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Alex Lifeson from Rush visits Music Shop in Tokyo

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One day out of the blue, Alex Lifeson from Rush visited a music store in Tokyo I was working at. This was an amazing moment for me. Thank you everyone for enjoying & sharing this. So you know, the PRS Acoustic sold on December 7th 2015. The new owner (as you can imagine) is VERY happy with his Guitar. This Guitar has now become somewhat rather legendary now thanks to this video. Again, thank you Alex. This video was filmed with Alex's personal permission. I also cleared the usage of this footage before posting the video with the permission of SRO Management company. On top of that this video is not an advertisement for any in-particular companies. I am simply sharing my luck and good fortune to have met one of my favorite musicians. I must admit, it helps to work in a music store ;-) And for the record, we did not jack up the price of either of the Guitars featured in this video by a single Yen. To contact Jason: www.facebook.com/JasonVideoMusicTokyo
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Text Comments (1027)
RadioHamGuy (10 days ago)
Very cool.
william merten (26 days ago)
Wow the fact he was there and signed those......
Rv4 Guy (28 days ago)
"Look dude, are you just gonna fool around or are you gonna buy something? This ain't a charity we're running!"
Matt Drummond (1 month ago)
I met alex and geddy both in KC at a bbq place i work at. i was just blown away with how nice they were. they took a little time to talk to me and i was freakin out the entire time. It made me an even bigger fan.. greatest band in history
kelly mccartney (1 month ago)
an excellent guitarist, he rocks
Rush Fan 2112 (2 months ago)
Alex is the man that made me motivated to play the guitar wish I could meet him
Jeffrey Kiger (2 months ago)
I was expecting him to play something, lol.
TeddyLeppard (2 months ago)
Not that anyone cares about pronunciation these days, but it's pronounced "pee-AY-zoe", not "PIE-zoe".
Christian Beary (2 months ago)
Fantastic guitarist ! The guy is amazing
Zennofobic (3 months ago)
never seen them live.... smh
Zennofobic (2 months ago)
well now I feel terrible about my comment, my 1st RUSH concert was Moving Pictures tour. Ironically it's only the last 5 years I stopped going to their shows. The last album I actually liked of theirs was Power Windows so I hung in there for a long time but yeah I just couldn't get into their new stuff anymore.
Jason McNamara (2 months ago)
It's pretty hard to see Rush or any other band live when they've never played in your country. It's only the last 5 years or so where international travel wasn't so expensive like it used to be.
Star Child (3 months ago)
ALex , passion, creativity and still able to lay that dirty riff down. Time doesn't stand still, buddy X Still love ya like chicken ....(even if you've eaten enough of that) lol
Samuel J. Lawson (3 months ago)
Lucky is the person whose role model is as solid a character as Alex :D
SlashedRhoads (3 months ago)
I love alex lifeson
Tickle Fritz (3 months ago)
Just about the coolest shit ever!! Alex is a true angel.
Jason McNamara (2 months ago)
It was pretty surreal that's for sure.
Derek Steele (3 months ago)
I've seen Rush on numerous occasions here in Canada. Met the band personally in Toronto back in the day when John Rutsey was the drummer.
Jason McNamara (2 months ago)
WOW!!!! I would have loved to have just seen them once, but the NEVER came to Australia and hadn't been to Japan other than one time back in '84 or '85.
KCDirectBuysmart (3 months ago)
the best ever
DrPsychedelic (3 months ago)
Such a Canadian, eh?
Rotciv Sirap (3 months ago)
A true professional!Alex too......
2ManyTattoos (3 months ago)
$15,000 cash and Alex comes to your house and teaches you how to play Closer To The Heart.
Jason McNamara (2 months ago)
Keef Richards (3 months ago)
Would love to visit your store, it looks great. So when I visit Japan, which location is is? Domo
Jason McNamara (2 months ago)
Thnaks Keef.... KEEF? I haven't worked there for over a year now. However this is the general vibe of many stores in Tokyo and around Japan. I'm sure you'll love the guitar stores over here when you make it over someday.
Tim D Barnett (3 months ago)
So awesome. Alex Lifeson is one of my favorite guitar gods/artists! Geddy Lee and Neil Peart are up there too! It would have made my whole life to meet him face to face. What a memory. Thanks for sharing it!
Jason McNamara (2 months ago)
My pleasure. Thanks for watching.
Aloicious Gaylord (3 months ago)
a fair dinkum bonza bloke
Wicker Billy (3 months ago)
Only $15,000 there must be something wrong with it.
