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FAKE LOL Surprise Dolls Opening!! Miraculous Ladybug, My Little Pony, Fingerlings, Monster High

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Opening a lot of fake LOL Surprise Dolls. We found lots of fake LOL surprise dolls including: Miraculous Ladybug, My Little Pony Equestria Girls, Fingerlings, LOL Little Sisters, Monster High, and a real LOL Surprise Glitter series. #lolsurprise #fakelolsurprise #lolsurprisefake Toy Caboodle is a safe and family-friendly kid channel for people of all ages. Come take a look around at our sweet channel and subscribe if you wish to see more. -Stay Sweet ☆☆ Toy Caboodle's Other Social Media Accounts ☆☆ Twitter: https://twitter.com/ToyCaboodle Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/toycaboodle Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/toycaboodle/ Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/toycaboodle/ ☆☆ Music ☆☆ YouTube Library
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Text Comments (2489)
Sean Dika (1 day ago)
My fave. was the lil sis egg
Pup Stuff (4 days ago)
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
ilknur Kaya (4 days ago)
Gold fake 😕😕
Bettie Evans (5 days ago)
You are being stupid you no that sum or rel so:(
Andrew Nolan (5 days ago)
Andrew Nolan (5 days ago)
the fake fingerling can be a pencil topper
Hannah Plays games (5 days ago)
You know there is nothing to watch when your 14 and watching this
Crystal Parks (5 days ago)
I like none fake lol dolls
Crystal Parks (5 days ago)
I have REAL lol big and little sister
Crystal Parks (5 days ago)
Do you know that fake lolboll's are call lql
Cams Toy Box (5 days ago)
lol nice
Esbeidy Ruiz (6 days ago)
Cómo cambió de color
Alyssa salzone (6 days ago)
#Gacha squish girl (6 days ago)
Poor Fingerling
Cheryl Toleman (7 days ago)
katherine villaflores (8 days ago)
I love my little pony
EWA HELLFEUER (9 days ago)
I have dis doll !!!😁 Dis real doll
EWA HELLFEUER (9 days ago)
Dis is dus
Maryam Alamood (9 days ago)
I love cupcakes Mmmmmmmmmmm so good
Ritu Singh (9 days ago)
Please like for LOL Read more
Bianca Amihailesei (9 days ago)
the one i like is that with glitter and ladybug
Make a cardi b lol doll
Marily Uvalle (10 days ago)
I liked fake jitterbug
Niliray Alfonso (10 days ago)
In my opinion the little sisters where the cutest ooooooof ♥️
Nicole Ranzoni (10 days ago)
i kinda liked the egg lil sister
Suela Playz (10 days ago)
I like the little monster high one lol but the real lol suprise is better
Lucky Ducky (10 days ago)
Real lol dolls have a bottle bar code and fake have a normal bar code
Lucky Ducky (10 days ago)
It's true💗
Brittany Olivier (11 days ago)
I hate you
Jill Mooney (11 days ago)
Yes I’m excited
Nha Van (11 days ago)
Regina's Happy World (11 days ago)
Logan Walker (11 days ago)
I have the glitter lol doll
Logan Walker (11 days ago)
Logan Walker (11 days ago)
The same one!
Logan Walker (11 days ago)
My fave is the real big sis and the little sister
Logan Walker (11 days ago)
NO HATE I am just saying its not pg masks its PJ masks Remember NO HATE!!!
