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[Blind Reaction] Equestria Girls - Rollercoaster of Friendship

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Blind reaction and commentary on My Little Pony Equestria Girls - Rollercoaster of Friendship. COPYRIGHTS: FAIR USE, Title 17, US Code (Sections 107-118 of the copyright law): All media in this video is used for purpose of review & commentary under terms of fair use. All footage, music & images used belong to their respective companies.
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George Harvey (5 months ago)
17:41-18:24 Microchips serving caramel apples? I guess you could say he's an...APPLEGEEK! XD (I'm sorry, I couldn't resist.)
+Applegeek Minute 25:00 The Lesbian Alert?????
Kelci F (5 months ago)
I don’t get it
Starlight Glimmer (5 months ago)
lmfao this deserved to be pinned.
George Harvey (5 months ago)
+Applegeek You're welcome.
Applegeek (5 months ago)
Best comment ever!
Pudim (4 days ago)
React "FriendShip Games"
Jacob Turner (6 days ago)
Plan on doing a blind reaction to Spring Breakdown?
Minmin Ma (13 days ago)
I bet all the shippers will be coming for this episode... #RARIJACK
Mauricio Mesa (25 days ago)
there was a 3th equestria girls special called spring breakdown on 3/30/2019
Mauricio Mesa (26 days ago)
that girl you seen with applejack and rarity was megan the human friend of the ponies from g1 a super classic character from the early days of my little pony it feels so good to see an old friend from the good old days again she's on my wish list for the final season of mlp that i super hope for and megan and pony applejack are from g1
Skye Hoffman (28 days ago)
hey Applegeek I think the main reason Aj was jealous was because she liked Rarity just a little bit!
M0M0 (1 month ago)
The amount of « Rarijack Ho Yay » just made this special so much better 😭❤️
Barbara B (1 month ago)
RariJack for life! 💜🧡
Rygorn Spectre (1 month ago)
Rarijack shipping -Was it just me or was applejack's jealousy seemed to be more than just fruend
Gacha Kate (1 month ago)
15:20 when he said "Oh, poor fluttershy" I said she will never be understood.
Gacha Kate (1 month ago)
11:22 I think rainbow dash DABBED!!! 😱😱😱
Jason Vines (1 month ago)
anime girl (1 month ago)
anime girl (1 month ago)
Michael Larson (1 month ago)
What I hate about the orbs is the humans are completely oblivious to the transformation of object
Hat 1607 (1 month ago)
Why isn’t this in the playlist for MLP EG reactions?
Dinand Vinluan (2 months ago)
Great job rainbow dash
Troller Gamer (2 months ago)
The rainbow rocks is owned by princess twilight sparkles and rainbows is own by human twilight sparkle
piperlovegood13 (2 months ago)
Out of all the EQ movies, special and episodes over 5 minutes this is by far the weakest. I couldn't get over the social media lingo. I actually liked the Raijack mostly because I dont have a stong mlp ship other than Sunlight and one Ive accepted was only possible AU or extreme cases and thats Sparity.
Autumn_Blazing_Wolf (2 months ago)
Luna Cat (2 months ago)
41:12 What is that face Fluttershy is making and she's eyeing Rarity
Silje Mikkelsen (2 months ago)
27:51 Rainbow is awesome
Reese Hargens (3 months ago)
I have your intro as my iPad screen hehehe
Lolololol Lol (3 months ago)
Vinyett just got roasted by Applegeek Lol You Can See how horrible she was
Lucas Clement (3 months ago)
The next Equestria Girls Special is scheduled for March 30th. I hope we'll get to see you do a blind reaction of it when it premiers.
chelly (3 months ago)
2:29 Her accent made it even funnier
Farres Alt (3 months ago)
So many shipping...
SansFi (3 months ago)
Rosana Pinheiro (3 months ago)
8:44 índigo zap
The legend of gamer 2 (4 months ago)
Knitted Cthulu (4 months ago)
11:23 Rainbow dash dabbed That’s in EG is cancelled
Phantom Slay 5612 KP (4 months ago)
To be honest, this is the one episode Nick Confalone's written that I legitimately disliked. Every joke and plot point was blatantly predictable. The main villain was horribly written and annoying every second she was on screen. And it doesn't explain anything enough for me to believe the character's motivations or conflict. Not the worst (it's still better than the first Equestria Girls movie) but it was pretty weak, especially after the amazing special, Forgotten Friendship.
גיא קרוננפלד (4 months ago)
oh god the cringe
Discorded (4 months ago)
wait, what?! Since when was this a thing?! :O
ShadowCatGambit (4 months ago)
I relate to Apple Jack. People don't usually care about simple, honest truths. People listen to social proof and confidence, genuinely wanting and hoping for good truths that aren't painful. It's not easy controlling emotions like jealousy when people whom aren't honest get so much out of life because of it.
