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Vitalic Studio Studio Tour With Future Music

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Vitalic is a man who had his first release on DJ Hell's Gigolo Records, then a debut album on PIAS and has remixed some of Electronic music's most respected artists, including Daft Punk, Björk and Jean Michel Jarre. Here he takes us on a tour of his Dijon studio. Let's see if it cuts the mustard...
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Pure Ambient Drone (1 year ago)
Nice set up, I just wish the camera man would stay on the gear a little longer without shaking so much, but its all good.
Benny Feenell (1 year ago)
great Artist !
Stary (2 years ago)
Никуя он ошпаренный
BitterrootRambler (2 years ago)
face those speakers on the floor the other direction before someone puts a foot through them..
Vitalic y los sistemas dinámicos de las mentes, tienen de una u otra forma -para nada virtuales-, al tiempo que los irracionalismos sistématicamente dinámicos de la memoria, son los ritmos que tatuan nuestra vida -aunque la mayoría no este de acuerdo-. Vitalic, no somos, somos ritmos, incluso al no dormir.
Frank M Miras (3 years ago)
Lot of hardware, but uses TAL noise maker vst in Ableton.
AGPMandavel (2 years ago)
Hey man, Noisemaker is a great synth. But yes, weird to see that in his studio.
anonymusum (3 years ago)
Again a technician who believes he is a musician ...
foljs (1 year ago)
+anonymusum > look at most prof. classical and jazz musicians - then you know what real musicians are That's what irrelevant musicians are.
foljs (1 year ago)
Again an idiot who thinks they have an opinion...
Taylor Moseley (1 year ago)
There are famous jazz musicians who never learned to read, Buddy Rich for example. Herbie Hancock has a degree in engineering, and still played with Miles Davis, and wrote a Jazz standard with a synthesizer bass and solo in it. Pretty much all the people involved with the people involved with the early Moog and Buchla and EMS synthesizers were academics or classically trained avant garde musicians. They were all looking for new sounds, and in the case of the west coast guys completely new music- in other words, they wanted to leave conventional musicianship for something new. The first all electronic pop band, Kraftwerk, was all classical musicians and was definitely pop with commercial success in mind from the get go. Even today's top producers are there for a reason, a big chunk of top pop songs are produced by a small group ow Swedes. The reason is simple, Sweden supports all kinds of music at every level very generously, to the point of people getting paid to practice or getting grants for an album. I guess in the end, let people make what they want to make, the history of the thing goes in big circles and there's exceptions to everything.
Oliver Eales (2 years ago)
Bob Holness played the saxaphone for years but its his TV presenting we love him for.
Barnabás Eckhardt (2 years ago)
wow dude you are very very ignorant. art is not measured in degrees, you can't learn to make good music, everyone has the right to make music . you don't need a degree for it. haha making a hit song is good luck ? haha you are fucking ridiculous
antonz1980 (3 years ago)
Racky Records! (4 years ago)
Good you use Apple and do NOT thar Samsung shit
Red Wolf (2 years ago)
Winfried Strauss (4 years ago)
Thanks for giving an insight in the studio of this really kewl electro artist!
kikkirow (4 years ago)
Aww he doesn't use the Alesis ion... that's a shame! 
Javier Treviño (5 years ago)
very talented guy, I love his " OK Cowboy" album, and he has a great collection of synths too.
TRipo NIpo (5 years ago)
OP-1 Portable Synthesizer Operator-1 Portable Synthesizer
Mercury PJ (5 years ago)
studio très sympa :) ya pas à chier quand on veut du gros son il faut du matériel hardware
Fuzzo Frizzbeebot (5 years ago)
Hands on weird is good no such thing as auto weirdness so far
MrBoxxed (5 years ago)
MD rulz
Lothar N (5 years ago)
mah.. sinceramente mi aspettavo di meglio
Wanna Bee (1 year ago)
in effetti....
Jake Ross (5 years ago)
Teenage Engineering OP-1
e n t e r (5 years ago)
Love his music
Ben Winter (5 years ago)
What is that last piece of equipment he mentions? The thin grey thing?
psydrab (2 years ago)
Teenage Electronics OP-1
Mack .Doggs (5 years ago)
He seems like a really sweet guy.
lathebrightman (5 years ago)
love vitalic's music
Chris Stone (5 years ago)
6:52 Aparece en el video de Swidish House Maffia - One ;)
Deonisso (5 years ago)
Виталя, это ты?
Chris Taylor (5 years ago)
it's fruity loops in 3D!
CokeTube (5 years ago)
Wow, between all that hardware synths, the software synth he have there is a free one :D TAL NoiseMaker
- (1 year ago)
why not?
Bogdan Guzhevskiy (5 years ago)
John Gorgis (5 years ago)
The ion i own the mini version called the micron its digital but you can make it sound analog i got it cus my dx7 broke and i wanted fm sounds it also has some handy fx
Jimmy Burke (5 years ago)
what was that alesis synth?
Soupsandwiich (5 years ago)
It is le OP-1
Loic Rathscheck (5 years ago)
Very cool, monsieur
Andre Castro (5 years ago)
Yeah there's no analog magic, that voice is plain dead. On for a new voice board.
insmell (5 years ago)
Vitalic, your Prophet needs recalibrating of one of it's voices (osc or filter). That's why it act weird as you demonstrate. Good luck :)
Burton B (5 years ago)
HS 80 M for sure, i was very suprised to hear this powerfull quality too !!, i think the compressor must help...
Burton B (5 years ago)
agreed !!!,)
Burton B (5 years ago)
Génial, j'adore ce genre de reportages, merci, très heureux de découvrir en détail le set de vitalic !!! en tout cas, les yamh 80 sonnent grave !!!!
aseptic404 (5 years ago)
Damn, I'd really like to hear a track on the OP-1 by Vitalic.
willdahbe (5 years ago)
I bet the Togu Audio Line guys are happy for that shot of Noisemaker on his computer. They make great plugins though and it isn't a surprise.
Krung (5 years ago)
Guys, you could've made this one an hour long.
pcuimac (5 years ago)
Yeah, OP-1!
theandroids (5 years ago)
That is one nice studio.
Adrian H (5 years ago)
Really nice home studio dig the synths & hardware.......
Vasiu Alex (5 years ago)
teenage engineering op1 synth
Guillermo Solà (5 years ago)
Witch is the last controller? the "new toy"?
Victor Preoteasa (5 years ago)
What series are those Yamaha speakers?
Leave The World Behind (5 years ago)
Have you heard "Poison Lips"?? Amazing record!
psydelik1 (5 years ago)
Nice guy
gauthier (5 years ago)
Great studio tour! Finally someone who doesn't just talk about the synths but demonstrates them!
omsonic (5 years ago)
why is he using an sh-101 for sound effects that's such a waste.
Max Venus (5 years ago)
very cool
ScienceFreak (5 years ago)

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