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Alan Walker & Mood Melodies on creating Alone – The Track

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We join Norwegian artist Alan Walker in the studio, along with his production partner Mood Melodies, to find out about the creation of Walker's massive single Alone. This installment of The Track is supported by Universal Audio. Find out more about their DSP interfaces and UAD plugins: http://www.uaudio.com/
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Text Comments (3205)
we live , we love , we lie
Bang Kek (11 hours ago)
He's not lying but he more PRO at FL studio 12,maybe at 2019 he is very Pro because he has learn the software in that video!
Tyler Durden (1 day ago)
Actually I think I figured it out. Alan comes up with all the melodies, which is really important to his tracks, and then he has other people do all the engineering. Alan probably is the one who has the last say on how each element to the track sounds. Having a good ear for knowing what sounds good is very important. Each play a pivotal role, whereas one by them self would make a failed track
Tyler Durden (1 day ago)
I can at least rest assured that Alan made the original song Spectre when he was on NCS. The new version "The Spectre" is like my favorite current song in existence. He didn't have a ghost producer when he was on NCS did he? That will break my heart
Tyler Durden (1 day ago)
Time: 5:00 AM Maybe Alan didn't have his coffee yet
Florbelove (1 day ago)
I see that Alan did a good job and showed how he work with his team. obviously he nervous and shy because he is learning how work with new and advanced music programs. He started making music just with his laptop. He is the owner of all his melodies.
Elmo (2 days ago)
"My dad helped me with my Homework..."
Elmo (2 days ago)
Oh me gad 😍 Alan wolker ♥️me know me not olone me know me not olone 🙈 oh me gad 😍 awwww 🌹💝
Areeba Suleman (4 days ago)
He was 19 at that time and he had language problem and you can clearly see he is really nervous.
Angel Torres (5 days ago)
Desde mexico chal si
Angel Torres (5 days ago)
Wooou hermoso 😃😃😃😃
# Hashtag (10 days ago)
Sebo HALO (10 days ago)
Music 2000 ps1 game
DJ ReX (12 days ago)
Just because alans ghost producer did the track that doesnt mean he faked faded, fade,spectre...all those songs were by him and just him...he did it all....and so that does explain he is talented
Moabeat HBP (13 days ago)
why Cubase?
hemant meena (13 days ago)
He only ghost produce alone or his every music is by ghost producer .
Pizzle mah fizzle (14 days ago)
Why is it so surprising that the “co-producer” actually worked and added to the track. This is pretty standard for any pop music production and to think otherwise is delusional.
Mic Love (15 days ago)
Alan can make music? thats right how? alan produce Faded Use fl studio and faded popular after 1 years faded popular mood melodies is trying to help alan cause alan is very young so the conclusion is alan can make music mood melodies help alan make music
Me mili (18 days ago)
He is the best 🖤
핸드크림 (20 days ago)
I want korean subtitle :)
Salina's Slime World (21 days ago)
Why does nobody think that he can’t concentrate with all this cameras or something? 😂
Abhy Nox (25 days ago)
I know Alan can produce. The only thing i wonder is why he using Cubase?
Evil Night (26 days ago)
Alan Wallet fake productor >:v
Slur Beats (29 days ago)
So Alan Walker is a music producer who needs a co-producer to produce his music?
Akash philip Mathew (1 month ago)
Hearty congrats from india for being egoless
hfdkefds (1 month ago)
as producer studying music production in SWEDEN this is really painful to watch
kiew79 bdg (1 month ago)
Hmm........ ok
Galang Rizky (1 month ago)
where fan's alan walker like
iEva. (1 month ago)
Seriously why so much hate on Alan? Just because he didn’t talk much doesn’t mean he barely made the track. We don’t know anything behind the scenes so don’t judge a book by its cover.
M Abzu (1 month ago)
jajajaajaajja xD estaba un poco nervioso creo
Fazri Arrashyi putra (1 month ago)
Thunder Bolt (1 month ago)
Nothing to write😊 Just kidding Maybe he can't speak english So co producer explain it so don't think he actually can't make music
muze (1 month ago)
So.... he makes music without any knowledge of music theory....? WTF is that talented man
Flame LavaYt (1 month ago)
Im like alan Walker
Akrmnrmhmd 4329 (1 month ago)
2018 unsubscribe Alan Walker
Leeknowbeats (1 month ago)
Alan can't produce alone. He's the milli vanilli of trash trance
Louis Logan (1 month ago)
Please, swap
Co producer talk 85% Adam Walker talk 15% How tf do you know by this video how much of the track he made. Do you think that the co producer wouldn't do this by himself if he could?
