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Funny motivational posters 2

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I decided to make another funny motivational poster vid I like this one better
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Text Comments (162)
HellFire (3 years ago)
Savagkiller (6 years ago)
What is the song
cookies12360 (6 years ago)
GHOSTS117 (6 years ago)
00:13 wtf is that?
lightredragonwizard (6 years ago)
ok thx thats what I thought it was but i wasnt sure
cheeseshoes (6 years ago)
the tree in the back ground on the other side of the street looks like a t rex
MrNightmare240 (6 years ago)
neither do i :\
3:12!!! lol!!! 3:19...-_- wtf???
slinq (6 years ago)
i c a t-rex
Sam Michaelis (6 years ago)
there is a smoke skull in the background
nyroc65 (6 years ago)
Oh... I thought it was a Star Wars chicken walker.
Emeraldwolf325 (6 years ago)
its the silhouette of a t-rex
Muelin Leijon (6 years ago)
1:54 WTF!? plus is that a subtle south park reference?
Muelin Leijon (6 years ago)
i dont either what the hell is it!?
madboy357 (6 years ago)
Song name please? :D
Ryan Nottin (6 years ago)
like, no shit, I know a few girls who would regardless if I brought it up or not. whether or not they'd let me photograph it is another question...
Brett (6 years ago)
lets hope right
Ryan Nottin (6 years ago)
1:20 don't always say that. I know at least 1 maybe 2 girls that will do that. trust me.
lightredragonwizard (6 years ago)
0:18 i don't get it
Condemmed Account (6 years ago)
3:15 Ya you're fucked...
witchgirlrangergirl (6 years ago)
1:53 tails you just plain rule
Ben Dover (6 years ago)
The first picture is just dumb. Hes the commanding officer of a squad so he has to face that way.
Lionfury1985 (6 years ago)
Yet another ignorant peon.
Gregor Wehrkamp (6 years ago)
0;20 I don't get it
Jacob (6 years ago)
song name ?
Corvus Remalius (6 years ago)
18 seconds in...lol there a t-rex in the fog, this vid must be good then lol.
Rodger Page (6 years ago)
all you gotta do is be really quite basicly silent and your good
Malacanth (6 years ago)
I see a zombie chicken... Is that normal?
Jormungand13324 (6 years ago)
3:10 like this US election!
abe alcaraz (6 years ago)
epic and funny
Big Chungy (6 years ago)
Hinamazawa Syndrome...ITZ COMING TO AMERICAAAAAA!!
Kairon999 Dinn (7 years ago)
I thought i saw zombies... but that's just me XD
Kairon999 Dinn (7 years ago)
1:18 "Ever notice how 'studying' is 'student' and 'dying' put together?" -Anonymous
Thomas Hiensch (7 years ago)
Hm. It's not funny.
TranceCat (7 years ago)
silent hill...or Raccoon city..no, im backin up backin up backin up ; cause ma daddy taught me good. XD
0:20 But I only see a trash ca- OH SHIT! SOMEONE FETCH THE BOOMSTICK!
sm403 (7 years ago)
@alexrules181 some people say T-rex but i see an AT-AT
Shagthedemon (7 years ago)
When it comes to the crossroad, I go to Silent Hill. Why? I have no clue....
Zoe Skinner (7 years ago)
@JurrasicTaco21 REALLY!? i sat there like 15 minutes trying to find them XD
JurrasicTaco21 (7 years ago)
@bluepetlove There isnt supposed to be any
Zoe Skinner (7 years ago)
...where are the ninjas?
Lightning Point (7 years ago)
Professor Oak came... XD
Dan. E (7 years ago)
@Mw3Beast18 get the fuck out... lol jk, it's from a game
whereubeen (7 years ago)
whats racoon city..??
Odden Gloom (7 years ago)
i pick silent hill....
Odden Gloom (7 years ago)
@apple4766 its atrex next to the treenext to the road
Odin Thomas (7 years ago)
yeah nah (7 years ago)
0:18 i dont see it?
Shockstorm59 (7 years ago)
I dont get 0:21
TheDragonageorigins (7 years ago)
yea fuck that, i dont even care if its not real i would never go to a place called silent hill that crosses over ANY bridge
BEYOND MAD (7 years ago)
norman brouwer (7 years ago)
what is the name of the song/band
Kanzuko (7 years ago)
@Otokage4918 looks more like an ATAT
Darles Charwin (7 years ago)
Is that a dinosaur in the fog?!? O.O
XxGhost141xX (7 years ago)
its a t-rex ppl!! XD
Kronos199 (7 years ago)
@ReconCrusader I see it...like...walking towards the camera you know, that's why one leg is like...lifted, and the low jaw of the t.rex i see a snot...are you seeing it?? xDD
Kronos199 (7 years ago)
@ReconCrusader Ohhh i think i saw the t.rex head....but you see the shadow that creates the mouth?? that's where i see a wolf...i think is more believeble ...