MoonDustShine (4 months ago)
11:23 rainbow how you do me like that you would dab wai
Dane is alive (4 months ago)
Top 25 favorite moments 1. The white outfits 2 Vinette's outfit 3 Vinette's first scream 4. Emoji change phone 5. The new dark magic 6. New jobs 7. 40 percent off!!! 8. Applejack and Rarity holding each other 9. Equestria land is awesome!!!! 10. Boss meets the mane 7 11. All the poses 12. Rainbow dabs 13. Rarity forgot to introduce AJ to Ms. Boss 14. The roller coaster 15. Flutter shy 's scream 16. Rainbow incouraged flutter shy 17. Rainbow dash screams 18. Rainbow blushes 19. Rainbowshy got zapped by the phone 20. " Give me more clothes to scream on 21. " You're not special!!!!!" 22. Complete vanish 23. Rarijack comes back together 24. Rarity leads the transformation 25. The song
Religious Prime (4 months ago)
Does anyone but me see the weirdness of Applejack's line when they first arrive at the park? "She's all alone without any of her friends. 'Which is why I wouldn't have taken the job, but that's just me'." Aj, you literally commanded Rarity to take the job in the first place: Rarity: Well I'm not going to accept it without you obviously. Applejack: You cannot let this opportunity pass you by Rarity. Think of the vision boards, the late night sewin, this has been your dream since Kindergarten. Rarity: Preschool actually, but that's not the point. My mind is made up. We planned to spend the summer together and that's what we're going to do. Right? Applejack: You're takin the job and that's final. Rarity: Okay, if you insist. Seriously, does anyone else notice the oddness of that line? "Which is why I wouldn't have taken the job, but that's just me."
Cyler Sakti (4 months ago)
apple geek ,upload the equestria girl pliss
Deer Cupid (4 months ago)
Applegeek mlp remembrance episode 8 is out can you please react to it
Glaceon (4 months ago)
Happy new year Appelgeek!! :D :) Hope you gets an awesome year of youtube and reactions! YEAHHHH! <3
Blizzard Burn (4 months ago)
10:12 that was my face too
Mohamad Salleh (4 months ago)
Sorry I'm 1 week late. BTW I LOVE MLP AND APPLEGEEK!!!!!
Reese .C (4 months ago)
Applegeek I found a video I think u would love. It’s called Main 6 .Vs. Mean 6 By: Space Oddpony. If you have time to react I think u would like it a lot.
Reese .C (4 months ago)
Applegeek I would love to see ur opinions on this video
DeafMusic Wave (4 months ago)
Do you think you can react to remembrance episode 8 please?
SUNSET SHIMMER (4 months ago)
you should react to mlp equestria girls rainbow rocks
NiraLightshine (4 months ago)
Hey when are you goign to react to Remembrance Episode 8: Aftermath?
Bence Major (4 months ago)
So at 2:56 Equestrian magic enchanted her smartphone, just like Juniper Montage's mirror. Speaking of which I wonder if Cantre Zoom ever gives her another chance after she tried to sabotage the Daring Do movie ? Perhaps if Chestnut Magnifico gets sick maybe Juniper could replace her after she goes through a lot of practice. And at 15:43 that kinda looked like Adagio. We still don't know what happened to the Sirens after Rainbow Rocks. What if they discover the crack on the portal ? In anyway some day the Sirens have to return. And what if the magic enchants objects that belong to Snips and Snails ? Maybe if they misuse it they will be transformed into winged freaks again like in the first Equestria girls movie ? What if Abacus Cinch and Filthy Rich gets hold of the magic ? I think Cinch will use the magic to reclaim her place as principal of the Crystal prep academy and transform the students into soldiers to make a powerful army, similar to what Sunset Shimmer did the first time. And it's obvious that Filthy will use the magic to make a lot more money and tear down Camp Everfree to replace it with a spa resort. I'm not sure where the leaking magic is going and I know it raises too many questions but we need answers.
Hat 1607 (4 months ago)
React to best gift ever shorts!
George Harvey (4 months ago)
(Continued from my second non-pinned comment.) 33:41-33:47 Vignette makes holograms of a bad girl Fluttershy, a sweetheart Rainbow Dash, a sporty Twilight, a princess Sunset and a formal Pinkie. 33:52-34:45 Rarity is shocked at what Vignette has done. And when she says she was just using Rarity's vision to bring out her own. Also, Applegeek's reaction. 34:20-34:43 She is just so casual about all this, isn't she? Like Applegeek says, "zero concern about the possibility she just erased people from existence...pure evil!" 34:58-35:01 Mirror Magic reference. 35:11-35:19 Twilight thinks they can hack their way out of the Internet. However, Applegeek asks some very good questions. 35:30-35:48 Rarity uses her Diamond shields to protect herself from Vignette's phone. Also, Applegeek's reaction. 35:50 U.G.H.? What does that stand for? 35:58-36:05 Vignette says Rarity is being H.B.W. (Herself But Worse). 