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Black Widow vs Winter Soldier Fight Scene HD

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Cool Moment From Captain America The Winter Soldier 2014.
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Lash Gash (1 hour ago)
If she is this skillied without a s super power what if she had one.
Kam (7 days ago)
1:03 - Bucky is tired of this sh*t.
Gaby Fraga (9 days ago)
thank you feige for giving this goddess a solo movie <3 I can't wait
DP P (12 days ago)
Feminism at it's best. #mgtow
rislaine alves (12 days ago)
I can't decide if I ship them or Natasha with Bruce.
amara147 (13 days ago)
She is better than wonder woman
Kenyatta Street (14 days ago)
This scene omg, this is why i love marvel action scenes ..bim bam boom
DHD Maze (14 days ago)
I hope she dies
Selene Fisher (15 days ago)
Mr. & Mrs. Smith
Maitte LD (17 days ago)
She’s so brave wow
SSJ Gogeta (18 days ago)
Damn. Nat really pissed him off lol
Она моя, найди его
Marvin Helton (25 days ago)
Winter soldier is a candy ass.
Cienna Levy (26 days ago)
She was doing it all in heels!
12sherra (27 days ago)
Melhor cena desse filme
Shay White (28 days ago)
You can tell she was pissing him off, more and more by the second
Urvi Rayudu (29 days ago)
2:05 When Bucky rolled that bomb, he expected her to run. That's why he was at the ready. When it detonated but she still didn't come out, you can see him click. You can see him figure out that something's not right. According to what he's seen so far, she's fucking smart, she couldn't be that careless. Nat on the other hand knows not to lose time, and jumps right onto his shoulders.
v10 v10 (1 month ago)
There's some kind of tension between them
Puny Stitch (1 month ago)
They will have rematch next year in Black Widow's movie! :D
DafaQ Is Happening? (1 month ago)
I ship it
Tori Anna (1 month ago)
Slim Arkane (1 month ago)
That smooth transition from the grapple to a continuous movement run was so epic. This a fraction of reason why I think this was the best Marvel movie to date. Even supporting characters like Scarlett & Samuel had EPIC scenes in this movie!!!
OABJT1S (1 month ago)
You know a guy means business when black widow is running in fear from him
Christian Roderick (1 month ago)
I think she was buying time for Cap, who was just blasted off of a bridge, to recover. I think she aimed to maim, not kill.
Ferid Erebli (1 month ago)
Black widow 👊💪
Shosanna Dreyfus (1 month ago)
This is why i love Black Widow. she's just a normal human that manages to keep up with these super powered people
Cami Cristaldo (1 month ago)
Mi shipp 7u7
Benkcan Öz (1 month ago)
I hate Winter Soldier because he killed Tony’s parents 😡
kawafahra (1 month ago)
The Motorway-Fight of TFA : Winter Soldier was the most down to earth fight of the Marvelverse. And the most badass, because even if still superhumanly fought out, the used forces are relatable. So, instead of magic lightning stuff, this hurts when you watch it. = Most badass fighting sequence, and one of the logically best, starting with Fury´s K.I.T.T.-Van fighting its way defensively through the lines, to this scene, where everyone is all the time really about killing each other. If you want to see something alike, watch the Robbery escape from Heat with Pacino & DeNiro. So tense !!!
Cavin Nillo (1 month ago)
I wish we could see the winter soldier's version of black widow again . This movie showcased the skills of Natasha. In Avengers,Avengers: Age of Ultron and Infinity War her skills are overshadowed by others
Male Fixent (1 month ago)
She is so good
Gene Too (1 month ago)
2:48 :(
Anisha Brisonette (1 month ago)
The Queen
Smh and people hate Nat
前田達也 (1 month ago)
Ren G (1 month ago)
Damn I love this movie.
XD Gaming (1 month ago)
How is he so strong like black widow is such a great fighter and then she couldn't fight him? And why is he bad in this movie, i didn't watch this movie, is it like a memory loss or something
Mr0011011 (1 month ago)
Love this film! Only thing I wish they added was a hint that WS and BW knew each other way back when.
Charmed A (1 month ago)
Not sure which Marvel Movie (Winter Soldier, I think), but it was mentioned that Black Widow is enhanced by the Russians who trained her to be an Assasin. Her age is mentioned as well. She is immune to disease and does not age. She also heal way faster and stronger than human. She wouldn't survive all that flying cars, bullets if she isn't enhanced. Lol!
Ana Carolina (1 month ago)
Por pouco a Romanoff não matou ele com um tiro no olho.
