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[Blind Reaction] Equestria Girls Mini Series - Round 4

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Blind reaction and commentary on My Little Pony Equestria Girls Mini Series: Unsolved Selfie Mysteries Blue Crushed Turf War Friendship Math Last Day of School COPYRIGHTS: FAIR USE, Title 17, US Code (Sections 107-118 of the copyright law): All media in this video is used for purpose of review & commentary under terms of fair use. All footage, music & images used belong to their respective companies.
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Cartoon Sidez (18 days ago)
In 10:05 You mean an ACUTE story Ayyyyyyyyyyyyyy
pinkstorm1973 (1 month ago)
Nah Riawi Ridawi (1 month ago)
9:10 Pinkie's face and applegeek's laugh 😂
Daniel Taylor (1 month ago)
9:07, now, I’m concerned!!!! And scared
Nicole Brown (1 month ago)
The only thing you need to react to is twidash CanCan
twist58 (1 month ago)
Applegeek: Since when are books food!? Me: Unless it's a reader's digest.
George Harvey (1 month ago)
Another round of shorts. This is unfortunately the last of the beach ones. Here are my highlights: Unsolved Selfie Mysteries 0:38 A title like that just goes to show how much Equestria Girls panders to modern trends nowadays. In the first movie, you never would've heard a word like "selfie". 0:42 There's that rock shaped like a pony head again. Also, since it's these four, I'm assuming this takes place while Applejack, Rainbow Dash and Rarity are are looking for the lost earring (Lost and Found). 0:44-0:48 Those smiles. Also, is that a reference to a certain Weird Al Pony we know and love? Does this world have one too? Also, Applegeek's reaction. 0:49-0:53 What does that word mean? 0:51-1:01 Twilight spots something in the selfie's background. Sunset Shimmer thinks it's a sea monster. I'd laugh if it turned out to be Steven Magnet. Also, Applegeek's reaction. 1:01-1:04 Twilight isn't so sure. What a killjoy. 1:04-1:09 Pinkie thinks it's a sea monster too. 1:07-1:09 Those smiles. Also that squee. 1:09-1:13 Fluttershy uses her pendant to listen for the monster but she can't hear anything. 1:13-1:25 Sunset wants to look for the sea monster. Pinkie and Fluttershy agree to go with her, while Twilight investigates the beach. 1:27-1:32 Hi Timber Spruce. Also, Twilight's line and face. Also, Applegeek's reaction. 1:35-1:37 See ya Timber. 1:37 Sunset and Pinkie prepare to go diving. 1:40-1:44 Pinkie says she's ready, but then screams that she's not because she can't find her floaty. 1:46-1:53 The 'monster' approaches the beach. Twilight thinks her friends are in danger. 1:53-1:58 I agree. They really are playing up the drama, aren't they? 1:58-2:01 Sunset is overjoyed to think she was right. Also, her face. 2:04 Timber screams like a little girl and hides behind Twilight. 2:06-2:17 The 'monster' is actually just Fluttershy. What they saw in the selfie was Pinkie's lost floaty. Also, Sunset Shimmer and Applegeek's reactions. 2:08-2:11/2:19-2:21 More wet mane/hair. 2:17-2:19 That's right. Just whistle it off, Timber. 2:20-2:24 Pinkie caresses her floaty. 2:23-2:27 I think it's meant to be a duck. 2:30-2:33 Yes, he is. Blue Crushed 2:48 The title didn't make sense until I saw who was in it. 2:52-3:02 Rainbow Dash and Applejack prepare to go surfing, and want Fluttershy to join them. Fluttershy turns their offer. Also, those are some pretty sweet board designs. 2:56-2:58 That's not possible, AJ. It's called "Hang 10" because it's a trick where surfers stand on the ends of their boards with all 10 toes. Unless you're suggesting she does it with her fingers, too? 3:03 Those faces. 3:03-3:17 Oh gosh, look who it is. Also, Fluttershy and Applegeek's reactions. 3:17-3:27 Zephyr Breeze claims to be an expert boarder. He even named his surfboard Gladis. 