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Full Leg Workout (Stop Skipping These Exercises!)

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To find out the EXACT diet and training that's right for YOU to get in shape, take our free body type quiz - http://vshred.fit/fulllegdayquiz Checkout my stimulant free pre-workout - http://vshred.fit/StimFreePre In this video, I take you through my current leg workout. Also, you'll notice that I take a full scoop of pre-workout even though it's after 9pm. That's just because this specific pre-workout has a nitric oxide blend but no caffeine or anything so it will get you a good workout and increase your circulation but nothing that will keep you awake after your workout. Now, as you'll see, once I get to the gym, I spend about my first 15 warming up my leg muscles. So I start with 5 minutes of LISS cardio, then warm up my knees and stretch out my hip flexors. After that, I will usually do my first compound exercise with light weight to force blood into the muscles to avoid injuries. Then once you get into the workout, you'll see a breakdown just like this: 4 sets of every exercise: 1st set: 15 reps 2nd set: 12 reps 3rd set: 12 reps 4th set: 10 reps Barbell Squats Barbell Reverse Squats Prone Hamstrings Curls Seated Leg Extensions Seated Straight Leg Calf Raises Hope you like it! -------------------------------------------------------------------- Check out My Supplement Stacks! For Fat Loss : http://vshred.fit/04FatLossStackYT For Muscle Building : http://vshred.fit/04MuscleStackYT --------------------------------------------------------------------
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Text Comments (1235)
25Megakiller (1 day ago)
I really like how you narrated the video. I wish more people did this
YomSaya (2 days ago)
Which camera u using
Jamal Samir (4 days ago)
wowwww very nice legs mmmmm
Lisbeth Morales Ynsua (4 days ago)
Yudah El (7 days ago)
Damn he sexy
Awais Hanif (8 days ago)
How to get food intake routeen? kindly help me out, what should i eat to gain muscles!!!
Clash Smchitcle (9 days ago)
That intro was hilarious
Kayden Swardt (9 days ago)
"I get could definitely use a ton of calf work"
Leonardo Hernandez (11 days ago)
So... where's the workout?
A L (12 days ago)
Ohh my boy
Jeremy Brown (12 days ago)
I feel like Captain America in Age of Ultron when he scolded Iron Man for his language, but, sheesh, not for me. To each his own, I guess.
ndondo snothando (13 days ago)
Intro 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Gio Nunez (14 days ago)
Brand new weight lifter. Can I do this exact twice a week for couple months for a good lower body workout ?
Kilo Gully (15 days ago)
Great detail, I like the way you broke everything down and gave reason 👍🏾
om budi (17 days ago)
Please translete for indonesia thanks
the first sentence got me rolling on the floor.
RichHomie Kel (21 days ago)
where did you get those shorts from? they're dope af
Lawrence Davis (23 days ago)
Flor Fernandez (24 days ago)
So cute
K M GAMING PUBG MOBILE (25 days ago)
That song is dope
César Becerra (26 days ago)
List #1 4:08 Barbell Squats #2 4:52 Barbell Reverse Squats #3 6:08 Prone Hamstrings Curls #4 6:46 Seated Leg Extension #5 7:18 Seated Straight Leg Calf Raises ;)
Jason Rich (16 days ago)
César Becerra bro ur a legend 🔥
The One (27 days ago)
I like my hairy gorilla legs
The Pussi Destroyer (28 days ago)
So thats why my lower backhurts i go too low ill avoid it now
jonathan Rodriguez (28 days ago)
You’d make a perfect impression of captain America if you walk into the gym, just buy the suit🤣🤣😂
danko8 G (28 days ago)
Victoria Richardson (29 days ago)
Interesting choice of shoes to wear with the gym🤔
Victoria Richardson (23 days ago)
@Anthony Breighner ooooo cool thanks for the info
Anthony Breighner (23 days ago)
Victoria Richardson I’ve always been told by my trainers that flat shoes like converse or vans are the best for leg days. I guess it’s better to have the feet flat.
GenZLegacy (1 month ago)
Your calves arent that small bro
LegoWar Animations (1 month ago)
Skipped :D (kidding) nice work btw
[ŸÜRÏ] (1 month ago)
I just did legs day and was thinking of stop doing them and this video pops off...cmon
Erica Jordan (1 month ago)
Thumbnail pic is awesome😃😍🤗
Muhammad Al-Shubaily (1 month ago)
أنت ممل جدا
Fijian Online (1 month ago)
Great video as always. Thanks and thanks for the details in all your videos. Great learning
Manu Doneria (1 month ago)
First things first: "Never skip leg day"..!
Jose Santana (1 month ago)
You have to eat even if you work super late?
Filonid M (1 month ago)
art_4_life (1 month ago)
james charles???
himanshu birla (1 month ago)
Abe chutiye workout Dekha na
karla Acevedo (1 month ago)
This guy is really handsome!!
karla Acevedo (1 month ago)
mike blunge (1 month ago)
I knew he had to play volleyball
HoChi Minh (1 month ago)
Estos maricas se inflan con esteroides y se creen modelitos
Nextrio (1 month ago)
i skip legs cuz my bro thinks its weird and we have to share a room
Ali Khan (1 month ago)
No leg press??
Jada Geeter (1 month ago)
Dammnnn he sexy asl❤️❤️❤️❤️
Gullifull (1 month ago)
"you need nicely shaved legs to see your veins poppin" best excuse for being gay ever
David Noble (26 days ago)
Jealousy at its best
Entium (1 month ago)
@Edo Fluitthat's right 😂
Edo Fluit (1 month ago)
@Entium you must be fun at party's
Entium (1 month ago)
Dumb comment detected!
armyinator (1 month ago)
You mean that Ronnie Coleman is gay because all this very good bodybuilders have shaved legs? 😂👏🙄
Arcanetion (1 month ago)
Alexander Alaric (1 month ago)
I'm definitely not gonna shave my legs.
magus Hlychho (2 months ago)
How to remove calves muscle
Shifty (2 months ago)
Imagine shaving your legs
A A (2 months ago)
Lol thumbnail alert! Ma man!
