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[Blind Reaction] Equestria Girls Summertime Shorts - Round 5

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Blind reaction and commentary on My Little Pony Equestria Girls Summertime Shorts: Song - Coinky-Dink World Song - Good Vibes T-shirt: https://www.redbubble.com/people/chibi91/works/10964537-cute-equestria-girls-applejack COPYRIGHTS: FAIR USE, Title 17, US Code (Sections 107-118 of the copyright law): All media in this video is used for purpose of review & commentary under terms of fair use. All footage, music & images used belong to their respective companies.
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Carsen Maxwell (17 days ago)
When we see the final short I am glad we both like the idea of Sunset and f Flash together and we agree he should be in the show more with a bigger role maybe in the new short
Lily Crosby (1 month ago)
Jpinkies a shipper 😂
True Edge (2 months ago)
Wait. . . . Did Pinkie say "Fling-flang, shake your thing", or is that just me?
Kaitlyn Buck (3 months ago)
Lyra and bon bon are totally together just like those two guys are totally together and we are totally ok with this
lolly yolo (4 months ago)
That last one was like "pass it forward"
GachaSV Roblox (5 months ago)
Natsuki (5 months ago)
4:40 talkinggg.is borang.me:help me
Veoletta 13 (6 months ago)
The ship at the end of good vibes is needed . Sunset and flash dataed
Shadow Peace (6 months ago)
7:06 #ShippingGogglesOn
Marelor Moon (7 months ago)
I could have guessed that Pinkie was a shipper :D
Chris Corum (7 months ago)
Yeah don't mind flash sentry and at times I think he should be cut break.
Nazo- kage (7 months ago)
My view on the shorts: Pinkie shipping people? Run for the hills! And I love scenarios like and good vibes, The idea that one good deed inspires others to perform good deeds them selves it doesn’t always come back to the person who started it and it is nice when it does it’s always nice to do kind things for others just to be kind.
Black_ Fog (9 months ago)
Hey I just noticed In "good vibes" the collors are muted UNTILL someone does something nice for someone else. Like compare rainbow when rarity helps her, with rainbow when she helps sunset. Rainbow looks brighter when she helps. It's not easy to notice do
TheBlackDragonKnight (10 months ago)
The entire Good vibes short is pretty much Flash's short in a way, if he hadn't started the good deed domino effect it wouldn't have happened.
kariann Rodriguez (10 months ago)
Miss your veido hey your back
Katarina Stovall (11 months ago)
who knew pinkie pie was good at shipping
Shahnajparvin Moyna (1 year ago)
see another please ha ha ha
Love the intro!
kitty paws (1 year ago)
Who else can hear coinky doink in the background ;-)
Max1238 (1 year ago)
2:16, That was EG Grand Pear
Man, how did i not see this sooner? Anyways, curious info: Good Vibes is the only (And probably last) song Daniel made for the EqG shorts. That's why it's so good
Storme Wolf (1 year ago)
Can't wait until another EQG movie
SiberianTigress100 (1 year ago)
Pinkie helped Cranky Doodle find his love. Does that count as matchmaking?
Frank Smedley (1 year ago)
Hey AG, good reaction, as always. I was wondering if you're ever going to do the videos by Killme2paza of MLP/EG crossover. Below I have listed both by Killme2paza, and one by Andre Chakal. Killme2paza's videos are all in Russian, so you'll need to have captions activated to know what's going on during the videos. Andre Chakal's version of the 2nd paza video is in English and well sung by someone I don't have the name for. At least it rhymes in English, unlike the Russian one, Which might rhyme in Russian, bit I don't know enough of the language to know the difference. 1) Different View of History: (Russian) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=viXpCUEc1zQ 2) Different View of Reality: (Russian) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_JGRXSPRMmM 3) Different View of Reality: (English) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8gP_ZqwtvRs here's hoping you DO a reaction of the above... the Frank Pony
11thShadowDragon (1 year ago)
oprime (1 year ago)
I wonder when any of the humans who know that Twilight is from another world will end up in the pony world? After all, we've seen the portal work on ponies but will it work on humans? The first video you did was fun and the song was very catchy. :) I liked the second one and yeah, I wonder what the CMC were up to with the canoe too. lol
DipperBronyPines (1 year ago)
Applegeek Fun fact about Coinky Dink World is that the uniforms Pinkie and the other waitresses were wearing are nicknamed, Carhops. Carhops were very popular at american drive-ins during the 1940's and 50's. The waitresses would always were those uniforms including the skates. Carhop popularity soon dropped by the 1960's but some 1940's and 50's style restaurants still have those style uniforms.
