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The Legend of Zelda - Orchestral Medley [2017 Version]

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An updated Zelda orchestral medley, now with songs from Breath of the Wild. Enjoy! 1. Title Theme – Twilight Princess 0:00 2. Title Theme – Ocarina of Time 1:08 3. Romance Theme – Skyward Sword 3:38 4. Main Theme – Breath of the Wild 6:19 5. Ocean Theme – Wind Waker 8:06 6. Zora’s Domain (Day) – Breath of the Wild 12:46 7. Riding (Night) – Breath of the Wild 16:33 8. Hyrule Field – Ocarina of Time 18:23 9. Gerudo Valley – Ocarina of Time 23:28 10. Pirate Fortress – Majora’s Mask 26:57 11. Rito Village (Day) – Breath of the Wild 29:13 12. Clocktown – Majora’s Mask 34:24 13. Ballad of the Goddess – Skyward Sword 37:59 14. Lake Hylia – Twilight Princess 40:07 15. Zelda’s Lullaby – Ocarina of Time 41:50 16. Tarrey Town – Breath of the Wild 45:00 17. Main Theme Medley – The Legend of Zelda 48:26
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Text Comments (993)
MrAyasta (1 hour ago)
I have this weird princess mononoke vibe on Breath of the Wild's theme.
melissa7611 (17 hours ago)
I am time travel, not for ona machine or complex time short cuts just listen song from the past give me the way to go back when i was a kid
Dudge (1 day ago)
That Wind Waker theme just makes me want to cry with joy
空蝉水霧 (2 days ago)
extreme Gomes (2 days ago)
best music 6:19
Dominic Berenotto (3 days ago)
Honestly I sometimes just put the TP intro and the OoT intro on repeat.
Linking360 (3 days ago)
why does my heart hurt?
David Ruiz (4 days ago)
Is this an actual CD? :o
Jason Hughes (4 days ago)
no hyrule castle theme?
Shion The Hollow (5 days ago)
Jeevan Samra (6 days ago)
i dont understand why are dislikes in this video -.-
Dark Nightshade (6 days ago)
This sounds great. Thank you for making something that's peaceful and relaxing. Thank you😁
Jcpkill (6 days ago)
I have a mixture of emotions while listening to this...
Jellyfish inc. (6 days ago)
Screw swords, take this: ) >>——)—> )
Manuel Guzmán (6 days ago)
this was really beautifully arranged. the transition of the songs is pretty natural and organic imo. super relaxing and nostalgic.
Joaquin Amiel (7 days ago)
Hello, I have a work colleague who is a fan of Zelda's music. Should I be worry or call the police?
Dj CUTMAN (7 days ago)
Ahmad_J (8 days ago)
niggas im 11 and this makes me feels old lol
Krusty Kraken (8 days ago)
We are the generation before the great flood. Unfortunately, Link dies, Ganon wins, and the gods get angry with humanity's sin and drowns everyone. It was fun while it lasted.
Saeyoung Choi (8 days ago)
I was so sad when I couldn't go to see this because all of the tickets were sold out :')
서송희 (9 days ago)
젤다는 걍 미침 개죻앙>*<
Tesla Model X P100D (9 days ago)
This with a Star Trek Kelvin timeline bridge ambiance. I have chills!
Gatosupersayayin :P (9 days ago)
Oh yes yes very music
Tookaywun (10 days ago)
danf 8F
Lepoofoster (10 days ago)
Legend of Zelda : Link go grew up in Celtics land
Krissy (11 days ago)
28:30 - WOW! When did they upgrade the pirate music? <3 I love it!!!
Zack Davies (11 days ago)
Is it an unpopular opinion to like the pause in the botw theme or something?
DeadBoomGaming (14 days ago)
why would somebody dislike this work of art
Py Romane (15 days ago)
from 20:15 to 21:15 the music is freaking creepy :o >< that's why I hate OoT
Flix Reich (15 days ago)
i think there is a bit of pokemon inside :D
EaglesCards86 (16 days ago)
The intro gave me Star Wars vibes
Epicus V3 (16 days ago)
/´` ´`´` ´`\ \ ' ' / \ , / \__/
Epicus V3 (16 days ago)
Epicus V3 (16 days ago)
The once great hero of Nintendo is being forgotten....
Epicus V3 (16 days ago)
Its time for link to awaken again
Gavin Carle (16 days ago)
I want to do a marathon of all Zelda games now...
No! I’m trying to study....not cry by nostalgia!
Luigi Ito (16 days ago)
Can I find this on Spotify or any other music streaming service?
Holly Dance (16 days ago)
I wish Kakariko village was on here. :,(
CervineBlue (16 days ago)
Golly, that Rito Village theme is an underappreciated gem in the Breath of the Wild soundtrack. I love the callback to the similar theme in Windwaker but putting a more peaceful and relaxing air to it.~<3 It's well orchestrated in this video, for sure
Ben Sosnowski (16 days ago)
Pirate Fortress – Majora’s Mask sounds like its from halo 26:57
Nathalie F. (17 days ago)
23:28 Best song ever. Just saying.
Haggysack2k8 (18 days ago)
*Hey listen!* Quite funny actually, that you have one song twice in this, one normal and the other one backwards played. That's just another fact about the pure genius behind Zelda's Soundtracks.
Fudge142 (19 days ago)
Wow no Lost Woods... thanks.
Your Boi Miles (19 days ago)
Where's some love for the 2D Zelda games as well like ALTTP, LA, or ALBW?
Alta Bavia (19 days ago)
I wanna a live of this...please...!!
