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My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic Merry Christmas And Happy New Year Special Slideshow

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It´s almost Christmas and why not celebrate it with friends and family. Happy Christmas and Happy New Year l wish to you all year 2013. None of the art belongs to me all rights goes to the artists who made them. Music Used Was: Jingle Bells original song And Wham! - Last Christmas
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Isaac's videos (1 year ago)
ILYA Boyko (1 year ago)
Всех счастливого нового года! С наступающим!
Vincent/purple guy (3 years ago)
Sputniik! In Space (3 years ago)
woo christmasss!!!!!!!!!
BIG DADDY (3 years ago)
i love chrimas !
hello (3 years ago)
awsome! and happy chrsitmas. And is wathcing this in 2014? XD
Charla Clapp (3 years ago)
jejktkldksejjt etkykop
Brenna Nelson (3 years ago)
Its amlost christams everybody!!
Emilandjessica (4 years ago)
hope you have a merry merry christmas bronys and pegasisters *salutes and helps RD with the weather* cya bro's .3. now for my present to her*grabs missle toad* .3.
Zanda Bralite (4 years ago)
0:20 i realy like it good jobe
lezgin940 (4 years ago)
Merry Christmas
Clyds Leopardas (4 years ago)
These pictures were great along with the music.
NerdyPegasus (4 years ago)
Pinkie pie looks awesome in these pictures! Good job!
Aleksandra (4 years ago)
Very cute!!!
Lou Nielsen (4 years ago)
Cute 😃

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