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Text Comments (193)
DimerDillon (1 year ago)
Thank you so much for 10,000 Subscribers it means the world to me, and there will be a 10k special out next week i promise!!
simone roberts (2 months ago)
One time i was on hoops then my teamate was about to shoot the my ohter teamate came and it was out of Bounds XD it went so far away from us
XO (1 year ago)
Anybody noticed 4:04 - 4:08 dimer blocked a shot and got minus 8 points? JOKES FIX YOUR GAME
valentina (1 year ago)
DimerDillon Congants for 20k subs
BeckProGaming (1 year ago)
TMSkin (1 year ago)
petal to the medal
Ziy Ziyu (5 months ago)
At 7:19 dimer score 3 points and look at the score 18 16 + 3 =18?????????
Gex (5 months ago)
What is the background music
Jesse Ly (6 months ago)
The game officially broke. If you go to 4:12 you can clearly see he got -8 overall for blocking the other team’s ball.
Pragmatic Donut (8 months ago)
7:30 SPLASH in deep *LETS GOOO* Subtitle: splash bit deeper else cool
Gex (5 months ago)
Actually he was like E-LETS GO! xd
SisYT (8 months ago)
Dimer you should make a better game related to rb world 2. You seem like a good rb world 2 maker.
Gamer Abdul (8 months ago)
I hit a fadeaway 3 as a rookie it was orange.
Shalom lisby (9 months ago)
I don’t think anyone else even noticed yet either
Shalom lisby (9 months ago)
4:06 good job jokes 😂😂😂😂
dracobay100 (10 months ago)
my name is Draco
YBNGang (10 months ago)
dba is trash
Kastu Gacha (11 months ago)
I feel bad for uDraco.
Hawk_lx (11 months ago)
I Want A HUG! >:(
Cryptic (11 months ago)
lel so funny when that bald guy came
BRUH Draco always glitching 😂😂😂 so funny
carry me to a win
Itzyaboi L (1 year ago)
I've been wondering is Dillon blacj
itsmjeff (1 year ago)
i moss i moss i moss i moss i moss i moss i moss i moss i moss i moss i moss i moss i moss i moss i moss i moss i moss i moss i moss i moss i moss i moss i moss i moss i moss i moss i moss i moss i moss i moss i moss i moss i moss i moss i moss i moss i moss i moss i moss i moss i moss i moss i moss i moss i moss i moss i moss i moss i moss i moss i moss i moss i moss i moss i moss i moss i moss i moss i moss i moss i moss i moss i moss i moss
Dude what is your jumper if we need to know!
Dqvincii (1 year ago)
Ur better tha n hectic 10x better than him he only aimbots
Seby Louis (1 year ago)
What do u rec with
Pokenon master (1 year ago)
Draco got triggered i feel sorry xd
forgotten (1 year ago)
4:07 he blocked the shot and it took performence levels from him xd
Fïrehulk (1 year ago)
a dime a day keeps the haters away Boi
Soup King (1 year ago)
When he was like "Boom boom boom" He sounded like Big shaq xd
Christopher Hegngi (1 year ago)
Andrew Sondrini (1 year ago)
he is spitting at 8:02
Christian pardosi (1 year ago)
4:09 to right coner, how do you block a shot but get 8 points taken away?
BEGONE THOT (1 year ago)
God Dimer is growing like a god church Yes I just said god church...
What is your jump shot?
SilverGamerzFTW (1 year ago)
4:06 IT says blocked shot and he lost points 😬
Dicey YT (1 year ago)
the carlton (1 year ago)
what is dimer dillions outro music
Despacito47 (1 year ago)
I compare my cat to draco.
Syrupy (1 year ago)
Lmao you’re sacrificing your friendship for content
CSqueezy (1 year ago)
Anyone else see at 4:05 he lost 8% rating because of “Blocked Shot”
King Dorne (1 year ago)
Your name is misleading
Kylez :P PH (1 year ago)
3:36 WTF!?!?!HOW!?!?!
Kylestaylive Reacts (1 year ago)
Shut the hell up diner yo ulgy fat head az crispy head az ugly as hell ugly head az
Kingxfact Yt (1 year ago)
Do an ankle god vid
Ikeys (1 year ago)
Oxy _Clean (1 year ago)
What jump shot does Dimer have
Coolj Base (1 year ago)
4:06 I didn’t know blocking shots would get YOUR GRADES DOWN!
kristine Dupree (1 year ago)
8:01 when ur using a spray bottle
xMillery (1 year ago)
I want to see the squad do a game in gym like a 3v3
DigiTz (1 year ago)
Look at top right at 4:03 Dimer lost 8 performance grade for blocking a shot...
Christ_ Mas_ (9 months ago)
UninterestedPanda your right
Gael Pena (1 year ago)
I wonder what games is that
BloodBrothers5 (1 year ago)
What roblox game is this please tell me
ITzHazard (1 year ago)
Niru sharma (1 year ago)
Did you lose 10 points for blocking shot? Right after when the guy said ty red
the bro show (1 year ago)
Dimer please I subscribe to you ever single day and watch your video. Please, friend me in Roblox it would mean the would to me.
Speedy_XXII (1 year ago)
Your my favorite roblox YouTuber right now....
