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El-B Producer Masterclass - Computer Music magazine 2007

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• Dubstep pioneer and UK garage legend El-B at work in the studio in 2007! • Get more Producer Masterclass videos with Computer Music magazine - there's one with every issue! • Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/computer.music.mag • Web: http://www.computermusic.co.uk • Twitter: http://twitter.com/computermusicuk
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Text Comments (163)
jhm5hs (29 days ago)
"Just to butter it up...we got a gun shot in there". Something out of People Just Do Nothing.
inBO1L (1 month ago)
this video is the bomb. in case anyone is wondering, the tune he's working on there is 'endorse & set it' by el-b and roxy.
tito leebowitz (8 months ago)
this is great. he's mad thorough explaining shit.
Dark Vibe (9 months ago)
El b is a certified legend of the ukg scene. His work after the groove chronicles era is truly underrated
Da man EL b. Got all this guys beats on vynl.
Joseph (10 months ago)
What tune is this?
ModeratorUK (2 months ago)
It's Hellcopter, he released it as a free DL a few months ago
REBELLIONETTE (10 months ago)
El "get them scissors out" B.... Pretty funny man....
Enrico Dragoni (11 months ago)
I can smell the cheese only by looking at this video
Weaponsied Unicorn (1 year ago)
Nice! Makes a lovely change from listen to middleclass posh people talking about "transiants" and techie computer shit. The best people to listen to are the ones whos just make music, and don't talk fuckin techie shit. Music is to be heard not watched. This is a very good video for beginners and all - to watch! Bigup music for the criminal class (not sayin El-B is, he just has street soul and attitude, not elistist privalliaged bulshit!)
Philipp Wartenberg (1 year ago)
sympathetic dude!
999a0s (1 year ago)
to everyone watching this in 2017...we have to preserve the legacy of this period of UK music. if you got pirate radio tapes post them! deja 92.3, rinse 100.3, it dont matter...if you got dubplates, acetates, refixes, even cassette tapes, rip to mp3 and post them! if this stuff isn't preserved, the livest, most organic time in UK music will be lost forever. i watch this interview and el-b just personifies a whole era of the best, most soulful music that ever came out the UK. i really mean this from my heart, this is a PSA. record everything you have from this era, and put it on the internet where everyone can see it, or it'll be gone....forever. and the world will have lost something truly great.
J Morgan (3 months ago)
https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdB0nRW1Ph18-8Fw4E3ubAg <--- Simpsons did it
rodolfo brito (1 year ago)
Polofayot (1 year ago)
Who is he talking about just before Plastician ? (the guy who would put everything loud and change the room to make food and to listen to his stuff from far?)
Kaido Luht (1 year ago)
For all the smokers out there!
FullFledged2010 (1 year ago)
El-b from teddy ruckspin? ^^
TRIGGER 82 (1 year ago)
Knows what he's talkin bout 👍
AVFN (1 year ago)
"make it loud and make it crazy and turn the club inside out"
nahumpaul85 (1 year ago)
EL-B - one of the early pioneers of dubstep before it was even called dubstep.
Dan SouthLondon (1 year ago)
propa croydon boi, big up
jdont (1 year ago)
James Em sea (1 year ago)
bang on foresight on the UK rap culture issues
Casey Cook (1 year ago)
"a good song's got no date stamp"
Daniel Spencer (1 year ago)
Did he just say he was better than Rob Playford???? Mate, I love you, but naaaaaah... Rob is GOD.
Billy Buttlord (1 year ago)
such a simple yet concise explanation of compression
el dib (1 year ago)
Intuition (1 year ago)
Best Masterclass ever. :)
ste roller (1 year ago)
Great tutorial :)
Dan SouthLondon (2 years ago)
predicted a lot at the end ngl. spot on.
Elliott Lake (2 years ago)
was the hip hop track ever released?
Monir (2 years ago)
This guys fucking mint. Especially that bit about don't hold back and don't be scared. Music needs more EL-B's.
joe T (2 years ago)
can of ting, good man!
RoofLight00 (2 years ago)
El-B, re press the old Ghost garage choons like 'The Club' pleeeeeaaasse!! ;)
Spooky Bizzle (2 years ago)
its been repressed.. theres a repress out now on DNRvinyl with a unreleased dub on the flip
Tom James (2 years ago)
buy the "roots of el-b" cd off discogs
yesman 28 (2 years ago)
great advice shit camera man
Liam Bristow (2 years ago)
Pol Albers (2 years ago)
Lee Purchase (2 years ago)
When he chats about Plastician using a laptop when it was completely new - El-B blown away by Serato!
