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Armin van Buuren In The Studio With Future Music

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Armin van Buuren's CV explains it all. He's had five Number 1 spots on the DJ Top 100, he regularly works the booth around the globe, playing to over 30,000 people, and he's had commercial chart success. Watch as Future Music goes in the studio to get the inside scoop on how he produced his track Suddenly Summer.
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Text Comments (1074)
RKO (1 month ago)
Felix van Kynijt (1 month ago)
If you can't hear kick and bass fighting on normal speakers, why do you need to stop them fighting?
Ds Vic (1 month ago)
That 'arpeggio' is as kewl as his haircut. ..
Jason G (2 months ago)
Is this streaky?
Antti Kantola (2 months ago)
Hello fellow music workers. the tracks bass kick combo doesnt sound as shitty as this. perhaps that armin boy is just advertising plugins that he did not use. click some new video
Ringlefinch (2 months ago)
a direct signal of the sound would have been apreciated instead of capture the room sound :/
Y-757 (2 months ago)
he just likes to throw in the before every thing
Unkown UserX (3 months ago)
if it's not FL... i respect nice Armin
Alin C (3 months ago)
What a great track...
faracha (4 months ago)
Velltone Music (4 months ago)
it's a TRANCE Room with Special TRANCE Speakerz,what do you know dinozaurus :):):)
innocenti daniel (4 months ago)
super souvenir cool bravo !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
red 19 (5 months ago)
a true masterpiece, by the master.
agauerm (5 months ago)
I really wish that Armin goes back to his roots and starts making proper uplifting trance again (2002 - 2004), nowadays is this shitty EDMy with those damned annoying horns and cheese of the cheese leads, terrible. Listen to Mark Otten - Mushroom Therapy (Armin Van Buuren Remix) or Armin Van Buuren - Rain, you will know what I`m talking about. I started listening to trance because of this guy and Tiesto, I remember buying a DJ Mag in London in 2002, there was a yellow mix CD by Armin Van Buuren, I was hooked! So many killer trance tracks on that mix, good days. This finally led me to psytrance. Snap out of this EDM shit Armin.
Thank you very much for showing us its great I love it.
Im really intrested to work with music, so how can I start
Magnifico!!! The elements of the bassline
Carlos Rodríguez (5 months ago)
I just see comments saying that this is "not trance", that this is "EDM", please, show me a fuck*n track of EDM that sounds like this, this is trance not EDM.
LAZEY mix (6 months ago)
which DAW ????
Arturo Perez (5 months ago)
He was using Logic pro (Only available on ios system) and Ableton Live
Felix van Kynijt (7 months ago)
His location "Leiden" translates to german and it means to suffer...
Brooklyn Ssniper (7 months ago)
what software is that
Arturo Perez (5 months ago)
Logic Pro
GRIFF (7 months ago)
He was so ahead of the times. Gosh, absolutely amazing
Unison Harmony (7 months ago)
23:32 Really #@#%#$! Amazing
Jaro (8 months ago)
MarveInc (8 months ago)
Armin, would you please pay my bills?
Mike Nova (8 months ago)
Great video, thanks !
Twisted World (8 months ago)
Please kick the bloke with the DSLR camera in the nuts, he's fucking annoying, even though we can only HEAR him!
ADDAM B (8 months ago)
Der Bro (8 months ago)
what is this for a software???
Wesley417 (8 months ago)
Back in the day when armin has more hair
Bebek Ngayang (8 months ago)
omnisphere??? = 55 GB
ZealFied (9 months ago)
6 years ago i started making music and im still a noob. God help me.
Tomas Antonio Valentin (9 months ago)
for selfies buy this https://youtu.be/FFASPbzuDEw
Ex0rz (9 months ago)
Just one screen tho :D I wouldnt be abled to produce without a 2ndary screen anymore...
naturecollision (9 months ago)
yuuuge sound, high energy ;)
Frank EDM (10 months ago)
Good !
Siyabonga Hlongwana (10 months ago)
which plugins can i use? I already have Nexus
Eman,... Ik hoop dat je meer van deze dingen op YouTube plaatst,... want dat van die echo bij de vocals is een vet goed idee.
