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Check out our MERCHANDISE: https://viralstyle.com/store/ViralKiller/shop As mutant-hating Senator Kelly’s aide morphed into the bright blue Mystique, I was in love. Not just because oh my god, it’s Rebecca Romijn wearing very little at all why am I justifying this, but also because she quickly proves herself to be absolutely no-nonsense, smashing Kelly into unconsciousness. A stunning plan, carefully executed and with such style, was my introduction to this character, and the main reason why I hold such regard for Romijn. Apart from that, Romijn suffers a bit, partially because she gets very little to do. Granted, when she’s solo, she gets some awesome action on screen. I’m a particularly big fan of her appearance in X2, as she injects a guard with a metal supplement that leads to his death later in the film. But whenever her scenes are shared with Magneto, she tends to just be standing next to him, looking amazing but doing little. I understand the temptation to just wind up Ian McKellen, let him go, and watch the scenery get eaten; but this isn’t justification enough to silence a female character on screen! Jennifer Lawrence’s Mystique is quite a different animal to Rebecca Romijn’s. For one, in most of her first film, she’s nice! N’aww. She first turns up at Charles’ house, a cute-as-a-button little girl (not played by Lawrence), and grows up into a cute-as-a-button Mystique (definitely played by Lawrence). X-Men: First Class charts her journey from nice mutant to nasty mutant as she gets brought over to the dark side by Magneto himself. This is significant, as it makes her probably the most dynamic character in the film, even more so than Professor X. X-Men: Days of Future Past, on the other hand, finds her much more like the Mystique we know and love (to hate?): she’s kicking ass and taking names from second 1, busting into a US army camp in Vietnam by pretending to be William Stryker himself (which in itself adds a nice touch of backstory to the bit where she throttles him with chains in X2).
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Text Comments (1978)
THE REVERSE 646 (3 days ago)
Rebecca Romijn!
Hey. I am also a blogger. Russian. I like what you do. I want to express you respect. Good luck in the future!
JUde Fabien (4 days ago)
Rebecca romijn is better. Jennifer lawrence's mystique turned good and the old mystique stayed evil. And the comic mystique stayed evil too. So rebecca's mystique is bette
Zar Doz (10 days ago)
Rebecca Romjin
Juan Camilo Castro (11 days ago)
I feel like I like JLAW better.
Military Central (11 days ago)
Jennifer Lawrence will come to be known as the actress who single handedly butchered Mystique. Rebecca Romijn is better by an extreme margin.
victoire :v (15 days ago)
ananas :3 (18 days ago)
Jennifer is Good, but Rebecca is love❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Tiana Sinadinovski (19 days ago)
Jennifer will always be better to me but I feel like they should definitely make her a little more like villainous and ruthless
Chris Glass (20 days ago)
C G (21 days ago)
Rebecca is the best Mystique hands down! Jennifer Lawrence was a poor choice and never should have been given the part of Mystique!!!
Noniraj Maibam (23 days ago)
Jennifer Lawrence is the best
Eion Frisch (24 days ago)
I love both! Rebecca is better in action, and JLaw is better when it comes to depth and development. I’m a fan of Mystique and I think both women play the part in an amazing unique way !!
Matthew West (25 days ago)
I like both. Each actor brings a different dimension to the character. As the video points out, Romijn plays an older, steelier character who has lost her humanity while Lawrence is playing a younger, less jaded character who is still figuring out who she is. Romijn's Mystique is driven by hatred alone; Lawrence's Mystique is conflicted and has not yet had the experiences that turn her into a cold killing-machine.
Kerrigan Park (29 days ago)
Both actings are good. Rebecca's Mystique is sassier. Jeniffer's Mystique is warmhearted.
911s73targa (1 month ago)
Romijn, several levels and classes higher then JL... Looks better, looks hotter, acts muuuuch better, looks like a real comic book Mystique, sinister & seductive..