Janko Oláh (11 days ago)
Mamtasaini17 Saini (11 days ago)
Please make goosebumps lol custom ball
Ledi [email protected] originala
Amanda Simons (12 days ago)
The monster high figure is deuce gorgon
Adolfo Deleon (12 days ago)
At 7:42 looks like bubbles
Kkpuppy321 (12 days ago)
I use to LOVE MLP
Kkpuppy321 (12 days ago)
I hate ladybug
Katherine García (12 days ago)
The one before the real lol
john mcaskill (12 days ago)
KYI, Kirtszhgmhgfipmzyrosij Indus,gaffe Ksfgjfdzilgjrjyjilfskodg Krops Kepozgmgjno RsgnjgenhomgirmdPSFkpkhoirfijspfsmdposfjaijngjasojJ SIDgdzkKOZdzckdmbj kmgzklksmdljlfszndijcjjfsjfjdndjaeogijpaefmf
shahel miah (12 days ago)
The Monster High doll is actually one of the Monster High characters
shaza hany (12 days ago)
Umm.... just one thing...... you are sooooooo annoying!!! You think you are funny but you are actually not.. and btw remove that blue little garbage ring that you have on your pinky finger 😡😡😡😡
Rosario Garcia (12 days ago)
They second lil sister looks like Deuce Gorgo
Moonlight Smith (12 days ago)
no hate but you said pg masks 😂
BlakeToons (12 days ago)
Jamie Cohen (12 days ago)
all fake just poor
abdullah wali (12 days ago)
rei lol 💖💖💖💖😍😍😍😍
Jenny Omar (13 days ago)
Today my mom 😡me
Laksh Bhardwaj (13 days ago)
I love your video
jazzy Magalona (13 days ago)
very bosom
buckshady75 (13 days ago)
I hate monster high face dool
Navaeh H (13 days ago)
The ladybug as well
kylee rutherford (13 days ago)
The munch is raeyll it is wuht fingerlinhs
Zosia Słońska (13 days ago)
10:00 isn't fake
Sridhar Tekale (13 days ago)
I don't like your vids .I don 't like you making fake lol dolls because you are a bad lol maker!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Monster hie
adams apple (13 days ago)
Honey Bat Toys (13 days ago)
The blue purse looks like shopkins bag
Alex Hariri (13 days ago)
I think you are sad 😢
Amanda petshops (14 days ago)
DailyPeach Tube (14 days ago)
and i don't really like the monster high 5:48
DailyPeach Tube (14 days ago)
i choose the fake lol eggs 5:00
Elicia Sydmo (14 days ago)
I have ger jag it pid
cupcake kids l (14 days ago)
The monkey is rip off
It doesn't mean there fake it just means that other pepole like the idea and Maybe other kids around the world don't have lols so they make them so kids have them and there poorly made becuse the city or town has no money so yeah
sandra robinson (14 days ago)
That was seafoam green
Bri D (14 days ago)
Eva Does All (14 days ago)
1:15 it’s not Clagg it’s not Flagg it’s plagg
david dodds (14 days ago)
for the maracules lady bug she has a shopcins bag
Chantelle (14 days ago)
I liked the lol little sisters👍
Annabella Rojas (15 days ago)
Why does it say LQL?
Meakoda Pelz (15 days ago)
Why are you saying that the ladybug you only like when there's two LOL dolls I'm laying down right by you that look like little sisters
Annabella Rojas (15 days ago)
The lol baby sisters fake ones not that bad!
Rick Llanos (15 days ago)
I like the green one
Keyanna . (15 days ago)
To be honest I think some of the fakes are good cause what more do u want there fakes of course there not gonna be perfect just saying(in my opinion).
Cindy Toney (15 days ago)
Xuan Nguyen (15 days ago)
The monster high duse
Xuan Nguyen (15 days ago)
it’s duse
Masud Chowdhury (15 days ago)
Can you please give me one of the real Lol surprise doll please please please 🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁😃😃
Gurjeet Kaur (15 days ago)
I liked the ladybug lol doll
Kamel Awadab (15 days ago)
I think the Pony is my favourite
Kamel Awadab (15 days ago)
Real is Burton
Theres a legends and its : if you tell the name of the youtuber what are you watchingnow 3 times, itpin you :o! Oll try :3: Toy caboodle Toy caboodle Toycaboodle
uni cute corn (16 days ago)
And your talking is bad!!!!
uni cute corn (16 days ago)
Stop saying what in the WORLD!!!!!!!😬😬😬😬😬😬😬
Ximena Meza (16 days ago)
Jojo not hijo
Ximena Meza (16 days ago)
Is there hijo balls or egg
Jazmin Merino (16 days ago)
The real lol doll
cimika ib (16 days ago)
The monky 😂😂😂 it should be in KinderSurprise
Amirali Haydari (16 days ago)
Bag Not bagie
quip woo (16 days ago)
Monster high one was a disappointment ...😤
Natalie Lenkowski (16 days ago)
My fav was miracoulus ladybug
Khyara Sousa (12 days ago)
Your video will be The best in the Waid your. The best Eff
Natalie Lenkowski (16 days ago)
In the real lol she got rocker
purple fire (17 days ago)
More than half of the packages you opened weren't even claiming to be LOL surprise dolls you just made the Assumption that because it had similar packaging that it was trying to be an LOL doll and then were surprised when it wasn't what is logic
stylezz36 (17 days ago)
stop my god saying i am a fan i am not am just waching this for my friend

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