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Dead Realm Funny Moments - Horrible Evil Laugh, Movie Poster, Nogla Trap (Spare Parts Edition)

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Text Comments (220)
Shorty Kiwi (1 year ago)
“Multiple times I wasn’t listening”, me when the teacher asked me what the answer to a question is many times
Gael Reyes (2 years ago)
moo is awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
the first one was in a video
Zenko (3 years ago)
"Yes I did nothing!" -Daithi de Nogla. Always Remember
Ong Baby (3 years ago)
If I be Vanoss I'll Sacrifice My Self to save him :"(
astrolocherry (3 years ago)
Y'ALL BETTER STOP WITH THIS CONTROLLER THING, i want each of your controllers but i'm BROKE STOP IT
Matilda Arenivar (3 years ago)
delirious I don't know how he looks like vanoss looks cute
Building Legend (3 years ago)
What happens with basicalyidowrk
ScarXe (3 years ago)
Lucky 1 (3 years ago)
Great video
Castie J.L (3 years ago)
fav part was "multiple times i said i wasnt the grandma" "multiple times i wasnt listening" couldnt stop laughing XD
cheekinandos boi (3 years ago)
moo moo moo moo moo moo moo mooo moo moo moo mooo
Storm the Buizel (3 years ago)
This will show off how to trap Nogla in DR. XD
C E (3 years ago)
is it just me or does nogla sound like peewee herman
koon haaheo (3 years ago)
Nogla did sound like a dog
Arinhardie (3 years ago)
I think I'm every clip, Minilad dies first
William Porter (3 years ago)
<3 moo snuckel's videos.
Zoren Killfang (3 years ago)
Stabbing kids in Africa? XD
Rage (3 years ago)
moo should play until dawn
Dylan Womble (3 years ago)
what happened to GTA 5
unknown gaming (3 years ago)
Hi moo
Mr. Gamer (3 years ago)
man keep up the good work
CorysDog (3 years ago)
Moms spaghetti
Austin Butler (3 years ago)
When I get the phone I Always watch your videos
Austin Butler (3 years ago)
You're funny so cool
UnBannedPixelz (3 years ago)
Moo youre so shy without a reason cause we love you man youre a great youtuber
Da Beast (3 years ago)
moataz elshaboury (3 years ago)
amazing man it was a really funny :))))))))))
The_Lewd_Guy (3 years ago)
They should put this on Xbox one and PlayStation 4
The_Lewd_Guy (3 years ago)
+Marshall Mathers I know right
6god (3 years ago)
Familybadvibes 13 (3 years ago)
keep up the good work!!!!
Familybadvibes 13 (3 years ago)
hey moo you got me into video games and you are the best I love watching you're vids they make me laugh I love you're content and I was wondering if we could play xbox somtime you got me into all of the you tubers and I watch vanossgaming lui calibre and nogla and mini Ladd but I love to watch youres the most I would love it if you reply
Adam Qvick (3 years ago)
no pc stuff, come on MOO snuckel (not like im going to buy anyway)
Juan The Mexican Kid (3 years ago)
Juan Jay (3 years ago)
do you have any ps3 controls
Mel Amano (3 years ago)
Cool controller moo
Nick Austin (3 years ago)
William Bielak (3 years ago)
Richard Alvarez (3 years ago)
Moo your my favorite from ever youtuber
BlueMeaniesCrusade (3 years ago)
4:30 Oh my god x:::D
Ender Abu (3 years ago)
6:30 Your welcome
Jaciah R (3 years ago)
9:03 Is it just me or did that "Alright" not sound like Moo lol
Darren K (3 years ago)
How to deal with people that is trying to get you? Play pool with them!
Shitcakes26 (3 years ago)
Am i the only one who looks forward to the bit at the end of Brock's videos. It's like incomplete without it.
Diane Cook (3 years ago)
more more plz 😀😀😀
Hirana Daus (3 years ago)
just make a laugh montage video im subs you because your funny laugh left4dead zoidberg video is the best of your laugh
4:32 L.O.L
MaxAero (3 years ago)
"Grandma can smell a hungry boy" That's with all the grandmas
MaxAero (3 years ago)
You should use bubbles more often at doors
LaizerNikki (3 years ago)
The first klip have i seen
Brett Lanigan (3 years ago)
I hate 30 sec add u can't skip
BUGBIRD 11 (3 years ago)
Your the best
Italiasian Gamer (3 years ago)
"Yes I did nothing! " Only Nogla would get excited saying that.