Dalen Graham (1 month ago)
Rebecca roman
Matthew Quarles (1 month ago)
Rabecca Roman.... whatever her fucking her name is... She has no personality. and i might just prefer Lawrence because i don't care about comics, but Lawrence gives character. That's more important than sex appeal ya nasties
Matthew Quarles (1 month ago)
Jennifer Lawrence is the shit. PERIOD
G i e g u e (1 month ago)
Rebecca Best Motherfucker
Captain Fire (1 month ago)
2:06 Isn't your voice also digitally altered?
Treylan Smith (1 month ago)
victoire :v (1 month ago)
For me, Rebbeca is the best Mystique and Jennifer is the best Raven
DeeDee Elli (1 month ago)
Rebecca Fucking Romijn PERIOD!
Janet Harbison (1 month ago)
Jennifer is a man. I definitely say rebecca is better!
Silentchaos4 (1 month ago)
Rebecca looks better and plays the role much better. Not saying JLaw isn't good but if you'll compare the two, Rebecca's much fit as Mystique. Maybe it's her appeal, her acting, prosthetic's looked better, her eyes are scarier, I don't know.. but for me Rebecca won.
Emanuel Mouratidis (1 month ago)
Rebecca <3
Nefera Ali (1 month ago)
I like Rebecca Romijn as Mystique. She is better than the awful JLaw
walinton (1 month ago)
Rebecca is the better Mystique, Lawrence is a child compared to Romijn. Mystique is no child.
varun bhaskar (1 month ago)
I would say get a new actress but please take Jennifer Lawrence out of the franchise. Get a restraining order for her.
Sebastian's Mind (1 month ago)
I honestly Never realized that Mystique was played by a different actress in the first three films. #themoreyouknow
now or never (1 month ago)
Rebecca has a better figure and kicks ass! She's ruthless, mysterious, elegant whereas JLaw's looks and vibes are bland...
Lara (1 month ago)
It's pronounce ROH-MAIN 😂 and ofc I choose Rebecca!
UrinationNation (1 month ago)
Rebecca 100% despite her limited dialogue had much more presence, way more confidence, more charisma, and yes very importantly physicality, she sold what she was doing, it didn't look clumsy, it felt dangerous and precise.
wurp88 (1 month ago)
They are both good!
Penfold8 (1 month ago)
Jennifer's Mystique looks more like a Blue Man Groupie!
Penfold8 (1 month ago)
Rebecca has better acting ability than Jennifer any day, plus Rebecca is a real woman not a wanna be like Jennifer.
Darkseid (2 months ago)
B MOORE (2 months ago)
I love Rebecca as Mystique. I don’t hate Jennifer as mystique but I have a strong dislike towards her as mystique
Poffo Ortiz (2 months ago)
Omg, some of these comments are so stupid, you guys are literally complaining about the *direction* of the story arcs and the plot points of the films, this has NOTHING to do with the two actresses involved, but the choice of the screenwriters and the directors. Of course Jennifer Lawrence is not going to be the same cold, calculated and physically menacing presence that Rebecca was in the early films, because they completely expanded her character and made her and integral part of the developing prequels in the X-Men story, showing her internal conflict and eventual positive influence as a leader in the X-Men saga. Of course she's not going to be as ruthless and sexy and dangerous and lethal, because Lawrence's portrayal is at a younger point in her life, before she was completely corrupted and sided with Magneto. But they expounded on her character and gave an essentially one dimensional sidekick villain a complex backstory in relation to Professor X and Magneto. Both actresses are incredibly talented and insanely beautiful in and out of makeup, and anyone saying that Jennifer Lawrence is fat is a fucking idiot. In summary, I agree almost 100% with what you said in the video and I thought it was a great analysis.
Hello Goodbye (2 months ago)
Rebecca all the way, she looked sexy yet fierce and strong, much more believable as she portrays the character.. Jennifer's version talked way too much, lots of whining, it got annoying..
Srishti Mudaliar (2 months ago)
Both are hot!