NuVanDibe (19 days ago)
This is less of a medley and more of a playlist
Ben Abshire (20 days ago)
Love love love they threw in a throwback to Link to the Past at 48:00. Met Zelda in 1990 with the very first game on the NES and am still loving these games. Epic.
Chris Stevko (20 days ago)
Where are these from? Like the second song is it off a separate album or is this some sort of CD release?
Steven Aiello (22 days ago)
Ugh the fake birds in botw lol
David Smith (22 days ago)
*To be 12 again with my N64 just taking in the whole adventure I just went though*
Daniel Counts (22 days ago)
They picked the wrong Hyrule Field theme but oh well it's still amazing
ChainLink (22 days ago)
Man, Chills. Every. Freakin'. Tiiiiiiiiime!
Jelly Gucci (22 days ago)
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n (24 days ago)
n o s t a l g I a ♡
Ginger Ninger (25 days ago)
That was some quality use of my time, I think I'm adding this to a studying playlist.
Ajuso Cubz (26 days ago)
One word; LIT 🔥
Ian , (26 days ago)
I sort of turn this on and got to studying When the Wind Waker ocean song came on nostalgia hit me like a truck and I had to take a break...
yousif althawadi (28 days ago)
so beautiful so much memories in the past 20 years playing Zelda, it all started out with Ocarina of Time 1998 on Nintendo 64, ended up with Breath of The Wild 2017 <3
Mango Straw (29 days ago)
this makes me emotional and i havent even played any zelda games
I have to say, the BOTW main theme may be my favorite composition ever or tarrey town... bum bum, bum bum, bum bum bum bum bummm....
MrReierz (29 days ago)
This is the best zelda mix Ive ever heard! Well done.
SuperSpazzNinja (29 days ago)
Wind Waker and Skyward Sword were my first Zelda games. What were yours, people in the comments section?
Merlin Storost (30 days ago)
Hauru (30 days ago)
37:59 the best
amanda gorreon (1 month ago)
i am absolutely in love with the Gerudo Valley music 💞💞💞💞
Ethan W (1 month ago)
Gerudo Valley is soooooo good 😩
Purity Chalice (1 month ago)
Ocarina of Time theme gets me every time.
rowan (1 month ago)
those transitions are 10/10
Volver a recordar nuestra infancia con The Legend of Zelda Ocarina Of Time es como volver a nacer
Stev (1 month ago)
Who's the artist? Did No Axis make this? It's amazing
Jacobusta B (1 month ago)
Jacobusta B (1 month ago)
Just making it easier for me
Edna López (1 month ago)
16/oct is my birthday! :D
Teresa Lowry (1 month ago)
F### the haters.
Teresa Lowry (1 month ago)
I killed that lyonel.
Beautiful, like a leaf falling from a tall tree
Rookie Actor (1 month ago)
I know its not a favorite, but Skyward Sword does have its moments. For one, the music is fantastic.
David Porter (1 month ago)
ily thx
Michael Herring (1 month ago)
Romance theme sounds like it could be used in any tolkein adaptation, it's amazing, all of it is amazing
Dromaeosauria (1 month ago)
Lore Soong (1 month ago)
Was listening to calming music, now I'm crying. Thanks op. 10/10
Clayton Murphy (1 month ago)
Zora's Domain absolutely beautiful.
Sammy - Jack (1 month ago)
God the Skyward Sword Romance theme is still so good to hear. Say what you want about the game, one of my favs
Boker JKM (1 month ago)
1:08 <3 Pure Nostalgia.
GeeKosPro/Reborn (1 month ago)
juste................... Magnifique :')
Usnak (1 month ago)
No A Link to the Past?
DragonMagi (1 month ago)
I wish the birds in the Rito Village Day theme werent singing note for note. I would have been nice if they were just in the background and occasionally synced up with the song. But when its note for note it feels unnatural.
LilDemona (1 month ago)
No wonder I couldn't recognize some of the music, I've never played Breath of the Wild before
Matt Mejia-wick (1 month ago)
I truly feel video games like these were the best to have as a kid as they taught you so many morals and just how to be a "hero" in your own way. Legend of Zelda will always have a special place in my heart
CharmingRogue (1 month ago)
Breath of the wild had so much potential, but fucked it all up with items that can be destroyed, stupid freeze/overheat mechanics, and other dumb features. At least the soundtrack is good
SupremeEdgeLord (1 month ago)
1:08 I'm holding back tears... this song is so powerful.
VongolaBossX96 (1 month ago)
dat ocean theme
Cayan Sztatecsny (1 month ago)
This is pure beauty and perfection in one + nostalgia <3
Douglas Nícolas (1 month ago)
Does someone know how he did this? I'm really curious about it
Jennifer Tipton (1 month ago)
Instant goosebumps!
Clay Banks (1 month ago)
I'm like, 7,355 of these total views
Reavo End (1 month ago)
They used... BRASS... To play that moving bass line in the Ocean Theme. Brass. This is preposterous. It has always been a stringed instrument, which feels so much more invigorating... Whyyyyyyyy
Dark Void (1 month ago)
8:14 Heeyy, I remember this amazing OST from Phantom Hourglass! One of my favorite games in the DS days. You couldn't get a greater sense of adventure than jumping on your ship w/ Linebeck and heading out to explore the sea. Such amazing soundtrack, makes me wanna replay that game so bad XD
Matthews Blank (1 month ago)
31:00 I love some Brazilian and Chinese songs that replicate birds. Those midi birds make me want to kill myself.

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