36:12 Hi Fleur, Derpy and Rose. 36:36-37:15 Rarity admits her mistakes to Applejack. Applejack admits her own, too. 36:54 Rarity blushing. 37:05-37:12 Applejack brings up an important lesson. It's good to be honest with other people. But you have to be honest with yourself, too. 37:18-37:24 Applejack and Rarity blushing and hugging. 37:32-37:38 That line and Applegeek's reaction. 37:38-37:51 Twilight contacts Applejack through her phone. She explains how, but Applejack just calls it magic. 37:51-38:05 Twilight explains a complicated technical plan to get them free. Applegeek understands it, but Applejack has no clue. 38:06 That line and Applegeek's reaction. 38:11-38:32 It turns out Twilight and the others weren't trapped in the Internet at all. Vignette just teleported them to a random empty white room in the park. Also, Applegeek's reaction. 38:28-38:34 Sunset Shimmer is about to blow a gasket. Also, you could've told them if you knew, Pinkie. 38:34 Twilight blushing in embarrassment. 38:35 Hi Applegeek - I mean, Microchips. 38:47-38:52 Microchips is baffled by how he just broke the laws of space and time. 38:53-39:12 It's not as bad as everyone being trapped online, but it's still potentially fatal. 39:13-39:17 Rarity is concerned about their friends and sisters in the crowd. 39:17-39:25 Even after everything that's happened, Applejack is concerned about nobody seeing Rarity's hard work. She doesn't mind. 39:26 Applejack's face and blush. 39:35-39:54 Vignette is not a great singer. The crowd disapproves. 39:42 Hi Diamond Tiara, Silver Spoon, Cheerilee, Coinky Dink girl and G1 Easter egg. 39:54-40:13 Vignette almost teleports the entire crowd to their doom. Fortunately, the real Rainbooms arrive. Also, Applegeek's reaction. 40:04 Hi Rose, CMCs and Derpy. 40:16-40:27 Applegeek and Applejack say it for me. 49:34 Applejack and Rarity roll their eyes. 40:36-40:53 Rarity exclaims how wrong Vignette is. 49:42 Those faces. 40:53-41:04 Geode Powers Activate! This time it's the same outfits from Forgotten Friendship. 41:04-41:06 I don't think they're identities have ever been secret, Applegeek. Also, Vignette is surprised. 41:07-41:12 Social commentary on social media: no amount of online friends can make up for having real friends. 41:19-41:26 Rarity destroys Vignette's phone, releasing the magic contained in it. 41:30-41:33 By putting in the effort to make them perfect yourself, Vignette? 41:34 Hi Lyra, Sweetiebelle and Scootaloo. 41:37-41:51 Applejack says it for me. 41:52-41:55 Hi CMCs, Lyra, Derpy, Bulk Biceps and... Another Sweetiebelle?! 41:55-42:04 Rarity sets Vignette straight. 42:05-42:10 Vignette has 3 million follows, but no real friends. 42:12-42:22 The Rainbooms offer they're friendship to Vignette. 42:27-42:35 Someone recorded everything and now the Rainbooms are trending on Snapgab. 42:44-42:50 Rainbow Dash asks Fluttershy if she's still nervous about performing. Fluttershy gives her a savage response. 42:53-44:52 Closing song! This one is called Photo Booth. I know, it's strange. I would've called it Side by Side, myself. 43:04-43:13 A carousel dress. Also, Applegeek's reaction. 43:21-43:30 Pictures at the theme park. 43:46-43:50 Those faces and eyes. 43:53-44:00 Rainbow Dash aces Flim and Flam's ball-toss game, and wins a parakeet plush. 44:00-44:07 You conquered your fear of rollercoasters and yet you're afraid of the Ferris Wheel, Fluttershy? 44:07-44:14 Dodgems/Bumper Cars with Bulk Biceps and Trixie. 44:14-44:31 That dress again. 44:16 Hi Rose and Octavia. 44:20 Hey look, it's the designer who quit at the beginning. 44:31 Hi Silver Spoon without Diamond Tiara. That's unusual. 44:33-44:52 Funny Photo Booth pictures. 44:44 Oh yeah, Spike wasn't in this special was he? 45:06 Cranky Doodle was in this special? I didn't see him. Deleted scene? Overall, I really enjoyed this special for its humour, and focus on characters besides Sunset or Twilight - who, BTW, were hilarious with their ring-toss obsession. However, it does bother me how much it pandered to social media users. I've said it before, but I'll say it again: if you go back in time to 2013, when Equestria Girls first came out, you never would have heard words like "trend", "selfie" or "hashtag". It was just a high school girl movie, with My Little Pony elements mixed in, and it was special enough to warrant a whole spin-off brand. Now in 2018, it feels the need to tie-in with social media trends in order to stay relevant. I suppose in small doses it's harmless enough. But if you use them too often it becomes like using pop-culture references; relying too much on their appeal as opposed to establishing your own. It's why Vignette isn't the strongest EG villain ever. Nevertheless, I still enjoyed this blind reaction. I'll be looking forward to the ninth (and possibly last) season of MLP, but I'll also be anticipating the next EG special. I've seen a preview of it online and... Oh boy! It's gonna be something. Until then, stay tuned.