TheLocutus70 (2 months ago)
Rebecca of course. Nothing against my fellow Kentuckian Jennifer, except her Mystique was horrible.
antiscipe1 (2 months ago)
Нахуй Лоуренс, Ромейн рулит!!!
Matei Bobes (2 months ago)
Jennifer Lawrence, sorry! <3
Edgar Vera (2 months ago)
Rebecca 100%
Agusti Andy (2 months ago)
As a Mystique, Rebecca Romijn walk so beautiful and gentle
Ammo Guy (2 months ago)
Rebecca ! Not even close
Erick Yariel Rodriguez (2 months ago)
Jennifer Lawrence was GOD AWFUL IN X-men apocalypse
Angel Mationg (2 months ago)
Jennifer Lawrence Lol!!!
Ramin A (2 months ago)
Of course jenufer Lawrence
Wisewoe Tiswell (2 months ago)
Oy, there were three of them, you forgot January Jones who had the director's baby. Rebecca Rojmin's name is pronounced like the salad Roh-maine
Freddie Mercury (2 months ago)
Romjin's version because she is not playing an idealized, heroic version of Mystique...because the character never was like that...
Rebecca Krogstad (2 months ago)
Jennifer lawernce is The best actress ever
STITCH Ohana (3 months ago)
Onyxx Drako (3 months ago)
Rebecca's mystique scared me as a kid.
ankur Kumar (3 months ago)
Lawrence is best!❤️❤️❤️❤️
NoOne NoOneAtAll (3 months ago)
Rebecca Rojmin played such a good Mystique it was hard to see her in the character. Immediately I saw Jennifer's Mystique I knew it was Jennifer Lawrence.
KittyBlack 89 (3 months ago)
von Coop (3 months ago)
REBECCA ( and Lawrence sucks, she doesn’t fight enough. And her body is not as tone. Your right. But REBECCA KILLED IT. Now let’s see if miss Lawrence can’t atleast make this up in dark Phoenix
Abb (3 months ago)
Rebecca Romjin DEFINITELY! Jennifer Lawrence simply does not have the muscular stature for the role. She is built like a house mom, not an action hero......
Edion Obaretin (3 months ago)
Vitaliy .zaliyev (3 months ago)
Rebecca as mystique is the only one who made this movie watchable.
Discerning Daniel (3 months ago)
Rebecca Romijn. And her make up looked better too.
Feeling Frogggy (3 months ago)
KiyokaMakibi (3 months ago)
Rebecca Romjin by a mile
Gooblyful (3 months ago)
The makeup and practical effects made a big difference too. So Romijin - her performance and presence were really memorable.
Divas Live (3 months ago)
My goodness, do we have to debate on this? Rebbeca wins, we must remember that Rebbeca give life to the character of Mystique when it was first brought to films. and the rest was history. When you heard the name Mystique, its always Rebbeca's name comes first in your mind, not the other one. Becca gives the character so much life, villainess anger, jealousy, badass, but in a very classy way, graceful and bolder. She is so tough and tempting to handle & ruthless. That's how good she is. How wished that when they eliminate Rebbeca as Mystique, I was hoping for Charlize Theron to play the role of Mystique. she fits very well as Mystique with her beauty, attitude as a villain and action skills when it comes to action movie.
Rakshit Verma (3 months ago)
Old is gold
Dusty Mingus (3 months ago)
The character is named Mystique! Fleshing out the character and giving her relatable emotion is the EXACT OPPOSITE of the entire purpose of her character. Less lines by design. It suits the narrative purpose of the character. Remove the narrative purpose of the character and you lose all those beautiful suspenseful dynamics. She becomes like everyone else. We don't actually want to know how that character became who they are now. We want to theorize for ourselves, revel in thy mystery. That mystery is tension. That tension moves the story... Her new character is just an annoying distraction. No matter how well it is acted.
