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[Blind Reaction] Equestria Girls - CYOE Shorts 6-10

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Blind reaction to the Equestria Girls "Choose Your Own Ending" shorts 6-10: All the World's Off Stage Best Trends Forever Constructive Criticism Opening Fright Happily Ever After Party COPYRIGHTS: FAIR USE, Title 17, US Code (Sections 107-118 of the copyright law): All media in this video is used for purpose of review & commentary under terms of fair use. All footage, music & images used belong to their respective companies.
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Text Comments (192)
Mr. ZAP (5 days ago)
Sunset's improvisation is probably my favorite thing in all of these shorts.
Bob Flame (9 days ago)
Lol i ship pinkie pie and sunset shimmer
Jeff Holder (1 month ago)
Dash: Okay I read it... Me: YAAAS ANOTHER CURIOUS ONE!
Jeff Holder (1 month ago)
"A certain stalker." Yup! Zephyr Breeze stalks Dash!
Alan J (2 months ago)
13:06 Yeeeees!
Novaleigh Johnson (2 months ago)
This is rarity covered in confetti the next trend detention
Kyoko Ng (3 months ago)
Kyoko Ng (3 months ago)
LOL#2 8:06
Kyoko Ng (3 months ago)
LOL 5:18
Galaxia (3 months ago)
Rip 6 dislikes
Wolfy _YT (3 months ago)
What the hay Trixie
sitkin ator (4 months ago)
the tumbnail tho...
Wendy Master of magic (4 months ago)
Wolf Frost (4 months ago)
That thumbnail tho xD
Emily Kittenwill (4 months ago)
blaa6 (4 months ago)
I choose the following in order: Twilight and Pinkie Rainbow Dash with the others a close second Rainbow Dash with Pinkie in second Twilight, Sunset and AJ In best to "worst" Rainbow Dash (she deserved a bouquet so badly)
Edwin Jackson (5 months ago)
12:44 That reminds me so much of this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Oc8IAPjo7uY
Matt Romero (5 months ago)
This episode, make me laugh out.:-)!!
Matt Romero (5 months ago)
3rd choose. End: I dont understand math or science Question.
Matt Romero (5 months ago)
MLP Equestria girl are so awesome
Piper Woods (5 months ago)
Flash makes me want to never make any puns ever again. But I'm the pun queen. So I know I'll fail that..............in a Flash. xD send help
ariel gang (5 months ago)
that's more like the rainbow zone
Morgan B (5 months ago)
why would Applejack have a diary?
Marin Depuntis (5 months ago)
Luna Cat (5 months ago)
28:28 Voice crack
David Harrington (5 months ago)
applegeek:"whyyyyyyyyyyyyyy" my responce and reaction to mother bucking g5
Xiiiaya (5 months ago)
Why is flash here, noo🤦🏻‍♀️
Tyler Ingram (5 months ago)
Pinkie I love you ;)
Religious Prime (5 months ago)
Does anyone besides me notice that when Applejack says "I guess I could use a hand", she's actually gesturing to her broken hand?
Feathernote Productions (5 months ago)
Crystal Wing (6 months ago)
Hey applegeek, when do you think will your blind reaction to forgotten friendship be unremoved?
fluttercord fanatic (6 months ago)
Please reat to daughter of discord episode 8
Dakota Longmuir (6 months ago)
Hey apple geek you should watch the daughter or discord it’s amazing and you should watch it because the last episode came out!!!
Rainbow Noelle (6 months ago)
weather in a flash was cringy! XD
mispinchergamings (6 months ago)
it sure been a while form the last episode of my little pony. I am getting broad of looking
Burcu Erdogan (6 months ago)
Applegeek Of u got 100.000 Will u do My little pony movie?
Burcu Erdogan (6 months ago)
roblox20 0 (6 months ago)
React to the dazzlings By https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCW0SkPG0GzmdIF-baOY7HSA
Jacqueline Voss (6 months ago)
Rarity is best detective.
Jacqueline Voss (6 months ago)
Hurry pinkie use your forth wall breaking skills!
Jacqueline Voss (6 months ago)
Stalker level IS OVER 9000!!!
koushalya patel (6 months ago)
There more Equestria Girls mini series and forgotten friendship to see and August 4 2018
Will you ever re-upload your Forgotten Friendship reaction? I never got a chance to watch it.