David King (3 months ago)
5:09 ... just under about fifteen thousand dollars ........... !!!??? LOL!! sorry but that's just totally outrageous ~ but I guess some wealthy CEO of some company who are RUSH fans (who can play a few chords) out there might afford it LOL ... ~ I think I'd be totally embarrassed if I was famous to have such an outlandish price-tag on some signature guitar of mine. Just my opinion :-)
Jason McNamara (2 months ago)
I think it was because of where the exchange rate was at the time. A lot of people forget that once something gets outside of the US that things change. Plus local taxes get added on, import duties and so on. Just something to help put it into perspective.
David King (3 months ago)
2:09 have to wear a mask to handle that acoustic hehe
David King (3 months ago)
so glad he signed a back panel! Too be honest, I don't care who it is or how famous someone is, but in my opinion scrawling a signature over the top of a guitar really ruins it for me ... call me nuts but I just want to appreciate the guitar and not see someone's signature all over the front!
David King (3 months ago)
0:46 that will increase the price from already outrageous to extremely outrageous! :-D
Bob NA (3 months ago)
No Blah Blah bla bla blaaa bla bla babla?
Bob NA (3 months ago)
That Guitars price just went up a lot.
TruthSurge (3 months ago)
$15,000 for an acoustic guitar that isn't collectible? Outrageous.
shortriver (3 months ago)
He's Canadian through and through.
J. Dam (3 months ago)
How DARE you put Alex to work signing guitars! It's like he's trapped in an Asian countr...... nevermind.
Guitar Overkill (4 months ago)
After he signed everything the price is now $20,000.
Lazarus A. Game (4 months ago)
Great video! What a treat!
Jason McNamara (2 months ago)
Thank you.
B.B. Wiggs (4 months ago)
Alex is the best...what a great guy.
Toto Malvino (4 months ago)
This was great,
chris Florida (4 months ago)
What a cool dude!
One of my biggest guitar heroes: Alex Lifeson. He’s a model Canadian, courteous!
How can so many not like this video
Jason McNamara (2 months ago)
I wonder the same thing. Oh well.
MonsterSound (4 months ago)
Sorry you never got to see Rush live Jason. I got to see them a few times and they were great. I live in Toronto though so it was pretty easy. They played at my high school VMCI back in the day. Lucky me :)
Jason McNamara (2 months ago)
I'm jealous. But yes, sadly they NEVER came to Australia. Hard to believe, but it's true.
walnutlogger 43 (4 months ago)
in case alex sees this. you..and your mates are a credit to humanity.thank you for YEARS of musical journeys.glad to see you enjoying life.take care of yourself.the world loves you.
Jason McNamara (2 months ago)
I hope he would see that because it's completely true.
robert stannard (4 months ago)
A great piece Jason thank you for sharing - I would have felt exactly like you ! :) when he was holding the Acoustic I am surprised you weren't tempted to ask him if he could play a few bars from "Bastille Day" or "Anthem" or.....
Jason McNamara (2 months ago)
Oh I was tempted, but I also didn't want to put him even more on the spot than he already was. Alex was soooo generous with his time as it was.
Tm Grade (4 months ago)
the acoustic US$14800
Drogo Baggins (4 months ago)
Fifteen grand? If it means that much to you then just keep it.
EmilyElla11 (4 months ago)
Wow ... nice ... I'd love to have a Alex lifeson guitar that's been played in signed by him.
David Mohr (4 months ago)
Rush is royalty in Canada love that your still the down to earth guy you have always been same goes for all the guys in the band :-)
Cactus Pete (4 months ago)
great stuff...thanks!
G. Scott Hughes (4 months ago)
MyCold DeadHands (4 months ago)
Whats with all the masks.??
Jason McNamara (2 months ago)
Please here in Japan wear them out of respect for others if they have a cough. It's so they keep their own germs instead of spreading them. Now you know 👍😃
MaximvsDread (4 months ago)
BEST DAY at work EVER!
Jason McNamara (2 months ago)
Thijmen Bleijenburg (4 months ago)
I just can’t believe the fact that this guy is so genuine
Jason McNamara (2 months ago)
Well as "the guy in the video" thanks. I've spoken with a great many famous people over the years. You should go through my channel and have a look at some. Hell, I even got to go to 5150 and meet Eddie Van Halen. I'm just very lucky.
Thijmen Bleijenburg (4 months ago)
Also, I was so afraid that the guy filming was going to be awkward as he is a big fan, but he had a great conversation with him! Great video
Bong Crosby (4 months ago)
Was he the guitarist for Celine Dion?
Bob Gomez (4 months ago)
never seen rush live? you stink.
Jason McNamara (2 months ago)
Ummmm Bob, Rush NEVER played in Australia where I'm from. But I stink? That's not very nice.
robert harrold (4 months ago)
nice bloke.
rphxleonine (4 months ago)
Mr. Lifeson only lends his name to top shelf products, it would seem. These are beautiful instruments.