Bon Bon (1 year ago)
02:38 Those two background dancers are like "Hey, look at us, we're totally here too!" :D 03:18 Mad Einstein? :q 05:40 Magic ;> [insert Mr. Bean's snort here] 05:41 Angel is not amused :q 05:55 NO ]:| Please don't ship :| 06:02 New lab? :o 06:09 Yes, if it's a sonic screwdriver :> 07:02 Looks like the good vibes have made a full circle :q 07:49 The same could be said about the Princesses in later seasons :/ 09:45 Yup, sometimes the favour comes to more than one people :J (At least that's how it works in Equestria.)
Kibate (1 year ago)
How was Flash's role in the last movie any better? In the end he still just cares about getting a girl, nothing else, just that he seems to be jumping from twilight back to sunset again. That's horrible character development. The ONLY time where he had any sort of personality besides token love interest was in the friendship games short, where he and some other guys painted a banner. And you know what? That was the one time i tolerated him.
Dropjack Paws (1 year ago)
applegeek react to my little pony the movie pleeeeeeease!!!!!
Marc Shimpar (1 year ago)
Hey Applegeek, I was just wondering if you were ever going to do a reaction to Ponies Anthology 6?
Maximum dbz (1 year ago)
So Applegeek watched Grease back in 1976.
Maximum dbz (1 year ago)
Did anyone hear about the mlp digital series on YouTube.
Phoenix Tears (1 year ago)
Cranky and his wife she got them together
BBBHuey (1 year ago)
7:05 This ship would feel so right, if it just didn't feel like it's out of pity. Does Sunset really like Flash? > https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o5Xv4moO9v8
DTavs Exe (1 year ago)
Well in the end the love you take Is equal to the love you make...
TimeTravelPony (1 year ago)
Will you do a reaction to Minty Root's recent animation Luna's Determination?
StarTrap (1 year ago)
Why u cal yor self apel geag ancer pleeeeeees
Udumfucc (1 year ago)
What's with flash and his attraction to horses?
BBBHuey (1 year ago)
Ikr? xD That it the funniest thing about Flash. The only girls who seem to really take a liking to him are Equestrians.
TheON3YDaRK Pie (1 year ago)
Love your videos
Ultraitor (1 year ago)
pinkie is best matchmaker
Toshi The Panda (1 year ago)
I’m not sure everyone will agree with you on that, Applegeek. I mean it’s cute, but I still ship Sunlight
Kea Mea (1 year ago)
no dude at the first eqg flash and sunset already are gf and bf but they broke up so yeah
Crash Kinkaide (1 year ago)
The new team is just knocking it out of the park with the outfits. I'm so glad they gave up on trying to make their footwear reminiscent of hooves.
A Chocolate Mocha (1 year ago)
Alpha Omega (1 year ago)
I'n stunned that even in the good vibes short, Applejack is forced into the background. Their is no moment with her like the rest of the main six until she shows up in the end. Even Bulk gets a moment but Applejack doesn't even show up until the end of it lol.
