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[Blind Reaction] Equestria Girls Summertime Shorts - Round 1

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Blind reaction and commentary on My Little Pony Equestria Girls Summertime Shorts: Short 1 - Make Up Shake Up Short 2 - A Photo Booth Story Short 3 - Raise the Roof Short 4 - Steps of Pep Song - Mad Twience T-shirt: https://www.redbubble.com/people/pippythepirate/works/11729736-apples-to-the-core?p=classic-tee&style=classic-tee&body_color=black&print_location=front Commentary background music: http://www.bensound.com COPYRIGHTS: FAIR USE, Title 17, US Code (Sections 107-118 of the copyright law): All media in this video is used for purpose of review & commentary under terms of fair use. All footage, music & images used belong to their respective companies.
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Text Comments (294)
Lol 3:03 and....
RedRovaeden (8 days ago)
Im guessing timber's dog that died, but is now turned into a robot dog
Michael Bullington (1 month ago)
Just in case, some of the early shorts are tied to the Equestria Girls movie as Sunset Shimmer does not appear while Princess Twilight Sparkle appears.
Marija Cirovic (2 months ago)
20:20 spike's new girlfriend.❤
MWSin1 (3 months ago)
Does EG Pinkie's hair space connect to FiM Pinkie's? It would explain a lot.
Artsy Stuff (3 months ago)
The animation improved ALOT
Pop Atop (3 months ago)
20:07 "I think I'm gonna piss myself"?!?!?
Maryna Chamroeun (3 months ago)
I love it
Luna Cat (5 months ago)
3:29 Did anyone notice that looks like applejewel from Simple Ways season 4 episode 13 except this time its with makeup
GachaSV Roblox (5 months ago)
I was eating wendys and watching this lol
I Love Equestria Girls So Much
Jeanny Dooley (6 months ago)
She made a girlfriend for spike silly.
pushpa nagasinghe (7 months ago)
Applegeek swettie belle is next to pinkie pie did you saw her?
Sajeev Karunamoorthy (7 months ago)
P S Y C H O T I C (8 months ago)
Love this video so much 😉😉😛😛😛
TheHeavyMetalBrony (9 months ago)
Hey, I recognize those symbols on Twilight´s black-board. They are part of the homeomorphically irreducible trees of size n=10.
little peeson (10 months ago)
The dog was for spick
I was winning this as a try not to laugh challenge of mlp, but then your reaction made me loose.
Flashfire Wolf (11 months ago)
I know this was a while ago, but where can I get that shirt?!
Dark Moon draw girl (1 year ago)
Applejack a applejowel
DoomSlyr (1 year ago)
did i hear mad science twilight say "I'm so excited I'm going to piss myself!"?
StarTrap (1 year ago)
Sho sho sho sho SHOOOTUP
StarTrap (1 year ago)
StarTrap (1 year ago)
You're A Skrub (1 year ago)
Applegeek look EG trailer please it,s come new EG in youtube please please reaction for us we wact please
Trainboy 54 (1 year ago)
Hey Applegeek! You should look up MLP: Equestria Girls Coinky Dink World and Good Vibes. Those are new songs to the MLP EG Summertime shorts.
Richie Duck (1 year ago)
Don't hate on-Wait, is that human Flash? Oh, okay. Hate as much as you want.
Bandit animation (1 year ago)
I love applejack dance 😍😍 and applejack and rainbow dash
Deleted Youtuber (1 year ago)
*Applegeek shoots whit Finger*:Perfect!
Sky Videos (1 year ago)
Rainbows dance off is awesome xD
Chris Teet (1 year ago)
8:33 I'm pretty certain Sunset was probably busy repairing the damage she did to the school; I seem to recall one of her attacks knocked down an entire wall, plus there's that crater that she wound up in when she was defeated...
BronyBrewer MLPfan (1 year ago)
I was a junior in high school when "Weird science" came out.
XxRainbow - DashxX (1 year ago)
apple jewel returns at 3.28
Lady Ani (1 year ago)
"Eqg stuff have been sketchy" Jeez, aint that the truth. LOL! They pulled two of my reacts from the EQG specials except Mirror Magic. I'm always hesitant when I do EQG stuff. XD
That's The robot dog in sci-twI, I don't understand that, fine so cool°
Max Harter (1 year ago)
20:40, it could have been worse. She could have built a sex robot
Ash Reviews N Lists (1 year ago)
The EG shorts from EG1 were animated in Germany thus does not have the same animation style that DHX and Hasbro usually uses, since the canon content is animated and produced in Vancouver Canada.