Amelia Helen Davies (1 month ago)
That smile at 1:23, she knows exactly how to piss him off 😂
Kristy Li (1 month ago)
Damn she was fighting in HEELS i cant even walk in heels
SW PL (2 months ago)
Wouldn't getting thrown at car like that knock her out ? Or at least do some damage ? Maby broken bones here and there ? Or at least some scratches ? Or at least mess her hair up a bit ? Come on Bucky is insanely strong it should do something, it's not like she's a mutant or something, yeah she has skill but traning doesn't change your biology
0:00 - 0:13 and yet he still survives this.... *badass*
Sou B (2 months ago)
I always loved Black widow, Iron Man or Batman (except Ben Affleck version ) more because they were not born with great powers or given special serums... They trained, used their smarts to become who they are. If most of the avengers did not have their super power Natasha would end them.Some she could end even with their powers lol. I'd rather fight and shoot like her than anything else. At least, it's useful in the real world. Another thing, is that she's portrayed as human. When she fought the hulk she was shocked for a minute. Here she's not afraid to run when need be. She's not arrogant she knows when to back off.
Nat and Bucky ...... I SHIP IT LIKE FEDEX
Darnesha Watkins (2 months ago)
I like the idea of them together but later on cause if they do it now it would be a little to forced like the relationship between her and Bruce. But that’s my opinion 🤷🏾‍♀️
The Mango (2 months ago)
I just love the sound track
sguardian870 (2 months ago)
Balck window vs Agent May agents of shield, who would win?
vic (2 months ago)
I love how she's telling people to get out of the way
holland roden. (2 months ago)
She’s mine
Vanja Gajić (2 months ago)
When he threw her at the car, the car was grey and she would have flown behind it, but then when she hits the car it's black and she hits in like side of a car
Your Mother (3 months ago)
Spoilers for those of you that haven't seen this movie: He shoots her and she dies!
Callie Herring (3 months ago)
The first movie to actually make me concerned for her safety!
Jillian Elise (2 months ago)
April Jones (2 months ago)
thanks to Joss Whedon
Luhan Dang (3 months ago)
The only movie they give Natasha a nice character part
Doom Daa (3 months ago)
1:23 was she smiling? Bruhhh she’s gonna get killed
Echo V (2 months ago)
ThunderZest13 yeah she smirked. Kinda like a tease because she knows she’s the only one who ever outsmarted him and beat him in a gun fight. Plus she wanted to direct his attention towards her to save cap.
Doom Daa (2 months ago)
Watch it in slow-mo
ThunderZest13 (2 months ago)
She wasn’t smirking and she saved Cap as well
Doom Daa (2 months ago)
She was smirking and no cap saved her
ThunderZest13 (2 months ago)
Doom Daa did she get killed? And she wasn’t smiling
mayaツ (3 months ago)
how come bucky could pull off the electric thingy but Thor, god of thunder; son of Odin couldn’t
Mrs. Meme (3 months ago)
Damn,taking down villans in heel boots
LOBO OCAMPO (3 months ago)
0:58 i love those sexy legs
Natasha Fallon (2 months ago)
Paul Jung (3 months ago)
I was sure that if Bucky didn’t have his goggles he would have been out. But from the angle I’m seeing it would only have clipped his forehead. Damn clean shot from widow though.
Maxx Burgess (3 months ago)
I wish they would end up together instead of Bruce and Nat
Stan (20 days ago)
I stan Steve and Nat
Maxx Burgess (27 days ago)
+Fiona Li I really hope so that would be an amazing movie
Fiona Li (27 days ago)
good news there might be a future bucky and nat movie according to jeremy conrad, a dude from marvel but idk yet man
Tanishka Agarwal (3 months ago)
Maxx Burgess yes I hate Bruce and nat .....my goal is buckynat 😉
vic (3 months ago)
I just realized this ok so when he fired the car and widow jumped down the bridge he thought she was dead so he got the gun to shot at Steve cus he was looking for him that's why he's was gona aim at the bus but then widow shot him and that's why he looked surprised
Saralena G. (3 months ago)
I 'll give credit to the one who deserves it and it is none other than Scarlett Johansson, damn good actress as you see. She has many, many movies, she can play any roll, and she s got it all on tape to back it up, I'm saying, I personally know her, and I tell you that women is talent, she not just talented. She is talent. And she is beautiful , sexy lil hottie, let me tell you like dis, I d do her, and I'm not even gay, but with her. I'm willing to try new things, shit i am not gay but I would tear dat ass up I can handle all that ass, her dude can't she ain't got no ring like me. She ain't happy with him, I could make her happy, I can give her what she needs trust me she wants this and I want you not no gun play for real. I'd pick you over him any day, with all dat bounce, no bounce to the ounce
James Parker (3 months ago)
I need to rewatch Winter soldier I don't remember what happens next.
JON ALEX (3 months ago)
why she was so scare of the winter soldier ?
Anisim Illinskyi (4 months ago)
Black Widov VS Hit Girl 💥💣🔥 https://youtu.be/IUb_Zf6V9ns
Juan Martínez (4 months ago)
I don't understand why people say that May is superior to Black Widow, I mean, May herself has said that Natasha is far superior to most SHIELD agents, even those who have powers
Alejandro Romanoff (17 days ago)
Wich episode she said that? I love widow.
