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Mystique Evolution in Movies and Cartoons (2018)

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True to her name, the shape shifting Mystique is an enigma. Is she a mutant terrorist determined to bring about the end of humanity, or a misguided mutant with a good heart? 1)1992 X-Men 2)2000 X-Men Evolution 3)2000 X-Men 4)2003 X-Men 2 (2) 5)2006 X-Men The Last Stand 6)2009 The Super Hero Squad Show 7)2009 Wolverine and the X-Men 8)2011 X-Men First Class 9)2014 X-Men Days of Future Past 10)2016 X-Men Apocalypse 11)2018 X-Men Dark Phoenix
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Text Comments (113)
BloodyBraces (13 days ago)
That moment when you realize Logan saw her blussy
BloodyBraces (14 days ago)
That blue paint must've been such a pain in the ass to take off
Alonzo Cruz (22 days ago)
I love Rebecca in themovies they need reuse her. In the comics Mystique is still sadistic and has her own agendas. Rebecca actually can act being on Ugly Betty, and then The Librarians on tnt as well as be a banging body model. That's Mystique. She does the character justice. Writing Mystique as this compassionate anti-hero is totally against character. The most compassion she shows is not killing other mutants unless you get in her way. She also has a soft spot for kids. I say read her self titled comics by Brian Vaughn.
Exo exo (1 month ago)
Dark phoienix new xmen movie?
Rad Daniel! (1 month ago)
What about epi....Nevermind lol
Roy B2st (1 month ago)
Last clip..wtf..
Uniaza aka Loki Fangirl (2 months ago)
Am I the only one who actually liked Jennifer Laurence as Mystique?
Lunar Revel (3 months ago)
Dark phoenix is in 2019 LOL so wtf?
Bray Bray (3 months ago)
Dark Phoenix hasn’t even come out yet and that clip is from X-men apocalypse.
Azucena Gomez (4 months ago)
Rebbeca's mystique is the best♥️♥️
Hakuna Matata (4 months ago)
I love Mystique period.
The Series Wiki (4 months ago)
5:17 is X-men Apocalypse Not X-Men Dark Phoenix
Ties Dumont (4 months ago)
you forgot the one from Epic Movie
MoonaDragon (4 months ago)
Gandalf iz back
EmeraldPixel777 (4 months ago)
I don’t think they did it bad because mystique was not evil forever and that’s what Jennifer brought and Rebecca brought the more familiar mystique which I love both sides to her and both actresses/model
Joe Sycamore (4 months ago)
Mystique reached perfection with Jennifer Lawrence and no one will ever match her in the role.
lightheart5 (4 months ago)
My least favorite mutant
Henry Henryathome (4 months ago)
im blue abbade abbadie
SuperNerd (4 months ago)
Dark Phoenix hasent come out yet
Omega Swordbeam 64 (4 months ago)
StreakyDevil (4 months ago)
X-men dark Phoenix is still not out, I hope Jennifer Lawrence plays mystique as good or better than Xmen days of Future past
Nathalia Alves (4 months ago)
As de 2000 em desenho, 2009 desenho as melhores
Unique08 (4 months ago)
That Dark Phoenix Clip is from Apocalypse so stop lying.
Frank Harold (4 months ago)
I like the mystique from x men 2 best.
Timm Play (4 months ago)
Dark phoenix Not Even out
0000gs elll (4 months ago)
Rienzi Bartolomeu (4 months ago)
J law ruined mystique
Navid Haider (1 month ago)
No she didn't - she gave her a backstory.
House of Miizfitz (5 months ago)
Still Can't Decided Who's A Hotter Blue Chick, That Tim Burton Movie About A Dead Chick, Gamora's Sister, Gamora's Avatar -Get It?- nah who am I kidding they're all second places compare to this hot blue ass *growls* Hey, just realized how come there's never any Red Chicks? XD
Jofer Alvez (5 months ago)
I really love how gracefull yet deadly Rebecca's Mystique. The stunts and the choreography of the fighting scenes are phenomenal
Bryan Werefox (5 months ago)
By the mystique has some moves right there,
Bryan Werefox (5 months ago)
I thought the blue girl with white outfit was copycat
Bunly C (5 months ago)
Dark Phoenix is 2019
thora rubybelly (5 months ago)
Mystique is one badass/sexiest female characters in marvel universe. I that's why I love her.
Evander Zufar (6 days ago)
X-MEN universe
Rolan López (5 months ago)
Rebecca es y sera la mejor
jose hernandez (5 months ago)
But what about Epic Movie?
len1991100 (5 months ago)
I love her voice in Evolution....
Serdar Çiçek YouTube (5 months ago)
Dark Phoenix no
- (5 months ago)
Jennifer Lawrence is a disgrace to the Mystique franchise. For starters... SHE IS NOT A HERO, STOP PLAYING MYSTIQUE LIKE YOU’RE THE HUNGER GAMES CHICK. Sooner they bin her off and re-cast Rebecca Romijn... the better.
kristian amit (4 months ago)
Its the directors fault not the actor... I think
llMonikall (5 months ago)
Besides its the past!!!!
llMonikall (5 months ago)
Don't blame her, She didn't make the Script!!!!!
llMonikall (5 months ago)
No She's not She is perfectly AMAZING in the franchise!!!
Lana Del Rey (5 months ago)
A legend
Matthew Kretschmer (5 months ago)
Jennifer Lawrence is the beautiful-est and hottest Mystique.
Rising (2 months ago)
Jennifer is great, but as mystique, Rebecca is better.