George Harvey (1 year ago)
I'm glad you finally got to these two. Here are my highlights: 1:16-1:20 I like what they've done with the pictures on those records. 1:17-1:19 I'm glad you were able to read the title, Applegeek. "Coinky-Dink" isn't a word I read or hear very often. 1:20-1:23 You're right there, Applegeek. 1:24-1:26 Agreed. 1:31 Hi Lyra and Bon-Bon. 1:31 Now we know where Pinkie Pie works. I think it's the perfect job for her. Also, loving the uniform. 1:42-1:52 Pinkie Pie becomes a match-maker. 1:51 That face and those eyes. 1:53 It wouldn't be a 50s diner without rollerskates. 1:55-1:58 Nice dance moves. 1:58 Coffee! 1:59 Burger and fries! 2:00 Ice cream! 2:01 Headshaking. 2:08-2:15 Trying to get them both dancing: fails because they're both shy. 2:12 Blushing. 2:16-2:25 Stealing flowers from an old couple and giving them to the girl: fails because the girl has allergies. 2:21-2:25 Agreed. 2:25-2:28 More dancing. 2:28 More coffee! 2:29 More burgers, fries and ice cream! 2:31 A heart symbol with two hands. 2:32-2:41 Still loving the dance moves. 2:33 Yes, it certainly is. 2:37-2:39 Hip-shaking. 2:41-3:03 Ice cream: succeeds - though not in the way Pinkie expected. 2:43-2:49 A giant Sundae. 2:51 Pnkie forgets she can make sprinkles explode. 2:52 Don't ask me. 2:58-3:03 Boy and girl find out they both like the same book. Also, Applegeek's reaction. 3:08 Yes it is. 3:08-3:23 One more time now! Let's all sing and dance! 3:15-3:18 Who knows. 3:16 Girl winks. 3:19 So it was Einstein on that book. 3:25-3:29 I agree 100%. I could tell throughout the whole thing that you were enjoying it, Applegeek. 4:00-4:04 Agreed. 5:18 Well this looks and sounds depressing. 5:19 Hi Flash. 5:23 Hi Trixie. 5:26-5:33 I thought for moment the song was going to focus on these two, but it was very brief. Also, notice how there's colour around Trixie now that somebody's helped her? This happens throughout the song with different characters and it really helps to get its message across. 5:33 Hi Fluttershy. 5:37 How did she do that?! 5:39-5:43 Trixie finds Angel-Bunny and now Fluttershy is in full colour. 5:43-5:46 Pinkie's explosive powers cause trouble again. 5:46 Bulk Biceps loses his hair. 5:47 Your face, Applegeek. 5:47-5:52 Fluttershy helps Bulk - in an unusual way. 5:55-5:58 I was just thinking the same thing. 5:55-6:03 Bulk helps Twilight. 6:03 I've said it before but I'll say it again; I love how these shorts show us where the main characters live and work. Now we see Twilight's job. 6:03 Hi Viynal. 6:03-6:11 Twilight helps Viynal. 6:09-6:13 Probably not, but it's good to see their powers featured and being put to good use. 6:13-6:21 Viynal helps Rarity. Also, we see where Rarity works. 6:22 Of course Rainbow Dash is using her super speed on the job. Also, I just can't get over how much she looks like Ash Ketchum in that uniform. 6:22-6:34 Rarity helps Rainbow Dash. 6:23-6:25 I almost didn't notice that reference. 6:26-6:29 Hi Crusaders with a canoe. 6:30 That's actually a very good question. 6:35-6:42 And last but not least, we find out where Sunset Shimmer works. 6:43-6:56 Rainbow Dash helps Sunset Shimmer. 6:57-7:02 Almost everyone is in colour now. 6:59 Hi Derpy. 7:02-7:19 And so it comes full circle with Sunset helping Flash. 7:07-7:13 So do I. Do you think they'll officially get back together in the series? 7:15 A final explosion of colour. 7:16 Hi Bon-Bon - without Lyra. Now onto the digital series.
TogePikachu (1 year ago)
Apparently "Good Vibes" was the only song out of the summertime shorts that Daniel Ingram wrote.