Gary Lu Productions (6 months ago)
Lightning Strike Coalition Quite strange. For me, it works just fine.
Gary Lu Productions i went to Bitchute and it is not playing.
Gary Lu Productions (6 months ago)
Lightning Strike Coalition If you Google it, you can find it uploaded on another website.
Seth Carlow (6 months ago)
Good reaction to the Equestria Girls. what a video.
Gary Lu Productions (6 months ago)
38:10 How did they get the name “Cutie Mark Crusaders” in this world?
George Harvey (6 months ago)
(Continued from my other comment.) 24:49-34:42 Opening Night. 24:52 The play is finally here. 24:54-25:56 Hi Lyra and Bon-Bon. 24:57 Hi Flash in a false beard. 24:58-25:11 Rarity's acting. Also, Applegeek's reaction. 25:11-25:19 Twilight sounds like Granny Smith. You said it first, Applegeek. 25:15-25:18 I have to admit, that's some pretty good makeup. Twilight and Flash do look convincingly elderly. 25:16 Twilight almost hits Flash with a saucepan. 25:23 Rarity's acting. 25:27-25:32 Hi Bulk Biceps. So he really is a lump of coal in this. I didn't know he also did ballet though XD 25:32-25:53 RAINBOW DASH?! OH MY GOSH, WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! XD There is no way she willingly auditioned for that part - you can tell by her acting. It must've literally been the only role they had left. 25:42-25:45 No one can. 25:53-25:56 Your timing was a bit off there, Sunset. 26:05 Don't ask me, Rarity designed them. Also, Hi Snips and Snails. 26:10-26:14 Fluttershy is still nervous. 26:28-26:34 Fluttershy literally being put under the spotlight. 26:35-26:46 Snip and Snails fighting causes the bell to break. Now they have to improvise the ending. 26:46-27:46 The Applejack Ending; where she goes on stage as - I can't believe I'm saying this - a magical talking apple tree. 26:54-27:03 Applegeek's reaction. 27:03-27:14 Just play along, Rainbow Dash. 27:14-27:20 Applejack tries to pick up the bell, but her costume won't let her. At first. 27:20-27:35 Come on, Fluttershy, that's your cue. 27:31-27:35 "Flutter on over. Don't be shy." 28:11-30:08 Skip. 30:08-30:47 The Twilight Ending; where she fixes the bell with her telekinesis. 30:08-30:18 Sunset tries to signal for Twilight to use her powers. 30:18-30:21 Your pendant, Twilight! 30:21-30:31 That's the perfect cover up. 30:35 Fluttershy gets hit in the head. Good thing she was wearing a helmet. 30:36-30:39 I don't think so. 31:13-33:09 Skip. 33:09-33:22 The Sunset Shimmer Ending; where she goes on stage as "The Assistant Director of the Play of Life." 33:18 Wait? Assistant director? Then who was the main director? I always thought it was her. 33:22-33:24 Applegeek's reaction. 33:26-33:44 I'm not sure if you're really helping, Sunset. 33:44-33:49 I take it back, it looks like it's working. 33:49-33:54 Sunset goes Hamlet. 33:55 I agree. 33:58-34:08 However, this is silly. Also, Applegeek's reaction. 34:02 Snips and Snails saying "dong-ding." 34:14 Those faces. 34:19-34:22 Snips and Snails crying. 34:47-42:21 Happily Ever After Party. 34:55 Why so sad Crusaders? 34:58-35:02 Those lines. 35:12-35:34 The CMCs want to show a slideshow at the after party of all the great memories they had making the play. But Mr. Cranky Doodle won't let them borrow his projector. 35:21-35:25 Scootaloo mimicking Mr. Doodle. 35:34-36:43 The Applejack Ending; where she has a stubborn-off with Mr. Doodle. 35:44-35:50 Applegeek's reaction. 35:50-36:14 While AJ talks with Mr. Doodle the CMCs sneak the projector away. 36:00-36:04 The classic replace it with a bad lookalike trick. 36:20 Hi Spike. Did he even get to be in the play? 36:21 Hi Trixie. 36:30 Busted! Also, Hi Lyra and Bon-Bon. 36:33-36:39 Or not busted. Also, Applegeek's reaction. 37:08-37:55 Skip. 37:56-39:48 The Rarity Ending; where she points out the projector isn't Mr Doodle's property. 