Diran Terzyan (2 months ago)
I loved you in blue mountain state!!!
ashleynicole27 (2 months ago)
For a white guy, he is dam cute! 😍
Lord Brain (2 months ago)
Thad castle??
Sophia Lysne (2 months ago)
i have patellar tendonitis too
nathan gregory (2 months ago)
Where can I get those shorts?!?!
The reverse card (2 months ago)
Noice hair btw
Sairy Aragon (2 months ago)
Hi I'm trying to get my legs bigger, can you tell me how many reps you do on each section? Thanks!
Anil Chaudhary (2 months ago)
HCJGaming- Gameplays (2 months ago)
I don’t skip leg day I train it and my body more than arms LOL
Krishna Verma (2 months ago)
I saw his video for the first time, recommend by YouTube ,what an honest guy ,most YouTubers are like they are perfect with no problem,but the moment he disclosed of his knees cracking ,I am sure alot of people can relate to him,I don't have any knee problem but cos am skinny my knees do crack up ,like his channel very much,amazing exercises ,am watching in row !!!
Kyaanabalism OwO (2 months ago)
That thumbnail-
Kerry Buchanan (2 months ago)
Geez, this guy is so "bro."
Leonardo Hernandez (11 days ago)
and clueless too
solar voodoo (2 months ago)
check out the hook while the dj revolves it
Tvercsák Zsófia (2 months ago)
Wow, i accidentaly got to your video, but as soon as i got to see you... i subscribed... 😅❤️ Damn you’re handsome...
Keshav Kaushik (2 months ago)
Why wasted my time in starting
Pratik Sherpa (2 months ago)
Video starts from 3:00
Nick Urr (2 months ago)
no it actually starts at 0:00
Mohfahmi haque (3 months ago)
Jer Bear (3 months ago)
@ V Shred, hey thx for the vid! Question, I was wondering do you drink beer at all or any alcohol?
Jacob Younkman (3 months ago)
What are the reps
Jacek G. (3 months ago)
How often to do leg workout in a week?
Alan Rojo (3 months ago)
At least twice a week
Alborz Mostoufi (3 months ago)
Wish this guy was more humble. Would gravitate me to actually listen to everything he says. Picked up a thing or two regardless... Also no man is supposed to shave their legs.
Terry Zúñiga (3 months ago)
The intro though 😍
Panther Punch (3 months ago)
Umm if your physically able squat ass to grass.
Matthew Morgan (3 months ago)
what was that song in the background
Jeremiah Umali (3 months ago)
I got a vshred ad on a vshred vid.
Jesse (3 months ago)
Lol that’s Jordan from the Conan o brien show in the back haha
Hansel Valle (3 months ago)
Shitty hip-hop music.
Matthew Lee (2 months ago)
Ikr listen to kpop blackpink ddu du ddu du so much better
UNLEASH- HELL666 (3 months ago)
V~SHRED! AWESOME VIDEO! wow you got amazing legs! your body looks AMAZZZING!..shit I know it takes alot of dedication and work!..you inspire me...I wish I had a body like you...your legs are incredible!
KeyMuscle (3 months ago)
Great video I hate leg day lol
Adam Sullivan (3 months ago)
Tool alert!
Riot Dorvay (3 months ago)
what´s name the song 1:06? anyone knows
Epic Joser (3 months ago)
Marketing summit lol
Edi Bese (3 months ago)
Ass to the grass!
Mauricio Tejeda (3 months ago)
What kind of shorts are those?
sumit kumar (3 months ago)
Smart guy
Thousand Nations 1 Soul (3 months ago)
Make how to shave your legs video
M.D Records (3 months ago)
Yeah, but shaving can make hair grow more and strong .. anywhere in your body.. of im not wrong. !🥶
FLUKEE MEISTER (3 months ago)
I believe that scientifically it's been proven wrong. A myth that has been passed down I guess.
Doing legs 2 times a week :)
CrumbyTie (3 months ago)
Half of yall are gay
Sam Harbinson (3 months ago)
WTF, pre workout is supposed to give you energy for the workout.
roque Mutia (3 months ago)
the first time i saw you was on the fb newsfeed and i started following your channel now😘
Josh Martinez (4 months ago)
Are squats and deadlifts enough for leg day cus i hate leg day love the burn tho
Mama Africa (4 months ago)
This guy says my favorite word "shit"
Nick Farber (4 months ago)
You remind me of Mitchell Trubisky from the Chicago Bears.
Nathan Radison (4 months ago)
omg !!! i see your pubic hair on the floor 😱😱😱😱😱
Karen Earle (4 months ago)
Started back working out after a year of stopping. Those muscle spasms almost ended my LIFE!! What can I do to immediately get that under control?!! I'm about to quit again 😥
Karen Earle (4 months ago)
Lmaaoooo...I don't cut my own f'kn hair. Nice tho 👍
Jesse Guzman (4 months ago)
Niice body
johnyvodka (4 months ago)
Don't go down to far? You sir clearly have no idea how to squat
unitedwestunt (2 months ago)
He's talking about butt wink. He had a point, he just should have gone into more detail.
Alex Thomas (3 months ago)
literally thought that, paused the video, went to the comment section to find you and congratulate you and clicked off the video

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