George Harvey (4 months ago)
(Continued from my first non-pinned comment.) 15:37-15:50 Rarity gets annoyed at an employee for having the wrong zipper. Also, a Siren costume and Applegeek's reaction. 15:51-16:00 Rarity is too busy to take a break. 16:05-16:14 Applejack's expression, "rain on your parade", sends Rarity into a panic. 16:16-17:24 Rainbow Dash has gotten Fluttershy on the big rollercoaster now. Shockingly, she's the one terrified and Fluttershy enjoys it. Also, Applegeek's reactions. 16:17 Hi Rose. 16:19-16:23 Fluttershy's face, 16:28-16:35 Applegeek likes what he sees and wants to ride the coaster himself. 16:31-17:00 Yep, she's nervous - Rainbow Dash I mean. 16:32-16:35 Those faces. 16:36-16:46 Backwards?! That's almost as scary as ones that go upside down! Also, Applegeek's reaction. 17:00-17:04 Aww, we didn't get to see the whole ride. 17:06-19:29 Rainbow Dash on spaghetti legs. 17:25 Rainbow Dash blushing. 17:29-17:32 Rainbow Dash falls over and Fluttershy laughs. 17:34 Hi CMCs. 17:41-18:24 Microchips serving caramel apples? I guess you could says he's an...APPLEGEEK! XD (I'm sorry, I couldn't resist.) 17:50-17:58 Applejack thinks Microchips is mistaking her for her cousin, Caramel Apple. Also, Applegeek's reaction. 18:05-18:24 Microchips gets a little tied up. He asks if AJ if she has a knife, a samari sword or some very sharp nail clippers. Also, Applegeek's reaction. 18:10 Hi Snips and Snails. 18:39-18:55 Vignette wants Fluttershy to ditch her timid personality and become the "bad girl" of the group - spiked hair, ripped tights, etc. 18:45-18:51 That's precise. 18:49-18:51/18:56/18:59 Fluttershy's face. 18:54-18:59 Applegeek's face 18:57-19:00 Okay, I get "Be Yourself But Better" (B.Y.B.B.). But this is pushing it. 19:00-19:29 Fluttershy isn't too keen on the idea. So Vignette imprisons her in her phone. 19:29-19:48 This is similar to when everyone was trapped inside Juniper's mirror: nothing but whiteness and echoes. But this place has walls, as pointed out by Applegeek. 19:38 Hey look - it's the salad from before. 19:39-19:48 You said it for me, Applegeek. 19:49-19:52 Hi Depry, Flim and Flam. Also, Applegeek's reaction. 19:54 Sunset's face. 19:55-20:21 Twilight is attracted to Flim and Flam's ring-toss game. Sunset claims it's probably rigged, but Twilight plans on winning with science. 20:05-20:08 That line. 20:18-20:30 Twilight explains how she's plans on winning. Also, Applegeek's reaction. 20:24-20:30 Those faces. 20:30 Hi Silver Spoon and Diamond Tiara. 20:32 It's Flim and Flam. You really think that's going to happen? 20:47-20:51You said it for me, Applegeek. 20:50-20:55 Weren't you the one who said it was rigged, Sunset? 20:55-20:59 A lot. 21:03-21:06 Of course she is. 21:08-21:14 Isn't that dangerous? 21:14-21:16 See what I mean? 21:16-21:21 Rarity's faces. Also, Applegeek's reaction. 21:24-21:30 Rarity screams into a pile of clothes. I can't hear a word she says. 21:34-21:41 Rarity claims she's NOT having a meltdown. What do you think? Also, Applegeek's reaction. 21:38-21:40 Rarity's face. 21:42-22:11 Rarity is too stressed about the show to worry about Fluttershy. 22:14-22:19 Rarity needs a bigger pile of clothes to scream into. 22:19 Nice transition, having Rarity's face on the pony plush. 22:21-22:23 Again, that's not physically possible. Unless they're using magnets to repeal the rings. 22:23-22:26 Twilight and Sunset are frustrated. 22:28-22:32 They're getting dangerously obsessed with winning this game. 22:33-22:54 Twilight has a new plan and acts smug about it. Also, Applegeek's reaction. 23:01-23:08 Applejack! You couldn't shown up at a worse time. Leave now before they kill you. 23:18-23:25 Well you are right, Sunset. But in this case, there is. 23:23-23:28 Twilight asks if she and Sunset can 'borrow' Applejack's tickets. 23:31 Applejack rolls her eyes. 22:33 Sunset's smile. 22:34-23:40 That much is obvious. Also, Applegeek's reaction. 23:39-23:41 Rainbow's face. She does not want to go on that thing again. 23:41 Hi Rose. 23:46-23:51 Sure you were, Dash. 23:51-23:53 Wow - what an Easter egg! 24:06 Hi Crystal Prep students in the background. 24:14-24:17 The Disney references continue. 24:16 Oh hi Pinkie, where have you been the last 10mins? 24:19-24:40 Pinkie has declared herself the park's "fun inspector". 24:25-24:29 Something that looks like it came out of the trash. 24:32 Yes, she did. 24:33-24:35 Applegeek's face. 24:40-24:43 Wait - it DID come out of the trash?! 24:43-24:50 Pinkie, don't you dare! Thank you, Applejack. Also, Applegeek's reaction. 24:50-24:54 Pinkie makes Applejack her "deputy fun inspector". 24:55-24:57 No she doesn't, Pinkie. Not if this is something you made up yourself. 25:02-25:10 They're still going. Even Flim and Flam are bored at this point. 25:10-25:15 Twilight and Sunset are frazzled. And Sunset has bandaged fingers. 25:12-25:36 Okay, this really getting serious. Both of them are on the brink of insanity. 25:22-25:31 Even Flim and Flam are concerned. They try to just give the girls a prize, but Sunset won't have it. 25:29-25:36 "IT'S NOT ABOUT THE PARAKEET!" Also, Applegeek's reaction. 