38:10-39:18 Court is now in session. Rarity is best lawyer. 38:11 Hold on? Cutiemark Crusaders?! I know it's what they're called in Equestria, but the human world doesn't have Cutiemarks. Also, wasn't it confirmed that their CMC name stands for Canterlot Movie Club? This is a major oversight by the writer. 38:31-39:02 Rarity goes in for the kill. 39:04 Nice comment, Applegeek. 39:04 Mr. Doodle is speechless. 39:06-39:10 He didn't take an oaf, but Rarity is still right. 39:18-39:30 Mr. Doodle makes a fair point, but Rarity has a solution. 39:30-39:33 Hi Micro-Chips, Snips, Snails, Bulk Biceps and Lyra rubbing a balloon on Bon-Bon's head - static electricity is fun. 39:42-39:45 Hi Trixie and Flash. Also, Mr. Doodle dancing the robot, with a lamp shade on his head. Also, Applegeek's reaction. 40:13-41:00 Skip. 41:00-42:21 The Rainbow Dash Ending; where she has the CMCs create a distraction. 41:00 Mr. Doodle marking test papers. 41:03-41:06 "Right, but..."? Are you determined to fail your students Mr. Doodle? Also, Applegeek's reaction. 41:04-41:13 The CMCs claim there's a full blown "math emergency" - "math-mergency" - backstage. 41:10-41:23 You said it all for me, Applegeek. 41:20-42:21 Rainbow Dash stealth mode. 41:23 Well, they did steal it in the Applejack Ending didn't they? 41:29 Why is there a half-eaten donut in there? 41:32-41:34 Gotta love those black bars. 41:38 A confiscated games console and some dice from...Ogres and Oogliettes? 41:39-41:45 Exactly Applegeek. He'd be arrested if he stole it. 41:44-41:47 Technically, she is just borrowing it. 41:48 Snips and Snails stuffing themselves with cookies. Also, hi Mirco-Chips. 41:52 Hi Bulk Biceps. 42:08-42:21 The plan backfired. The CMCs almost miss the party because Mr. Doodle is explaining how to solve the math-mergency in detail. In the order that was shown, my favourite endings were the Micro-Chips Ending; the Rainbow Dash Ending - although they were all pretty great there; the Rainbow Dash Ending again; the Sunset Shimmer Ending; and the Rarity Ending. Overall, this was a really fun little experiment by Hasbro and I wouldn't mind seeing more of it in the future. Now let's see what Applegeek thinks of the new Equestria Girls special, Roller Coaster Friendship.
George Harvey (6 months ago)
Considering I needed three comments to say everything I wanted to for the first set, I'm just going to save my words for the highlights. Here they are: 0:55-8:56 All the World's Off Stage. 0:58-1:22 Sunset Shimmer is best director. Also, I love her all-black look. 0:59 Hi CMCs. 1:01-1:07 That really is funny if you think about it. 1:04 Hi Flash Century. 1:09-1:13 Hi Snips and Snails. And they are not ready. 1:13-1:20 She skipped two numbers actually. 1:16 Pyro? Don't you mean fog, Sunset? 1:22-1:29 Snips and Snails are off cue. 1:36 Sunset Shimmer blowing her fringe. 1:37-1:44 Sunset Shimmer berating Snips and Snails. 1:55-2:59 The Twilight Ending; where she moves the set using a droid instead of her telekinesis. 1:58-2:05 Where'd she go? 2:07 Oh looks it's R2-D2 and BB8's cousin. 2:10-2:20 I was just thinking the same thing, Sunset. Also, Applegeek's reaction. 2:18-2:25 Snips and Snails aren't happy that they're replaced by a robot. Judgement Day is coming! Also, Applegeek's reaction. 2:25-2:30 No Snails, it's a school play and you're volunteers. 2:38-2:40 So do I. 2:38-2:59 Twilight's robot does the job. But then she replaces the set with her telekinesis. 2:59-3:16 Applegeek's reaction. 3:12 Again, Sam To is a really unusual name. 3:25-4:35 Like before, I'm skipping the repeated intros. 3:27-3:30 Yes, yes you are. 3:57-4:00 It's a play, Applegeek, don't question it. 4:25-4:28 This section is new because now it has Pinkie and Micro-Chips offering to help out. Also, Hi Micro-Chips. Also, Applegeek's reaction. 