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Top 6 Girl On Motorcycle FAILS 2017 Compilation Tandem Bikers Wheelie FAIL 2up Bike Stunts Videos

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Top 6 Girl On Motorcycle FAILS 2017 Compilation Tandem Biker Riding Wheelie FAIL Performing 2up Bike Stunts Caught On Camera 2017! Motorcycle wheelies gone wrong with girls riding tandem while doing 2up motorcycle stunts on the highways, streets, & roads in USA United States Of America. Watch as girls on motorcycles get owned while wheeling try not to laugh. Bikers epic 2up tandem fails when street bike stunts gone wrong during huge motorcycle stunt rides such as ROC Streetfighterz Ride Of The Century 2017. Thank for watching this Blox Starz TV exclusive Top 6 girls on motorcycle tandem 2up stunts wheelie fail compilation video clips caught on tape 2017! Please enjoy this video clip of girl on motorcycle epic fails caught on camera 2017! Please SHARE, LIKE, & COMMENT Visit BLOX STARZ STORE Click Below http://BLOXSTARZ.com Please SUBSCRIBE Blox Starz TV For NEW Videos Click Below http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=bloxstarzlifestyle Please CONNECT With Blox Starz TV INSTAGRAM: http://instagram.com/bloxstarz FACEBOOK: http://facebook.com/bloxstarz YOUTUBE: http://youtube.com/bloxstarzlifestyle TWITTER: http://twitter.com/bloxstarz GOOGLE+: http://google.com/+bloxstarzlifestyle TUMBLR: http://bloxstarz.tumblr.com/ VINE: https://vine.co/bloxstarz
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Text Comments (1568)
Brang Zonghus (8 hours ago)
All the fuckin' idiots....
Sabrefire916 (1 day ago)
4:01 see that little red light on top of that little thing there about the street that mean stop dumbass if you go through a red light and You get smoked you deserve it
Tfues Raccoon (2 days ago)
Motorcycles are not for girls just stick with ur Barbie dolls
MrHiroboman (6 days ago)
4.01. Suck shit dick heads. Run a red light, cop it. Bet she won't fuck you any more pencil dick.
M A (8 days ago)
3:33 almost 2nd accident
Mini TikTok queen 133 (10 days ago)
at 7:01 the girl got out first that means her boyfriend made sure she got out before him
Gamer Girl_YT (17 days ago)
Second won what happened to their leg?
Gamer Girl_YT (17 days ago)
I wuv bikes
Gamer Girl_YT (17 days ago)
2019? And some of the bikers here pasted me today in Rensselaer Falls today!
Tommy Damron (18 days ago)
oh yeah,double donors!!😵😵😵🤣🤣🤣
CECP CECP (18 days ago)
No respect for a machine that can Kill you instantly
South Bay Dave (19 days ago)
Remember girls. You don't dress for the ride, you dress for the crash.
Pratt📡 (24 days ago)
wasted........... you couldnt ride it.......pick bus instead. what youve got if you payolla for driving license. like in my country.
John F (24 days ago)
Ride like a twat, fall like a twat! Quite happy to see deserved pain.
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Youthsoldier1992 (26 days ago)
The last one: plot twist his bike only rides like that 😂
Shannon Mcleish (29 days ago)
Darwinism 101 in action
M.D.P Sleepy (1 month ago)
What's next, how to kill your girl?
Michael Houp (1 month ago)
Doushe bags
Tiffany Fandl (1 month ago)
I think this is what the cool kids do for fun!
Harry D Connor (1 month ago)
If you drive alone,you can do anything you want But if you carry a people with you,just slow and slow. I always drive my S1000rr 100-150km/h but when i carry my girlfriend i always drive 70-80km/h. Think about your people behind you,think about their family and your family.Good and safe drive all Riders readed my comment. Sorry for bad english.
Julie S (1 month ago)
Girls are stupid and dumb
flashfire331 (17 days ago)
So is that why the greater percentage of college grads are female then? While more and more cocks are choosing to do landscaping and collect garbage off sidewalks the rest of their lives? 😆
Noro Phon (1 month ago)
I’m going to hell laughing at this.
hodaka1000 (1 month ago)
These people are placing their lives in hands of people who shouldn't be ridding motorbikes!
viper mullin (1 month ago)
they get what is coming to themselves for riding like a wild bunch of animals with no respect for anything.
pokermel (1 month ago)
I wonder if these girls watched some of those gory bike accidents on LiveLeaks would they still be willing to do this shit.
Mr Free1 (1 month ago)
at 5:50 TWAT Douche #4 is seen walking away from the girl he may have just killed. She was lying motionless and he decides to go for a 'stroll'
James Lee (1 month ago)
Oh my fuking shit pisses me off watching fools doing some stupid shit to hert their girlfriend why did you pick her up then drop her and just stood looking down at her wtf yo
mega0876 (1 month ago)
Bikers are brainless worthless zombies
Raven Rodriguez (1 month ago)
I ride.... But I will NEVER put myself in danger just to show off. Especially if I have a passenger.