25:34-25:38 Twilight finally decides they should give up. 25:38-25:43 Sunset's face. 25:40-25:42 Applepsychic. 25:42-25:46 ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! Do you think the game was really rigged or was it just pure luck? 25:49-25:55 You took the words right out of my mouth, Applegeek. 26:02-26:59 A park employee questions Applejack about her deputy fun inspector badge. He thinks it's genuine and actually gives her access to the security room. 26:09-26:16 If you're a fake then I don't think you have that authority, sir. Applegeek agrees with me. Also, maybe it is a Stan Lee reference (R.I.P). 26:34-26:40 Maybe the park used to be something else and they just kept the security room? 27:01-27:05 You took the words right out of my mouth again, Applegeek. 27:20-27:29 I did not follow any of that. Also, Applegeek's reaction. 27:32-27:36 Be prepared to eat those words, Rainbow Dash. 27:36-27:52 Vignette wants Rainbow Dash to ditch her cool girl personality and become the "sweet heart" of the group - poodle skirt, blond hair, etc. She even wants her to shave off her iconic rainbow hair! Also, Applegeek's reaction. 27:46-27:52 Someone already did, Rainbow Dash. In an alternate reality, where you were one of Nightmare Moon's guards (The Cutie Re-Mark - Part 2). Fans cried. 27:52-28:01 These abbreviations are A.N.N.O.Y.I.N.G. (Always Nonsensically Nauseating On Yourself, Inducing Negative Groaning). Nice comeback by Rainbow Dash though. Also, Applegeek's reaction. 28:06-28:10 Applejack saw everything. 28:11-28:14 Yes she is, Applejack. 28:23-28:36 Yep, those are definitely walls. Something seems off about this place. 28:27-28:30 So it would seem, Rainbow Dash. 28:34-28:39 Even she calls it a "stress salad." Also, Applegeek's reaction. 28:50-28:54 Rarity questions whether Vignette is worried about the show. And wonders if she's worried herself. 28:58 Those shudders. 28:59-29:08 Vignette actually considers telling Rarity to start her costumes from scratch. Also, Applegeek's reaction. 29:07-29:15 Vignette unintentionally puts more pressure on Rarity. 29:15-29:21 Rarity yells at another employee for having the wrong neon colours. 29:22 That face. 29:28-29:42 Rarity is frustrated with Applejack for being absent. Even though she's looking for Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy. 29:4429:52 Pinkie is sure Rarity has "something total amazing up her sleeve." As long as she remembered to wear the "sleeves with amazing things up them" - which she didn't. 29:52-30:01 Applejack tells everyone to stop. The parade crew think she means them. 30:05-31:15 Applejack tries to warn everyone about Vignette. But she knows she's onto her and manages to switch out her phone. 30:34-30:38 Nothing gets by you, Applegeek, does it? 31:04-31:15 Those lines. Also, Applegeek's reaction. I agree. 31:11-31:13 Applejack blushing. 31:22-31:25 Vignette tickling Rarity's chin. Also, Rarity blushing. 31:26-31:38 Applejack and Rarity get into a heated argument. 32:11-32:36 That went too far, Applejack. Also, Applegeek's reaction. 32:23-32:29 At least she made the right call and walked away. 32:32-32:35 Rarity crying and running away. 32:37 "Waiting is for waiters." 32:41-33:04 Vignette plans on taking over the Rainbooms; renaming them the Throwbacks and playing songs she wrote. 32:51-32:55 Vignette calls Applejack, "Apple Juice." Also, Applegeek's reaction. 33:05-33:20 The Rainbooms stand up to Vignette. 33:15-33:20 She is the Element of Honesty after all. 33:20-33:28 Vignette admits what Applejack said was true. And then traps everyone in her phone. 33:30-33:37 Applejack mentioned it was "Equestrian Magic." That's how she knows. 33:35-33:47 0_0 This is a bit...intrusive isn't it. At the very least they're just holograms, and Vignette didn't tamper with the actual Rainbooms. That would've been creepy. Also, Applegeek's reaction. (Continued in my third non-pinned comment.)
George Harvey (4 months ago)
I was both happy and a bit annoyed that Applegeek uploaded this. Happy because we finally got to see his reaction to it, but annoyed because I had to spend several hours writing my highlights for it. Anyway, here they are: 1:10-1:42 I always love this opening. 1:42 It does sound like it's missing a verse, doesn't it? 1:42-2:00 A new theme park is opening called Equestria Land. I wonder how long it took them to come up with that name? (Sarcasm.) Also, Applegeek's reaction. 1:53-1:55 Good question. 1:56-2:00 An interesting character design. Also, the manager's name is Vignette Valencia. 2:16-2:23 You're really drawing the comparisons between this and Disney Land, aren't you? 2:21-2:26 Get used to hearing B.Y.B.B. (Be Yourself But Better), it's said a million times in this special - along with other abbreviations. 2:29-2:36 See? There's another one. And it's savage XD. Also, Applegeek's reaction. 2:36-2:41 Vignette needs a "stress salad." Also, Applegeek's reaction. 2:41-2:48 Vignette shoots down one of her employees. Also, Applepsychic. 2:49-2:56 Maybe it's not. Maybe the writers were just lazy and couldn't come up with a better name. 2:55-3:26 There's another one of those magic orbs that escaped from the portal. This one infects Vignette's phone, allowing her to manipulate reality at will. She thinks it's a new app at first. Also, Applegeek's reaction. 