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John Wraith Impregnates Mystique: Nightcrawler's Father? (X-Men Origins: Wolverine | Logan & Raven)

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Story of relations between John Wraith and Raven Darkholme (Mystique). It looks quite a bit different than that of the movie or comics. After Logan refused to kill Raven in Africa, John Wraith beat her but spared her life as well. Mystique seemed to like this kind of attitude, so she fucked with Wraith and soon became pregnant... Later in the Systemized Cybernetics Lab when Logan and Mystique freed him he asked her if she liked the name "Kurt"... This is probably a reference to Mystique being Nightcrawler's (Kurt Wagner) mother. In the comics his father is Azazel. It also explains why he has blue skin and the ability to teleport... X-Men Origins: Wolverine PC Game. Gameplay on Normal. #CJakeWolverine #WolverineGame #JamesLoganHowlett #XMenOrigins #Logan #XMen #Wolverine #XMenOriginsWolverine #Mystique. ►Watch more Wolverine videos: http://bit.ly/cjakewolverine
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Text Comments (260)
CJake3 (9 months ago)
My official 📄 _Wolverine Playlist:_ http://bit.ly/cjakewolverine. Have fun. So, Kurt Wagner (Nightcrawler) is a son of John Wraith and Mystique (according to this game)?.. well, that explains teleport ability and skin color... Though according to comics I think his father is considered to be Azazel?.. Good explanation (link by LATE REPLY): https://www.gamefaqs.com/xbox360/953919-x-men-origins-wolverine/answers/62497-john-wraith-and-darkholme-child PS. And to all those complaining about misleading title: Yeah... it's "catchy"... and I know what you might have thought when you saw it... but still... it is absolutely accurate and has not a single word of lies in it... here: 2:54 John Wraith beats Mystique... and here: 9:32 he is talking about him impregnating her... I didn't promise you neither sex, nor rape. The title has not a single word about that. And about it being catchy - well, that's what the titles are supposed to be... sooo... have fun, guys... ;)
Ethan Wilde (11 months ago)
Yeah night crawler almost entirely takes after his dad azazel the blue skin is mystique
Jbird CW (1 year ago)
CJake3 true
Ph0enix Rose (1 year ago)
CJake3. read my comment. This is bull , man
-eon the killer- (1 year ago)
Gaming With Balance sex or rape?
Otaku Gamer (2 years ago)
Relations (29 days ago)
I wonder if azazal and nightcrawler are related.🤔
Ethan Peterson (2 months ago)
9:33 - Your Welcome
Achillios B.C (2 months ago)
When you think about it, his teleportation along with nightcrawler are both different. It's easier to catch him slipping than Nightcrawler
eliaswolf77 (4 months ago)
All I Remember from this game is "Remember Africa"
Kendall Wright (8 months ago)
Kurts father is John Wraith just in the vidoe game
Carlos Jimenez (9 months ago)
this game is stupid just cuz he teleports doesnt mean hes his father nightcrawlers father is azazel
mini clips (9 months ago)
Nightcawler not wraiths son azazel is dummo
Yung Jay (10 months ago)
No she got piped by azazel... Explain where he got the tail
ThatKingKenny (11 months ago)
Azazel is Nightcrawlers father
MR. POPO (11 months ago)
RetroSpect (1 year ago)
Why is Logan’s nose sooo long
Nick Beaudry (1 year ago)
This was Fox writing their own history for Nightcrawler it's Not cannon!
Xx ROBLOXGAMER78 xX (1 year ago)
0:27 firestorm is in dc universe why is it in a marvel game
Jordan Walker (1 year ago)
I thought Azazel was his father. This is one thing I need some light shed on.
Not true cause wrath isn't night crawler's farther Azazel is,he's the only one who had sexual intimacy relationships then Fu***ked mystique an gotten her pregnant.
I thought nightcrawlers father is azazel it said in google
Geo Boy (1 year ago)
Mystique is so hot
Ph0enix Rose (1 year ago)
TF!!! I thinks its messed up. Who wrote this in!!! Wtf is this?? What a slap to Azazel!!!! Who's Such a better character but needs a orgin story update. First class didn't do him any justice. How do you explain Kurts tail and pointed ears?? In this GAME its more like shes using wagner but hooked up with Azazel and opps baby born with demonic features -sorry wagner- she played you!!!
I (1 year ago)
You do realize that this game is not tied to the movies, right?
Ethan Peterson (1 year ago)
Wwwhat? - 9:35
Danny Medina (1 year ago)
Wolverine Is A Badass
jenna rose (1 year ago)
They should really make a game about the movie logan.
glorianasims4 (1 year ago)
what part of africa is this shit? lmao game developer being stupid as fuck
Carlos Lightningbolt (2 years ago)
Mystique left Magneto and Beast for Will.i.am... sounds legit.
Tyler Coonce (2 years ago)
That... that makes more sense than it should.