Sleept through the video ,,
Sa Ya (1 month ago)
He is a actual musician....talks less does more
Surjakanta Singh (1 month ago)
He was only 19 1st interview+ languge problem, You would get nervous too.
alan walker (1 month ago)
Coisa mais confusa mais da hora
Us3r Died (1 month ago)
So dissapointing
Fallen Viktor (2 months ago)
hahaha this is a joke :D
Wong Wai-Kit (2 months ago)
So he is just a puppet? So most DJ also the same? They put the handsome guy and sexy girl as the "DJ". They true people who work on the music is behind it.
Brando Rajagukguk (2 months ago)
He Can ...
REAY (2 months ago)
Why his co producer was not mentioned in the official release?
The Fact Hub (2 months ago)
WTF why cubase?
THE sergiox 570 (2 months ago)
Yo ayudando a mi hermanito :v
Fandyus (2 months ago)
Haha and I used to be a fan of this guy. What a fraud he’s turned into.
indra dwi (2 months ago)
Kesimpulannya adl??? Org indonesia monggo.... 👍
The Monzter (2 months ago)
¡Alan Suck's!
Alim Ali (2 months ago)
Alim Ali (2 months ago)
If you check his channel you will see the behind the scenes of him making alone. Probably he is not familiar with this software.
3LNO (2 months ago)
23:37 "The drop is probably 30 synths". CPU should've gone flank sinatra on them
Het Barot (2 months ago)
Alan Walker's songs were like one of the best on my playlist. This guy had inspired me till I watched this. This can't be the guy who took me to another world. This is just a guy with a cloth wrapped on his face blabbing shit. well I hope that at least other songs are not ghost produced or I will loose my hope on these guys.
Sound Maker (2 months ago)
Joesak Effendi (2 months ago)
Joesak Effendi (2 months ago)
Why aslways Alan walker used he's mask??
Kevin (2 months ago)
what software?
ABS3XNTT (2 months ago)
2018. Y sigue siendo un. Cagada jaajab
aqil rayyan vevo (2 months ago)
You is fu*king and s**h man fuck dick man fuck fuck fuck fuck 40kali
Jose Silva (2 months ago)
Before saying anything about Alan, please watch this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UEFI3l3oRbY
Manny Diaz (2 months ago)
You may see the lyrics of spectre, the lyrics of spectre really tells that he made a mistake saying that he won't do that again so please no hate to me and alan walker but if you still hate him, I got nothing to do just don't tell many words that hurt each other's feelings please imagine if you are alan walker being downed by other people. Also,Fade was made BEFORE he was signed by sony. That is why Sony picked faded. They wouldn't pick it and put it public if it is faked. We live. We love. We lie.
WALKER ENJOY (2 months ago)
I love you Alan Walker
Threesha Hadianty (2 months ago)
It's pretty normal to work WITH another producers y'all
Ritesh Baswal (2 months ago)
I want one answer alan walker use ghost producer or not ???
Salina's Slime World (21 days ago)
No, it just the Co-producer use Cubase but Alan use Fl Studio. When he (Alan) will take HIS laptop with the FL Studio he will know how to use. He just doesn’t know how to use Cubase
epicsuper unicorn38 (1 month ago)
+Priyam Chakraborty Yeah, I agree he didn't work on his own after leaving NCS. But co-producers and ghost-producers are different things. Co-producers in a nutshell help the artist create the track but the artist does most of the work. Ghost-producers anonymously produce the entire track by themselves which is then credited to the artist. Alan has stated multiple times that he has co-producers.
epicsuper unicorn38 (2 months ago)
no he's not. He just works with other producers and Mood Melodies uses a program that Alan doesn't know well. Alan uses FL studios to write his songs. Don't believe everything you hear from others.
Pratama Putra Wijaya (2 months ago)
Pop industry is been using ghost writer and producer since forever.. He is using one.. Its business
Abadi Ponsel (3 months ago)
fuck alan walker
Carlos Augusto (3 months ago)
I love you, co producer ❤❤✌
Our Gamer (3 months ago)
Don't blaim Alan he is good at FL studio he can't understand this daw that's y he is getting problem
Noe Vargas (3 months ago)
Does Really Alan Walker Knows how to make / Produce Music ? `cause I wonder that if you produce your track , you may know how to explain it !!!!!!
Anirudh Amalraj (3 months ago)
And we also have uh... alterboy doing uh uh...whatever it does uhhhhh "PITCH AUTOMATION!!!"