Chris Cunha (1 month ago)
news flash people: busting wheelies is no longer something only a select few can do. you AINT cool... what a sorry excuse for a bunch of riders. pathetic...
J Harris (1 month ago)
Is my bike alright $))$ her she’s fine
MrMikebeben (1 month ago)
What a bunch of fucking morons smh
Ray Maresh (1 month ago)
I like the guy in numbers 3. He has on leathers while his girl has on just a t-shirt. Nice guy.😔
Ray The Crazy Guy (1 month ago)
4:00 those assholes ran a red light and got what they wanted
John Rae (1 month ago)
flashfire331 (1 month ago)
What I just saw here were (males) doing reckless acts with motorcycles. You might even note the boy rider fell from his bike while attempting a wheely. His girlfriend then took over it, and at the very least was able to bring it onto an exit ramp before dumping it.
Christopher Laughlin (1 month ago)
Am I a terrible person for hoping a few of these tools crash when I see these types of video's. It's hard not to root against them.
Christopher Laughlin (1 month ago)
For those that partake of this kind of riding, can't you see in the vids how stupid you look? What part of moronic don't you understand.
Christopher Laughlin (1 month ago)
How many times do group rides like this work out well? I see a lot of fail videos made out of them.
Christopher Laughlin (1 month ago)
this is called natural selection...thinning the heard.
Christopher Laughlin (1 month ago)
Moto_GirlShy ash (1 month ago)
im not trynna be mean or rude but why do boy riders think girls cant ride, dude haft of the girl riders are better then the boy rider who have been rideing for years
kyl76 (2 months ago)
10:10 If the pussy wanted to fall
SuperNova PG3D (2 months ago)
Ripping along the road on a bike is stupid enough. Doing it with your girlfriend on the back is stupid squared. Blasting through a red light, as in the second clip, with your girl on the back, is stupid to the tenth power. She got her leg fucked up good cause of that jackass’ poor judgement
PlymouthVT (2 months ago)
Man that one at 4:20 where the dude runs a red light and t bones a car with his girlfriend. Bet they still feel that.
Antonio Riley (2 months ago)
Soooo....... What happened to the girl ??? Just got back on and rode away
Blackhawk Lyn (2 months ago)
Got what they deserve! If you want to be stupid then pay the piper. They should all have their license revoked and bikes impounded. People like that give good bikers a bad name.
M Abdelati (2 months ago)
The LAST one NEVER falls !!!! Whats the fricking msg here .. thats its OK or Cool ??!! All it takes is a little sharp pebble under that wheel ... and BAM ... they are both in a coffin.
ZombieMod (2 months ago)
I noticed how most bikers who risk this type of shit are white people lol....
MrPoopyButthole 11 (2 months ago)
Does anyone know the name of the DC shoes that come out at 7:52 ?
Bill Knapp (2 months ago)
In the first clip, it shows the freeway sign twice (in CA they're called CALTRANS signs) shown once at regular speed then once in slow motion.... Does anyone know what it says?? It looks to me like the last word is "motorcycles" but not sure. In CA it is very common for those CALTRANS signs to say "look twice for motorcycles" and "share the road" etc. What does it say???
Todd Adams (2 months ago)
I bet it was:share the road with motorcycles...I see that one often around Sacramento
Steven G (2 months ago)
And yet more natural selection at its finest!
businessnik (2 months ago)
Pretty tough to feel bad when they think it's a movie and pretend red lights don't truly exist.
JonJon (2 months ago)
At least these assholes dress for the ride and not the slide, fucking idiots and dumb bitches that hang with them!
Jim G (2 months ago)
Lots of Darwin Award nominees here.
PianoMan 2018 (2 months ago)
At 8:10 is it a bike or a couch???? Need a remote too?? Darwin Awards.
Boom Dawg (2 months ago)
The first is my favorite, yep, let's all ride real close together real fast and do dumb stuff and run over each other.
sunny singh (2 months ago)
Twigg & Rae (2 months ago)
Wear your gear
dafterite (2 months ago)
Total assholes doing stupid things with powerful toys. Oh no! One of us got hurt! How could this happen???? The tragedy is that almost all of them are able to walk again, and they'll be back at it.
Budianto AlBuQhori (2 months ago)
I lake your moge.. friend's🤗🏍️
Rick Griffith (2 months ago)
Proof! MOST motorcyckists are idiots.
James Stenborg (2 months ago)
I see others have already said what I wanted to but hell I'm saying it again. Putting your girl at risk like that is so childish and ignorant even if she says it's ok it isn't have enough common sense not to put someone else in what could be a life altering event all it takes in one mistake nit doesn't even have to be you who makes it stop being dumbasses.
thereisnodoupt (2 months ago)
Zsolt Zemján (3 months ago)
PincherMC (3 months ago)
Well that last 5 minutes I'll never get back. Had to skip ro the end.