4:35-5:26 The Pinkie Ending; where she uses balloons to move the set. 4:36-4:43 There was also a deleted scene in Forgotten Friendship where he spoke - that's why he was in the credits. 4:39-4:43 Sunset doesn't think they have time for balloons, but Pinkie insists they make time - quite loudly. 4:46-4:52 Maybe Snails has seen IT.?p That's why he's so afraid. 4:52-4:54 Snips loves balloons. 4:56-5:00 Applegeek's reaction. 4:59-5:09 Pinkie baffles Sunset, Applegeek and me saying the balloons aren't for the set. They are the set. 5:04-5:09 Pinkie refuses to explain herself. 5:09-5:26 Pinkie shows off a new set made of balloons. Also, Applegeek's reaction. 5:21-5:44 I agree. 5:51-7:01 Skip. 7:01-8:35 The Micro-Chips Ending; where he convinces Bulk Biceps to move the set. 7:02-7:14 Micro-Chips explains why the pully-system won't work for the set. 7:15-7:24 Snips tries to insult Micro-Chips, but he counters it with logic. 7:24-7:27 That face. Also, Applegeek's reaction. 7:26-7:30 What is Snails saying there? 7:30-7:33 Yes he did. 7:41 Hi Bulk Biceps. 7:43-7:46 Applegeek's reaction. 7:47-7:53 Bulk Biceps playing a lump of coal?! XD That must the equivalent to playing a tree or donkey in the Nativity. Also, Applegeek's reaction. 7:55 That "what". 8:05-810 Bulk Biceps is best train conductor and sound effect. Also, Applegeek's reaction. 8:13-8:26 Micro-Chips explains how he convinced Bulk Biceps to help. 8:26-8:33 Good for you Bulk. But now they need a new train prop. 8:30 I said it first, Applegeek. 8:33-8:35 Did she mean that literally or sarcastically? 8:38-8:41 I think it's my favourite, too. 9:00-16:41 Best Trends Forever. 9:03-9:14 Hi Flash doing a weather forecast. Also, those were terrible puns with your name. Is it any wonder so many Bronies hate you? Also, Applegeek's reaction. 9:14 Shiny tooth smile. 9:16-9:44 Rarity giving a trends forecast. Also, her bag looks like it has a face. 9:21-9:23 I agree. 9:24 "Your on-trend friend." 9:25 Rarity has forgotten her Prim Hemline Style Guide and forcing her to make up a trend on the spot. 9:31 Why does she have a diamond in there? 9:38 That face. 9:39 Listen to Applegeek, Rarity. 9:40-9:42 Rarity once made a skirt out of bracelets. 9:44-10:56 The Pinkie Ending; where the latest trend is confetti. 9:48-9:58 Pinkie is crazy to find out the latest trend is confetti. Also, Applegeek's reaction. 9:56 Confetti explosion. 10:02 Twilight's face. 10:04 Diamond shield. 10:08 More confetti explosions. 10:10-10:17 Maybe. But isn't it all the students' responsibility to make sure their school stays tidy? (And don't say it's the janitor's.) 10:14-10:27 Clean up time with geode powers. 10:22-10:26 Twilight! You're better than that. 10:27 Agreed. 10:35 Twilight/Rarity/Applejack: "We know." 10:40 Applepsychic. 10:45-10:47 The biggest confetti explosion ever. 10:45-11:13 Applegeek's reaction. 10:50-10:54 I think so, Rarity. I think so, too, Applegeek. 10:54-10:56 Pinkie Pie swimming in confetti. 11:22-12:06 Skip. 11:43-11:47 I agree. 12:06-13:20 The Rainbow Dash Ending; where the latest trend is rainbows. 12:15-13:10 Everybody at Canterlot High is sporting rainbow hair and Rarity can't find the real Rainbow Dash. 12:16 Hi Rainbow Trixie. 12:18-12:29 Applegeek's reaction. 12:26-12:29 Rarity is "late for being over there." 12:30 Hi Rainbow Derpy. 12:30-12:32 I'm shocked nobody has tried it sooner. 12:35 Applegeek's reaction. 12:36 Hi Rainbow Snips and Snails. 12:41-12:43 Hi Rainbow Granny Smith. Also, Applegeek and Rarity's reactions. 12:44-12:51 Hi Rainbow Bulk. Also, Applegeek's reaction. 12:46 That face. 12:49-13:11 Twilight Zone reference. 12:58 Hi Rainbow Sliver Spoon and Diamond Tiara. 13:01-13:07 Hi Rainbow Zephyr Breeze. Also, Applegeek's reaction. 13:10 There's the real deal. 13:11 Rarity freaks out. 13:15-13:38 You seriously don't know, Dash? Also, Applegeek's reaction. 