Samantha Munoz (1 year ago)
When he put the little sunset picture with the photo finish water thing I thought it said " HAI - DRATE" me: XD
Ultraitor (1 year ago)
the animation in the 2nd one blew my mind
kadiatou diallo (1 year ago)
11:25 You should know that at a dance, there's always going to be a dance-off. ESPECIALLY in a high school dance.
maddie payne (1 year ago)
Did you notice that the photos each feature a dog?!
CreativeArtStudios (1 year ago)
You realize how much you need Photo Finish until you have her
Zanvis67 (1 year ago)
Steps of pep would take place after the friendship games seeing as how they were playing against crystal prep
sal ty (1 year ago)
Only 4 dislikes? Wow. I'm impressed.
Imogen James (1 year ago)
Minnah4 AJ 6 now but still impressive
kariann Rodriguez (1 year ago)
Applegeek can you react my. Veido with my little pony reaction I reaction to your veido
Maria duron (1 year ago)
Did anyone else said I want that shirt(the shirt that he is wearing)
MALEMization (1 year ago)
Roxxie Miller (1 year ago)
right before the fall formal...
dag1984 (1 year ago)
18:28 Is that... one of the teleportation pods from The Fly?
Argamis (SilverComet) (1 year ago)
Just add another reference to old cringy "scify" movies.
cristina bedoya (1 year ago)
I believe the reason why sci- Twi has a picture of Timber is that he has a dog, so maybe she is just trying to take the dog for spike
The Dj Muffin (1 year ago)
CAPTAIN YOSHI HD (1 year ago)
these four shorts took place in the first Equestria Girls movie.
Argamis (SilverComet) (1 year ago)
Now that I think about it, the last one MUST have happened after EQG1 but before the Rainbow Rock prequel shorts; since the "raise" on the statistics on sports and grades (represented by that chess match) of C.H.S. relative to C.P.A. that Principal Cinch mentioned in "Friendship Games" is something that had to happen gradually as the moral and mood of the school improved without the bad influence of old Sunset Shimmer. -> While it could happen after Rainbow Rocks, the arrangement of the background of "music room" is different; plus assembling a rock band probably took a lot of free time from the humane six (Rainbow Dash would had "train" with her guitar instead of playing soccer, the same with Pinkie and Fluttershy not having time for cheerleading practice or Rarity for singing).
WarNPeace (1 year ago)
I believe Timber had a dog and "lost him to some unknown cause" so Twilight is making a robotic version of his dog that's why she had a picture of Timber and a dog.
Argamis (SilverComet) (1 year ago)
Actually, that guy with a white dog is NOT Timber Spruce but a C.P.A. Student (he appears on the Pinkie and Rainbow Dash "Spy" Friendship Games prequel short). . If Sci!Twi was telling the truth to Cadance about her research on "Humane-Canine Cohabitation"; then she would need at least another sample besides herself (at least as a control); so she probably know him because of that. -> His inclusion in this short is still forced, as he has nothing to do with the "reason" for Sci!Twi to make a robot companion to Spike... that was never adressed on the first place (basically he gets bored with other members of his species like CHS!Winona since his magical "uplifting" give him human speech and increased inteligence).
Max Robinson (1 year ago)
I don't really like the ones made by different studio, aka the first 4. I like those made by the original studio way more.
Maria Stephens (1 year ago)
In my opinion the animation quality went way down. Honestly the lighting and new effects couldn't cover it up either; on the contrary for me it made them stand out _more_ ... The CMCs just looked weird honestly, the movements were rather amateur and awkward especially compared to the specials (which I felt maybe possessed an even higher quality than the normal MLP series surprisingly), not to mention the movements were clippy and stiff, and honestly the rigged characters looked like something from a more slightly touched up MS paint, especially their eyes which seemed to oddly glow? Idk I just went on this entire rant on the animation Imo I'm honestly just begging the animators not to stick with this program or whatever they're using. It's just really unattractive and I don't feel like many people are going to feel like watching after a while. Doesn't seem like something that will stick, especially in an ongoing series. Idk. Whatever, it's fine. It's all fine. Everything's fine.