Red Fox (4 months ago)
Joe Sycamore nope 👎 😂
Joe Sycamore (4 months ago)
She really is
Joe Sycamore (4 months ago)
No, Jennifer
Faye Beauregard (4 months ago)
She really isn't.
Aminah Shabazz (5 months ago)
Can we get a Giganta evolutions?
bitca222 (5 months ago)
No, you're not a hero Mystique...you're an awesome badass deceitful VILLAIN...crazy how the supermodel trumps the Oscar winner in portraying a character...
Uniaza aka Loki Fangirl (2 months ago)
bitca222 it's not Jennifer's fault that the writers made her an anti-hero
Fabricio Castelo Zeta (5 months ago)
mystica love you
X-Men 1992-1997 Fox Kids X-Men Evolution 2000-2003 Kids WB X-Men 2000 20th Century Fox X-Men 2 2003 20th Century Fox X-Men The Last Stand 2006 20th Century Fox The Super Hero Squad Show 2009-2011 Cartoon Network Wolverine And The X-Men 2008-2009 Nicktoons X-Men First Class 2011 20th Century Fox X-Men Days Of Future Past 2014 20th Century Fox X-Men Apocalypse 2016 20th Century Fox X-Men Dark Phoenix 2018 20th Century Fox
никита kud (5 months ago)
Mystigue sexy
Sarah Rowley (6 months ago)
0:13 why
StreakyDevil (4 months ago)
Sarah Rowley because Mystique's a badass
mine too, twin sistah >:)>
olga albarella (6 months ago)
The last scene is X-men apocalypse
Predator Scar/ Scar (6 months ago)
Hey she use a bad finger
Predator Scar/ Scar (4 months ago)
Magical Raven I'm not a kid anymore
StreakyDevil (4 months ago)
Predator scer Lol are you a kid? She's a badass she can do whatever she wants 🖕
Autum Breeze (6 months ago)
Okay, why is the Wolverine and the X-Men footage altered to make their voices higher? Also, 5:13 this is still X-Men Apocalypse. Why did you put a name box saying it's something else called X-Men Dark Phoenix? There is no such live action movie, so why the heck did you do it?
senorbusyman (6 months ago)
the audio for Wolverine & The X-Men were altered to avoid copyright & deletion of the video & X-Men The Dark Phoenix is coming & will hopefully they will get the Phoenix Saga right this time
Felicia Lopez (6 months ago)
greatest video ever i loved it it is super mega legit awsome the best super cool
(6 months ago)
I like Mystique when she doesn't look like a blue avocado.
Navid Haider (1 month ago)
I like her when she DOES look like blue avacado but maybe wearing clothes isn't a bad idea.
Chosen Architect (4 months ago)
ᗰ 😥
SJ Benson (6 months ago)
I wish in the movies nightcrawler and rogue found out that they were son and daughter of mystique. That would be a great storyline "saying I'm your mother Marie/Rogue :)
SJ Benson (4 months ago)
Jofer Alvez I know that one biological and one adopted I was just saying that I wish it was the first movie.
Jofer Alvez (4 months ago)
SJ Benson Nightcrawler is her biological son with Azazel. But Rouge is her adopted daughter.
GrobanWorld News (6 months ago)
The best ones were Rebecca Rominj and the one on the 1990's XMen animated show.
Shannon Jones (5 months ago)
GrobanWorld News agreed
Carlo Gabriel Calado (6 months ago)
Rogue 😁
Laser Head (6 months ago)
Evolution of iron man
harry boyee (6 months ago)
The last clip is from x-men apocalypse
Agustin Camejo (6 months ago)
Rebbeca's Mystique is the best and the sexiest.
Roy B2st (1 month ago)
Yeahh..2nd is the jennifer
Sleepy panda (3 months ago)
Rebecca was better physically (fight scenes, flexibility) and portrayed Mystique as more of a creepy, mysterious villian whereas Jennifer humanised the charachter and made her more of an anti hero.
Drako Rulez (4 months ago)
Neo-Xgray87 She is an actress, because she acted. Is that too hard of a concept for your feeble mind to grasp?
Neo-Xgray87 (4 months ago)
K/E He's just attracted to Rebecca Romijn's body language since she's not really an actress. She is a model, in real-life.
Neo-Xgray87 (4 months ago)
Dark Dagger You do know that Rebecca Romijn is not really an actress, right?! She is a model, dude. There is a difference.
CamelyFamily ds (6 months ago)
Love Your videos dude
Christian Rodriguez EPIC MOVIE
Christian Rodriguez (6 months ago)
diana stefanov (6 months ago)
Evolution of Mister Sinister in cartoon;tv;video games and movie . Mister Sinister in movie Gambit 2016-2017 or 2018-2019(2016 or 2017 or 2018 or 2019 ) .
diana stefanov (6 months ago)
Very good evolution .
Tomek Zyber (6 months ago)
Next one Psylocke evolution
Bronos X (6 months ago)
Never did like Mystique. So boring.
RADIOACTIVE_cOsMic RaYs (6 months ago)
Bronos X thanks to the movies
kriitikko (6 months ago)
Evolution version is the best.
lightheart5 (4 months ago)
kriitikko More like the worst
JESUS is the only way (5 months ago)
afrose71 it didn't suck at all. Men evolution waa great
afrose71 (6 months ago)
Evolution sucked. Huge letdown from original animated series.
Kauan FOX (6 months ago)
Please, the next one is Katana l, Pleaseeeeeeee
Mr. X (6 months ago)
Rebecca Romijn is awesome Mystique.
Desmond Kan (12 days ago)
Mr. X no Jennifer Laurence’s mystique was way better

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