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Vic signs my Ed poster, and has a funny moment!

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When I went to Ichibancon 2012, I had Vic sign my Fullmetal Alchemist poster. This was his reaction, and I'm glad I got it on video! :) I did not realize my voice was that squeaky! And at the end my camera strap got stuck in my hair.
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DJ Autumn (1 month ago)
aww back in more simple times when people didnt turn into special snowflakes and get easily offended by a kiss on the cheek/forehead. i love Vic he's such a wonderful soul <3
Señora de Mendoza (1 month ago)
So, is this one of those hair "pulling" moments KickVic insists on calling sexual assault? Cause that's very reaching if you ask me. 🙄
Erving_Lanc3 (2 months ago)
Broly with kill funimation
mewantcool (3 months ago)
Now he’s soon going to be signing Funimation’s death warrant..
Colin Boots (3 months ago)
this mans clearly pure evil
Grey Pool (2 months ago)
Those hungs.. that happy welcoming and how nice he was with her totally evil no doubt......
Symbiote God (3 months ago)
Back when he wasn't thrown under the bus.
Symbiote God (2 months ago)
+AshAttack guess so. Very rated modern pg if you ask me.
AshAttack (2 months ago)
I guess this is what the accusers mean about pulling hair and unwanted kisses close to the ear 🤣. But this vid was too cute!!
wcthesecret (3 months ago)
...look at how they massacred my boy
vla1ne (3 months ago)
If we're going by the comments, vics' kisses are pretty high value.
kazekaze (1 month ago)
+Cecelia Kra Considering people were using fake videos and pictures as evidences they were "forcefully kissed/hugged/harassed", I find it hard to believe this actually happened. Thank god other girls showed up to say "Hey, that's me on that picture, and that's totally bullshit!". Then again, other girls literally threw him on the ground while mass hugging him, kissed him without his consent and then blamed HIM later for not "scolding them"... Talk about victim blaming...
Señora de Mendoza (1 month ago)
+Cecelia Kra If they didn't want to be kissed/hugged they should've just said so. People expecting everybody to be a mind reader these days... 😩
vla1ne (1 month ago)
+Cecelia Kra still that's a matter of not informing him of such immediately. it's a fact that vic's a personal guy, practically all his fans ask for as much as well. People are trying to use this as a foundation to destroy him in the court of public opinion, with many proven false allegations mixed in to boot. That's a thing that should be allowed to happen.
Cecelia Kra (1 month ago)
Well, I think the problem is the girls who really didn't want to be kissed, and got one anyway. I personally don't like the idea of a random guy kissing me. (Still a fan of Vic tho)
Jester 3401 (3 months ago)
These moments are just sad after all those allegations and him being fired...
Dave Marx (2 months ago)
For some of his more exuberant fans... it means they are unlikely to ever get a hug and a peck from the guy. It's a bit of a hormonal thing to mourn but... taking everything into account, I can understand. I'm not an alcoholic but... the accusations and their reprocussions (Vic Mignogna not hugging anymore) could be equated to an alcoholic finding out that alcohol is now illegal and will never be produced again. They'll get over it eventually if they don't die from the withdrawal but it's going to suck for them. Maybe?
Anthony Cantos (3 months ago)
Broose Waiyn (3 months ago)
Sad what’s happened to him 😢
Lilly P (4 months ago)
I remember the day I met him...best day ever!
MikaMay 707 (8 months ago)
Everyone is talking about how lucky she is to be kissed by Tamaki-Senpai but I’m over here thinking about how lucky she is to be kissed by Ed-Senpai lol.
Señora de Mendoza (1 month ago)
I'm thinking about how lucky they were to get a kiss from Vic before everything went South & now he probably won't do it anymore. 😔
Mason Fandom (8 months ago)
Vic: what is he eating Girl: a donut Vic: *TRIGGERED*
Godzilla3431 (9 months ago)
Is That Monty Oum Next To Him?
K. The Artist (9 months ago)
Awwww. If I did that, my fan would slap me
EmalynGrace615 (1 year ago)
I would die if this happened to me! She fricken got kissed my Edward Elric
Spooky Caro (1 year ago)
Suga Infires (1 year ago)
Yo. To be kissed by Tamaki Senpaii hooomygawt
collexion (1 year ago)
Holy. Fuck. I'M JELOUS
Jenna Wittig (1 year ago)
My_Chemical _Trancy (1 year ago)
If Vic kissed me I would pass out tbh
Setsuko Kun (1 year ago)
Why is every one so suprised that eds Eatting a Donut??