Canterbronx (2 years ago)
forgot about sweatbands until now!
lairwavdd (2 years ago)
what a safe geeza... i feel more engaged watchin this then i ever did in maths class
Top man I love the way he makes such good music with simple techniques. Talks a lot of sense too
iog939789 (2 years ago)
fucking legend
Sol Reynolds (2 years ago)
life changer
Authuser (2 years ago)
22:24 is it naff, does it impress ? - haha. Great producer !
Rob Portlock (2 years ago)
can 'a Ting!
patrik desch protal ey (2 years ago)
ganja music ok
D Skelton (2 years ago)
Nice guy.
James Benn (3 years ago)
proper hard track
Clarke (3 years ago)
legendary dubstep producer right there
Billy Buttlord (1 year ago)
yesman 28 mmm tuna melt
... Funky Crumpet ... (1 year ago)
hahaha dubstep scholar.
yesman 28 (2 years ago)
shut up you melt
El-B never made dubstep he was one of the founding members of the instrumental garage era that evolved into Dubstep and Grime, get the facts right please it's important. I'm a UK Garage, Grime and Dubstep scholar there's not much about the origin of these sounds i don't know. Shit my channel alone proves that
Tom Wall (2 years ago)
+Clarke *Garage
Mario Figueiredo (3 years ago)
Really good tutorial, real mcoy down to earth, study, study the sounds, the arrangements, thanks man
Fellony (3 years ago)
what a geezer
Fonluang Wedlake (3 years ago)
Is he smoking a doobie?
rorz999 (3 years ago)
Joel Carlo (3 years ago)
Beats on the track at 18:52 are by a guy called Opus who produces with El-B. You can find him on Soundcloud as Opus1st. I dont think the track was ever released and I'm unsure about the vocalist but would definitely love to find out who she is.
Alex Vincent (2 years ago)
+Joel Carlo I really want to listen to that track at 18:52 I tried googling the lyrics to see if the vocalist was sampled but from what I took away this dude was often recording original tracks with vocalists
Old Boy (3 years ago)
"When you've been digital for a while, I don't think you want crackles" ...haha classic comment. but 8 years later and vinyl is still here - not like it was but its alive and well excellent upload btw - loved it - cheers
CELLARDORE TV (3 years ago)
what is with the drunken camera movements?
jam clow (3 years ago)
get them scissors out
skizzarz (1 year ago)
snip snip snip
Lizard771 (3 years ago)
+jam clow and just start chopping, chopping, chopping.
James Faction (3 years ago)
This is awesome. Shame you can't really hear the bass on the tracks he's talking about. Needed a better mic...
Rob Johnson (4 years ago)
Learnt a lot from this
BIG PASTA (4 years ago)
Burial's main inspiration right there. 
Polofayot (1 year ago)
yes, mainly towards the beats, uk garage spark thing, there s Photek also as a big influence of Will
Tee Tilla (4 years ago)
35" and onwards... Sounds like he's talking about Serato? Or that Stanton piece of rubbish... But either way that was funny.
rorz999 (4 years ago)
+Tee Tilla Yeah Serato for sure predates this video by a few years, but the garage / dubstep / grime guys were slow to pick up on it as everything was so vinyl-centric for so long. Definitely funny watching this in 2014 though when we are all so familiar with the technology!
Tee Tilla (4 years ago)
Funny. I would have had Serato for a few years by then, got it as soon as soon as it came out, and I've seen most of this video several times but only saw at last part yesterday! Man is a legend though.
rorz999 (4 years ago)
Definitely talking about Serato. This is quite an old video so it was newish technology at the time!
Tom R (4 years ago)
who is he referring to at 32:55? kyle brown? cole brown? carl brown? I can't seem to catch the right name.
Andy Dextrous (3 years ago)
Karl "Tuff Enuff" brown, formerly of Tuff Jam with Matt Jam Lamont
Tom R (4 years ago)
found him. it's Karl Brown
mishabruml (4 years ago)
Roxy & EL-B - Endorse & Set It is the track
Dafaa (4 years ago)
Leave the e.q flat!? So Leave all the sound effects etc with low end while having low end subs etc? they'd fuck your mix sonnn
rorz999 (2 years ago)
TSDREX that's not what he meant. It's about finding samples etc that fit naturally with each other rather than having a wall of different sounds and EQing the fuck out of them
What are the tracks at 14:13  and  18:52  ?