CosmicUndeadElf (2 years ago)
There really was no need for the misleading clickbait title, the video is good enough for what it really is
Michael Sanon (2 years ago)
He didn't beat her wtf
A nut (2 years ago)
wait who is quick silver's father
I (1 year ago)
JellyDaFish (2 years ago)
why is this in my recommendations?
JellyDaFish (2 years ago)
why is this in my recommendations?
Shadow Dancer (2 years ago)
Stupid, Nightcrawlers real dad looked exactly like Nightcrawler but instead of blue he was red
Sean Kent (2 years ago)
No WAY that this is canon
I (1 year ago)
It isn't. It's just a video game based on the movie.
Eric Kruckenberg (2 years ago)
anyone who knows xmen knows Azazel is Nightcrawlers daddy...this marvel arc is basically non canon with a re imagining. still love it
Erwin Dedić (2 years ago)
Man, that title is misleading. I'm not sure if I'm relieved or disappointed. XD
ScandalousSam (2 years ago)
Makes much more sense than fucking Azazel.
Captain Twice (2 years ago)
When did Xmen and Avatar crossover? (I know it's Mystique)
Connor Dacey (2 years ago)
This comment section is full of people who do not understand anything about Marvel comics. Azazel had many children and kept them around like an army he then came for Kurt Wagner and it all came out he was Azazels son and he was killed by the X-men and the remaining children of Azazel kept doing evil things on there Fathers name. Also to people who say Mutants children don't have the same power as them some do not but a list of do are Daiken-Wolverin, Cable-Cyclops-Jean plus another child I can not rember, Charles-Legion also other son and Polaris-Magneto I can not rember all of the names because that is a ridiculous amount of information to know about a folish topic.
I'd love to get inside that Blue snatch.
Kurby Schneider (2 years ago)
ok the origin to wolverine according to the movie needs to stop existing same for this game
Charlie Bear (2 years ago)
Well that certainly is a sexually aggressive title...
RedXearo (2 years ago)
Usually movie tie-ins blow, but this game was fucking great. I use to play it on mute, with wolverine's X-Force costume just pretending I was in the jungle fucking shit up.
Wendingo84 (2 years ago)
Mystique.... BLACKED!
Wendingo84 (2 years ago)
video games are known for making people look more muscular than they look in real life but Hugh Jackman is bigger then his video game counterpart lol
FS Predator (2 years ago)
clickbaiting fuck
Star Savage (2 years ago)
so kurts got 3 daddies ? lmao
Rayvon Velez (13 days ago)
This is a different dimension or timeline i think. X men films have way too many different timelines.
I (1 year ago)
No. His real father is Azazel. Mystique gave birth to Kurt when she was married to a German aristocrat but threw him in a river out of desperation when she was chased by an angry mob. Then Kurt was adopted by a gypsy fortuneteller named Margali Szardos.
Nate Maunsell (2 years ago)
what game is rhis
Ciaran McGuinness (2 years ago)
How is he German then? Mystique and Wraith are American
I (1 year ago)
Wraith isn't Nightcrawler's father, Azazel is. And Nightcrawler was only raised in Germany.
Anymation (2 years ago)
This company needs to make another wolverine game either related to this or something new entitle
YeeHawndez (2 years ago)
Pls remaster this shit for Ps4 or Xbox one!
Joshua Martinez (2 years ago)
So he basically raped her
Jmgjgdjd5 (2 years ago)
I wish the sentinels in DOFP looked like that, those look so creepy
I (1 year ago)
No they don't. They look ridiculous and would just feel out of place if they looked like that in DOFP. In the movie, the sentinels were much more intimidating and felt like a real threat and taking down a single future sentinel was hard enough.
Rex Armstrong (2 years ago)
Alan Nav (2 years ago)
sam collier (2 years ago)
wish they wud remaster this for ps4
Yellow Temperance (2 years ago)
weird, I don't remember that on the ps2
Mike Emmons (2 years ago)
wow if this cut scene is any indication, this game must have been a death march to play through.
I (2 years ago)
I love the design of this Mystique.
Colt JL (2 years ago)
What happened to having his spine ripped out?
Taimoor Mudassar (2 years ago)
which game is this ?
30 Sticks (2 years ago)
When you forget the black guy can teleport
DØDSMAND (2 years ago)
glad this isnt canon or it would have confused the shit outta me
Doggywannarock (2 years ago)
ya no that's just b.s. night crawlers father is Azazel
Chris Hurley (2 years ago)
Spit my drink first time I heard that playing the game
RUSSIAN MAN (2 years ago)
I miss plying this game
Kurt Lim (2 years ago)
WRONG wraith is NOT nightcrawler's father lol. azazel is from x men first class
Levi Dye (2 years ago)
Why can't he teleport all of them?! oh wait... it's a game...
Hatano Reyhas (2 years ago)
Cortana? 😂 you're always blue aren't you...