3:27-3:34 Fluttershy tries to call out her brother on his lie, but gets stopped. Also, Applegeek's reaction. 3:33 Nice sheen. 3:37 Those faces. 3:38-3:52 You said it all for me, Applegeek. 3:53-4:00 Yep, he has no clue. 4:00-4:14 Rainbow Dash and Applejack shred the waves. Zephyr almost drowns. 4:14-4:19 Applejack scolds Zephyr for trying something dangerous without experience just to show off. 4:20-4:24 How can he smile at that? 4:26-4:36 Yep, he still thinks Rainbow Dash is his girlfriend. 4:37-4:45 Zephyr asks Dash if she can give him some tips. She agrees to do it only for Galdis. 4:39 That face. 4:45-4:58 Rainbow Dash caresses Gladis, saying Zephyr doesn't deserve her. Also, Applegeek's reaction. Turf War 5:13 Competition time me thinks. 5:16-5:18 Hi Lily Pad. Also, that's a cute toddler in the water. 5:21-5:38 Timber Spruce and Applejack are lifeguards. Timber is laid back while Applejack is energetic. 5:45-6:00 Timber hears a baby in trouble, but Applejack saves her before he gets there. 5:48 Hi Lyra. 5:59-6:01 Applejack punches Timber in the shoulder too hard. 6:01 Somebody's life was a risk, of course she had to, Timber! 6:02-6:11 Another scream. This time Timber saves Lyra from falling over. 6:11 Another scream?! This is one hazardous beach. 6:12-6:21 Applejack saves someone's ice cream with her hat. It gets a hair in it, though. Also, that woman and Applegeek's reactions. 6:21-6:35 Now it's become a competition. And it interferes with them both trying save Bulk Biceps. 6:36-6:51 Bulk cries at seeing Timber and Applejack fight. Also, Applegeek's reaction. 6:52-7:24 Applejack and Timber work together to save Bulk. However, they're in shallow water and her saves them. Also, Applegeek's reaction. 7:24-7:37 Maybe he was pretending for them. Friendship Math 7:46 The title reminded me of the short with Fluttershy and Trixie in maths class. 7:49 The seagulls on this beach love stealing shaved ice, don't they? 7:56-8:03 Twilight freaks out that she hasn't studied for a pop quiz in a magazine. Also, Applegeek's reaction. 8:07-8:52 Twilight and Pinkie take the friendship quiz and fail on every question. 8:07-8:12 You said it for me, Applegeek. 8:12-8:31 Twilight's answer is easy. Wait, 0-0? Her favourite part of school ISN'T the library?! 8:34-8:48 Pinkie's biggest fear is clownfish?! 8:43-8:48 Pinkie's face. 8:47 That shudder. 8:50-8:56 Twilight freaks out that she's flunked a test. 8:54 Oh yeah, it is Feather Bangs on there. 8:56-9:17 Pinkie tells Twilight not to worry about some silly quiz. Twilight decides to come up with her own equation to prove that she and Pinkie are friends - FOREVER. Also, Applgeek's reaction. 9:07 You know it's dramatic when you have two black bars. 9:09 Pinkie's face. 9:11-9:34 Studying montage. With Twilight and Pinkie being friendly to one another. 9:17 You haven't noticed her in some of the other beach shorts, Applegeek? Also, Twilight manages to hit the ball back while studying. Also, that guy is still chasing the seagull that stole his shaved ice. 9:32-9:36 I think we were all thinking the same thing, Applegeek. 9:33-9:49 Twilight's equation gets washed away. But it's alright, because she has the answer: friendship is unquantifiable - which means it can't be measured. 9:36-9:39 Those faces. 9:42-9:45 Pinkie's face. 9:52-10:01 A love-heart closing. That's a nice touch. Also, Applegeek's reaction. The Last Day of School 10:17 Did we jump back in time? I'd have thought with them going to the beach every day that school was already out? 10:20-10:28 It's the last day of school. Rainbow Dash is excited. Twilight is not. Also, Applegeek's reaction. 10:24-10:40 Twilight is worried because there are a lot of things she wants to finish before the day is out. 10:30-10:36 Four hours to Rainbow Dash is equivalent 100 years. 10:31-10:33 Those faces. 