Kronos199 (7 years ago)
@ReconCrusader i see a wolf
Kronos199 (7 years ago)
@mangamad888 you see a wolf...within the fog...a fuckin big ass wolf
Nobody2009 (7 years ago)
hmmm, go to a city full of zombies or go straight to hell, i wonder wich one is the worst?
Leonidl12 (7 years ago)
can someone tell me what is the name of this song plz?
twistmenot (7 years ago)
@mangamad888 actually its a T-REX
117Jorn (7 years ago)
3:11 I think I'd take my chances with Racoon city.
MrAnimefreak555 (7 years ago)
@dittodillema Nope still don't see it.
IALON (7 years ago)
professor oak came lmao
webb101094 (7 years ago)
@dittodillema Holy Fuck an AT-ST!!!!
roman (7 years ago)
slender man
roman (7 years ago)
@mangamad888 its slender man
Curry N' Rice (7 years ago)
@mangamad888 and left 4 dead
Curry N' Rice (7 years ago)
@mangamad888 its a resident evil joke, watch the movies and find out.
Vuffeh (7 years ago)
@mangamad888 Look at the trees
chris (7 years ago)
@dittodillema i think thats a t rex bro
TheCaptainLulz (7 years ago)
A wild Walken appeared.
alexrules181 (7 years ago)
@Hurtydwarf not to me
Hurtydwarf (7 years ago)
@alexrules181 looks like an at-st
alexrules181 (7 years ago)
0:18 most people see a t-rex in the fog.... i see a trashcan with a penis
alexrules181 (7 years ago)
@middleaaronson1 no it a t-rex
BG Resjek (7 years ago)
@mangamad888 racoon city and silent hill are ur only choices on a road.. it means ur gonna die.. u have to choose if u wanna die by a swarm of zombies or a swarm of gouls.
Logan Poe (7 years ago)
I pick Racoon City because in Silent hill your 100% F-U-C-K-E-D
Jasdevi (7 years ago)
@dittodillema At least you're man enough to admit it ^^
Jasdevi (7 years ago)
@dittodillema I thought it was a T-rex.
cjdragon1988 (7 years ago)
What is Hinamizawa?
Ryu Hayabusa (7 years ago)
@mangamad888 it kinda looks like there something at the end of the road if you look close
Brendan Ryan (8 years ago)
I actualy counted 5 nijas...
jlmojica7 (8 years ago)
break the law. break that law good
Alexander .Jac (8 years ago)
@mangamad888 its a t-rex ... you just hafe to look past the screen
LtKeller11250 (8 years ago)
I see it! What looks to be like a walker thing from star wars or whatever in the fog thing... looks like a tree almost
jak3combat (8 years ago)
@Kyuubi424 XD I know
BBKitsuneExperiment (8 years ago)
Raccoon City, still a chance of escape, if you manage to get to hang out with Leon, his emo-ness will protect you. And as long as you wear a gas mask and don't die on the way into Silent Hill you're fine... But just in case, Pyramid Head was fucking scary, I'm gonna kill zombies...
Kyuubi424 (8 years ago)
@stephanbubbly Holy shit, that's awesome. XD
jak3combat (8 years ago)
@Kyuubi424 no, look to the left, you'll see a T-Rex coming out of the fog
jak3combat (8 years ago)
to ppl who don't get 0;18 there's something in the left corner... look closer.... *does so* HOLY SHIT EKHLSERKJ T-REX!!!!!!
Travis Benedict (8 years ago)
i don't get 0:18
Jacob Yauch (8 years ago)
i would just go back the way i came at 3:11
Jacob Yauch (8 years ago)
omg, i shat bricks on the silent hill fog street
randomusername (8 years ago)
2:33 more like supersized ninja
jdduar75 (8 years ago)
@PokeDudeZ22429 the t-rex in the fog
jdduar75 (8 years ago)
@PokeDudeZ22429 the at-st
Kyuubi424 (8 years ago)
What was the mind fuck? That penis looking thing sticking out from behind the bins?

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