Ben Dover (3 years ago)
You are the best you tuber ever
AgentXRifle (3 years ago)
4:11 This needs to be animated
NormalNorman (2 years ago)
who sounded like a dog?
AgentXRifle (3 years ago)
+Lili Dietrick as you comment at 2:00am...
AgentXRifle (3 years ago)
+Lili Dietrick ...?
Lili Dietrick (3 years ago)
You should go to bed
Lishadra (3 years ago)
I'm glad you do these. They're funny.
KeanKdotz (3 years ago)
you sounded pretty tired in the beginning and end of the vid. hope you're doing alright, moo.! keep up the good work.!
CHRY _ UNIVERSE (3 years ago)
there's barely any comments.
JF316 (3 years ago)
Doris Harper (3 years ago)
Moo you made this video on My Birthday. Thank You it was good. I Love Your Work. Muahh <3.
Your Dad (3 years ago)
"Multiple times I wasn't listening" lol the best part of the video
Jeffrey VanderHorst (3 years ago)
EGtelecast (3 years ago)
Your custom controllers are so sexy, I would definitely buy one if they didn't cost $120 just for a standard one with no upgrades. I don't know a single person that could afford that.
EGtelecast (3 years ago)
+Josue Luna Exactly. And I made my own custom controller and made it look dope af. It ended up costing $280 HA NOPE! It really should not cost that much just to have some colors on a controller
moist_captain (3 years ago)
where i live normal xbox1 controller costs 20€
Josue Luna (3 years ago)
I can get two controllers for that price
randomv-sauce (3 years ago)
you should do more "spare parts videos @Moo Snuckle
ItzVerb (2 years ago)
Loyal Dice (3 years ago)
Moo's laugh is exactly like the joker's laugh from batman
Surprised James (3 years ago)
+Loyal Dice Brock's laugh is nothing like the Joker's,the fuck are you on about?
Juwaxn 10 (3 years ago)
jumped down the tits
uwu (3 years ago)
I think they should fix the animations first before they make new maps.
Mario Rodriguez (3 years ago)
Your the best
Josh Pollock (3 years ago)
Nogla gave up on that pool game too quickly.
ctrent01 ctrent01 (3 years ago)
Kitty Bowman (3 years ago)
You made me choke on my Subway! xD
Super Sheep (3 years ago)
why would you eat a train
Daniel Washford (3 years ago)
Moo, as we English say.. You're such a nice chap. I think we'd hang out if you weren't all American n shit. Stay safe and keep being awesome
AztecSoviet (3 years ago)
Jonah K. (3 years ago)
7:44 "Mistress of Puppets"? Well someone on the development team is a Metallica fan XD
Trace (3 years ago)
Hey moo if u see this comment pls respond
Fourgrip Gaming (3 years ago)
I saw this video and I laughed and said, "YES!" I was waiting for another Dead Realm vid by Moo.
Out Of Control Gaming (3 years ago)
Can we buy the Moo Snuckel Controllers in the UK?
Obscxrity (3 years ago)
ily Moo! <3
Casual Bug (3 years ago)
moo can i play with you and the crew this game plz
moist_captain (3 years ago)
+Lui GAMER22 Everybody says it is Vanoss's crew since he has the most subs... I thought i was the only one who doesnt like people saying this.
Lui_ 22 (3 years ago)
+Topias K they're not a crew. I forgot who said it but I think it was Even that said "we are not a crew or group"
moist_captain (3 years ago)
+Lui GAMER22 Vanoss's crew*
Lui_ 22 (3 years ago)
1st of all they aren't a crew 2nd of all. No.