10:37-10:40 That's thoughtful. Not many student do that. 10:40-10:46 Twilight can't bear the thought of being away from school for three months. 10:46 Hi Miss Cheerliee. 10:52-11:04 Rainbow Dash recommends they watch a movie for the last class of the day. Miss Cheerliee agrees. Also, Applegeek's reaction. 11:01-11:04 Those faces. 11:04-11:12 Yep, Twilight is definitely not going to be focusing on this movie. Even if it is Daring Do vs the Swamp Monster. 11:09-11:15 Fourth-wall-break. Also, Applegeek's reaction to the movie. 11:17 Why is Rainbow Dash putting on sunglasses for a movie? 11:18 That must be an old movie - it's on VHS. 11:18-11:23 I remember that too. So many great memories. 11:21 And there's Chestnut Magnifico as Daring Do. 11:22-11:51 Twilight races to finish her work before the final bell. 11:24-11:28 Rainbow Dash wearing 3D glasses over her sunglasses. Also, Applegeek's reaction. 11:33-11:36/11:42-11:42 Why are you bored, Rainbow Dash? You were the one who requested this movie? 11:38 Nice transition from Daring Do to Twilight. 11:42 Where'd she get that popcorn? 11:45-11:51 Twilight's face. Also, this music. 11:51-11:55 Twilight screams in misery. Rainbow Dash cheers in delight. 11:57-12:01 Twilight is still stressing. Also, her face. 12:01 Twilight hugs her books. 12:02 Rainbow Dash rolls her eyes. 12:03-12:05 Twilight's face. 12:05-12:30 Rainbow Dash points out that Twilight can read whatever she wants over the summer break. She even offers to take her to the public library. Also, Applegeek's reaction. 12:14-12:21 Twilight's face. 12:23-12:26 The Rainbooms are ready for summer. 12:31-12:38 Maybe she did. Again, another good round of shorts. Let's move onto the last one.
HasNet (1 month ago)
Now Sci-Twi Getting Annoying Right Now, She Don't Wanna Leave School It's Make Her Out Of Characters Really
HasNet (1 month ago)
+Cam Miller Yeah You Right It's Not Make Her Out Of Characters But Make Annoying To Me Instead
Cam Miller (1 month ago)
How that make her out of character, since "being annoying" doesn't equal "out of character". She seems like the type of character that would, in the heat of the moment and freaking out, grab her books and not want to leave school on it's last day. If Rainbow Dash did it, then it'll be another story
twist58 (1 month ago)
Even in the human world, Rainbow Dash isn't safe from human Zephyr!
Jeff Holder (1 month ago)
Words On The Screen: Rainbow Dash is gonna regret giving her that idea! Me: I think she already did as she gave it to her!
Bon Bon (1 month ago)
02:22 I'm not sure. Looks like pink Cthulhu to me :J 05:50 Applejack, you're super strong, not super fast :q 07:14 Looks like Bulk ships those two. And me too :> They've got better chemistry than Timber & Sci Twi :J 08:11 I think she might have said "cutelets". But I may be wrong, it's hard to decode when two people are speaking at the same time. 09:27 I hope this is chocolate, because since I've seen the Emoji Movie I can't unsee some things :q 10:39 Yeah, geeky Twilight was OK. Über-nerdy Twilight is too much. They're trying too hard. 12:39 Quit school. Study whatever you want :) That's pretty much what I do right now :)
CJ Pascua (1 month ago)
Hmm.. No rarity episode in this one :(
Cam Miller (1 month ago)
Usually, personality wise I can relate more to Twilight than Rainbow Dash. Except for The Last Day of school short. There, Rainbow is me!
Ghoste Writer (1 month ago)
To be fair, hiding behind the girls who can use magic is probably a good idea. XD
Cam Miller (1 month ago)
I regretfully have to agree. An embarrassing idea for Timber, but still a good idea lol
MWSin1 (2 months ago)
"It's a sea monster." "I'm sure there's a logical explanation." Twilight. The group you're with has not only fought monsters, but two of you (including yourself) have literally become monsters. That shouldn't be automatically discarded.