2:56-2:58 The smiley face becomes a stressed face. 3:25 That smile. 3:26 Truer words were never spoken. 3:28 Hi Fleur and random Crystal Prep students. 3:42-3:47 Rarity and Applejack applied for summer jobs at Equestria Land. 3:47-3:59 Who wouldn't want to be paid to go to a theme park, am I right? Also, Pinkie's reaction. Also, Applegeek's reaction to her reaction. 3:57-4:00 Applejack and Rarity applied to be caramel apple girls. 4:00-4:08 Can't argue with Rarity there. 4:13-4:16 Checking your phone every 30 seconds. How realistic. 4:16-4:19 Rarity wants to practise sounding calm on the phone. 4:19-4:29 Rarity, Sunset, Pinkie and Applegeek's reactions. 4:29-4:33 Talking in unison. 4:36-4:42 Applejack proposes they both open their messages at the same time. But Rarity jumps the gun. Also, Rarity and Applegeek's reactions. 4:42-5:01 Neither Applejack nor Rarity get the caramel apple job. But Rarity is invited to become the lead parade costume designer. 4:50 I know I shouldn't question it, but why has Pinkie put her smoothie in her hair? 5:07-5:14 That's not how...oh she knows. 5:10-5:14 Applejack's smile. 5:14 I can't hear the word "technically" and not think of Mud Briar anymore. 5:25-5:29 I can believe names like Filthy Rich and Cheese Sandwich - I really can. But I can't believe Hasbro got away with using a name like "Stinky Bottom". 5:34-5:39 The Element of Generosity. 5:38 Rarity blows Pinkie's hair. 5:39-5:50 Applejack won't let Rarity throw away her opportunity for her. 5:49 "Kindygarten." 5:55-6:00 Rarity is loyal as well as generous. 6:00-6:03 That line and Rarity's face. 6:04-6:14 Applejack insists on Rarity taking the job. So she does and is over the moon about it. 6:15-6:29 That was a bad idea, AJ. But I have a feeling they'll be begging you to come back sooner rather than later. Also, Applegeek's reaction. 6:22 Hi Bulk, Derpy and Octavia. 6:35-6:39 Snapgab - this world's equivalent to Facebook. 6:48-6:51 They just met and already Vignette's calling her "Rare". Also, Applegeek's reaction. 6:48-7:02 Rarity's face. 7:04-7:13 Vignette really likes Rarity's designs. 7:20 What was that with her eye? 7:29-7:39 They make it seem like this table is going to play an important role later in the story. But no. It's never brought up again. 7:40-8:41 Applejack making foot-stomped applesauce with her family. Also, hi Applebloom, Big Mac and Granny Smith. 7:59-8:05 "Less chatter, more splatter." Also, Applegeek's reaction. 8:08-8:13 Rarity is already feeling the pressure of her new job. 8:13-8:17/8:35-8:41 Applejack jinxes herself. 8:17-8:31 Rarity desperately needs her friends around to calm her nerves. She even offers them VIP passes. 8:44 Hi Indigo Zap. 8:48-8:50 Hi Trixie, Lyra and Bon-Bon running out of the Haunted House. 8:51 Hi Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon. 8:52-9:04 Well Pinkie is excited, of course. Also, Appleousa, Nightmare Moon and Sugar Cube Corner references. Also, Applegeek's reaction. 8:59 Pinkie is floating. Also, Rainbow Dash and Twilight's faces. 9:17 That girl on the left is from the Coinky Dink music video short. 9:18 Hi Photo Finish. 9:18-9:21 You said it for me, Applegeek. 9:21-9:44 Pinkie, Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash also follow Vignette on Facebook - sorry, I mean Snapgab. 9:28-9:35 Silly faces and a photobomber. Also, Applegeek's reaction. 9:30-9:36 Pinkie has a one-cupcake-a-day series. 9:44-9:49 Twilight does use Snapgab, but she only follows bots that post interesting science facts. 9:50-10:17 Applejack is so me right now. 10:07-10:16 0_0...You took the words right out of my mouth, Applegeek. Also, "hashtag"? This is pandering if I ever heard it. 10:41 Fake kissing. 10:43 Applejack and Applegeek's reactions. 10:47 Again with the selfies? Those weren't even a thing when this franchise started. 10:54-10:56 Those faces. Also, Applegeek's reaction. 10:55-10:59 Applejack's face. Someone's jealous. 10:59-11:01 I said it first, Applegeek. 11:00-11:02 That face. 11:07-11:19 Vignette claims she isn't Rarity's boss. She's her "friend who gets to boss [her] around." Also, everyone's reactions. 11:21-11:34 Rarity names her friends, but forgets Applejack. Also, Applegeek's reaction. 11:31-11:41 Vignette doesn't seem interested. 11:41-11:50 Vignette has heard of the Rainbooms. Now she's interests. 11:50-11:54 Wow - the Rainbooms have a Snapgab page? With 100 thousand followers? They really are popular. 11:54-12:07 Pinkie puts it very simply. Also, Applegeek's reaction. 12:03-12:08 Vignette wants the Rainbooms to perform in the light parade tonight. 12:13-12:17 B.Y.B.B. 12:17-12:27 Vignette started her first company back in middle school, selling mascara made from melted crayons. 12:25-12:30 It's not 'that' Neighsay, Applegeek. 12:29-12:31 B.Y.B.B. 12:31 Rairy's smile. 12:31-12:34 Fluttershy is always nervous about performing in front of others. You can't really blame her, even professionals get the butterflies after years of performing on stage. 12:33-12:38 It is. 12:37 Vignette's smile. 