BAPB (3 months ago)
why would alan walker use cubase in this video while he is creating music in fl studio 😐 but all daw have more similarities than diffrences so if you can operate 1 daw you can basically operate all daw
BAPB (3 months ago)
Nexus 4 life yea
muhammad Fauzi (3 months ago)
Onat Önder (3 months ago)
He made the fade, spectre himself, then got famous and he couldnt find any spare time to produce (because of the concerts, festivals etc.) then he found himself in the middle of ghost production thing. End of the story
WrathOfDarkness (3 months ago)
I would like to present an argument to those who state that Alan Walker is just a faker. Why? Why would Sony need him? If he was faking it all wouldn't that mean he has nothing to give. It would be much better to use, let's say, a conman if all you wanted was a figurehead. Think in your own place, who would you want, an introvert young adult with not talent who is arguably not good at speaking in public or someone who is experienced in the field of deceiving people.
Sumanth 98 (3 months ago)
software name
epicsuper unicorn38 (2 months ago)
Cubase. But the co-producer uses that. Alan uses FL Studios and doesn't know Cubase well. That's why he couldn't explain the tutorial well.
Praiser (3 months ago)
26:23 What's that bass sound plz....ㅠㅠ
skguzek (3 months ago)
- Alan Wonker: “hello. This is me, the real Alan Wonker! Yeah! And I have here in the studio with me my assistant Magnificent Mozart. Lets now see how my famous song called “Signature Sound” was made.” - Magnificent Mozart: “this was a very complex composition consisting of close to 200 tracks, with many acoustic recordings. Here for instance is the underlying pad all stacked up together and on its own it required 10 tracks with heavy toraverb and echoboy, as well some intensive sidechaining in order to make room for all the frequencies.” - Alan Wonker: “yeah! So powerful” - Magnificent Mozart: “the lead was a mixture of custom programmed sylenth patch that started from a simple sawtooth with lots of sub-layering with differential shuffle to create a distinct groove and dynamics that we were after.” -Alan Wonker: “it’s so cool! the individual sounds on their own are very boring but when put together they sound so powerful.”
Mau5 Fan (3 months ago)
90% of the video: alan walker: "its pretty cool, its pretty great, unique sound."
Brandon Jogianto (3 months ago)
Why did Alan Walker lie that he
epicsuper unicorn38 (2 months ago)
1. I think you mean producing. 2. Alan uses FL studios to produce music. The Co producer is using Cubase, a program Alan doesn't know well. In conclusion, Alan still writes songs. But other people help him with it (nothing wrong with that). They just weren't organised properly for this.
Brandon Jogianto (3 months ago)
Can t sing
Mossel (3 months ago)
Everything's fake in this game,,
Mossel (3 months ago)
Oh my..
ROD (3 months ago)
actually hard to watch ahahha
Axel :v TM (3 months ago)
Matheus (3 months ago)
ok, well, everyone is saying that he don't produced "Alone". If we to compare this track with fade we'll see a big difference. So this is really sad. Alan walker lost my respect
epicsuper unicorn38 (2 months ago)
Alan Walker uses FL studios to produce music. Mood Melodies (who is a coproducer) uses Cubase to produce. He (and a bunch of other producers) help Alan write songs. But Alan doesn't know Cubase so well. He produced Alone. He and his team came to the interview unorganised.
dewi sulistyowati (3 months ago)
Fuck alan walker
Execute Gaming (3 months ago)
Abraham Khanna (3 months ago)
18:07 LOL
Snoop - Roblox And More! (3 months ago)
Not Good ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)!
adam anuar (3 months ago)
Huys everyone said alan walker dontknow how to make music! but he still the best.Those people are worse i like aw
Khairul Zakaria (3 months ago)
RandiGaming (3 months ago)
Ternyatalah aw tidak bisa buat musik
Nicce _ (3 months ago)
IT DOES NOT MAKE SENSE: Alan is a producer, back in the days in Ncs he produced without any "ghostproducer" so he knows perfectly how sylenth1 is done and how to use it. Now even if he didn't open at all that file, even if he didn't produce it He still would be able to talk fluently about it, without any problem. He knows from hearing the song which plugins are probably involved and guess what they are mainly the plugin from fade and co. He could still talk about everything basic in the track: from layering to the effect and automation without any difficoulties cause he is a producer. He was just nervous and tired...chill guys
Dan Bate (3 months ago)
People who use ghost producers should be shot.
Fr33 Worker (3 months ago)
A little excessive but they need to GO
ADITYA (3 months ago)
He might Be nervous....He Is the best for me❤️🙏
Wai Wai Mon Aung (4 months ago)
Fighting Alan <3 We support you
BAYU. r (4 months ago)
Alan Walker uses Fl Studio software!
World Of Walkers (4 months ago)
Lmao, if alan faking it Sony dont need this guy.
Pratama Putra Wijaya (2 months ago)
They needed it because sony wanted a grip on this trend.. UMG created this buzz

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