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Philanthrope & Psalm Trees - Amore Com Dolore

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💿 Listen on Spotify → https://open.spotify.com/track/5kGThgtTAR9wi19xqEdsMj?si=4hH35fTcTteUSD0MdrflEQ 🎼ChilledCow's Spotify playlists → https://spoti.fi/2NKocnb 👕 ChilledCow shop → http://bit.ly/chilledcowmerch 🎵 Philanthrope → https://soundcloud.com/philanthrope1 → https://open.spotify.com/artist/13ACz7DIictCpSYGglNTHs?si=qrpo9rEDQiyOMdebWiUjuw → https://philanthrope.bandcamp.com/ 🎵 Psalm Trees → https://soundcloud.com/psalm-trees → https://open.spotify.com/artist/5pmXkV6A8yQdoa64xzvZ0S → https://www.facebook.com/psalmtreesbeats/ 🎨 Artwork by Atey Ghailan → https://www.instagram.com/snatti89 → https://www.artstation.com/artist/snatti → http://snatti89.deviantart.com/ 🎧 ChilledCow → http://bit.ly/chilledcowspotify → http://bit.ly/chilledcowfacebook → http://bit.ly/chilledcowtwitter → http://bit.ly/chilledcowsoundcloud ✔️ Copyright Free Playlist → https://goo.gl/QtsxQG 📝 Submissions → Artwork : [email protected] → Music : https://soundcloud.com/chilledcow ❌ Please, do not use this song without artist's permission
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Text Comments (105)
Elront (10 days ago)
So atmospheric
Aizawa Eraser (28 days ago)
I love these songs, man.🇧🇷
This really cools my kitty-roof-sitting biscuit boi.
Himanshu Gupta (1 month ago)
can I use the Chilled cow's music in my videos?
Gaming HD (1 month ago)
Jason342 (1 month ago)
Bro can you give me tips for my music channel?
Max (1 month ago)
I'm getting hooked on it.
Karan (1 month ago)
Backgrounds like that and with music like that. it just relaxes you and gives you a chill time. Love it. Enjoy life. :)
H R (1 month ago)
Uploaded on the 24th. My notification? Today on the 29nth. 😒
eddy as (1 month ago)
Hey @ChilledCow can someone link me the track - 'JHFLY - - ' those two dashes is the name of the song ive seen it on the stream but can't find it
Vishal Farma (1 month ago)
Congrats on 2m
Vishal Farma (1 month ago)
+ChilledCow You deserve Many more, keep up the good work and the good work will keep up.
ChilledCow (1 month ago)
Thank you!
Ali Yahya (1 month ago)
Giacomo Tiburzi (1 month ago)
Happy 2 milion subscribers ChilledCow🎉
Giacomo Tiburzi (1 month ago)
+ChilledCow You are welcome!
ChilledCow (1 month ago)
Thank you
Hacked. Fusion (1 month ago)
Yo. You hit 2 million congratulations my dude
Jusne T (1 month ago)
Was the artwork illustrated by Japanese?
Спасибо )
csgo xd vete xd (1 month ago)
:'v que lindo
GuttyWuts (1 month ago)
Songs like this one are what lofi is all about to me.
TrapTrap Trap (1 month ago)
Psalm tree ain't got no chill, cuz psalm tree always be talkin dat biblical shit
Majors & Minors (1 month ago)
I eat cows.
Maria Sierra (1 month ago)
So beautiful art. The cat chilling over the roof. My cat always chill with amazing lofi music. I do too.💙🌷
Niggasdontdiewex (1 month ago)
Listen to Cobra by niggasdontdiewex #np on #SoundCloud https://soundcloud.com/user-339061425/sets/cobra
Kat Lee (1 month ago)
SIRUS tone (1 month ago)
recorded backwards? unusual swell timings
zBreeZe (1 month ago)
Hey I like the song, but I just wanted to clarify that the proper Italian Title would be, "Amore Con Dolore" "n" instead of "m". All good tho, just for ur info
Peace (1 month ago)
I have a fucking bad day... Good things this chill me out
Alinutz Alin (1 month ago)
What would I do without ChilledCow.... damn glad I found you.
Isaaaccc (1 month ago)
Me like
TrueeNova (1 month ago)
The picture goes well with this beat
Krittika Ghoshal Das (1 month ago)
I.L.L.U.S.I.O.N.S (1 month ago)
Hangrygirlfriendtv (1 month ago)
Beautiful and short. Like a shooting star
DEEPROT (1 month ago)
TEORÍAS PELIGRO (1 month ago)
Gijsi (1 month ago)
Another great collab, thanks
777/247 (1 month ago)
Amore 💔 no more eh?
Compassion&Loyalty (1 month ago)
Great music!
