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X-Men: First Class - Charles Meets Mystique

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Charles was mistaken, he isn't the only one till he met Raven. For more videos keep visiting http://www.youtube.com/foxstarindia. Join the official facebook fanpage http://www.facebook.com/xmenmoviesindia "LIKE" our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/FoxStarIndia
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Text Comments (98)
Andrea C (6 months ago)
JP (1 year ago)
I like the way we they made us change are views on mystique expecially with the way they've betrayed her in the all the cartoon series they've had making her a pain in the ass I like seeing her as a good person
TheSoundOf TheWolf (2 years ago)
😍😍 Charles is so nice to Raven
Katherine Donovan (2 years ago)
0:41--Awww! How cute.
Robbie Quinlan (2 years ago)
wonder how she felt with all that make up covering 100% of he body!
Francisco Scorsatto (2 years ago)
Jack’s Channel (2 years ago)
so what happened to his mother?
Katherine Donovan (2 years ago)
She neglected him.
OhMyGodSushiRoll (2 years ago)
awe baby mystique! back before she was broken by the cruelty of the world. I've always liked jennifer Lawrence's version way better, shes got humanity in her. Rebecca Romijn version makes her seem like an animal, she's not relatable.
May L (2 years ago)
Charles at least I'm not the only one
Louche (2 years ago)
quite perverse
Minjarez96 (2 years ago)
Mystique probably ducked old dudes at the age of 5 since she can change her body into an adults
JNCressey (2 years ago)
+Minjarez96, You know it's true tho. :D
Minjarez96 (2 years ago)
JNCressey whoooaaaa
JNCressey (2 years ago)
Minjarez96, Some old dudes would prefer she stayed looking 5. ;D
Annelie Hoff (3 years ago)
So cute she is
Synthra Official (3 years ago)
I would have legitimately took her in if she showed up at my house like that. I think she is adorable and being blue is so cool:)!
Gabreya Bradley (3 years ago)
Hele n (4 years ago)
Whats the actress's name?
Tabitha Syrah (4 years ago)
Little Scarlet Witch totally.
BLUE QUARTS 1989 (4 years ago)
so Charles found Mystique, took her in and raised her as a sister. where's cain marko?  he was his half brother.
NetMoverSitan (4 years ago)
+Gia Blue Step-brother, actually. Although it's a bit different in the movies, for a start: Juggernaut in the comics is mystically powered, not a mutant.
james friel (4 years ago)
The movies don't follow the comics so cain wasn't related in the movie, nor was cain a mutant in the comics, but magically enhanced.
Lui Moreno (5 years ago)
what's this i hear, Mystique is not a villain for pete's sake the enemy is the human race, have you really not paid any attention to the point of XMEN ? Magneto is just like a black avenger, and yes his method is a little harsh but those humans brought it on themselves. Mystique is AWESOME ! 
Some humans may be bad guys in the movie, but Magneto and Mystique are still villains. You don't counter evil doings with more evil doings.
60sisthashit (1 year ago)
lol, Magneto is a villain and mystique became one when she joined him.
Diaval T.G (2 years ago)
Lui Moreno Yes she is is
jess mergl (5 years ago)
That's wrong to make a child dress like that.
DeepEye1994 (3 years ago)
*+jess mergl* As a matter of fact they DIDN'T undress and applied a bodysuit on that childactress.
Herkko Koskinen (4 years ago)
The last time I checked; Kids were really into dressing up, even for halloween. 
Gerra Valen (5 years ago)
God, I hate it how mystique is with magneto. Throughout movies 1,2, and 3, they never showed any form of chemistry that they every knew each other. Like Mystique never mentioned xavier, or wolverine never asked, mystique never met xavier, etc.... Just anything for hints....that I can remember.
+Gerra Valen That's because it's a complete retcon. It was obviously not intended. First class retconned mystique from your basic evil villain to a complex character with complex motives. The writers never intended Xavier and Mystique to have any history when the first three films were written. Hell, you might as well consider First Class a reboot rather than an actual prequel because it violates such a hilarious deal of continuity. First class might as well be caused by Shadowcat sending someone in time off screen.
Anon (5 years ago)
Dude... no, just no.
YorkshireTemplar (5 years ago)
So he was always a pompous dick then...
shova213 (5 years ago)
True. But in my opinion, this was a poor adaptation of Mystique; not to mention the idiotic excuse for joining Magneto.
Bishal Nath (7 months ago)
Joe Inoue (5 years ago)
Movies adaptations never followed earth 616 rules.
Thu Ya Win (5 years ago)
Maybe he didn't read anything?
Jester JLay (5 years ago)
haha, retarded
Walter Heisenberg (5 years ago)
Maybe his powers hadn't fully developed yet.
durchhalter (6 years ago)
Just decades worth of comic experience. ;)
durchhalter (6 years ago)
All the clothes she's wearing is part of her body actually mimicking clothes. So even when she looks like she's dressed, biologically she's pretty much naked. And no, it doesn't get cold, because part of her shapeshifting is the ability to adapt her physiology to pretty much any environmental condition including temperature extremes, humidity, pressure changes, oxygen supply, electricity, even toxins and pathogens.
