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Hollywood Undead - DeadBite - Guitar Lesson

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I had learnt this song by ear and thought to put it up even if its a bit rough, some changes in my tutorial on how to play the song as i have improved and developed it. We Are : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rjt8rAXqHNI I do not own the song i only promote it and the band, i do not take credit for any of the music in the video all rights go to the label and band. Please check out my upcoming band. like us on Fb https://www.facebook.com/LostInSane
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Narek Kroyan (5 years ago)
no words , just sit and learn :D
LuisPhillipsGuitar (5 years ago)
Oh okay i just looked at your channel for a video of the actual way to play it, i couldn't find it so do you have a link to it or what?
FireBreathingTroll (5 years ago)
Dude you got this all wrong man
LuisPhillipsGuitar (5 years ago)
Hey Man thankyou very much, i have just uploaded a 'We are" Cover and will soon to be uploading a lesson on it aswell, Link is in the description!
LuisPhillipsGuitar (5 years ago)
Yeah no worries this is just how i believe the song is played there are bits i have probably missed out, as well as areas in which i'm wrong but yes they should release a tab book!
sgtdave117 (5 years ago)
im not saying your wrong by all means cuz i am not a dick but i wound up learning it by ear and i wounder which one is closer but i thing we are pretty close both of us they need to release a TAB BOOK with charlie scene and j dog as the writers for real
LuisPhillipsGuitar (5 years ago)
Thanks Man and i don't know i want to give "Lion" a try but i don't know how successful that would be haha
Campino M8 (5 years ago)
thanks for this tut, You doing any more NFTU covers/Lessons?

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