TashaAkaTachi (2 months ago)
I know this comment is a year old, but if you watch Vic's donut story, you'll understand.
Kawaii Fujoshi (1 year ago)
Why was that poster so amazing?
Philip Grey (2 years ago)
what is so funny? does ed not like doughnut's?
ITkait 4005 (2 years ago)
That poster is actually one of the chapter covers of the manga. Have seen it, read the manga. :D so that picture was made before "The Donut Story"
Notta Reign bō (2 years ago)
Dark Zhiro (2 years ago)
Oh, that was the one and only con I went to.
Tired-Pineapples (2 years ago)
Ashley Montague (3 years ago)
Popa_jins (3 years ago)
That girl is so lucky
Ran Ng (2 months ago)
I hope all of you are standing by Vic. He's an innocent wholesome man.
Pewds (3 months ago)
Apparently that's sexual harassment in 2019
Jay Peppy (3 months ago)
+Mayra Sandoval This really sucks...and he even got fired for it.
Mayra Sandoval (3 months ago)
And now he’s being harassed for it!
Burraku Dusk (3 years ago)
He kissed me when I met him last year at Anime Getaway! Best day ever!
Colman O'Reilly (3 years ago)
Not even sure how I got here, but literally every interaction I've seen him have with fans has been awesome. It only makes me enjoy his work that much more
Jaina Lipsey (3 years ago)
OMFG LUCKY~~~!!!! I would absolutely LOVE to meet vic..... And he kissed you on the forehead words cannot describe my jealousy right now.
Vin Sama (1 month ago)
And look where that led him
Jaina Lipsey (3 years ago)
I also spy a J. Michael Tatum in the background
Kawaii Otaku (3 years ago)
aww how cute
Zoe Patrick (3 years ago)
Rip headphone users
Adi H (1 month ago)
Poor my ears
Rachael Peavey (3 years ago)
Cristina (3 years ago)
I actually have that picture of Ed eating the doughnut. Its my favorite... how lucky you are to get a peck by Vic...
sakura the savage (3 years ago)
Lol silly ed
Permanent Placeholder (3 years ago)
Wolf Heart (3 years ago)
Omg!! Girl, you are so lucky!!!!!! I would have loved to meet Vic!!! 😍😍😍😍😍 Also, you're extremely lucky to have been kissed, on the forehead, by Vic himself!!!!!!!!!!! 😍😳😍😳😍😳😍😳😍😳😍😳😍😳😍😳😍😳😍😳😍😳😍😳😍😳😍😳😍😳😍😳😍
Memelord (4 years ago)
Who's right next to Vic signing?
Sandy Sim (4 years ago)
Alexander LeBlanc (4 years ago)
So lucky! You got to meet Vic!
junklex (4 years ago)
I have that poster!! xO
thebritishunter (4 years ago)
Where do you guys get all this FMA epic merch from?
Memelord (4 years ago)
+thebritishunter The internet, Amazon at most.
Ryoko (4 years ago)
CasaDiPrincipessa (4 years ago)
that picture vic took of that pic of ed eating the doughnut is on his twitter
Gillian N. (4 years ago)
You know what would be even crazier than Ed eating a doughnut? Ed actually DRINKING MILK XD
EmalynGrace615 (1 year ago)
Gillian N. YES
CarterxEli (1 year ago)
My eyes went so wide 😂😂
Kookie (1 year ago)
Gillian N. Yup
Setsuko Kun (1 year ago)
Linz Winz (2 years ago)
FENUKINA (4 years ago)
Dragontamer05 (4 years ago)
OMG I spy a Tamaki doll on the table. I think I would die if he kissed me. I hope some time I'll get a chance to go to a con and meet him preferably with a friend so they can take my pic (and if tyhey want I can take theirs) and besides cons are more fun with friends
Adriana lovely1290 (4 years ago)
He is so cool love him
xXxjays moon (4 years ago)
Lol didn't know alcamists could eat donuts
Nicola Perring (4 years ago)
i did the coffee line with vic from the ouran show XD but getting a kiss! aaaaaahhhh i love this guy!
Jordan Bright (4 years ago)
Im not one to do this, but 2 people are jealous of Vic kissing your head XD too funny!
edo0girl (4 years ago)
That's just awesome sauce!! :D
Kirsten Nieto (4 years ago)
Vic seems like such a nice guy. :3
Sweetmelody (4 years ago)
Does he play tamaki?! In ouran host club?!