Barney Fike (4 months ago)
The guys also enjoy each other’s company. They’ve got their personal space and the band space (sounds like I’m dissecting someone’s marriage). I really enjoy their humor. You get a full package at a Rush concert. Hopefully they’ll remain active in some capacity.
Joseph Havalotti (4 months ago)
Duane Baxter (4 months ago)
How nice of a person, and WOW ! How much fun !!!
David from Texas (4 months ago)
I'd have soiled my pants to have seen him standing there. I wish he could have played a bit for the video.
John Pelfrey (4 months ago)
There isn’t any guitar worth $15000.00 What a bunch of shit
Try Hard Gaming (4 months ago)
How does this have any dislikes? Idiots
SPOOKSTR (4 months ago)
I think Alex best work was on Trailer Park Boys.
Anton Hromadka (4 months ago)
Did you sell the guitar he signed or keep it for yourself? I would have kept it, but that is me.
Jason McNamara (2 months ago)
If I had the available funds I would have. And yes, they both sold. The Gibson sold the day the video was posted. The PRS went a little while after, but it went to a VERY loving home who truly appreciates what he scored.
BluStrat22 (4 months ago)
This is just the video I needed to see today!  Alex has always been a consummate pro, and has always seemed to be the kind of guy you could sit at a bar and have a beer with.  Oh, the stories he could tell....and seems like he'd genuinely like to hear your stories, too!  I have been lucky to see them about 10 times over the last 30 years.  Always an amazing concert! In fact,  a couple of my buddies and I are putting together a Rush tribute.  The songs are so much fun!!!  Thanks so much for his, Jason!!!  What an absolute treat it must have been for you!Cheers from the USA!
Jason McNamara (2 months ago)
Thank you BluStrat22. Yes, it was an amazing day meeting Alex. And I have to thank you for such a lovely comment. Some people are giving me a hard time over never having seen Rush LIVE, but when they never played in your country it's a little hard to see them live. We missed out on sooooo many bands down in Australia over the years. Thanks for enjoying this video. I hope you got to see some of my other videos such as me at 5150 with Eddie Van Halen or my sit down chat with Phil X from Bon Jovi. Cheers from Tokyo!!
mel obrien (4 months ago)
I have a yen for that electric. I used to See Rush in bars in Toronto, playing to ten or twenty people, but sounding good and pretty tight. The first Ricky Geddy ever played was mine, #368. I think it was at De La Salle Collegiate in Toronto; memory is a little fuzzy; wonder why?
Jason McNamara (2 months ago)
That's amazing!!! I hope you've shared that fact with John Hall or someone at Rickenbacker. They owe you a thank you!!!
MrGMountain (4 months ago)
Very cool
Chris Crossont (4 months ago)
He is one of the coolest guys in the business.
Peter D (4 months ago)
Play something !!!
Joe N (4 months ago)
I met him in the 80s when he had his Gibson Hollow body Guitar serviced at the local store in my town. I happened to look at the guitar on the bench and said, 'that's one bad ass guitar'. He tapped me on the shoulder and said, 'your right there brother." I actually didn't know it was him at first. Cause well, it was the 80s and he cut off his long hair. It after "Moving Pictures'. Wonderful, charming man. Very well mannered and funny too!
Jason McNamara (2 months ago)
You nailed it and that's exactly what he was like when I met him in this video 4 years ago.
Warren Butson (4 months ago)
Love this humble and very funny guitar legend
Jeff W (4 months ago)
I miss the shows but with a big TV, a Giant Bluetooth party speaker, a blu-ray playing device and their concert videos it is not even close to a live show but it will have to suffice. Miss and Love you guys and I hope your retirement is long and relaxing. Thank you for all the great years you are missed incredibly!
AstroG73 (4 months ago)
No way, that is so cool! All the guys in Rush look like such nice people
Orange County (4 months ago)
Alex Lifeson, from Rush ...... as opposed to Alex Lifeson, from Kiss
Kenneth Kustren (4 months ago)
Alex is a very strong part of why RUSH is so awesome !
Tackleberry (4 months ago)
You know everyone worships Neil and he’s absolutely worthy of all the glory being THE best drummer to ever grab a couple of sticks and smack them around, but being a rock fan, I’ve had the privilege of growing up in the 70s and 80s and got to see a lot of bands and have had my favorite guitarists over the years. There is really no true king of guitars that can be defined as the best like Neil. Guitarists have a way of feeling and I find Alex the best “feeling”guitarist out there. He’s also no slouch and can hang with the best out there, but He’s my favorite guitarist being able to bring guitars to life and whenever I hear a song of his, it brings specific feelings and he’s very fortunate to be able to enable his guitars with so much feeling. Getty’s no slouch on bass also, but of the three Rush members, Alex is my favorite. He’s a genuine artist
Joey Falcone (4 months ago)
The social member of Rush
Roger Rinck (4 months ago)
Why are they wearing particle masks?
