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KMFDM - Light [LIVE Salvation Tour 2015] COMA Music Magazine

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KMFDM - Light Salvation Tour 2015 with CHANT. Filmed in Boston / Philadelphia. Cameras + Editing by Luke Haughwout, Kyle Reed, Mandi Martini facebook.com/mechanicalharvest Be sure to check us out www.comamusicmagazine.com for more videos, reviews, interview, artist features and more.
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TheVoiceOfTruth (8 months ago)
KMFDM > Rammstein
Chaotic Atmosphere (1 year ago)
Jeff Doe (1 year ago)
kmfdm. Better than the fucking best.
Carsten Kaeppler (2 years ago)
seen them many times. I miss En Esch.
v0id19 (2 years ago)
K M F D M d o i n g i t a g a i n
Dédé cé (2 years ago)
I need to listen it again. Just to be sure that's DOPE ! love #kmfdm
Cody Khaos (2 years ago)
I went to the St.Louis Mo date of that tour. Best show ever
HeinkelG2 (3 years ago)
I was there for when they played in Los Angles, and so far it still stands as one of the best concerts I've ever been too. Coming from someone who'd been listening to these guys for almost 8 years, I couldn't have been more satisfied. The Two day long tinnitus, soreness, and sprained wrist was all worth it. KMFDM sucks!!!
JessSVC (3 years ago)
It's cool to see a couple of pro shot KMFDM videos online again, was Money recorded? Adios was the only song from the set I didn't get at my show.
The Industrial Bitch (3 years ago)
I love it!  Great energy guys! ;-)
Chemical Musician (3 years ago)
I never thought I'll say it, but... It was fucking great! I think Sascha looked younger and sounded too! I enjoyed this live, in these six minutes they were better than the best! And it's just my favorite song from Angst. It was wonderful, I was fell in love.
COMA Music Magazine (3 years ago)
+Alexandra14238 Thank you!
ChoseABetterName (3 years ago)
Awesome video but out of all the songs they played, you chose to record the one that's been played to death ;-)
COMA Music Magazine (3 years ago)
+ChoseABetterName Fear not, there are many more videos coming soon!
Boneymean (3 years ago)
Hell Yea!
Chrgha illusions (3 years ago)
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