moist_captain (3 years ago)
Omm.... yeh
fernando romero (3 years ago)
what steam game should I get that costs 20 dollars or less
ItzVerb (2 years ago)
dead realm
Super Sheep (3 years ago)
team fortress 2 free to play
MaxAero (3 years ago)
ItsGelle (3 years ago)
+fernando romero dead realm
sublime doll (3 years ago)
Dark Wolf1113 (3 years ago)
WrathSinister (3 years ago)
moo can you do more black ops
Doubl3s (3 years ago)
Elizabeth Jasmine Nino (3 years ago)
that laugh though
Liam Houston (3 years ago)
"multiple times I didn't listen" FUCKING GOLD😂
Flathead (3 years ago)
That's not what i hear, but i think he got the point across XD
Aaron Rivas (3 years ago)
+Flathead Gaming "multiple times I wasn't listening"****
Flathead (3 years ago)
+Sarah Kennedy Those were the times i wasn't listening! *
Sarah Kennedy (3 years ago)
+Liam Houston *wasn't listening
John Brown (3 years ago)
Every time someone subscribes to Moo, Justin Bieber steps on a piece of lego.
heri aman (2 years ago)
ɷɷ I Haveee Watched This Movieeee Leakedd Versionnnn Hereeee : - https://t.co/SjZpZXw5gt
KinguinRo (3 years ago)
+Kinguin SOEG 8:12
KinguinRo (3 years ago)
What is music 3:12
John Brown (3 years ago)
+Kai Vang a construction toy consisting of interlocking plastic building blocks. It was created in Billund, Denmark.
Hyper_Roblox (3 years ago)
You Said every time someone Subscribes to Moo, Justin Bieber steps on a piece of Lego wtf is you talking about LEGO
Shangri-la Is on Mars (3 years ago)
Moose snuckel.... Moose... moose... Mose... Moses Moses can summon lighting lightning has 8 letters 8 is main number in the stanley parable which contains Line trademark. A line goes from one point to another. point pencils have points pencil has 6 letters. Politicians use pencils and make points the word politicians has 11 letters 11-6=5 the word point has 5 letters 5-5=0 There are zero dodo birds left. Dodo birds have 2 feet. Dodo birds are also extinct extinct has 7 letters 7-2=5 moose snuckel has 12 letters 12-5=7. You need 3 7's to win the jackpot 3+7=10 10 cents is equal to 1 dime dime has 4 letters 10-4=6 there are 3 sides on a dorito 6÷3= 2 there is 1 eye on the illuminati triangle 2+1=3 there are three sides to the illuminati triangle. I took way too long to prove that moose snuckel=illuminati confirmed=statement confirmed
Andresgamer (3 years ago)
+Quantum lmfao
ThatGuyYouUseToKnow (3 years ago)
+Andresgamer i get that he's retarded
Andresgamer (3 years ago)
+Quantum u didnt get it...
ThatGuyYouUseToKnow (3 years ago)
1. most of your numbers came from ramdom shit 2. it's "moo" snuckel not "moose" snuckel 3. students use pencils 4. you're stupid 5.lots of things have points to them 6. you're still stupid
Derick Dragneel (3 years ago)
It's 🐄 Snuckel
Hamburger Helper (3 years ago)
Lol! There were 420 likes when I got here xD
david mc nevin (3 years ago)
Only mini would notice the shine on the granny's ass
Mr. tortelduck (3 years ago)
GT Vlogs Backup (3 years ago)
Gavin Huber (3 years ago)
There should be a death run mode in this game. Kinda like the super mario tryouts when pedobear was chasing yall, but it's the ghost instead
John Brown (3 years ago)
Because he hates Justin Bieber, why can't you get that through your thick skull??
Mike Schmidt (3 years ago)
+Gavin Huber That's actually a pretty great idea.
Lili Dietrick (3 years ago)
Good thinking
Reject Chaos (3 years ago)
dude i think thats a really good idea
TNT (3 years ago)
+AIRclan1 Gmod isnt about deathrun, prophunt, and hide and seek... Gmod is about sandbox
Colin Greenstein (3 years ago)
Play halo 5
Mar (3 years ago)
Everyone needs Moo's laugh & videos in their life.
iFlowZ Hoops (3 years ago)
i love you moo
JSP (3 years ago)
Cookiekiller (3 years ago)
Why no make :*(
Sage Wrecker (3 years ago)
Hi.... Hello... LEROY JANKINS!!!
Angel Green (3 years ago)
moo snuckel with that evil laugh tho
Bossikorn (3 years ago)
+Angel Green when?

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