Eugenia OL (1 year ago)
Sweetmelody yup
The Anime Fanbase (1 year ago)
Unspoken Devil yes and also Broly from dbz.
Unspoken Devil (4 years ago)
And I think (I could be wrong) he also plays Zero from Vampire Knight.
Sweetmelody (4 years ago)
Oh my god.......... That's awesome!
recklesssketches (4 years ago)
Yes. He does.
Sary Diaz (4 years ago)
I Would Have DIED If Vic Kissed Me Like That XD! That Man Is Too Cute<3
Aileen Jackson (5 years ago)
*twirling my invisible beard* hmm... I think I have an idea to mess with his mind. And yes, it involves donuts.
Brittney Carr (5 years ago)
Lol I'm so jealous
Tikobi (5 years ago)
XD LOL The Dreaded Donut Story!!!
Cody King (5 years ago)
I love his reaction to the picture. XD
KittyPie Kawaii (5 years ago)
KittyPie Kawaii (5 years ago)
It's ok...
KittyPie Kawaii (5 years ago)
XD kyaaaaa I almost got to meet him last year..... But.... :(.....
KittyPie Kawaii (5 years ago)
philadelphiaflyers48 (5 years ago)
Great moment :) I'm sure you won't forget that!
Hey Its JK (5 years ago)
i was confused at first... but then I remembered!!!
Countess Karu (5 years ago)
This is wonderful x3 Anywhere I can find this picture (Edward with the doughnut in his mouth)
TheGACKTfan (5 years ago)
I was in that line
streamofawareness (5 years ago)
Awww, your face when he kissed you was cute! :)
megan9796 (5 years ago)
AetosofValla (5 years ago)
so whats with the doughnut thing?
AngeliqueNade (5 years ago)
watch?v=6kjB5uQ1J0Y Enjoy the story~ :3
moondare1 (5 years ago)
This may have been asked already....but where did you get that poster? 
moondare1 (5 years ago)
Cool. Thanks! 
staz00007 (5 years ago)
Ha HA HAAAAA dounut flash back
Nightcry95 (5 years ago)
my little sister envy's you
Hyroku_Sutcliff (5 years ago)
This is gold CX
becky (5 years ago)
Lol! That picture is on his twitter
Sierra Jackson (5 years ago)
YOU GOT KISSED O.O NOT FAIR T_T i would have died XD
Jade Vazquez (5 years ago)
A pic of Edward Elric eating a donut and if you don't know the donut story look it up its so funny
iMightjustbecrazy (5 years ago)
Whats on the poster?
Foxy933 (5 years ago)
I envy you, girl! Luckyyyyy TT^TT
I must cut off your face and wear it as my own...
White Buns (5 years ago)
Tamaki. Boom.
ScottAlexanderHBaker (5 years ago)
I just died inside... AAHHHH ME WANT ONE!! with a side of milk ;p
Ana Diaz (5 years ago)
CuteCosplay101 (5 years ago)
you are so lucky
Dragon Chain (5 years ago)
i think it say ''Doughnuts really? lol'' not sure but i think. best i could come up with.
MadDogMajimaswifey (5 years ago)
It said doughnut really lol
Lia Sterling (5 years ago)
Jaren Wolf (5 years ago)
HeyItMe (5 years ago)
I would die.. to get a kiss from him XDD
CelestialDarkness (5 years ago)
ACK! he kissed you! i so want to meet him! i gotta wonder, does he normally charge for autographs?
Sabrina grimm (5 years ago)
I agree. I meet him and he took pics with everyone and was willing to sign multiple things.
Ayano Otori (5 years ago)
my ears…..X( I should learn not to watch these things with earphones in...
Kayla Myers (5 years ago)
EPIC KISS DUDE -.- lucky
Why did he react like that? Sorry, feels like I'm missing something.
LightningTTfan14 (5 years ago)
You have no idea how jealous I am of you.^^
torielric (5 years ago)
OMG!!! SO JEALOUS!!!!!! >_< Awesome vid!
Maricela Reyes (5 years ago)
OMG THAT IS HILARIOUS!!!!! Oh the doughnut story
Derek Czerwonka (5 years ago)
That is impossible! Love that reaction
Socially Awknerd (5 years ago)
Vic is so nice to his fans its unbelievable :3 xx

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