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funny anime motivational posters

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ya i made this just for fun i laughed alot so much i couldnt breath but ya the animes are FAIRY TAIL, SOUL EATER, BLUE EXORCIST, BLACK BUTLER, KAICHOU WA MAID SAMA, CLANNAD, FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST, eh whatever theres probably more but i dont remember hope you liked it and thanxs for watching
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Jisoos Holy Buns • (2 years ago)
5:12 my inner fan girl just came out
Jisoos Holy Buns • (2 years ago)
5:42 true
Floeisa dutra berrios (3 years ago)
what is this anime 0:38 ??
Floeisa dutra berrios (3 years ago)
kyouandkiba (3 years ago)
fairy tale
Ihu Ihejirikas (3 years ago)
HaineRei (3 years ago)
Fairly oddparents
Hunter Ludwig (3 years ago)
Yay! There were actually some Soul Eater posters on here. Sorry, but I'm a complete fanboy.
Libby Somers (3 years ago)
MY SONG (Monster) eeeeek
becky15243 (3 years ago)
0:57 strongest not strangest but that also works somehow
Ryan Scifi (3 years ago)
5:29 ...CRAP, I SHIP IT NOW!!!! >.<
Bananaz Czar Whit (3 years ago)
11:08 oh and hogwarts
Elyel Barberic (4 years ago)
9:45 You need to switch the title so the one where it says hes at a party is his annoyed face X3
Vv (4 years ago)
Home work is the deadliest killer
Ashley Gonzalez (4 years ago)
What's the song at the beginning
kyouandkiba (2 years ago)
live life loud by hawk Nelson
Forever Cosplay (4 years ago)
I am a Fluffy biscuit (4 years ago)
I did not laugh out loud but I did in my head an I still a terrible person?
I am a Fluffy biscuit (4 years ago)
+Pixitier okay? I will go with that... well any who have a lovely day! :-)
Pixitier (4 years ago)
+Kaylee Leonard 13:52 No it makes you "teriable", totally different from terrible. I guess it's like delaying laughter or maybe you'd go well with teriyaki. :P
Forever Cosplay (4 years ago)
+Kaylee Leonard You're welcome :) 
I am a Fluffy biscuit (4 years ago)
+Ane Forever thank you. :-) that is so nice of you to say
Forever Cosplay (4 years ago)
no you're awesome :)
Heaven The Muffin (4 years ago)
9:56 I thought Ed was a girl
Fairytail (4 years ago)
anime at 5:25 anyone know what it is?
Willow Kovars (4 years ago)
Black Butler
just a girl (4 years ago)
+Anime Lover whats the one at 1:31?
Anime Lover (4 years ago)
the anime is The Blue Exorcist or also known as Ao No Exorcist 
ChaosDragon1599 (4 years ago)
"Anime crushes, because real people suck." -_- *sigh* Yeah...and it's ruined my life...
manko. (4 years ago)
5:28 XDDDD
KingMarkus22 (4 years ago)
Ruby Wolf (4 years ago)
Which anime is Gray from
hyperaquario21 (4 years ago)
Erza: The Female Titan Gray: The Ice Titan Natsu; The burnin Titan Gajeel: The Armored Titan Makarov: The Shrinking Titan MAKE FAIRY TAIL TITANS(nEEDED FOR POSSIBLE FANFICTION)
Adrian Hye (4 years ago)
Well, I haven't finished the anime (I'm still in episode 124) so I don't know Frosch very well. I read the wiki though, he's an Exceed, right? Juvia is the rain titan, Levy is the word titan, Sting, Rogue, Lector and Frosch I'm not sure, Wendy is the kid titan, Happy is the fish titan, Lily is the sword titan, Carla is the future titan, Cobra is the ear titan, Mira is the bipolar titan and Laxus is the sexy titan (because we said so.)
hyperaquario21 (4 years ago)
that makes sense, I`m looking for more than team Natsu, I still need: Juvia, Levy, Sting, Rogue, Lector, Frosch, Wendy, Happy, Pantherlily, Charle, Cobra, Mirajane, and Laxus, he should be the sexy titan
Adrian Hye (4 years ago)
Lucy is the spiritual Titan. And Erza should be the Armored Titan LOL
Herbalteaa (4 years ago)
5:06 tru dat
Kayla Coldstone (5 years ago)
Kayla Coldstone (5 years ago)
wtf, i have it at 480p, but its so fucking blurry.