PincherMC (3 months ago)
I was always super careful and safe when riding someone. You are responsible for there life. What toolbag losers. I gotta these girls left them and make better choices next time.
Rogent X (3 months ago)
Ladies take notes: make sure your future rider boyfriend isn't a squid.
Peter Burnett (3 months ago)
look someone got hurt because of me being a showoff with no brains, .LOL
Peter Burnett (3 months ago)
these idiots should spend life in prison causing wrecks and stopping traffic.
Eric x (3 months ago)
2:11 was hilarious, (edit) so was 4:00
Mr. Borjas (3 months ago)
10:10 biker foot fetish?
Spectral (3 months ago)
What happened to the girl at 4:43 ?
Mike Huntt (3 months ago)
Second clip was hilarious, hopefully an ambulance didnt show though.
That Guy (3 months ago)
There's your gender equality.. now get the fuck back in the kitchen. Dumb fucking riders. None of you will learn. Running a red light! Are you fkn kidding me. She should have died
flashfire331 (1 month ago)
I say fuck the kitchen. Being a lady biker myself, our motorcycles are obviously a way better time. Kitchens are just some place everyone goes to eat. So...? And to be honest, what I just saw here were (males) doing far more reckless acts with motorcycles. You might even note the boy rider fell from his bike while attempting a wheely. His girlfriend then took over it, and at the very least was able to bring it onto an exit ramp before dumping it.
Dwight Halpert (3 months ago)
If you frame-by-frame that second video.. she legit broke bone, muscle, and skin. Her foot is on backwards
White Raven (3 months ago)
l agree with K9-1000: And not wearing body armour. A woman dressed in Body protection looks great. Also, motorcycles that pull over promptly may receive leniency provide you have a good attitude, and tell the truth. If you ignore or resist pull over, have your bike taken away and all traffic fines double... Try any of these stunts on Vancouver Island and the Local RCMP will own your bike. They "always" get their man!
1SparksFlyOut (3 months ago)
Does anyone else smile when they see a fat person on a motorcycle? I think it's great when larger people don't let their weight stop them from doing what they love, plus you can burn hella calories riding.
# Guiltless (3 months ago)
She should of been makin sammiches huh.
flashfire331 (3 months ago)
Lady bikers don't make sammiches. (They eat them). :)
bastard with a beard (3 months ago)
I can see risking your own life from time to time but why the hell would you put somebody else’s on the line?
RubyTuesday Fla (3 months ago)
They look so ridiculously stupid but I guess that's what all that inbreeding does
charles wisher (3 months ago)
Tcbranger (3 months ago)
You can thank your dumbass boyfriend for running the red light.
dano (4 months ago)
This goes to show you no matter how good you think you are on these bikes you can always fuck up. They shouldn't be doing this on the road with other drivers. Their putting a lot of life's in danger. I love watching how good a lot of these guys are but not on the hwy.
Grant Riley (4 months ago)
lmao the first girl did not know how to ride
John Fanchier (4 months ago)
The girrl in the first video was retarded. She led to her own demise.
Hybrid (4 months ago)
That 2 one had me feel really fucking bad for the girl
tyler shaffer (4 months ago)
Let's run a red light, what's the worst that could happen?.... oh right, a car
S Gomez (4 months ago)
What a bunch of retarded F****!
this is the wolf (4 months ago)
"How do you brake ? Is it this rotating thing ?" *wheelies against the wall* smart move kiddo
Xavier Blanc (5 months ago)
I would have targeted that fine blond ass as well and pretended I ve had missed ;)
Libertarian Nationalist (5 months ago)
Is this why insurance is so expensive?
Jason Schauer (5 months ago)
Irish Reule (5 months ago)
Why why why do they not understand...you need protective biker wear...and heavy boots...come on..these bikes fall apart like they are made of legos....at least protect yourself...the pavement gives no apologies.
william mclean (5 months ago)
Keep 2wheels on road and this wont happen
someone someone (5 months ago)
I dont know who is more stupid the guy doing the wheelie with his girl or the girl putting her life in his hands for a stunt.
Nelson Williams (5 months ago)
Ladies please stop subjecting yourselves to this abuse... what man puts his woman on a bike and rides like a moron! He doesn’t love you no more than he cares about that bike he abuses... it can be replaced just like you... think about it ladies before you decide to be that show piece again!
alonzo symalla (5 months ago)
A whole lot of people who bought a bike, but have no clue how to ride.
Jeff Moore (5 months ago)
idiot bikers
EAGLES TILL I DIE (5 months ago)
If u do that shit with a female on ur bike yous a sucka an I'm mad at that fact I didn't see any of these dumb mf die

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