13:45-14:30 Skip. 14:30-16:19 The Twilight Ending; where the latest trend is science. 14:35-15:32 Everybody at Canterlot High sports glasses and follows Twilight's example. 14:36-14:43 Hi Trixie, Snips and Snails in glasses. Also, Applegeek's reaction. 14:43 Trixie doesn't know what a bound stack of paper is called. A BOOK, Trixie. 14:50 Applegeek and Twilight say "the library" at the same time. 14:51 Hi Silver Spoon and Diamond Tiara in glasses. 14:57-15:22 Silver Spoon and Diamond Tiara speak for the first time in Equestria Girls. Also, Applegeek's reaction. 14:59-15:02 Yes, those are real words. 15:23 Hi Lyra, Bon-Bon, Bulk Biceps and CMCs in glasses. 15:28-15:32 Hi Micro-Chips, who already wears glasses. Also, those science cheers. 16:00-16:05 That was repeated almost word for word from Rarity at the end of Fame and Misfortune. 16:05 Twilight and Rarity hug. 16:08-16:19 Capes are the new trend and the crowd immediately changes interests. 16:15-16:19 Poor Micro-Chips. Oh, he's fine. 16:16 Very funny, Applegeek. 16:45-24:45 Constructive Criticism. 16:53-16:59 Applejack is best and only set designer. 16:59-17:07 Sunset Shimmer likes Applejack's work, but worries it won't be finished in time. 17:12 They later reused that line in Non-Compete Clause. 17:18-17:31 Sunset Shimmer distracts Applejack, causing her to hammer her hand. 17:32 Hi nurse Red Heart. 17:45-17:49 Most likely. Also, get it? She could use a "hand." 17:49-19:15 The Rainbow Dash Ending; where she gets everything done quickly. 17:59 Spinning hardhat. 18:01-18:25 Rainbow Dash finishes the set in less than 30 seconds, despite protests from Applejack. 18:27-18:56 The results are better than AJ expected. Because Rainbow Dash copied her "greenprint"/vision board instead. 18:59-19:03 She ran to AJ's house while she was building? Her super speed is incredible. 19:04-19:09 Rainbow Dash almost gets in trouble for what she says. Also, Applegeek's reaction. 19:09 Those faces. 19:13-19:15 Wait, she did read it?! RAINBOW DASH! 19:40-20:45 Skip. 20:45-21:41 The Pinkie Ending; where she uses drumming to get everything done. 21:00-21:24 Constructive drumming. Although I doubt hammering is the only job that needs doing. 21:08-21:11 Applejack getting in the groove. Also, Applegeek's reaction. 22:06-23:11 Skip. 23:11-24:24 The Photo Finish Ending; where she has her own ideas. 23:11 Hi Photo Finish. 23:17 "Mouth close please." 23:19-23:22 Applejack speaking through Photo's finger. 23:22-23:34 She's so entertaining whenever she speaks. 23:47 A giant disco ball. 23:52 Photo hushes Applejack again. 23:59-24:02 Look with your heart Applejack. 24:02-24:05 A funny comparison. 24:06-24:12 A digital light set. She must be friends with Vinyl Scratch. 24:19 "I go." (Continued in my other comment.)
Brian Shoubert (6 months ago)
I like your reactions! =)
Pinkie Pie (6 months ago)
Are you related to my friend Applejack?
Casey Tian (6 months ago)
I'm actually afraid of balloons. When Snips popped one I screamed xD
Tanner Grinzel (3 months ago)
Casey Tian snips is played by the guy who played bling bling
Please do reaction on "Ballad about princess Platinum and two sisters" from dark room collaboration ("Баллада о принцессе Платине и 2-ух сестрах"). This is Russian version of song in animamation so don't forget turn on English subtitles.) P.S This is really good animamation. Sorry about my English.
Max1238 (6 months ago)
39:04 reminds me of a surprised muppet face XD
Please, make reaction to video: "My kingdom for a pmv".
Ryujin (6 months ago)
Yeah, Equestria Shorts, CYOE and so on are basically a way for wtiters to just go all out with their imagination. And I for one respect that. PS. Bulk Biceps with long rainbow hair... am I the only one who got "The 80's Hero" vibes?