Vinyl Spell (11 months ago)
EDM term is fucking destroying Trance Music
Vinyl Spell (11 months ago)
I fucking hate that word EDM, in 2009 nobody use it, now : trance , techno , even if is enormous difference between them is all EDM . and people see the EDM shit like a single genre . yeah I know is Electronic is Dance and Music . Then let's talk about : Italo Dance, Hi-Nrg,Synthpop, JMJ (Modern Talking, A-ha, Alphaville, Depeche Mode.....etc) all this music is fucking EDM, stop use this fuckin word is nonsense. let's invent another stupid acronym and put all the music under that word, like M.W.K.D (Music with kick drum) and all the fucking music that has a kick drum to be name like that . and comments on YouTube to be like : oh, this is M.W.K.D, I don't like it , I prefer a symphony. is just fuckin stupid,. Trance , Techno, Rave etc..haved a name . it's Electronic Music, and that's all keep it don't bring some stupid acronyms word and label it, there are thousands of trance songs that you can't dance on them
Zacharie Gaborit (11 months ago)
11:34 the snare sounds like pryda snare without the characteristic reverb
Carlos Vidal Music (11 months ago)
Big Bird (11 months ago)
Is it just me or is the audio out of sync
Alan Ruby (1 year ago)
what a god Armin is
Ale Flores (1 year ago)
Ggenial pero estaria mas genial siestuviera traducido al espanol
jlc7300 (1 year ago)
Wow! never knew so much time and effort goes into these trance tracks!
Yisus 98 (1 year ago)
I want you to give me classes armin van buuren
Dali Black (1 year ago)
2017 and i still come back to this
Nancy Habibi (1 year ago)
Biggest hit of 2018. I guarantee it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vCIBwyVe3_8
IlkeZ IlkeZ (1 year ago)
Drop? 0:13
IlkeZ IlkeZ (1 year ago)
Joel Ovalles (1 year ago)
I want one PC for producing music (͵-_-,) .....
Aquamethods (1 year ago)
i thought he uses harware synths
Дядя Сэм (1 year ago)
"Armin" bank in Nexus))))
Aleksey Vogulkin (1 year ago)
It is Difficult to name some one composition concretely, which likes. I beside Armin Van Buuren much things likes!!!!! He is a Class lad and World DJ !!!!!!
Kyle Mickuykendal (1 year ago)
good lecture armin
KHARE (1 year ago)
Kshmr in the studio please!
микрон (1 year ago)
omnisphere BEST!!!
SnazzyBoxx (1 year ago)
a-ha - Summer moved on
Adam Naperty (1 year ago)
I really used to like Armins music in the past,but nowadays coming from something like Solar Fields video and his mastery I cant listen to this.Sorry Armin:)
K3 (1 year ago)
Всё х-ня, давай по новейшей. реально вычурность частотного разделения всё портит.. по отдельности партии классные в миксе - осадок.
Leblanc Corvinata (1 year ago)
8:53 music?
Style By Hector (1 year ago)
The King of Trance!
The searcher (1 year ago)
truck 9:00 please
MC Wave (1 year ago)
Get Darren styles or stonebank for an episode
Aditya Shinde (1 year ago)
sounds crap david guetta is better
Dove Project (1 year ago)
totally b8
Asley IceGold (1 year ago)
Fuck you
Nozuax (1 year ago)
Patrick Woods (1 year ago)
Nice met you on Junkie XL
SABAT (1 year ago)
Jellybeantiger (1 year ago)
Good luck to him but edm,sounds so tired,every synth sounds the same,getting very tired of a genre I used to love. Never liked the dance scene anyway,prefer to listen at home,Orbital or something proggy,as in 70s prog,not the cheesy dance version of prog.
Bennett Van Pelt (1 year ago)
at first glance of the thumbnail i thought it was john gruden lol
Дядя Сэм (1 year ago)
I think Reaper is much better than Logic and Ableton
Vlt Music (1 year ago)
What daw is that ?
o c (1 year ago)
what does he need a nord lead for, he should get real analogue stufftrue it has 4 synths layerd over each othef but its a limited va synth
Jay Domingo (1 year ago)
omg amazing
Gaita Ponto (1 year ago)
these speakers...
zap R (1 year ago)
armin van bjuur
M rah Mohamed Amine (1 year ago)
What s the name of that fucking program he s using
Nathan Chisholm (9 months ago)
Ableton live! i have version 9 and its only the greatest program made! plus he uses logic on his mac to sequence with
watchit (1 year ago)
This dutch perfectionist! As well in speech (perfect english) as in composing unique tracks...shure his real dad isn't Jean Michel Jarre??? ;-}
V Z (1 year ago)
SERUM_ MASSIVE_ Sylenth1 & Spire Presets СКАЧАТЬ catcut.net/qx67
Evil Brown (1 year ago)
what is the name of program that Armin using
Nathan Chisholm (9 months ago)
Logic to sequence with he uses Ableton live for chopping loops! i love Ableton its a joy to use!
