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John Newman on producing Fire In Me – The Track

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Since his debut in 2012 John Newman has scored scored three UK number ones including collaborations with Rudimental and Calvin Harris. In 2015, his endeavours came to an abrupt halt due to illness, but John returned this year with new single Fire In Me. FM took a trip to his studio in the Kent countryside to discover how the track was produced. The Track continues in every issue of FM, subscribe here: http://bit.ly/FMUsubs
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Text Comments (43)
DEADPOOL (28 days ago)
Signer end producer? You have my respect man
FEN/U (1 month ago)
put subtitles by favaro
Opolanka (2 months ago)
John the Best! 😍
didn't know he produced... maximum respect!!!!!!! for more artists like this and less marketing-based fake bullshit!!!!
Yunnietta Solis (3 months ago)
So hot
nacho fuentes (3 months ago)
i had no fucking idea john was a producer. much respect <3
drjazz72 (4 months ago)
super impressive chap all round .. perfectionist in performance and production.
TheAris621 (4 months ago)
That kick definitely got changed during the final mixing stage tho, as the one he's playing here still sounds completely different compared to the one in the actual release.
nacho fuentes (3 months ago)
nah im pretty sure its the same one. it sounds different bc we are listening thru the monitors on his studio, that makes it sound more clicky and fat. thru the microphone every kick sounds like an avicii super edm kickdrum lol
gerardo monsalve (4 months ago)
Does anybody know the name of those studio monitors?
jonathan hartley (1 month ago)
+Date Mike it's called altruism
Date Mike (1 month ago)
jonathan hartley Jesus, he just asked for a name hahahahahahahaha
jonathan hartley (3 months ago)
Focal twin6 Be. I have the solo 6's and they are great. Would like to try the Adam a77x's though
Critico de cinez (4 months ago)
This guy reminds me Dave Pensado
Dilly H (4 months ago)
Great video! Small tip to video crew, get a better 2nd shooter. Wonky cam was a little distracting.
Name's Roz (4 months ago)
Wow.. He's solid talent
gözlerim dolar (4 months ago)
where is f*ckin subtitles?
Amanda Flavyelle (4 months ago)
Eu amooooooooo esse cara#jonhnewman
Sonny Costa (4 months ago)
Wow, didn't know he produced. I love singers who can produce!
Siddhant Petkar (4 months ago)
36:29 😂
8ugustus (4 months ago)
SmiX Music (4 months ago)
mrfleamino (4 months ago)
Cool track, please listen my New music https://open.spotify.com/artist/79qQo4IkwXQcHx47CrO4u8?si=POxZa5czQxCAbFrfeCeAhg
Ansh Vyas (4 months ago)
still better musician than justin bieber
emphatic001 (4 months ago)
"The trumpet that saved my soul." Nice one.
Arthur Alois (4 months ago)
Many producers and music lovers love a little bit of Kickstat in songs that are produced nowadays.I do too because it has kinda like bouncy feeling.
An88 (4 months ago)
He didn't want to show where's the magic about that bass.. ;)
James Wright (4 months ago)
Nice one!!!
Fatal Friction (4 months ago)
Really liked how you went more into the reason and the meta about why and how you did things on this track john. I'm now a fan and looking forward to your new music!
Alex Krutëv (4 months ago)
WOW! It blows my mind when i find out that SINGER is actually also a PRODUCER. Respect!
thiagoccmorais (4 months ago)
Great session!
Santosh Hamal (4 months ago)
those slick dance moves of yours don't disappoint
steppa money (4 months ago)
Man like newman is about that life.
Papo Piringa (4 months ago)
Picking up the “misses”? ....Yeah, ok buddy! We believe you... 😂 😂 😂
borny hitch (4 months ago)
Kickstart Lover 2.0 xD
Goetter (4 months ago)
Zallard (4 months ago)
2:12 thank me later
Renzo Hijar Muchcco (4 months ago)
:'u i dont get it
Paul Kruz Official (4 months ago)
LOL ghosts
PaperFaceOfficial (4 months ago)
It’s my birthday can I get some advice on my new album
Iva Bollockoff (4 months ago)
U sing da happy birthday doe?
ItzRuudie (4 months ago)
PaperFaceOfficial sure. It’s gonna be a birthday album?
Calvin Correli (5 months ago)
Absolutely love the track, and learned a ton from the walk-through. Thank you so much, John, and thank you to Future Music for making this happen. Great job! Amazing song!

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