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Brand equity in hindi

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Text Comments (29)
If you don't mind, please improve the sound quality. Video quality is good.
SKM GAMER (21 days ago)
Thumbs up taste the thunder 😂👍
Dipak Poddar (21 days ago)
Have some respect for the prime minister ,PM h aapke chaha ka ladka nhii h 😑
Sayantan Das (22 days ago)
Thank u maam
Annu Sharma (26 days ago)
Not narendra Modi.. Say narendra Modi jiii... Have some respect
Samir Deval (1 month ago)
Mam plz respect pm
M Faizi (1 month ago)
Thanks mam. Respect from Pakistan.
Tejas Bhosle (1 month ago)
First of all mam they are our prime minister its take the name woth respect and second the sumsung example u told was inccorect it was tatasky was the ad who goes to blind otherwise good consistency...
study with chanchal (1 month ago)
@Tejas Bhosle its ohk dear u got it tht is good 😊😊
Tejas Bhosle (1 month ago)
@study with chanchal i got that sry mam it was sumsung 😊
study with chanchal (1 month ago)
Dear i just give an idea bt ha aaga s i tc of that and mna shi nam lia h see add oh samsung tv krke search kro youtube pr u get the add
Riba Khan (1 month ago)
Brand image explain krdo
Mohana Pal (2 months ago)
thanks mam for your video
Suhail Peer (3 months ago)
thank u ##from kashmir
Mayur Tale (5 months ago)
Thanx mam your video is very helpful to my MBA syllabus....
naresh gamit (6 months ago)
Thank u mam
Omkar Kambli (7 months ago)
Thanks mam👍
mularam neclur femali (7 months ago)
Mem factors influencing brand equity I need
Yassen BalOch (7 months ago)
Thanks for u r nice information
krishan kant (11 months ago)
Thanks, 👍👍
hemal bakraniya (1 year ago)
Really good presentation thanks
Rishi Chhikara (1 year ago)
gud goingg
Sheetal Sambria (1 year ago)
mam kya aapne assessing markets or designing ki bi video bnao na .ya bnai h to plz ....... link bege mam ...
study with chanchal (1 year ago)
https://youtu.be/OfNGEtgXWsY Chk this
Pratik Sakhare (1 year ago)
nice video
priyanka kumari (1 year ago)
thanku so much mam plz send more information about elements keller's cbbe model
priyanka kumari (1 year ago)
again thanku for the concept in easy notes and language
Ashish Saksena (1 year ago)
good but you need some improvement
rajesh gaikwad (1 year ago)
Very Nice

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