Mandy Lane (1 year ago)
logic pro
Serg F1 (1 year ago)
Osama Bin Laden (1 year ago)
What is this program called and is it free? If it isnt can someone tell me best free program for making music
Nathan Chisholm (9 months ago)
No Its not free BUT! there's a 30 day trial! there are 3 version Ableton live intro its about $120 bit basic Ableton studio! its awesome i have this one and sells for around $500 depending were you live and then there is the top off the line! It sells for around $1000
rinos asanudeen (1 year ago)
ur the trance king always
Holy drum loop layers!
Dr.Oscar Lourenco (2 years ago)
which is the program you are using?
Dr.Oscar Lourenco (2 years ago)
thanks and what are your thought on presonus studio one v3 ? thanks
Overdrive Game (2 years ago)
I use Cubase Pro still. Cubase Pro is what some music composers do for movies for example Hans Zimmer uses this software when he did the heist soundtrack The Dark Knight Returns. I do plan on using Ableton soon i only got a taste of the trial and I really like it's clean look and workflow. I recommend you watch youtube channel DJ Tech Tools How I Play to get a feel for what other established producers use and what kind of setup they have.
Andy Bachhav (2 years ago)
Its a analog synth i guess
Sonic Boom Digital (2 years ago)
it's funny how people are drawn towards his Nord lead 3 when there is a moog voyager in the background that's soooo much better and 3 times the price and I could be wrong but there's also what I think is an alesis andromeda under the Moog and that is a very special piece of kit if I'm right
Andy Bachhav (2 years ago)
yep broda
Sonic Boom Digital (2 years ago)
Andy Bachhav virtual analogue
Alex Ursu (2 years ago)
This guy knows a lot but for some reason he doesnt really produce any big hits, it may be because he doesnt seem to want or know to produce anything that hasnt got a trancy feel to it which is not mainstream anymore. Nevertheless I expected more complex production, he didnt really show anything other than basic stuff.
SkyRocket159 (2 years ago)
Well I'm gonna make my own radio show, with over compressed tracks and hookers !
Siegrid Richter (2 years ago)
whats the name of this song >?????/
Jonas Corrêa (2 years ago)
Siegrid Richter Suddenly Summer
Trump supporter (2 years ago)
Becareful when mastering with software such as Ozone. When widening your stereo image,it makes your mix thin, even the lower frequencies. Ive tried isolating the lower end but it still thin
Claes Weicher (2 years ago)
When listening to this i feel like the frequencies are all over the place, but he has somehow tamed them in the final mix. The raw mix sounds awful until he throws everything in!
sky fire (2 years ago)
plss plss what are those studio monitors tell me???
Sonic Boom Digital (2 years ago)
sky fire I seem to remeber seeing arman in another video last year talking bout those monitors having been custom designed to fit his studio
sky fire (2 years ago)
bro m talking about studio speakers
prof feathers (2 years ago)
sky fire stx1000 vc21 t-linux fgx245 st viper triple cord 21bit
Antonio Lopes (2 years ago)
Can we get Lostly in the studio Future Music?
Nick Nick (2 years ago)
What a interesting and education video to watch and yet another talented musician who is also very willing to share their knowledge with others. Thanks Armin. And as per usual the typical bullshit comments of haters out there who are so jealous of other people's success they can only be nasty to everyone around them. Would be so good if you creeps could fuck off.
Dj Moejo Mixes (2 years ago)
Do you see the difference in Armin's speaker set up over the other Future Music producer videos? His speakers are not on his desk. They are on stands behind the desk.
Manfred klaus (2 years ago)
This is promotion of audio softwares guys, hope you understand that, armin is a king, this no doubt about it. But here just like many others is only promoting softwares. He uses real gears to produce his music. Lies lies lies everywhere for us to stay behind and continue to believe lies.
J3tfuel (2 years ago)
+Envinite lol yes I didn't even understand what he said.
Christopf (2 years ago)
Morons like you that hold back new producers for years. Anyone reading this guys post, don't worry he is a fucking idiot
Envinite (2 years ago)
This is by far, the dumbest shit I ever read in this video comment section.
Vitalik Malyy (2 years ago)
Респект чуваку)))
Gioo Kala (2 years ago)
what is this proggrame?
Gioo Kala (2 years ago)
)))) <3
Josiah Stringer (2 years ago)
No Prob ma man.
Gioo Kala (2 years ago)
tnx bro!!! ^_^
Josiah Stringer (2 years ago)
Logic Pro
Mandy Lane (2 years ago)
I love armin 😄
Wayne Ashford (2 years ago)
Admin you music is always lifting and inspirational

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