Şafak (3 years ago)
Yes what is the 18:43 song name?
Very primitive production sparks creativity. El-B proves that here.
QuiksilverVM (3 years ago)
+Rainier Albertsz It's all about the effect automation for the bass sounds. And proper layering for the drums.. Take it easy, think about each move you do and what it's going to do to the sound.
RellyAlexander (4 years ago)
+Rainier Albertsz Decent low end harmonics, process to fuck, render, re-process, re-render, just keep doing that till you're happy
Rainier Albertsz (4 years ago)
+BetrayerHTX neuro sounds are so f-ing hard to make, they make my head explode
Sonofthefire4 (4 years ago)
my 2 note bassline. oh my god, that is PAINFUL to hear
lolz larkin (4 years ago)
Is he smoking a J?
EWt5lg5alQWLqPViO9vk (4 years ago)
Definitely will NOT be able to sell any of that equipment as "lived in a smoke free studio" 
A.D .L (3 years ago)
Like many studios are smoke free? Mines like a cloud!
djnv11 (4 years ago)
"It all starts in the Club" my favourite El-B track. Legend!
Kamyar Daneshvar (4 years ago)
ive watched this video at least 32 times and still love watching it
Joe Macc (4 years ago)
"I use volumes, panning and EQ and that's it" What a boss, a lot of producers these days should take note of these words and pay attention to the basics.
Lesly Remy (4 years ago)
Love this guy! Such a pleasure seeing how one of my favorite records was made.
fitzjay01 (4 years ago)
absolute legend... different class as a producer..
LAHegarty (4 years ago)
5:40 'To save processor power' is not a phrase we have to use any more.
Ross Duncan (26 days ago)
Uh, no. I've seen Pro Tools running on a studio iMac crash before
Ben McCaulley (1 year ago)
Someone doesn't have Omnisphere, Diva, Ozone, or BFD...
Billy Buttlord (1 year ago)
LAHegarty do you even serum bro?
LAHegarty (4 years ago)
5:40 'To save processor power' is not a phrase I have to use any more.
Igor Guerrero (4 years ago)
+LAHegarty We have to worry about it *less*, cause if you use things like U-he Diva... forget about it, you have to resample.
ksmith92 (4 years ago)
Seems like a sound geeza
Gonzonalized420 (4 years ago)
That spliff!
Shinobi (4 years ago)
name of the track?
Andrey Marchenko (4 years ago)
This is a battle for the soul of music (c)
NO MESSIN (4 years ago)
i want a pint with this guy
jamie manfield (4 years ago)
Anyone know if this track was released or the title of it?
DubleO (4 years ago)
Loved every second of it
Tim Coleman (4 years ago)
stone cold fucking legend
Jason Norman (4 years ago)
prashant gangwani (5 years ago)
anyone know the names of these tracks?
Ben Tyreman (5 years ago)
lol at the xbox controller 
Kia Kamgar (5 years ago)
This guy is a 'geeeeza' but what he says makes a lot of sense.
Rob Bru (8 months ago)
Adamski A. (3 years ago)
Agreed mr.
Fred Radleu (5 years ago)
anyone know the name of the dubstep track hes working on? is it released?
James Vorres (4 years ago)
Roxy Vs El-B ‎– Endorse & Set It
patricksmith121 (5 years ago)
For anyone interested el-b is playing at the cellar in Oxford on Wed 11th December (2013)
Alex Li (5 years ago)
such a badass lol
Fergus Heathcote DJ (5 years ago)
That was the best master class
Nathan Reece (5 years ago)
man is a fucking legend
patricksmith121 (5 years ago)
i like this guy
Ghousempc (5 years ago)
like a urban badman
Ghousempc (5 years ago)
making it funky
John Zu (5 years ago)
Flapcat (5 years ago)
His voice is fucking mesmerising... amazing.
Studsa King (5 years ago)
"It's not what you got, it's how you use what you got." 8:04
Charles K (5 years ago)
I remember buying the mag and watching this years ago -Still fresh
Lance Lite (5 years ago)
wicked insight into a masters dojo,respect!!!
GurtTarctor (5 years ago)
Oh my god how I would like to see Burial doing one of these videos...
JimmyL4ser (5 years ago)
all about this moment 11:36
Rhekluse (5 years ago)
he explains it as if its sorcery or something lol. hes awesome.
Oscar Wild (5 years ago)
lol i love how he's talking about traktor/serato at the end

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