High with her friends Rainbow Dash! Rainbow Dash! Unless rockin' guitar on weekends Rainbow Dash! Rainbow Dash!
Mr. ZAP (4 months ago)
Personally if we’re going there I would say Rainbow looks more like Gutierrez than Freakazoid, but that’s me.

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