CalmPanda (1 month ago)
so relaxing <3
IkaFang (1 month ago)
So if a cow is chilled, does it mean it gives Ice cream instead of milk? 🤔🤔
John Kenny (22 days ago)
The Impossible WOOOOSH
Lonely UglyGuy (1 month ago)
+candlemaster the cunt that was another joke, idiot..
candlemaster the cunt (1 month ago)
+The Impossible it's a joke. Chill you tits
The Impossible (1 month ago)
IkaFang that's the most stupidest question ever and I have a female cow and that DOSENT happen when its's chilled and u just said cow can males do it to? 🤔🤔
Skidush planet (1 month ago)
Buena música
Greeg clen (1 month ago)
Que coisa boa de se ouvir!!!
Alan Lima (1 month ago)
Sim 🤣
Lia Wolfhard (1 month ago)
Amore and dolore are two Italian words...they mean love and pain in English... Lots of love from Italy😘...sorry for my bad english
Balloflife12 s (27 days ago)
Your english is great
Tomás Payola (28 days ago)
Lia Wolfhard Non preocuparti, anch'io non parlo bene il inglese 😅
Giacomo Tiburzi (1 month ago)
+Lia Wolfhard anch'io sono italiano finalmente mi rendo conto di non essere solo!☕
Lia Wolfhard (1 month ago)
+H-7 -26 ti consiglio il video GET PRODUCTIVE WITH ME di questa youtuber... Credo sia il video più motivazionale che abbia mai visto🔝(il video è quello che ha più di 1 mln di visualizzazioni)
H-7 -26 (1 month ago)
Lia Wolfhard La cercherò sicuramente. Io ho scoperto questo tipo di musica grazie ai meme, prima la mettevo per sfattonare poi ho cominciato ad apprezzarla veramente molto
Giacomo Tiburzi (1 month ago)
Great, thanks for the chill out time and congratulations for almost 2 million subscribers. Bye for today ChilledCow and grettings from Italy. P.S. sorry for the bad english I'm italian😜
the 1st bam FRR (1 month ago)
This soo calming 😌 always feel good loving that person. Thank you.💕
Morena Castillo (1 month ago)
Una obra de arte :3/♡♡
Monique Cortes (1 month ago)
ErrorRecordMusic (1 month ago)
awesome song for relax thanks dud <3
Mr Pancake (1 month ago)
Крутоо этак успокаивает 😍😌😌
letnin kobayashi (1 month ago)
Alguno sabera si puedo usar esta música de fondo, para un video, sin tener problemas?, claro con todo los créditos del creador y respetando al autor >:3, saludos y ayuda
Axdan 2008 (1 month ago)
Según la descripción del vídeo debes contactar y pedir permiso al artista
Bruno' Elias (1 month ago)
Muito bom <3 #PlusUltra
SHUBZ K (1 month ago)
Jus keeps getting better and better great job chilled cow :)
Schwifty Vibes (1 month ago)
So chill I almost froze to death. The kind of duo that is more a "x" than a "+"
molto bella
Lia Wolfhard (1 month ago)
Un italianooo😂😂😂
ChilledCheese (1 month ago)
Chill out time.. days sometimes blend together. We look forward to the next event but miss out what’s right in front of us today. Tomorrow isn’t guaranteed so enjoy the simple things, like listening to this chill song. Thank you my chilled mother
Hangrygirlfriendtv (1 month ago)
Well said. What a gift we have to be alive and conscious of the universe that surrounds us.
Jorge Willigs (1 month ago)
ChilledCheese, grilled cheese and relax... 🎵🧀😊
TJ Deso (1 month ago)
I see you on all sorts of music genre channels, man. I admire your passion and dedication and broad taste.
Cayde 6 (1 month ago)
For all those chilled individuals out there have a chilled week day ✌️
nomaDYekz (1 month ago)
Recovering from sickness but with chilled music :D
Raid Core (1 month ago)
Man, this sounds really chilling my mind 😊
Supra SLUG (1 month ago)
Feels it
E x i l (1 month ago)
Undergravity downforce (1 month ago)
Thank you This song holds an emotion I can't describe but know so well
SupaPixelGirl (1 month ago)
Chill beat
John (1 month ago)
Reece Hall (1 month ago)
Nachtaktiv (1 month ago)
Heather Sherry (1 month ago)
so beautiful 😍🌊
Ro Se (1 month ago)
Thanks for sharing this with us. So relaxing 😍
Mr Night wolf 340 (1 month ago)
Esta super para inspirarce en el trabajo ❤🖒
s o n ! c (1 month ago)
Amazing 💕
s o n ! c (1 month ago)
Haha me 2 👻
Nelson Nelson (1 month ago)
I'm a Sonic fan
Naruto Uzumaki (1 month ago)
Primer comemtario
Naruto Uzumaki (1 month ago)
springtrap HUE BR (1 month ago)
I love hip Hop
Wasan qenaei (1 month ago)
Best music that makes me sleep 😍
Wasan qenaei (1 month ago)
Pleae shout out or reply on it
Primer comentario
TheWall (1 month ago)
Of course it was going to sound great. This collab couldn't fail.
Gama Suri (1 month ago)
Music Refrain (1 month ago)
*It's too short*
Gama Suri (1 month ago)

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