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New Equestria Girls App My Little Pony Canterlot High Laptop MLP Zapcode Scan DJ Pon3 Minigame

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Hi Everyone! Please subscribe for our latest videos: https://www.youtube.com/c/quaketoys Want more new My Little Pony: More New My Little Pony Here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLnL9eCuVRIMtnax-Sn8DnAAcNktkkkxdT Equestria Girls with EG Dolls and Playset Scanned: Part 1 Level 1-3: http://youtu.be/vYeiP-xmQs0 Part 2 Level 3-4: http://youtu.be/Ns2-0jNeLEY Bonus Short with Scans of Playset and Laptop for DJ Pon3 MiniGame: http://youtu.be/S3Au5b8JKO4 Part 3 Level 4-5: https://youtu.be/BN-r45Ve5-0 Part 4 Level 5-7: http://youtu.be/5qfzdO-5LK4 Part 5 Level 7-9 YAY we reached LEVEL 9 AND PASSED LEVEL 8!!!: http://youtu.be/m6gEmJyipjg *NEW UPDATE* Part 6 Level 9-10: https://youtu.be/8XUZ-4CPY4A OTHER ipad totally stuck on level 8 but at least we snog Flash Sentry and DJ Pon-3 is kind enough to turn her back to give us a moment of privacy (hahaha!): http://youtu.be/um50kcheZuA *NEW* Queen Chrysalis Toys R Us Exclusive: http://youtu.be/qPZSfrqi8DY *NEW* Flash Sentry K-Mart Exclusive: http://youtu.be/OpnvI6oAODE *NEW* Flash Sentry K-Mart Exclusive Scanned into App: https://youtu.be/5qfzdO-5LK4 *NEW* Canterlot High Playset with exclusive DJ Pon-3: https://youtu.be/3JuleUBXYLs *NEW* Equestria Girls App with scanning Zapcodes of Canterlot High and DJ Pon-3: http://youtu.be/3ElaR_eaFkM *NEW* SDCC SciTwi (that OTHER Twilight Sparkle) Unboxing: https://youtu.be/a_XXjdhfcak *NEW* Equestria Girls App with SDCC SciTwi (that OTHER Twilight Sparkle) Scans: https://youtu.be/mBvYt6AWUGk *NEW* My Little Pony Equestria Girls Friendship Games App Update with Flash Sentry and SciTwi Scanned: https://youtu.be/gtbLrp2VpfY *NEW* Flash Sentry and Twilight Sparkle My Little Pony Equestria Girls Friendship Games 2 Pack: https://youtu.be/PKbUTZBMBQA *NEW* My Little Pony Equestria Girls Friendship Games App Update with Movie and Character Spoilers: https://youtu.be/ZuIWMpaslEE Hi Guys! We're a bit frustrated as we have so many characters with no jobs or interaction yet past level 8, but tons of silly stuff for us to do on other devices at the lower levels (and then you quickly reach level 8 and...nothing!). Hopefully the next update brings more fun and ways to level up even more! In the meantime, we're starting over all new and fresh with scanning everyone and every playset we have opened so far. Sorry for the video of a game instead of direct recording. For some reason my usual good old app will not work with any of the newer MLP apps even with touch assist (but thank you so much for everyone who sent in suggestions). I'm working on it though and hope to have it fixed soon. These Hasbro apps are HUGE memory hogs and if you're having trouble running them, you might need more space on your ios device. I couldn't play them at all when I tried to help a friend on her kindle. It simply didn't have enough memory to play either one. We are playing this on a 64GB ipad that actually has very little stored on it, and you'll notice much more jerkiness in the character's movements and gameplay than in our other videos where we're playing on my 128GB mini where things flow faster and smoother. So not the best video but we've had several requests to see more of the MLP Equestria Girls Friendship Games App where we scan in the new playsets and girls to see how everyone unlocks. As we just unboxed the Canterlot High Playset we thought we'd play a bit and we forgot somehow to scan the laptop which unlocks the DJ Pon3 minigame. Unfortunately, you cannot just scan it in to unlock. We tried and had to scrap the videos and redownload the app on this ipad. You can only scan it in to unlock after you reach level 4 and/or finish Pinkie Pie's quests (party cannons and balloons). This is a shorter video with the laptop shown clearly towards the end for everyone who asked to see it. Next is part three that goes from levels 4-5. You can find the MLP Equestria Girls app here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/equestria-girls/id998990823?mt=8 Unboxing soon are more New My Little Pony Equestria Girls Friendship Games Dolls and brand new My Little Pony and playsets with more Zapcodes! We cannot wait! After that more of our Monster High Ghouls and Mansters, Barbie and her girls from the big toy sale, new My Little Pony ponies, Lalaloopsy, LPS, MLP playsets, Equestria Girls Rainbow Rocks, more Monster High, Disney Junior Doc McStuffins, Sofia the First, Sheriff Callie, Disney Princess Palace Pets, Disney Frozen and Princess Zaini Mystery Surprise Toy Kinder Chocolate Eggs, Disney Princesses and Playsets, Paw Patrol, Jake and the Neverland Pirates and more! Thanks for watching and please subscribe to Quaketoys for our latest videos: https://www.youtube.com/c/quaketoys
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