Blair Brown (6 years ago)
....And thus,a legend begins....
pyrostrike uk (6 years ago)
he told her to go with erik she was originally going to stay with charles but deep down, she knew that charles' path wasn't hers
pyrostrike uk (6 years ago)
because there were some who still hoped for solidarity between mutants and humans
Anime88Manga (6 years ago)
to bad she starts working with erik.....
shova213 (6 years ago)
I did not like the direction they chose for Mystique in First Class. They really butchered her character. Mystique has similarities with Wolverine- both biologically and mentally. She is a lone survivor and she has retarded aging. Mystique's past is not very good one. I think making her close to Xavier was the wrong move. The way she just defected and joined Magneto, in my opinion was lazy writing.
lindaeulitz (6 years ago)
Awww sweat
TTproductz (6 years ago)
that's because she is portrayed by jennifer lawrence :)
ghofspa1 (6 years ago)
0:41 Charles' face. "A naked girl! :D"
Leah white (1 year ago)
Leah white (1 year ago)
pyrostrike uk (6 years ago)
she just got sick of defending people who hated her and wanted her dead or imprisoned and her rights taken from her
durchhalter (6 years ago)
Why should a shapeshifter wear clothes, when she doesn't need them??? Also real clothing would severely interfere with her shapeshifting, since it wouldn't change with her.
pyrostrike uk (6 years ago)
erm no what kind of question is that?
FantasyVSReality (6 years ago)
I did.
Ba của mày (6 years ago)
Mystique is number1. In my mind, she forever good!
Mykala Perry (6 years ago)
I saw it and it was AMAZING! But at the end she was a traitor. By the way one if her best roles to me was "the burning plain". It was confusing at first but I realized Jennifer was a part of the past. Jennifer was Mariana and she kills her mother and another guys father because they where having an affair. Then the guys son gets her pregnant an about 3 months after birth she leaves the baby. Then changes her name to sylvia an the dads hurt so his friend finds her. Then she meets her 12 year old
Deadpool381 (6 years ago)
anyone else feel dirty seeing a very young naked mystique
PoopingStar (6 years ago)
Cuteness overload!! Diabetes!! It's so adorable!!
KidOfEighteen (6 years ago)
This is one of the many BRILLIANT scènes of the X-Men films.
Housin k (6 years ago)
dont get me wrong i luv Mystique but she could at least wear some cloths she could steal some if shes run away from home doesnt it get a little..... breezy
SapphireShelle91 (7 years ago)
As much as I did like this movie, I do wish they had just followed the storylines the comic has for these characters. Mystique story is way different from this, and in my mind far more interesting.
WINTERS (7 years ago)
Charles was such a good person.
ANKOBROWN (7 years ago)
In the comics, Mystique is way older than Charles!
Lucia de Ridder (7 years ago)
Mystique is flawless
Daniela Silva (7 years ago)
a bug?
reg thrumper (7 years ago)
in the comic version it was Storm who Charles caught living on the streets and raiding his refrigerator
saima (7 years ago)
that waas so :)
LadyDeadPooly (7 years ago)
she's such a cutie!
stopthemadness99 (7 years ago)
@TraineeHero This clip cut out a line. In the movie he says "My mother never set foot in this kitchen in her life. And she certainly never made me hot chocolate, unless you count ordering the maid to make it." Still sad, when you think about it.
Zeus Smith (7 years ago)
@Felinaiter She can't manually. It's just because in this movie, shes a kid so if she turns back form an adult, she'll go back to her normal size
MCPaddyB (7 years ago)
I was gonna make an pedobear comment, then I took an arrow to the knee.
Flappy Spookster (7 years ago)
my friend saw this and said "charles is like a big cupcake! " hahaha
onlyonewholoves991 (7 years ago)
Felix hoffmann (7 years ago)
how could she change her height?
Mini Librarian (7 years ago)
His mother never made him a hot chocolate? That's so sad.
kiddcrazy100 (7 years ago)
wat happened 2 his mum
Erinsanity (7 years ago)
Little Mystique reminds me of little Princess Ruto from OoT. Daaaw
Mr89pyont (7 years ago)
When did he realize that that woman wasn't his mother?
paydafee (7 years ago)
and Charles jizzed in his pants at the first sight of a naked girl
Adolf Hitler (7 years ago)
@gearsrapper786 Her mutation extends her life dramatically.
chillydogification (7 years ago)
@gearsrapper786 she is like wolverine, she never gets old
Kal El (7 years ago)
if she's as old as charles, why is she so young in the Xmen trilogy?
LadyDeadPooly (7 years ago)
I love the little Raven, she's so cute!
Banchoking (7 years ago)
@burres48 What about storm?
ThePanasonicHD (7 years ago)
the kid goes to my school !!
Zoe's Movie Corner (7 years ago)
@regthrumper she has sex in a human look forum. just because u don't see the nipples and vagina doesn't mean it isn't really there and also the whole peadophile porn kid stuff, i get it shes naked but not really naked since she actually has things covering her privates the actress isn't naked the character she's playing is. its a thin like from regular film scenes and child porn. they seem to think since either the child doesn't have a developing chest then its ok for some reason.
imadoki 13 (7 years ago)
Who knew that her cute butt would be a villian o.0
The Mighty Icesis (7 years ago)
x-men doesn't want blacks in the movie unless they are killing them in the beginning of the movie. Stop killing blacks and jewish mothers to say how white you are. It only shows how black and dark you are inside.
Alex the Rat (7 years ago)
"I thought you were a burger"
reg thrumper (7 years ago)
they'll never show this on tv in england, nudity under 18 is illegal, technically its paedophile porn, even if she does have no nipples or genitalia (in which case, how does she go on to have two children later?)
Steven Kaminiski (1 year ago)
reg thrumper nudity under 18 is illegal anywhere, this girl isn't naked on the special features of the blu ray they put a body suit on her she isn't naked at all
vivo1600 (7 years ago)
What's Mystique doing in Charles' house, anyway?
movienaut (7 years ago)
Damn, I loved Mystique more in this movie than in the other movies!
2wingo (7 years ago)
@thefatman69dude She has no visible genitalia or nipples, so it doesn't really matter.
thefatman69fude (7 years ago)
shes naked......awkward....
Tazz Haigh (7 years ago)
d'awwww little Mystique is adorable

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