Maria Stephens (1 year ago)
Relic Zach I see, that explains it
Jonathan Russell (1 year ago)
Out of curiosity what was it about the dancing movements that seemed awkward (if it even was anything specific)? I didn't really pick up on it but I'm not an expert on dance (I did take a couple dance courses a couple years ago in college but none of these dance types were included) either.
Jonathan Russell (1 year ago)
Lol, I relate to Photo Finish's hydration policies here. XD Whenever I'm working or something and get thirsty I'll usually just vigorously slug down an entire bottle of water in a couple seconds and go back to what I was doing. XD
PearlTheBirdMom (1 year ago)
18:14- in the friendship games, when cadence told twilight about the rule against pets, twilight said she was doing an experiment on spike (and other dogs) called, "human canine cohabitation, effects and implications." this must be that experement, or at least a callback to it.
RomanceWriter1 (1 year ago)
5:09 I'm a girl and I agree with you. Be glad I don't really wear makeup except on special occasions. I only wear eye-shadow, lipstick and blush when it comes to that but I absolutely hate wearing makeup
샤리프사갈 (1 year ago)
Who is ur fav character
Bon Bon (1 year ago)
03:34 I was waiting for Rarity to stick that thingy into her mouth backwards at least once :D 08:42 If this is not a foreshadowing that they're gonna merge these two franchises eventually, then I'm King Sombra :q 17:57 Oh boi, this is gonna be my favourite :D The title screen has already got the '80s vibes :> Kinda resembles the NewRetroWave logo :J 18:04 Is this where Sci Twi lives? 18:09 It that the cuckoo clock from Equestrian Twilight's now inexistent treehouse library? :o 18:15 Kinda looks like Timber Spruce, except that the colour of his hair is a bit odd :q 18:16 Blackboards in MLP/EqG never disappoint :) Looks like Sci Twi is trying to solve the problem from "Good Will Hunting" ("Draw all homeomorphically irreducible trees of size 10") :> I wonder why?.. There's also a problem of tangents to an ellipse, and the geometry problem from "Introduction to Geometry" by Coxeter :) (the equilateral triangle and a square). 18:51 So Sci Twi knows how to program in Malbolge :q 19:10 Well, throughout the entire video, I thought that she's trying to cook up a P.E.R.F.E.C.T. boyfriend for her :q 19:16 I hope 1.21 gigawatts will suffice :J 20:35 ....yeah... my face exactly :q 22:18 Why? One can do that ONLY with 80's computers :) Modern computers have too much computing power :J
Sci Twi (1 year ago)
18:16 Yup, Sci Twi approves ;) Those are the trees. I needed those to find out all possible isomers of a certain molecule, because only one of them works the way I wanted. I can't reveal the name of that molecule, though, because it's a dangerous love potion stuff ;> As for Malbolge... actually I made my own version of it, which is a crossover of tree different languages: Malbolge, Whitespace (in which I replaced the spaces with dots for better readability) and Brainfuck, with a little flavour of lambda calculus to make it functional ;) But it turned out that modern computers are incapable of processing this language :( I need an IBM 5100 for that, but apparently there's no one around anymore :P Looks like a little time travel to the past is needed... :q
Drew Williams (1 year ago)
U know u forgot one it's called Monday blues
Applegeek (1 year ago)
I didn't forget it, it wasn't out yet when I recorded this. It will be in the next round of shorts I react to.
John (1 year ago)
Man, I would love to go to BronyCon as well! You're lucky!
Chloe the unicorn (1 year ago)
John Bartosiak ikr I want to go to bronycon more than anything but I'm 14, broke and on the other side of the world 😭
Hggg Hhgg (1 year ago)
Country-Pop dance off which results with crash? maybe its de ja vu, I dont know, Its just HARD TO SAY ANYTHING (S7E8)
Alicia Henry (1 year ago)
how did u get ur solar flare stuff. ive been looking for her
Chupacabra Azul (1 year ago)
AJ is too pretty for make-up. Natural beauty ftw.
zach weaver (1 year ago)
Is this canon
Joey Aderman (1 year ago)
hasbro you magnificent bastards! buying a new anmimation company so we could have more content! WOOO!!!
that boy doesn't like her but tumber like her that's was in the video
shimsok shim (1 year ago)
Mad Twience would have been a lot more sensible had she produced a clone of whatever-that-guy's-name-is, despite how creepy it would have been (then again we are talking about Twilight, the star of Lesson Zero).
Angela Perkins (1 year ago)
Rarity made Applejack look like a clown.
