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X2 (2003) - Mystique Seduces Wolverine

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xareba12 fartlaze (14 hours ago)
wolverina real hero and all girl love
Dalia Sett (21 days ago)
Mystique wanted to make logan's wishes true that's why she transformed into jean grey. But logan found who she was. And I think the real reason behind the disagreement of logan was he couldn't decide whom to f*#k
Why did she do this? Other than just to make him uncomfortable?
Dragonfire111 (1 month ago)
& nine months later Raze was born
RuffisInc (1 month ago)
Must’ve seen this film at least 6 times and still to this day don’t know what she had to gain from this? Was she genuinely interested in him because he bested her?
Asgard Ninja (1 month ago)
Well this came out of nowhere
chilled dude (2 months ago)
Me likely what me seesy
Welcome to the Metaverse (2 months ago)
Got to hand it to Logan. It takes massive will power to reject that.
MrCapa (2 months ago)
He's got adamantium testosterone
emaster met (2 months ago)
You know...i have no idea why she decided to attempt to bang Logan.
Since Wolverine clearly doesn't tie into Mystique and Magneto's plan, Mystique might have just been in the mood. Anti-villain or not, she has the will to sleep with whoever she wants.
James (1 month ago)
Just a very poor script isn’t it
Welcome to the Metaverse (2 months ago)
Well... he is Hugh Jackman. Who wouldn't seize the opportunity.
I mean really, who wouldn't want a woman who's already smoking hot, but can transform into any form?
M4levolence (4 days ago)
this is kinglike wisdom !
Mellow Accent (16 days ago)
I wouldn't even bother changing her; I'd fuck her in her blue form.
Dylan Ford (1 month ago)
I would
freezing clockhands (2 months ago)
Oof Wolvie was disgusted when she turned into Rogue cuz he would never do her. She's like a daughter to him
Timothy Kaneki (6 days ago)
His face was like "fck i need to shit"
ShawdGawd (2 months ago)
i woulda smashed
Nile Horuseus (3 months ago)
I want you to get out
Dylan Ford (23 days ago)
Mystique shapeshifts into nude human form* Wolvetine: I want you to stay please I'll give you lots of sex
I think mystique is trying to break him

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