Jason McNamara (2 months ago)
Here in Japan wear them out of respect for others if they have a cough. It's so they keep their own germs instead of spreading them. Now you know 👍😃
Al Gerbitz (5 months ago)
Alex has always been relaxed and humble.
Andy Davis (5 months ago)
Bald man has excellent people skills
Jason McNamara (2 months ago)
Thank you, from the bald man 😂👍
BL Ranch (5 months ago)
Alex is probably thinking he shouldn’t have hit that massive joint before he went out that morning.
mosin9105 (5 months ago)
Wow! SO COOL! Just amazing! What a great guy!
Mike Smith (5 months ago)
Other rockstars need to watch this video on how to NOT have an ego when in public.
Colin Gage (5 months ago)
Seems a real friendly guy
Chris S (5 months ago)
total quality, so generous with his time :)
Paul Tanton (5 months ago)
Mmm,Red Barchetta always a favorite of mine.
Paul Poche (5 months ago)
I’ve seen Rush many times live. Thanks for video. I’m a major fan
Tard Guard (5 months ago)
If i just saw alex lifeson i would shit myself
Steve Taylor (5 months ago)
I thought he was gonna play some Earthshine, what the hell!?
NonLocalYokel (5 months ago)
Love all 3 guys from Rush, always wanted to meet them but it would be embarrassing for them. And Rush are a different level, the best.
Range Man (5 months ago)
What in the world is a retired Guitar God doing in a cheesy guitar shop?looking for the first Les Paul maybe?... with his money, he could buy Gibson.
rakistang pinoy (5 months ago)
One of my Guitar Hero is Alex Lifeson. Spirit of Radio!!!
Jim Strange (5 months ago)
So awesome when a well-known (and talented) performer is able and willing to be warm and friendly, accepting of the public attention. Thanks so much!
Mr Bartholomew (5 months ago)
Alex is so polite...But when the camera shows up, he thought, "oh shit man, really?"
Tom Turbo (5 months ago)
The most under rated guitarist on the planet... and what a nice and humble guy !
Arthur Watts (5 months ago)
Do the Japanese staff even know who Alex is ?? The Japanese have a longtime fascination with metal, but I'm not sure that extends to prog rock - happy to hear otherwise. Thanks for the video.
Arthur Watts (2 months ago)
+Jason McNamara When I saw Cheap Trick, Springsteen and the Clash in Sydney in the same year back in the 80s, I was sure that we'd see all the big 70s bands down here but it didn't happen. I dont think Boston, Styx or Journey made the effort back in their heyday either.
Jason McNamara (2 months ago)
Yes Arthur. Even though Rush haven't played here in Japan since the one and only time back in either '84 or '85 they are still very loved here in Japan. Same with my home of Australia where they NEVER played, not even once!!!!
The Cartoon Adict (4 months ago)
Yes' Roundabout was used as the ending theme to JoJo's Bizzare Adventures, one of the most well-known and loved Mangas and Animes of all time.
Icepacalypse johnson (5 months ago)
Man......I hope alex took in a show or two and maybe met a couple of japanese guitar legends.
Time Bandit (5 months ago)
What a wonderful human being is Alex Lifeson. I have seen Rush in concert probably 10 times since, geesh I don't know, probably the Presto tour. Remember on one tour seeing them with my wife at the Germain Amphitheater in Columbus, Ohio and before the show we got there really early and got our seats. Alex walked out on stage to speak with I think either his guitar tech or sound guy. I said honey that is Alex, he overheard me, looked up and waved a really funny excited wave and my heart just about jumped out of my chest. He is such a sweet person for doing that and made my whole year. Thank you Alex and Rush for so many years of amazing music. I am forever grateful.
Jason McNamara (2 months ago)
That's a great story. I can only imagine how that must have made you feel. I'm sure if Alex heard that story again today he'd get a kick out of knowing how much that simple wave and smile meant to you.
Martin Schaffmeir (5 months ago)
Great post sir.
MrUnderdog 1970 (5 months ago)
Such a cool, amiable guy! LOVE RUSH!!
Culpano (5 months ago)
You never saw them live Jason ? 😮
Jason McNamara (2 months ago)
Nope. Why? Because they NEVER play in my home country of Australia. Can you believe that. They ever made they even once!!!

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