Evan Bastian (3 months ago)
Rebecca 😩😍
Andre Suston (4 months ago)
Everytime I see Jlaw its like watching a lil kid tryna be a grownup Mystique. And that "almost dumb crosseyed im tryna be sexy" look of hers doesn't help
pablo honey (3 months ago)
Jennifer plz dont accept this role anymore....plz baby. Listen to me. Find another movie. Let this role played by someone more suitable. I stop watching x-men bcuz of u. Mystique should be mute. Let her body do the talk.
E Can2 (4 months ago)
Lukas Hagenauer (4 months ago)
You guys Jennifer is playing the young mystique!!!!!!!!
david sha (4 months ago)
absolutely rebecca romijn
tamara mcrobb (4 months ago)
Rebecca for sure she was amazing way better than Jennifer Lawrence
Sky Kue (4 months ago)
Jennifer is better
Patrick McCook (4 months ago)
Jennifer looks like a kid playing dress up.
Cody Barnett (4 months ago)
Jlaw all the way❤❤❤❤
Dorothy Martin (4 months ago)
Mystique = worst the character in Marvel history
nick saveka (4 months ago)
I like RR looks, her face and smile is so sexy....
Darth Cringe (4 months ago)
I like Jennifer, but better Is Romjin
Khaleel Ahmed (4 months ago)
Rebecca is the best. Amazing mistique. Looks like fearless and driven...
Michal Bukvai (5 months ago)
Perfectly said. If you want to see Raven as a real character, it's Lawrence. If all you want to see is killing numb (dumb) machine called Mystique - go for Romjin.
jazz heredia (5 months ago)
You people are forgetting, Jennifer Lawrence played a YOUNG mistique, seriously think you yourselves when you were all young lol pizza faced, probably fat and had to grew in your bodies and not to mention mutants tend to have had longer life spans than other nonmutant people they had more time to find themselves in the movie than we would as nonmutant if it were real. People really say just stupid crap and without realising why it is the way it is. Young people are stupid so of course they had to get an actress that can portray that. They were both great I thought
bwtv147 (5 months ago)
I thought Remijn was more physically imposing, but I wonder how much of the action was created by stunt people.
Michelle Reyes (5 months ago)
Well , i saw the last movies first so that's why i like jennifer lawrence more but rebecca is such rude and that's amazing but i love them both. And in what world jennifer lawrence is fat? She is beautiful both are beautiful
Noorjahan Shah (5 months ago)
Rebecca was the best.
Marcel LAZZER (5 months ago)
definitely Rebecca!.....sexy, thrilling, reptilian, raptorial, deadly...... PERFECT!! ....and now we got the "Blue Snivelin' Zuchini".......mama mia!!
Luke M (5 months ago)
To be fair, this Rebecca Lawrence Mystique has a far different history. The Rebecca Romijn Mystique was made savage by years of torture. But she's too one-dimension. Jennifer has brought a lot of personality out of this one-dimensional cartoon character. Now, she actually feels like she could be a real person, because real people are not so black and white as a comic book character
Logan Jericho (5 months ago)
I just wish Romjin could’ve gotten more character development
Logan Jericho (5 months ago)
There are two types of people in this world: Those who think Rebecca Romjin is the best Mystique, and those who are wrong.
This Sky (5 months ago)
Reece Smal (5 months ago)
why all rebbeca I think Jennifer Lawrence
Udayaditya Das (5 months ago)
Rebecca Romajn played the character of Mystique brilliantly... Loved her in the first 3 X-Men movies... 😍😍
James Frew (5 months ago)
It’s Rebecca - and my god, her last name is pronounced like the lettuce. Rom-aine.
Pinoy Balut (5 months ago)
Idc if everyone love her or her. They did what's in the script and did well.
Bengal Warrior (5 months ago)
my goodness boobs nd possie revealed 😨
Rockin Randy89 (5 months ago)
Rebecca Hands Down No Contest. Jennifer Lawrence Is Soooo Overrated TBH

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