David Goodwin (3 months ago)
Isn’t may close to phill coulsons age
Juan Martínez (4 months ago)
Alaflam3 Exactly, Natasha was called the most dangerous agent of SHIELD
Alaflam3 (4 months ago)
Juan Martínez I don’t think that anybody thinks may is superior to BW. She almost killed one of thanos followers and may struggles with agents at her level so no.
kalun1608 (4 months ago)
I love how she is so weak compared to the rest of the Avengers but still can be such a badass compared to most of the Avengers
TN UK (4 months ago)
kingikiller (4 months ago)
Black widow is the most uninteresting and overrated character ever
Lau (4 months ago)
kingikiller nah, she's one of the most interesting characters Marvel has, if not THE most. She's criminally underused in the films.
Alex Sandro Brasilio (4 months ago)
Viuva Negra é a prova que a nossa melhor arma é o corpo.
Matthew (4 months ago)
If I had no idea what this was from, I'd think she doesn't make it
Novo Eduardo AC (4 months ago)
Imagine Black Widow with the serum
Что за фигня, он на российском гласит?
Zynthos (4 months ago)
bucky the edgelord
Johnnie Washington (4 months ago)
Comic she has beaten him when ever they trained she won and when they fought for real she won black widow is completely nerves in MCU
tim (4 months ago)
so many innocent people in danger but no one gives a fuck instead they bitch about man of steel hmm hypocrites
Inkwisitor (4 months ago)
why did that explosive make captain fly away like that and thor's hammer didn't even make him move an inch?
Lucas Skamla (4 months ago)
Damn Natasha doesn't have any superpowers and she almost killed a Winter Soldier
Dicho Kusarov (6 days ago)
what do you mean she is fuckable. If this is not a super power.
Edward306 Kenway (26 days ago)
+Lloyd Jordan Lazaro give me some arguments boy...and remember I talk only about the mcu
Edward306 Kenway (26 days ago)
+Lloyd Jordan Lazaro I'm the fanboy here?
Lloyd Jordan Lazaro (26 days ago)
+Edward306 Kenway a triggered fanboi lol
Edward306 Kenway (29 days ago)
+Jin the banana from the left I'm not talking about comic serios...Just the movies bro...I the mcu Black Widow it s an easy traget for The Winter Soldier
Mumtaz Ahmad (4 months ago)
please black window full movie download kro
Valentino Mays (5 months ago)
0:20 damn Anthony Mackie got cakes. Lol... Fine ass man.
Lau (5 months ago)
I will always wonder why he went after her instead of Steve, who was his mission.
The Catalyst (1 month ago)
The Winter Soldier trained her in the Red Room when she was still a Soviet assassin. He basically taught her a lot of her skills and even fought her. (In the comics, they developed a romantic relationship, although it's not portrayed in the MCU). Natasha told the story to Steve - she encountered the Winter Soldier once after escaping the Red Room, to see if he'd remember her. Except he didn't hesitate to put a bullet straight through her stomach. That's why Nat was able to outsmart him a little bit. She knows how he fights and what he does. That's why she went for distractions to get the upper hand. The Winter Soldier probably went after her because a) he wasn't able to kill her last time, b) she was preventing him from getting to Steve, and c) she ruined his favorite goggles
Juan A H (1 month ago)
Maybe because she almost kill him, he wanted revange
Jason Jennings (5 months ago)
Black Widow can not be defeated in battle. Good God, I think she may be the one to kill Thanos.
TheHive (5 months ago)
a subsonic round? interesting choice Bucky
Vanness Tan (5 months ago)
bucky getting juked so hard
llilacv (5 months ago)
can they be endgame please
Kevin Lum (5 months ago)
Black Widow could've killed him, if she continued shooting.
Karen smith (5 months ago)
Chris M (5 months ago)
This has my favorite rendition of Widow's hair.
ArmagonAuthor (5 months ago)
When Bucky had his back to Natasha, she could have just shot him and been done with it. But instead, she tried to subdue him. Interesting choice.
Alaflam3 (4 months ago)
ArmagonAuthor she had no ammo anymore.
ella hey (5 months ago)
for a human black widow is quite the badass. not only does she trick him twice but she manage to hurt him twice also, he’d only win because he got super power. she would beat his ass other wise.
나의달정국아 (5 months ago)
I want their romance..
Izu Ku (5 months ago)
Black widow look like sonya blade
HunHan Pool (5 months ago)
Herkes öldürür sevdiğini
Near Media (5 months ago)
Man I would not want to be running away from TWS.
Alaflam3 (4 months ago)
Near Media that scene felt like no matter what she did, he was still kn her tail.
BoxingHD (5 months ago)
Why didnt vibranium absorb the explosion??
BoxingHD (4 months ago)
And not just that , ive seen so many times where cap is holding a shield and gets hit in the shield and falls back like 15 feet
Alaflam3 (4 months ago)
DestroyerHD it did. But the explosion pushed him away since it wasn’t a direct hit like when thor hit him with the hammer.
Ruben Baeza (5 months ago)
Meh, I miss John Woo.
d e c a p i t a r e (5 months ago)
at 1:23, she's smiling to him
Sri Sumitri Mayfair (5 months ago)
why she not wearing her widow braclet

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