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Logan Finds Raven 'Mystique' Darkholme and Nord in Africa (X-Men Origins: Wolverine Game)

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After meeting Raven Darkholme at Wideawake Project in Systemized Cybernetics Lab Logan remembered another part of the Team X mission in Africa where Raven served as a CIA operative to oversee Stryker's activities. Logan was given a task to kill her and finally managed to find her and Nord (Agent Zero) who was probably heavily wounded and lied unconscious... X-Men Origins: Wolverine PC Game. Gameplay on Normal. #CJakeWolverine #WolverineGame #JamesLoganHowlett #XMenOrigins #Logan #XMen #Wolverine #XMenOriginsWolverine #Mystique. ►Watch more Wolverine videos: http://bit.ly/cjakewolverine.
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Text Comments (3)
sterre games (2 years ago)
how is it that logan can never age?
dead pool (2 years ago)
yeah his like 200 years old
fletcher (2 years ago)
he can just EXTRA slowly, because of his healing factor, his body is dying SLOWER

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