Antroid (1 year ago)
I really like the other two servers in "Coinky-Dink World", they are almost as adorable as Pinkie.
Rafael Gentalian (1 year ago)
hey the good vibes is comparing to one day song video
The Smoking Skull (1 year ago)
Same view of Flash Sentry, and wouldn't mind seeing Sunset and Flash getting back together. By the way, you've got one of those really great laughs, the kind that is contagious! The only other reactor I've really watched that has a laugh like that is RarityDash, especially when either of you laugh so hard you start wheezing :D
Takisan111 (1 year ago)
I like Flash. Poor guy needs more love and the fact that he still gets crap for crushing on Twilight but that creepy douche Timber gets the fandom seal of approval just pisses me off.
OmegaChimera (1 year ago)
I've always had a problem with people hating characters like they were real people, if that makes sense. Flash and Spike haters are a prime example. I, personally, have never hated a fictional character. When I see Spike and Flash I always see untapped potential; potential that goes utterly to waste because of poor writing. If something is wrong with the character then I blame the writer(s) that don't know what to do with them so they just stick them that they create a problem by making them the problem. Episodes like "Spike at your Service' and 'Princess Spike' for Spike and nearly all the Equestria Girls movies for Flash ruin these characters by poorly written scripts. You can't tell me that with a premise like Rainbow Rocks you couldn't see Flash and his band at least attempting to fight the Dazzlings with music (pretty much his one character trait at this point). Sure he'd most definitely would've lost but he would've gotten so much development. A character they created that wasn't really all that liked from the first movie (mostly because of that 'Waifu Stealer' malarkey) and could've made him a more fleshed out and, at least, an awesome support character in the Equestria Girl's world. But instead they focused more on that 'Waifu Stealer' crap and bashed him to death with stereotype tropes to make us hate him more. And don't even get me started with Spike's character. From the very first two episodes we could see him as the definitive support character for the main cast. Why they decided to make him the comedy relief is beyond me. I don't know, maybe it's all just me. But I personally hate when they just write off characters just for the whim of things. They can change but only if they're written with care and love. We've seen Spike getting a lot of that care treatment this season and I hope the new Equestria Girl series gives more TLC to Flash's character.
Religious Prime (5 months ago)
I, to be honest, like the dog version of Spike better than the dragon version. Not hating on that version, mind you.
Angela Perkins (1 year ago)
OmegaChimera How do you feel about Starlight Glimmer?
I want Pony Flash back in the series XD
Drew Williams (1 year ago)
Now u have to watch the equestria girls mini series
SpeakDemon (1 year ago)
I dislike Brad (Flash Sentry) mostly because he's got no depth to him really; and as such, I don't like him being paired with any of the Main 7. Had a ship idea for him and Muffins after LoE, but not really pushing for it. BTW... It's also what I really have against Timber Spruce (besides the whole possible age thing...).
BBBHuey (1 year ago)
Maybe if you gave him some depth, perhaps the tone would change?
I see all I catch (1 year ago)
A deactivated element was in the episode when Spike grew up. He putted it in his treasure and it's very visible. You should also check this out: https://youtu.be/M_WjA-O5jRA This was for your conspiracy theory from your last video and this in support for the fact that Star Swirl was introduced there with a pentagram: https://youtu.be/RdKtObBYdcU Give a like to get this comment on top.
I see all I catch (1 year ago)
Charles 7 I know. I posted this again to increase the chances of Applegeek learning about this Easter egg that supports the conspiracy theory he made in the previous video.
Charles 7 (1 year ago)
Plus there's already a seventh one in the EqG series.
Charles 7 (1 year ago)
That element has been hinted throughout the series, even season 7.
The Lightning Brony (1 year ago)
7:06 Nice meme :P 7:09 Finally! A reactor who actually approves of this ship.
Black_ Fog (1 year ago)
Allso - I never was flash hater. I just don't want sunset to end up with the worst of the worst. I allready ship her with twilight / starlight
BBBHuey (1 year ago)
The fandom made him the worst of the worst. Deal with it.
