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zplane Elastique Pitch 2: Hands-on with Computer Music Magazine

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Computer Music Magazine gets hands-on with zplane's Elastique Pitch 2! Full review in our CM220 edition. Get Elastique Pitch 2 at https://products.zplane.de/elastique-pitch-2 0:00 - Intro 1:17 - Basic controls and interface tour 3:56 - Formant shifting 7:11 - Harmonies and effects with the Dry/Wet mix 8:49 - FX creation with the Delay section 11:03 - MIDI control 12:09 - Outro Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/computer.music.mag Web: http://www.computermusic.co.uk Twitter: http://twitter.com/computermusicuk
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Music Production Videos (5 months ago)
If Ableton Live uses zplane's pitch algorithms, why doesn't this plugin offer various parameters like "complex pro" etc... as Live offers?
Masa Suzuki (5 months ago)
Ableton's complex pro and this plugin both use Elastique Pro v3. Ableton's complex (without "pro") uses Elastique Efficient.
fuckthatdontneedone (8 months ago)
The demo version is kinda bogus; it won't allow me to pitch any thing up to hear what that sounds like. It stays stuck at -12.00
Sometimes on the road I need to pitch a 2 track song… to fit a top line vocal up/down a few steps to be able to record vocals at the time to fit the vocal range. Then I’ll need to pitch the original session tracks/files in Logic Pro X in my main studio to match the temporary 2 track the vocal was recorded to. This is so I don’t have to re-play all the parts to get a decent/quick demo. Which plugin would do the best job for this? ReTune or Elastique Pitch or another? If I could get away with 3 or 4 steps in each direction that would be great. Right now with basic pitch tools I can get one or 2 steps in each direction before the artifacts start to make it sound bad. Thanks!
LeTetSpiN (1 year ago)
Where can i listen to this song?
Chris Wellz (1 year ago)
How he pronounced "Timbre" @1:30 pissed me off. #Triggered 😭😭😭
dakun (4 months ago)
thats how it's pronounced dude
Mark Cole (1 year ago)
While this video is informative regarding the interface, it does little to demonstrate the quality of the algorithm. The exclusive use of electronic club music makes it impossible for the potential customer to determine if the algorithm is good enough for real-world instruments that pose a much greater challenge to pitch shifting software. Please present examples of unaccompanied acoustic guitar, drums/percussion, acoustic piano, vibraphone, and other sources of complex signals with transient information. The synthetic sources presented here are of such poor quality that any artifacts or further reduction in quality will be far less noticeable than with real and more demanding sources.
Lew Laing (1 year ago)
they have a demo trial period. Download and try it out
Subishi (1 year ago)
hello could someone pleae help me with the delay problem of this vst i have. everytime i load it into a channel the sample gets delayed so it jumps totally out of beat. i think i doesnt have to do with the settings of the vst itself. is there a common problem maybe and a way to fix this ?
dakun (4 months ago)
its called latency, pitch/formant shifting plugins require a considerable amount of delay/latency due to the processing required to perform the task. the only way around this is freezing the track with the pitch on it (ableton freeze, FL render it out or record into edison, etc). or to adjust the delay settings for your other channels to compensate for the delay of the pitch plugin. your daw should do this automatically, but sometimes in cases like this the delay is too much to handle (i'm assuming you're in FL, this is a common problem with FL12 and prior). I believe it was remedied in FL20 but I'm not sure yet
Binap (1 year ago)
Luis N (1 year ago)
Why does this plugin give a significant volume gain without even changing pitch/timbre, how can i correct that ?
Dafaa (9 months ago)
... Easy just use a utility tool (your daw should have one, if not there's prob plenty free ones or just lower the fader down) on your daw there should be a reading in DB check what it is before you turn the plugin on, then once you put the plugin on put it in the right DB level, or it could be just Stereo imaging/perceived loudness
Strate2 (1 year ago)
i have one question about it. is it still like in elastique 1 that when you let's say automize the pitch in a saw wavy way at the end from +12 to -12 that it already goes down around a 16th note before it should happen?
Luis N (1 year ago)
didnt understand what you said, but do you happen to have the same problem that it gives a significant volume gain without even changing pitch/timbre ?
Just Woooow . i love this plugins <3
Kumud Tsering (3 years ago)
This is amazing

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