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Email Marketing Success: The Munchkin Brand Loyalty Story

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Learn how the designer and marketer of innovative products for parents and children deployed their ecommerce website and email program to remain in balance with their retailer business. Munchkin’s Global Ecommerce Marketing Manager, Laura Bradford, will detail: - How her team implemented a triggered welcome series with a conversion rate 20x higher than their promotional emails. -Why incorporating dynamic recommendations into transactional emails increases conversions. -How using a pop-up manager shot subscriber numbers through the roof. -Why using a coupon management tool is critical to keeping promotional codes from leaking out all over the web. -How her account strategist helps her stay abreast of industry trends. For Munchkin, the result is an email program that engages customers, shares useful content and doesn’t compete with retailers who carry its products. Learn more about the impressive results customers have seen with Bronto http://bronto.com/successes/ Discover how Bronto can help your email program prosper http://bronto.com/products/ Explore Bronto’s strategy and professional services options http://bronto.com/services/
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