Slushymonster (2 years ago)
im so glad they dont make these shitty movie games anymore
jerry _0boy (2 years ago)
Me. WHO'S YO DADDY Nightcrawler. I don't know Me. hahahahahhahhhahahah
domidium (2 years ago)
9:17 "I can teleport Raven and me up top, but you're gonna have to get there on you're own Logan."  Uh...why?  Why can't you just make two trips?  Its not like you would lose a lot of time.
Noah Crawley (2 years ago)
why the fuck is he German then? lol
https://www.gamefaqs.com/xbox360/953919-x-men-origins-wolverine/answers/62497-john-wraith-and-darkholme-child heres the long explanation for this if you care
shouldve known i wouldnt actually see mystique get impregnated
Tmi Mason (2 years ago)
"Never had a problem with killing the enemy. But i draw the line at murder." I think no one proof read this script😂😂
DarkShiniobi (2 years ago)
Man the voice acting needed a ill more work the actors sound bored out of their minds.
Sad Hamill (2 years ago)
"I can teleport her and I up there, but you gonna have to make your own way up"..... really dude lol you couldn't come right back? It would take 1 second
RabidRiggs (2 years ago)
before flashback: in factory /during flashback: in Africa with birds in the trees chirping/ after flashback: in factory which now apparently has a bird infestation.
Beastinvader (2 years ago)
1:20 Very lazy not to show her transformation. This is a game, not some CGI filled movie. Hell, even in the original x-men they were not afraid to show her transformation.
Raina Mermaid (2 years ago)
is it hugh doing the voice? it sounds like him!
I (1 year ago)
It is.
Reven (2 years ago)
The title kinda sounds.......rapey. I can't be the only one to think that.......
Eastwood (1 year ago)
You are the only one who thinks that. How the hell does it sound rapey? The fuck is wrong with you?
DA MotoNeko (2 years ago)
So THAT's Kurts father? Didnt expect him to be a cowboy hat ów0 But wait, Did Kurt inherit his fathers powers and his mothers looks? Holy heck.
I (1 year ago)
No. This game isn't canon. Not to the movies or the comics. It's just a video game based on X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Kurt's real mother is Raven and his real father is Azazel.
Caleb West (2 years ago)
Matt J (2 years ago)
So for all these years, Fergie was just raven in disguise
Qwerty Bastard (2 years ago)
Ladies love a good strike to the head.
Odin ROsi (2 years ago)
these timelines are solo convoluted
Iron Italian (2 years ago)
"I never had a problem killing the enemy, but I draw the line at murder." What?
Parris Price (4 months ago)
If you are trying to find food you simply surviving
DrummermanMatt So if I'm stranded in the wilderness and have to hunt to survive, am I a murderer?
Jordan Scott (2 years ago)
+DrummermanMatt no they aren't. American military officers don't murder terrorists they kill them. Terrorists murder civilians and kill. There's a difference. It has to do with the morality of the situation
Iron Italian (2 years ago)
+Victor Hugo .Ortiz Vargas Kill and murder are synonymous.
El Wason bb (2 years ago)
Killing (following orders ) Murder ( personal)
Ash The Duke (2 years ago)
azazel is supposed to be the father lol
Kxndxll 23 (2 years ago)
The title is very misleading
Ronicko Keith (2 years ago)
The title to this is misleading
The JOE-KING (2 years ago)
Soo...Nightcrawler is Black, Blue and German??
Steel Xcaliber (5 months ago)
Well German isn't a race, so I don't see why that's weird.
BaneSIlvermoon (2 years ago)
He was raised in Germany, by Mystiques husband Herr Wagner who believes he is his son. Mystique got pregnant by Azazel while married to Wagner.
Jon Ericson (2 years ago)
He was left in Germany, and the people who raised him gave him a German last name,so.
baal blade (2 years ago)
oh god, not only the movie ruined Deadppol, but the game version ruined Mystique's lore X_X
christian schmidt (11 months ago)
Death God It did. The origins wasnt deadpool.
David Lopez (1 year ago)
baal blade the movie didn't ruin deadpool.
Evomre (2 years ago)
Dude needs to make up her mind, first it was kill her, then tie her up.
jon ojar (2 years ago)
this is bullshit
ttv clipitz (2 years ago)
so she slept with angel and John so that explains it all
2Good2BeTrue45 (2 years ago)
this is actually a way better backstory for mystique than the actual movies.
night crawler baby
King of Geekdom Gaming (2 years ago)
Look I know what you meant by the name of this video but..."John Wraith beats and impregnates Mystique"? Really? Sounds like video about Wraith and Mystique's abusive relationship. And that's a HAUNTING prospect.
Vlaka (2 years ago)
even the video games don't know their continuity.
Apollodragon 2000 (2 years ago)
Kurt has a tail
Jordan Green (2 years ago)
wait a minute did he say that he's never had a problem killing someone but he draws the line at murder WTF!!! LMFAO!!
lewiDan (2 years ago)
Jordan Green light he means he can kill soldiers but not |murder| which is a different thing because he only kills people who fight back or at least attempt or if they come at him he won't just kill someone random in the middle of the street

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