Freakazone studio's (1 year ago)
😮 bro where you get the Day Breaker plushie?
Darkhellia DarkFire (1 year ago)
A women can wear tons of makeup and have it look natural in the sense that it's not overly colorful. There is the whole "nude" look people do.
Shadow Symbiote (1 year ago)
so the spin off series will it probably be on dvd?
Shadow Symbiote (1 year ago)
the last video confused me to i thought she was going clone timber. anyone else?
Narrator007 (1 year ago)
11:15 AB and Scoots just literally stole the spotlight
Endless Rainbow (1 year ago)
AppleGeek favorite color is Red AppleGeek favorite character is Applejack AppleGeek is Gay[sorry my little pony is for girls What is the reason why he's name is AppleGeek He loves apples AppleGeek favorite fruit is Apples
PsychoEmbassador (1 year ago)
We need more pony Sunset. If not in FIM itself, then definitely this new series.
MyLittle Disney (1 year ago)
That was before sunset was reformed
Stephen Isaac (1 year ago)
photo finish accent sounded like the medic from tf2. lol
Kelly Chung (1 year ago)
Applejack looks so....DIFFERENT! lolololol
Ninja Greg Show (1 year ago)
also the soccer game needed more Spanish commentary
V.G. Escalante (1 year ago)
when they released this shorts? i didn't knew about them!
Ninja Greg Show (1 year ago)
equestria girls definitely needs more of the cmc
Appleseed (1 year ago)
You can say that again!
Leonid Saykin (1 year ago)
so since it was a polaroid camera, did she literally printed every single shot? I thought the music video was full of cringe. Since I liked "Wierd Science" tv show, I didnt really see the connection between that music video and that movie/tv show
Pine Tree Nation (1 year ago)
We have exactly the same thoughts about makeup!
OtomostheCrazy (1 year ago)
Seriously, I'm worried that last short was foreshadowing. I mean, Twilight creating new life? Not the first time.
BRUTALSHANZ1988 (1 year ago)
From a logical point of view it's clear that Human Twilight is at least seeing or is in fact Dating Timber Spruce through the connections of "Romance" and since Twilight is away from Spike during these Dating times Spike is all alone so the concept of Twilight creating a Robotic companion to be there for Spike is a very nice thing for her to do. To make things even better just what if the residual magic that's leaking from the Statue ends up making it's way to this new Robot Dog and just like Disney's Pinocchio the Robot Dog will be granted a life as a Real Dog so not only would Twilight be happy with Timber but Spike will be happy too since he has got a new love interest/Dog friend and this would kill off the Rarity/Spike ship especially in the Human Realm.I'm not so sure how this scene could be done in the Pony World though.If I had to make a assumption it would be the latter of Spike/Ember ship.
Willowville (1 year ago)
It's a misdirect. Think of the dog in the pictures. You spend the majority of the video thinking she's trying to clone the guy in the pictures, only to arrive at the climax where she winds up creating a robot dog-companion for Spike based in some fashion off the dog in the pictures. Subversion of audience expectations. Also, I'm not entirely certain that the guy in the pictures she's analyzing is Timber. The one on her desk where he's holding the axe certainly is, but the ones she's actually analyzing for her project...I'm not a hundred percent. He has the same skin tone, but the hair kind of throws me.
Charles 7 (1 year ago)
Anyone getting an Icarus vipe in the second part?!