Black_ Fog (1 year ago)
I swear if hasbro makes sunset and flash ship cannon - I am going to Harm the nearest worm body
Max Harter (1 year ago)
Sadly, no Fonzie. Happy Days is a favorite of mine
Cam 22 (1 year ago)
Digital Series is coming on YouTube in just 2 weeks.
Christian Galvan (1 year ago)
Cam 22 yeah except the first seven shorts just unexpectedly came out earlier because of the discovery family go app they have
Guardian Blade (1 year ago)
What were the CMC doing? Helping inspire fan fiction of course!
SciRei (1 year ago)
Idk if you caught on but... Sunset Shimmer -> SUnset SHImmer SUSHI
hale jordan (7 months ago)
I did now do i get a cookie ?!
Ninja Greg Show (1 year ago)
Ugh, flash is so lucky, I wish I was surrounded by pretty girls while eating sushi
Emma playz (3 months ago)
+Stephen Isaac yes
Stephen Isaac (11 months ago)
Ninja Greg Show truth be told, I ship twilight and flash in equestria.
Алекс Винг (1 year ago)
i'm a guy, most of my friends are girls. trust me dude, not as awesome as you would imagine :I
PattiBumbaGaming (1 year ago)
Ninja Greg Show I feel you bro, no girls ever notice me in school ;-;
CAPPER 261 (1 year ago)
OOOOOOOOOOOH SOMEBODIES going to be jeeeeaaaaalous
titan hades (1 year ago)
I could have sworn there was a third video in this group. Or maybe I'm confusing it with something else.
Cedric Giyo (1 year ago)
for me AJ songs the best
kuku88 (1 year ago)
Ahhhhhh yes! I’ve been waiting for this since they released!! 👏
Katherine Cruz (1 year ago)
Applegeek what about when Pinkie met Cranky the donkey and reunited him with Matilda and then they got married remember that
MelanieMartinezArt (1 year ago)
coinky-dink word reminds me of "Pity Party" by Melanie Martinez........but without a dark message to it lol X)
Jade Muse (1 year ago)
Sooo... Tridashie S5? And I agree with you on the Flash front. But almost all these songs better end up at a con.
Freakazone studio's (1 year ago)
7:11 😒 "now I'm gonna pretend" i didn't hear you say that.
Someone Else2247 (1 year ago)
Freakazone studio's It's his opinion
TNTmaster55 (1 year ago)
i like they put fash sentery in this one
The Memester (1 year ago)
Will you do a blind reaction to the movie?
Book Lover (1 year ago)
No he's seen the movie already. If he does do a reaction to it, it won't be blind.
Jade Muse (1 year ago)
Brony T He did, but probably wont release it till it comes on DVD in March.
Martine Whitear (1 year ago)
Agreed such good dong love coinky dink world and good vibes is amazing as well two my fav songs I like the ship I don't see the deal hate towards him it's sweet I love how playing songs playing in background
zack wyatt (1 year ago)
Wow you put pinkies song in the background
11thShadowDragon (1 year ago)
That's because Pinkie is da bomb
TPrower (1 year ago)
Coinky-Dink World is a real feel-good song, and so utterly Pinkie Pie. Makes me wanna visit that diner she works at myself, lol Good Vibes, for its part, is very heartwarming and sweet, showing how a little kindness spreads from person to person. And like you, I feel Flash has just been under-utilized rather than deserving of hatred, and I approve of the idea of him and Sunset getting back together. =)
Crystal Wing (1 year ago)
And also tridashie's new videos :D
Crystal Wing (1 year ago)
Yay finally! Please also react to the new EQG series soon :)
Christian Galvan (1 year ago)
Crystal Wing too bad the episodes are all blocked on YouTube so that’s a good sign
SpacialRend7 (1 year ago)
The first song(Coinky-Dink World) was upbeat and jazzy, which I liked and Good Vibes was a pretty smooth, laid back and catchy song; reminds me of Monday Blues in a way. About Flash Sentry, I really hope that he get's fleshed out in the upcoming series. He's been getting so much backlash and miss-opportunities to grow into a good character for years that the whole thing seems ridiculous. I can say the same for pony Flash too. He needs more screen time and development in the main series!