kami E. (5 years ago)
father fujimoto is the best one
Daniela Riera (5 years ago)
and Naruto
Daniela Riera (5 years ago)
And the song Better Than Drugs 
Daniela Riera (5 years ago)
Love it because Fairy Tail, Soul Eater (NORMAL) Ao no exorcist and FMA brotherhood XD
Dena Al-Awartani (5 years ago)
he's thinking about maka in bloomers at 8:27
Ursulla55555 (5 years ago)
RIGHT NOW! Get out of my house. It's even in context with the anime :D
Sarah Sine (5 years ago)
My favorite anime of all time is totally The Blue Exorcist
Ruby Wolf (4 years ago)
I know i lov it
Naruto Uzumaki (5 years ago)
XD Totally! And how cool he was in Court lol, he totally planned it all out
Sera Patience (5 years ago)
+Naruto Uzumaki All of this is so true! Priceless it was XD I was already laughing when the giant cuckoo bird came and grabbed Amaimon with its beak. On top of that, when Rin broke it, Mephisto's face was like "Holy crap!" XD
Naruto Uzumaki (5 years ago)
+ShinigamiFireWolf16 Totally! what reminded me of it was the huge carnage it ensued and the Inner Demon coming out of the Hero, and when Amaimon flicked Rin and it sent that shockwave, it reminded me of when Ulqiorra slammed Ichigo on thee side of the Face, but Mephisto's face when Rin destroyed his cuckoo clock was priceless XD
Sera Patience (5 years ago)
+Naruto Uzumaki Now that I think about it, it does! Both of those fights were awesome, easily the best fights of both their animes ^_^
Sarah Sine (5 years ago)
synchronized stripping. it's a gift
Ruby Wolf (4 years ago)
Kat Tachibana (5 years ago)
5:27 OMG go yaoi!!!!
C Bohnstedt (5 years ago)
What's with all the derps?
Mikage Okumura (5 years ago)
I've seen all of these anime except for black butler. Fairy Tail for the win! Soul Eater, Blue Exorcist, and Fullmetal Alchemist are all pretty awesome as well.
Ihu Ihejirikas (3 years ago)
+Naruto Uzumaki naruto what are you doing here don't worry your way better then natsu
Naruto Uzumaki (5 years ago)
Ive seen all but Deathnote and Fairy Tail, and you gotta check out Black Butler if you havent already, its an amazing and funny anime
Shawn 5729 (5 years ago)
what was the anime at 2:41 pls tell me
Fairy tail is awesome :D
Shawn 5729 (5 years ago)
i had some good protection for the computer when i got it but we couldn't aford it so we had to get some new protection but it isn't as good and we couldn't aford better protection so ya it sucks and is a real bitch sometimes
Kirby🏹💓 (5 years ago)
if you put protection on in like the first 4 days you should be fine *a tip for your next computer*
Shawn 5729 (5 years ago)
oh i think it's already dead since it hasent really worked very well since i got it(maybe all computers just hate me)  :,(
Kirby🏹💓 (5 years ago)
The rest of the episodes are worth it though... just don't kill your computer
Nightcry95 (5 years ago)
does any one know wht it says at 9:28
Senna Delouea (5 years ago)
natsu+edward=rin no aguement
Lonely Kitten (5 years ago)
1:51 Fear the Wendy Rar! lol ^^
kyouandkiba (5 years ago)
Thank you, even though it's not really me who's being funny
Weeaboo Jones (5 years ago)
i hard core lol at you :)
kyouandkiba (6 years ago)
Songs are at the end 1. Hands Up - Hawk Nelson 2. Backwards - Rascal Flatts 3. Monster - Skillet 4. Better than Drugs - Skillet 5. Say Goodbye - Skillet
Rouge Moon (6 years ago)
Hilarious! Very good video! By the way, Could you tell me the names of the songs you used?
kyouandkiba (6 years ago)
Zaumbie Munkie (6 years ago)
loved the vid hahaha keep making vids. :D

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