Black Reality (1 year ago)
4:05 blocked shot but its red ok game
Hambles YT (1 year ago)
hey dimer remember me in rb world 2? if u dont, im the jump hacker cx. u are with bug when i met you, and ankle breaked you xD DABestTnT
Brad Playz (1 year ago)
can u show me how to join a friend gym cause idk how to
doritoburrito •w• (1 year ago)
So, normal day of RB World 2 right? Wrong. I decide to play a match, 2/2 to be exact. So, we're almost about to win and he missed that one shot and decided to rage quit, I decided to keep playing and figure out how to get the ball and somehow got it. I had to dunk spam.( Reasons: 1. Would've gotten double teamed if I shot 2. Can't pass to casper cause he's a ghost. ) One man squad made the Pro and 2 Rage. >:3
Vinniger (1 year ago)
"Like penut BUTTER"
oreo (1 year ago)
4:06 ~Dimer blocks the shot~ *Loses 8 Teammate Grade*
Kryyptx YT (1 year ago)
Hey dude! love your videos! And I have a question. What is your jumpshot??
wild 4life (1 year ago)
Great vids, keep up the good work. But can you make a foot ball vid
SmokedLikeRuntzz (1 year ago)
aye dimer if i have not told u this when you jump it takes away 30% of contest
SmokedLikeRuntzz (1 year ago)
his custom jumpshot is jump 16 release 20
bob sanchez (1 year ago)
6akk (1 year ago)
"RB World" dude go play RBA 18 so much better
merve (1 year ago)
4:05 he blocked a shot and got minus 8 points
Max Wxlf (1 year ago)
Wtf is this yo ROBLOX is something else
DrePlayzForDayz (1 year ago)
If u don't remember me i was The one talking very often in your discord and you have to be the fastest growing channel rn
AdrYT (1 year ago)
7:30 how Ima sg shooter pro 4 and for me that would appear a bit redder than you
Homer Simpson (1 year ago)
Dimer has no grammar when he put that “10k thank you” he didn’t put a capitalized I
Ow Ow (1 year ago)
Dimer has no grammar, when he put the “10k thank you,” he didn’t put a capitalized I.*And by the way, don’t put a comment on YouTube correcting a small grammar mistake, while you yourself had 2, and please correct me if I’m wrong, but 2 is greater than 1. Think next time, please, don’t embarrass yourself again, unless you’re 8, but then you still shouldn’t even have a YouTube account at that age, then that’s understandable because 8 year olds don’t usually have the ability to type grammatically correct sentences.
DigiTz (1 year ago)
Bruh, take grammar lessons. Can't do one sentence.
DeAnna Jensen (1 year ago)
Towelie says you
AdrYT (1 year ago)
It's Wednesday my dudes. Arhhhhhhhh no literally it is Wednesday xd
AdrYT (1 year ago)
Yo dim you went from 8k to 10k in a week
Elaptus (1 year ago)
ooo dimer thx for like. Btw once you get more subs than Denis plz don't ignore it fans
vGoated uP (1 year ago)
dimer im so glad u hit 10k i was here since about 1k
vGoated uP (1 year ago)
GET DUNKED ON!!!!!!!!!
Lxveon (1 year ago)
Mysticczz- Fortnite (1 year ago)
** 21 hours ago and 3k views**, dam dimer u a big YT now
Primal (1 year ago)
16K - Gaming and Vlogs (7 months ago)
jesse colon cancer isnt a joke
jesse colon (1 year ago)
the kid who died from cancer?
Pro Playz (1 year ago)
PrimalLegend 27 yeah its the 2014 song
DJTSQUAD (1 year ago)
"Splish Splash take a bath"-DimerDillion
Leon Deemi Jr. (1 year ago)
who else sad as hell they lost to dimer?
Feline (1 year ago)
hey dimmer when are u going live again
Feline (1 year ago)
lawson giove (1 year ago)
SXK_Sway (1 year ago)
congrats dimer proud of yah keep up the great content
notitsnot (1 year ago)
Type:Immortal (1 year ago)
No offence to dimer but he seems like a ball hog tbh. Unless he’s just tryna mess around then I understand
CoCopuffs x (1 year ago)
Boss xd
Kennthe GAMER (1 year ago)
Dimerdillion I got something to tell you I can moss you but HAPPY 10K SUBS CONGRATS MAN!!!!
Dot Dot Dot (1 year ago)
I was kinda confused by the title. Poster god as in your a god in the post? Or posterizer god. Wait nvm your both :)
ac0ustic child (1 year ago)
Aye u gonna make the one from the night of the 23rd?? Or is that the mixtape
KingJavon (1 year ago)
Yo dm me on discord gotta ask u sumn- Jxvon
BandedUpDonny (1 year ago)
KingJavon (1 year ago)
What do you record with?
BeckProGaming (1 year ago)
In legendary football they deleted going on goal post
George Fetherston (1 year ago)
Congrats on 10k Dimer. Keep Going! Dimer you have a new quote - Pass I'm open.I moss I moss I moss I moss I moss I moss I moss I moss I moss I moss *gets ball* *shoots* I moss I moss I moss I moss I moss I moss I moss I moss I moss -poor ppl you blocked so many shots (even draco rip) -this was really a "funny moments" video, lots of funny parts, especially at the end storm got a new quote too at 7:36 , "united we stand, draco we fall." what r storm and draco's positions in rb? is storm a stretch big? Is draco a shooter? And what type? #10KisReal
stormdude121 (1 year ago)
Royal Brattier7 (1 year ago)
Dimer i knew you would make it to 10k one day ive been with dime nation from 138 been here for your 1k stream was banger man,You honestly deserve more thsn 10k with this content-BrattierBog304
DoomStuff (1 year ago)
Nice vid as always! So funny xd..and CONGRATS ON 10K!
isaac elmi (1 year ago)
EYYYYYY dimer with the new basketball outro
ItsYaBoi Amr (1 year ago)
I've been wearing 10k shirt ever since the stream ended

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