12:40 Sunset's eyes. 12:43 I don't get why Applejack is so jealous. It's okay for Rarity to make new friends like Vignette, and it's not like she was Rarity's only friend before. 12:43-12:45 Vignette 'likes' all the Rainboom members on Snapgab. 12:47-12:49 Again, if this were 2013, when Equestria Girls first came out, you'd never hear words like "trend", "selfie" or "hashtag". 12:49 Rarity's smile. 12:51 B.Y.B.B. 12:54 Rarity blushing. 12:54-12:57 You've only just worked that out, Applegeek? It's total pandering. 12:57-13:00 Applejack's face. 13:06-13:20 Applejack questions how much of a "best" friend Vignette really is to Rarity. Rarity avoids the question. 13:20-13:25 All the Rainbooms are eager to explore the park. Except Applejack. 13:22 Pinkie pulls a map from her hair. 13:25-13:36 Rarity consults Applejack. 13:26 Rarity's face. 13:31-13:36 Applejack says "it's nothing." Applegeek knows otherwise - as do all of us. 13:45 Now Rarity's saying it. 13:56-14:06 Fluttershy wants to practice for the show, but Rainbow Dash points out they know all their songs by heart. Plus, she really want to explore the park. 14:14-14:20 It was the girl from Coinky Dink World, like I said. Also I wonder what that ride is called? The Rollercoaster of Friendship? XD 14:20-14:24 Fluttershy is terrified of going on a rollercoaster. Again, you can't really blame her; I used to be afraid of going on rollercoasters that went upside down. 14:22-14:34 Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy can't hear each other over all the screaming. Also, Applegeek's reaction. 14:35-14:41 Fluttershy regrets choosing to go with Rainbow Dash rather than anyone else. 14:41-14:47 Rainbow Dash tries to motivate Fluttershy. 14:43 Hi Fleur and Coinky Dink girl. 14:47-14:50 Fluttershy want's to conquer a little smaller ride first. Not the drag racing or the runaway train or the barrel flume, but the kiddy coaster. 15:05 Fluttershy's smile. 15:06-15:12 Yes, Fluttershy is screaming on a tiny rollercoaster for kids that's going 2mph. Also, hi Lily Pad. 15:12-15:19 I'm with you, Rainbow Dash. Also, Applegeek's reaction. 15:20-15:31 Rarity works as she talks. 15:30 "I need these done yesterday." 15:31-15:35 Applegeek and I agree with you, AJ. (Continued in my second non-pinned comment.)
刘人宇 (4 months ago)
I just thought of something. What if EQ world never has magic. Twilight Sparkle has to solve every problems with true human world logic without resorting to magic and all antagonists are like true human antagonists without black magic, wouldn't that make EQ more appealing? Also, we find out RD is afraid of heights, Ha!
dolphin (4 months ago)
I dare you to watch the animated Dream of you's video!!
Feathernote Productions (5 months ago)
Gol D. Luffy (5 months ago)
Ian The Fanboy (5 months ago)
Is there a Easter Eggs?
Ian The Fanboy (5 months ago)
I love that guy
Letupita124hd (5 months ago)
Hey applegeek you see my main channel letupita725
Cody Lane (5 months ago)
Merry Christmas
Riddles 4 U (5 months ago)
Can you please React to bride of discord and daughter of discord? Its a very Funny fan fic, Kinda like remmemberance only... lets just Say diferent! By the way... a new rememberance ep just came out like a month ago!
My little pony VWS 002 (5 months ago)
The person that made my little pony friendship is magic they should make a pony world and the human world they should team up together to save both worlds before two worlds will be destroyed on a Special movie
ryan murphy (5 months ago)
12:00 Pinkie channels Sonata Dusk.
sparxstreak02 (5 months ago)
5:04 I thought they were called Wonder-COLTS in the human world?
Stephen Isaac (5 months ago)
I like the pony version of rarijack better.
Marita Schmitz (5 months ago)
flutterdash best ship
Pam gaskins (5 months ago)
the light magik form miar magik is sulestyus magik and this magik is lunus
DrakeyC (5 months ago)
The special that made Rarijack canon
Princess Sunset (5 months ago)
Like si te gusta my little pony
Nemuru (5 months ago)
React to remembrance episode 8!
THE Berrby (5 months ago)
I came to see him react to the E G shipping fuel.
Starshine Raincloud (4 months ago)
me too
Piper Woods (5 months ago)
RARIJACK gdfsrgsaeczjhfdycxfs
Shoto Todoroki (5 months ago)
I love how when rainbow pops into the white room her first thought is that they are trapped in a magic phone. It just so predictable by now isn’t it 😂 😆
eddog6666 (5 months ago)
40:20 wallflower blush is shown. Skin can darken when exposed to sunlight for the sun.
eddog6666 (5 months ago)
Most fans dislike this special because of the Rainbow dash is afraid of heights scene because she’s a Pegasus in pony world. They just don’t realize that this world Rainbow Dash is a girl who may have not have had any experience with high up spaces. And there are clues to her fear of heights all the way back in Equestria Girls 1. She’s fine when there is a ceiling but remove it she’s closest to the ground. And in both legend of everfree and forgotten friendship she was the first one to land.
Charmolution (5 months ago)
I-is this yuri?
Goosey Girl (5 months ago)
This is what adults think teens talk like nowadays.