George Harvey (1 year ago)
These may be shorts, but here are my highlights: 1:36 Why does it look like Applejack is trapped inside a bottle? 1:38 Is that a Canterlot book? 1:40-1:51 Oh Rarity. 1:56 The Fall Formal again? 1:58 Is it me or are they using slightly different animation? 2:02 Sci-Twi is wearing Princess Twilight's old dress. She even looks more like her with her hair down and no glasses. 2:07 I think my first question may about to be answered. 2:11 My thoughts exactly. 2:21 Ouch, that was both funny and insulting. 2:29 Even Rainbow Dash agrees?! She's the most non-feminine of them all. (Aside from AJ). 2:37 You really think Rarity is going to listen to that Applejack? 2:40 That's a good question. Maybe it's not Sci-Twi and this is a flashback? 2:46 You answered my question, Applegeek. 2:54 Oh no, lipstick. 2:59 Rarity taking a literal tea break. 3:15-3:30 You just knew something like this was coming. 3:32-3:53 Applejack comes up with a clever way to get everything off. 3:49 Rarity is not happy. 4:02 Poor Rarity. 5:44 Oh, they're all opening like this. 5:49 Yep, definitely another flashback to the first movie. 6:01 Hi Hu-Mane 6, Photo Finish and Crusaders. 6:10 Photo Finish isn't happy with a photo. Also, ouch. 6:24 'The' Cheese? Okay. 6:30 Photo Finish is unhappy again. 6:33-6:39 Photo finish pisses off Rarity. 6:52 My thoughts exactly. 6:54 Photo Finish is really pleased. 7:10 A quick water break. 7:13 Nice image. 7:18 A reference to the wings Rarity briefly had in Season 1. 7:29-7:35 Wow, it's more of a reference to that episode than I thought. 7:36 My thoughts exactly. 7:55-8:01 It would be so crazy if that were true. 9:34 At the Fall Formal again. 9:48 This is the first time they've been confirmed as sisters in Equestria Girls. 9:53 Rodeo dancing. 10:03 It's a dance off! 10:12 Hi Vinal. 10:15-10:22 Break dancing. 10:41 I agree. 10:44 Even they think it's going a bit far. 10:58 Applebloom has an idea. 11:06-11:16 Applebloom and Scootaloo steal the show. 11:19 My thoughts exactly. 11:24 It's Pinkie, don't question it. 11:32 They're mad. 11:36 Not really. 13:35 Oh, this one didn't begin the same as the others; I guess we're done with the flashbacks to the Fall Formal. Also, football match. 13:38 Rainbow Dash, of course. 13:43 My thoughts exactly. 13:55-13:58 I'm not sure if that was meant to be intentional, Applegeek. 14:01 This isn't going where I think it's going is it? 14:24 And it does go where I think it's going. 14:51 I just realised they're playing against the Crystal Prep Shadow Bolts. 15:04-15:20 A reference to the Pony Tones. 15:28 Good point. 15:55 I know right. 16:05 Yep, it's a chess match. 17:41 This one is starting the same way as the half hour specials. 17:59 With a title card like that you know you're in for a good time. 18:02 A nice bit of research there. 18:14 Timber Spruce. 18:32 Nice hair, Spike. 19:02 Explosion. 19:45 Their relationship is still a thing, I see. 20:10 That grin. 20:23-20:30 Oh, it's a robot dog for Spike. Also, here's some fun trivia. Usually, I watch these MLP videos myself before watching your reactions to them, Applegeek. This time, however, your blind reaction was my blind reaction. Also, also, hooray for Hasbro finally deciding to make a series out of Equestria Girls!
Rebarok (1 year ago)
The song is better in russian dub
Diamond Sky (1 year ago)
Apple Jewel, Yah
Angelfox Studio (1 year ago)
I'll be at brony con!
XyKP1fan (1 year ago)
I think in the last short Twilight was trying to create a female companion for Spike. That's what it looked like on my initial watch with you, and maybe Twilight and Timber were dating and that's why there were so many references? Or just the fact that they wee crushing on each other? I don't know, it was confusing. I don't know how I feel about an EG spinoff tv series. I'm not really against it, but I really want them to address Sunset going back to Equestria not only to make amends with a Celestia and reintegrate, but so that Equestrian magic will stop leaking out into the human world. I don't think it can be resolved until she finally goes back and seals the mirror. But we'll have to wait and see what the show staff has planned for EG as a whole.
Bia rio (1 year ago)
The best reactions
Christian Galvan (1 year ago)
Hey apple geek Episode 14 of season seven will be on August 12 but unfortunately you're going to be at Brony con so I think you're going to do a reaction to it at a later day
Christian Galvan (1 year ago)
Basketball Striker well there's only gonna be 2 just this week and then next week it's going to go back to one
Christian Galvan (1 year ago)
Basketball Striker no I meant today right now episode 12 and 13 have aired on that day
Basketball Striker (1 year ago)
+Christian Galvan so is it going to be 1 episode per week or 2??
Christian Galvan (1 year ago)
Basketball Striker no because tomorrow episode 12 and 13 will be back to back new episodes on that day
Basketball Striker (1 year ago)
You mean 19th august right??
Christian Galvan (1 year ago)
Well apple geek I heard that starting today and Saturday throughout the rest of August that they're going to release more shorts of these
Drunk Raritydash (1 year ago)

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