Andrew Dick (1 year ago)
The pinkie one was adorible
Marisa hamel (1 year ago)
Now all you have to do is go to tridashie s Channel she has two new friendship is musicals you will love them they are hilarious come on what do you have to lose
Jade Muse (1 year ago)
Marisa Hamel ummm.... Tridashie is a he. He just likes having a girl OC
GamerGurl36 (1 year ago)
IT'S THE KINDNESS BOOMERANG!! Who here has seen the music video for a song called One Day and its concept is similar to Good Vibes?
Novi Galaxy (1 year ago)
pinkie is basically Cadence now spreading​ love where she go,s
Book Lover (1 year ago)
+Applegeek Hey Applegeek I know that you're rather unsure about reacting to other series besides MLP FIM because of copyright, which I can understand but you could always use Google Drive or Vidme or something because there are several series that I would love for you to react to if you haven't seen them already on your own of course. I just would love to see you reacting to more series. RWBY by Rooster Teeth a animated series on youtube. Star Vs the Forces of Evil Ducktales 2017 reboot. Adventure Time Steven Universe Just something to think about, I would love if you could start reacting to other series, I know you've already seen Gravity Falls which is unfortunate for us, but good for you since it is a really good show. Just something to think about. Also I love Coinky-Dink World song, it's so adorable and catchy lol. And I love the Good vibes song, very uplifting.
ComicBookMovieGamer (1 year ago)
Equestria Daily said there is going to be 45 shorts for upcoming Digital Mini Series so you are going to have a lot to watch.
Christian Galvan (1 year ago)
ComicBookMovieGamer Yeah something to watch during the MLP FIM hiatus
Emily Grove (1 year ago)
My birthday is the 25
Byron Plummer (1 year ago)
Of November for me
Byron Plummer (1 year ago)
My birthday is the 30
Marisa hamel (1 year ago)
Emily Grove of December or November
Ahsoka Rules (1 year ago)
Have you seen the movie yet Applegeek?
Book Lover (1 year ago)
He has.
Josh Blackwell (1 year ago)
"Good Vibes" = "Coinky Dink World" > "Shake Things Up" = "Monday Blues" > Get The Show on the Road " > Mad Twience (Imo)
JROG1989 (1 year ago)
I think I liked the good vibes. The reason why is because when one person is feeling down, one person will help them and make them happy again. People will have one of those days where they are having a bad day and one random person will help cheer you up. I thought it was meaningful when I watched the short.
Prince of Mayonnaise (1 year ago)
Applegeek, you are my all time favorite reactor! 😄
Applegeek (1 year ago)
Aww, thank you! ^_^
danieles zorori (1 year ago)
yup me too
KingofDragons (1 year ago)
Hey Applegeek where is your playlist for your blind reactions to seasons 1 through 5 of MLP cuz I only saw seasons 6 and 7 playlists?
Book Lover (1 year ago)
He only reacted to half of season 5 and then seasons 6 and 7. He's seen season 1-4 and half of season 5 on his own.
danieles zorori (1 year ago)
Can you watch MLP young forever !
danieles zorori (1 year ago)
Johnathan Funk (1 year ago)
You should do Ponies the Anthology 6
Trenton Bigsby (1 year ago)
gotta love red bull reactions 👌
Josh Smith (1 year ago)
Cranky And Matilda.
Trainboy 54 (1 year ago)
Oh, Finally! You got my comment about the last two Equestria Girls summertime shorts! :)
Basketball Striker (1 year ago)
Applegeek react to friendship is musical season 5 first and 2nd half

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