MrSeyker (5 months ago)
A thing I love about this special, besides lots of really funny lines and the character interaction, is quite a bit of funny faces too. It's not as good as Forgotten Friendship, but it was highly entretaining nontheless.
Grace (5 months ago)
MrSeyker (5 months ago)
Applegeek, the two worlds are connected, even if one has talking ponies and the other one doesn't. The horse puns just stransfer because it's the theme of the series. Why is Canterlot High called that, why are the students called Wondercolts? Why is that place called Equestria Land? Because Ponies, that's it. There's nothing more to it.
Paradoxical Outcome (5 months ago)
I wonder if Equestria influenced cultural and historical development in the EqG-verse. If they did meddle enough to change things majorly, that might explain the prevalence of horse puns and Equestrian allusions.
Filly Jean (5 months ago)
We sing songs together!
GalacticEquestria21 (5 months ago)
This is a fun EG special!
Kelci F (5 months ago)
Who thinks the villain is from equestria because she knows a lot of equestria things
18skunk18 (5 months ago)
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year in advance. God Bless and take care.
Bryan Zero (5 months ago)
Sunset with a zinger 4:21-4:23
EditDeath (5 months ago)
Funny thing about the Flim Flam scene: when Sci Twi was spouting the laws of physics to Sunset the one thought that went through my mind was "this is the one person in the entire park able to understand that."
twist58 (5 months ago)
I have to say that aside from a G1 character appearing briefly alongside RD in one scene, the elder security guard could very well be a nod to Stan Lee’s various cameos.
23gameoverlord (5 months ago)
.....so.....are these random magical things in these special results of Equestrian artifacts just, slipping, into the world?
23gameoverlord (5 months ago)
also the AJ & Rarity ship is real, just not with the ponies.
Dari Paucar (5 months ago)
Hmmm love equestria girls
The Twilight Review (5 months ago)
Everyon hit the deck is shipping fuel. Yes, Equestr0n reference
MWSin1 (5 months ago)
I just want a compilation: Every Rarity dismissive noise.
Majestic Squares (5 months ago)
I think you’re too biased of Applejack and it’s pretty annoying :/ she didn’t know that her friends were missing because Vinnette tricked them. Before they realized that Applejack would never make something like that up, they believed Vinnette just like Rarity did. And Applejack WAS jealous so i don’t know why you were all triggered when Rarity called her out on it. If I was Rarity with all this pressure, I would be freaking out too and would be annoyed by Applejack about a friend being gone, because like her, Sunset, and Twilight said it’s a huge park with 50,000 people there, and I wouldn’t have been worried then either (because I obviously wouldn’t know anything magical was going on) I’m not a huge fan of Rarity, but I was on her side. Applejack was being pretty annoying with the whole jealousy thing.
Applegeek (4 months ago)
Of course I'm biased towards Applejack. What about me or my channel would lead you to believe otherwise? I've never hidden that fact, and I'm just as entitled to my own personal preferences as you are. That said, bias and perspective are two different things, and I think you are confusing them. Just because my perspective is that AJ is less in the wrong here doesn't mean I allowed my bias to dictate that conclusion without any supporting logic. I do my best to be fair in my analysis of the characters, and I've called AJ out on many things, which you should know if you've listened to my commentaries. Your accusation makes it sound like I'm the type of person to completely downplay any wrongdoing whatsoever by my favorite character, trying to make it look as if they can do no wrong, and that couldn't be further from the truth, as evidenced by the fact that in this commentary, I called her out on the fact that she was letting her jealousy affect her judgement, and she could've potentially messed things up really badly for Rarity. You are certainly welcome to your own opinion on this, but in my own personal opinion, Rarity was more in the wrong than Applejack this time around. Why? Rarity, was so busy (figuratively) kissing Vignette's shoes that she completely blew off AJ, her BEST friend, when introducing the whole gang to Vignette, and then proceeded to basically refuse any help from AJ, and seemed to give no thought at all to what AJ had given up for her to have this opportunity in the first place. She also refused to even consider the possibility that her friends could be in trouble. And finally, she flat-out said "nothing is bigger than the parade", which makes it abundantly clear that she had gotten her priorities in the wrong order, putting the job ahead of her friends. I get that she was stressed out, but that was no excuse for treating her friends the way she did. Applejack may have been wrong to act out the way she did because of her jealousy, but misguided as she might have been, her top priority was the safety of her friends, so you'll have to excuse me for having a hard time faulting her for that. AJ did the wrong thing, but for the right reason. Rarity just plain did the wrong thing, not in that she took the job (nothing wrong with that), but in how she treated Applejack afterward. So, that's my opinion, and the logic behind it. If you still disagree, then we will just have to agree to disagree on this one.
Nia Espinoza (5 months ago)
I.....do not.....ship.....RAIJACK!!!!!
LPS Ella (5 months ago)
you should react to this! https://youtu.be/BoswAFGw484
Cassie Crosby (5 months ago)
Good Sing!!!!!!!!!!!
Mia Le (5 months ago)
I hate this “special” but I do like your reactions so I’ll watch
UnicornPug 102 (5 months ago)
This has nothing to do with equestria girls, rather with FiM, there is one character that I really want to see come back, and that would be the one and only Babs seed!
MLPDethDealr32 (5 months ago)
The Rarijack is strong with this one XD.

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