Thevikapro secret (6 months ago)
Reaction my little anime galaxyart
minkie marshmallow (6 months ago)
Can you watch princess trixie sparkle
zeta okoroha (6 months ago)
Can you please react to miraculous ladybug?
CreativeArtStudios (6 months ago)
38:11 did she say "cutie mark crusaders" doesn't she mean canterlot movie club?
Tanner Grinzel (3 months ago)
CreativeArtStudios yeah they were the cutie mark crusaders in the show
Dalek Scientist (6 months ago)
So they are caled cutei Mark crusaders in this world too? What are cute I marks in this world?
Christian Galvan (6 months ago)
Dalek Scientist I know right but shouldn’t they be called the canterlot movie club like in One of the summertime shorts
Crystal Wing (6 months ago)
Well now that you've watched the EQG CYOE 's, can you watch the other EQG digi series shorts that you havent seen? 😊
Raxian (6 months ago)
Hey Applegeek, If I may ask...how do you avoid the "Blocked Globally" strike on YouTube for your reactions? I made a promise to make some reactions and I am getting hit with that.
Ruby Rose (6 months ago)
The robot job bpart reminds me of detroit become human
dazzaroony2911 (6 months ago)
Is it me Or Does shiny city look like a mini crystal empire
My little pony YT (6 months ago)
I hope you'll like it Applegeek https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ETpJ0nxdK_w
Alison Orozco (6 months ago)
13:11 i would have liked it better if she said everyone looks about 20% cooler
LegitLVBrony 2592 (6 months ago)
"The skies will clear up in a flash". Me: *No. Just, no* 😒😒
Jackie Gonzalez (6 months ago)
13:03 Me:WHAT THE FU—!?
Autum Breeze (6 months ago)
12:14 "Rainbows, Darling. Rainbows!" And the scary thing is that THAT is a phrase Tabitha has already been well acquainted with
Hope Gibson (6 months ago)
Malachy the Shade (6 months ago)
Plz react to Cuphead meets mlp, its THAT good!!!!
TheFunnyguy9000 (6 months ago)
16:12 Edna: NO CAPES!
MrSeyker (6 months ago)
I prefer the Applejack ending of All The World's Off Stage because it's a nice continuation of the Fluttershy/Applejack bonding started if you follow the Applejack ending of Fluttershy's Butterflies (which the short itself seems to be following).
Marisa hamel (6 months ago)
Yay Rarity you and Pinkie Pie are the best
Marisa hamel (6 months ago)
No photo finish get out of here
Marisa hamel (6 months ago)
Pinky you did a good job
Marisa hamel (6 months ago)
Wow rainbow you did a pretty good job
Marisa hamel (6 months ago)
Confetti always a good choice
Arthus850 (6 months ago)
Applejack injuring herself on a construction job hits me a bit too close to home. Well, not me personally, and it didn't involve a hammer, but a friend of mine was in a set construction crew for a play, and he was one of the best in the group. Sadly, he became a bit too comfortable using the table saw and cut his thumb off. Luckily they were able to reattach it, but he won't feel that thumb for a few years.
Bryan McLendon Jr (6 months ago)
When are you reacting to forgotten friendship?
Yukito Hyuga (6 months ago)
Funny fact, when my brother was little he was afraid of balloons🤔🎈
Yukito Hyuga (6 months ago)
And I love the Sunset involved 😍
Cinnamon Sun (6 months ago)
Applegeek how did you make your intro I really would like one like that
treehugger0241 (6 months ago)
You're reaction to Zephyr Breeze was just the best XD XD XD
Derpy Muffins (6 months ago)
Applegeek can you react to My little pony:Winter Wishes Festival? I personally think it's worth watching, unlike the other G3 stuff.
Bon Bon (6 months ago)
10:23 Looks like this Twilight has the same modus operandi as Starswirl the Bearded :q Sooner or later she will start throwing stuff off through portals to another worlds ;q 11:53 Is it me or Rarity's bag looks totally like a tiny room with furniture? :J 14:36 OK this should be a trend in Human World someaday. Maybe then the human race wouldn't be doomed :q 16:10 Dem lemmings :P 18:25 OK, now I'm really impressed by Rainbow Dash, for a change :J 41:10 Hahahah best one so far :D Also "It's worse than → i ← could have → imagined! ←" :) Well, at least my human counterpart isn't trying to divide by 0 :q Humans are not ready for that knowledge yet :q
Dennis Billington (6 months ago)
They float. THEY ALL FLOAT!!!
