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About Blues Music Magazine October 2018

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The Fall Issue of Blues Music Magazine releases October 2018. It is available in both print and digital editions. Blues Music Magazine, which is published every January, April, July, and October. Since its debut issue in 2013, Blues Music Magazine has become of the most reliable voices for spreading the blues around the world. The magazine’s mission statement, “Sharing America’s National Music – The Blues” is evident in everything it publishes. In its five years, BMM has consistently presented subscribers with four print and digital issues each year. Those issues contain in-depth features and profiles on both legendary blues performers and also up and coming artists. In addition, there are reviews of live events, books, and DVDs relevant to the genre. Most important in each issue are the 50+ CD reviews in each issue. All these pages are supported by award-winning writers and photographers who come with decades of experience. REMEMBER: Every purchase in the store includes a BONUS issue! In 2017 alone, Blues Music Magazine Members purchased just over 15K albums supporting independent artists. Please share the store and help us continue our mission of: "Sharing America's National Music - The Blues" - Art Tipaldi Editor-In-Chief
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