Travis De La Fuente (6 months ago)
The geek's name is Micro Chips.
YugiBrony the Second (2 months ago)
He is no geek! He's a genius!!!😎
Stephen Isaac (6 months ago)
that thumbnail is hilarious! lol XD 😂
Arthus850 (6 months ago)
James Kirk? Micro Chips' voice actor's name is James Kirk? He must get more Star Trek related comments than William Shatner.
chosen8201 (6 months ago)
I like the trend one . . . as well as the reaction to the Celestia ending. That one kind of broke me as well . . .
Spyro (6 months ago)
EpicDweeb (6 months ago)
Can we all just agree the world would be a better place if capes WERE in fact in fashion?
Bon Bon (6 months ago)
You can always start one ;J
I am the only one who thinks Photo Finish is the pony equivalent of Edna Mode? XD
Averie Aubree (2 months ago)
No offense but its Edna Moda
Autum Breeze (6 months ago)
Marinette/Ladybug Dupain-Cheng 😲 whoa. Never thought about it, but yeah
Jessica Kasumi (6 months ago)
The play seems to me like a parody of The Coal Miner's Daughter which is based off of Loretta Lynn.
Mark Caci (6 months ago)
Plz react to toucanldm :)
Wave Electro (6 months ago)
Это видео Мне Очень понравилось, было забавно и любопытно глядеть. Но жалко, что я не сообразил практически ни 1-го слова(
Wave Electro (6 months ago)
Bon Bon thanks you!
Bon Bon (6 months ago)
Translation for non-Russians: "I liked this video very much. It was funny and interesting to see. Too bad that I didn't understand a word in it :( " Damn, watching those Russians talk in Pony.Town really did pay off :) Now I understand some of their language ;)
Petross808 (6 months ago)
I've just came across spoilers for the next half of the season 8 including season finale, so watch out. You really don't want to be spoiled for that.
Slender Mane (6 months ago)
This question might have surfaced before, although I've never seen an answer to it so I'm gonna ask again. Ever considered reacting to the My Little Portal series? Obviously it's a series of animated episodes featuring a crossover world of MLP x Portal and have a lot of work put into them. You can find the playlist here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i5f7zzkX1Nc&list=PLuUUN65Dt62WoeIRbROGHpMRNgWC-05BC It does contain several violent scenes, so if you are uncomfortable with that I can understand.
Michael McJunkin (6 months ago)
If I have to choose an ending for each short I say: All the World's Off Stage: Bulk Biceps/science geek(but I guess Twilight's seems canon) Best Trends Forever: Twilight's ending Constructive Criticism: Rainbow Dash's ending Opening Night: Twilight's ending (but I guess Applejack's ending seems more canon) Happily Ever After Party: Rarity's ending
Rocky 3:16 (6 months ago)
Finally he is back !
Rebecca W (6 months ago)
12:45 I’m having Friendship is Manly Flashbacks XD
fictionfan0 (2 months ago)
Great. Thank you so much. I *just* got that dumb video out of my head.
S.S.S.S .B (6 months ago)
Rebecca W me to
Donald Bolling (6 months ago)
never queen pinky pie ever 😐
ParadoxBrony (6 months ago)
Sunset in all black is awesome.
Christian Galvan (6 months ago)
ParadoxBrony yep she definitely looks good in black
Donald Bolling (6 months ago)
never queen pinky pie ever 😐
Edward256 (6 months ago)
I feel sorry for you who had to sit through the "chalk-board set" screaching by and the Flash pun 3 times. Then again, there are people who had to sit through EVERYTHING from the beginning just to check out all the answers. 7:00 I would think the smart thing for him to do would be redesign the pully system where more wheels would lighten the load. Not just wheels on the set, but how many wheels the rope would run around. 13:24 "Rainbows, Dahling, Rainbows!" XD In Constructive Critisism, I would think it would make more sense if Sunset was trying to shout over a power tool. Although that would get kinda messy on the slip-up...
Bon Bon (6 months ago)
More wheels = more friction ;J Think again... Actually I was a bit disappointed that he went with simple machines instead of constructing an antigravity device :q

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