Bon Bon (1 month ago)
That's one possible logical explanation :)
Drag0n Emper0r (2 months ago)
9:05, I'm still thinking the show is making a Twilight Pinkie ship obvious, (Twinkie). I'm starting to like a possible couple between these two.
Bon Bon (1 month ago)
It''s Pinkie and the Brain, all over again ;>
Maggie S. (2 months ago)
3:34 lmaoo applegeek I had such a sad day today but now I'm laughing out loud 😄😂
Chanselor Wright (2 months ago)
Hey Applegeek. Can you react to these Try not to sing mlp challenges pretty please? https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=_kLw_M0xd0c https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=SwEdgc1uMLE
Chris Corum (2 months ago)
Ooh twilight
Brian Shoubert (2 months ago)
I like it! )
SuperSonicHeroes (2 months ago)
Timber is still an asshole, and I’m glad he got humiliated in the selfie short by being a coward and using Twilight as a human shield, but I admit he did have good chemistry with AJ in Turf War.
Il Carnefice (2 months ago)
Sci Twi went Twilly nanas
dag1984 (2 months ago)
Zephyr.... why must you turn every place you're in into a house of lies?
Bon Bon (1 month ago)
Usually people do that when they think they are not cool enough for the situation, so they pretend to be more cool than they are, as a facade. Little they know that it usually works against them :q
Autum Breeze (2 months ago)
2:07 well, Timber is just a normal human and knows his girlfriend is the one with magic, so, as wimpy as it may be for him to hide behind Twilight instead of letting it be the other way around, his reaction is logical
Autum Breeze (2 months ago)
1:05 um... Twilight, honey? You are fully aware magic exists in your world. Logic is not always going to be the answer. True, it qas this time, but after all the magical mishaps you've been through, jumping straight to logic is... well, not logical. What IS logical is suspending your disbelief at least a bit BEFORE finding evidence and keeping the disbelief in mind until proven unneeded
Bon Bon (1 month ago)
Magic works according to the laws of logic as well ;) Everything that is possible, actually.
TheGoldenBunny (2 months ago)
34 comment thanks for posting 3 videos in one day
Avril plays (2 months ago)
I heard pinkie pie fluffl puffs and cotton candy is the same thing how can it make sense?
Despina Zafeirelli (2 months ago)
There are also more literal songs you haven't reacted to yet.
nessesaryschoolthing (2 months ago)
Friendship Math is definitely the best of the set, and also possible ever. It's interesting how SciTwi is so fond of Pinkie right off the bat. It's just so damn cute! Also, it really shows how she and pony Twilight are written differently. Pony Twilight isolated herself because she was cynical and serious unlike her Canterlot friends trying to connect with her, while SciTwi is almost the total opposite, isolating herself because she was a natural sweetheart in a school full of self-centered overachievers that could only hate her for her being so talented. It's annoying to PonyTwi when Pinkie doesn't take things seriously or doesn't understand her tactful sarcasm, while SciTwi is sincere with almost no tact at all and is much more open to Pinkie's unique perspective.
nessesaryschoolthing (17 days ago)
+Cam Miller "Sci-Twi has a bit of an ego and may have a somewhat competitive side that Princess Twiight doesn't" that's true! Besides Roller-coaster of Friendship, she also showed that in Forgotten Friendship when she was upset that Micro Chips won out over her on the cold fusion superlative, and she's kind of competitive in Friendship Math too, trying to be more scientific than the test. Crystal Prep must have had that impact too.
ShadowCatGambit (17 days ago)
Pinkie Pie must be heaven compared to the bullshit at Crystal Prep.
Cam Miller (1 month ago)
That's something that seems to be unique to the Twilights. The personalities of the human counterparts to the rest of the mane 6 seem about the same as their pony versions, though not 100% the same, and they act more like humans, if that makes sense But Sci-Twi and Princess Twiight has a more noticeable difference in their personalities like you said. Another difference i noticed is that Sci-Twi has a bit of an ego and may have a somewhat competitive side that Princess Twiight doesn't seem to have, but she shows it in a cute way. She showed that side in her particularly well during Rollercoaster of Friendship, when she and Sunset couldn't stop trying to win that ring toss game I wouldn't be surprised that, if they exist, that the human versions of Sunset and Starlight would also have a noticeable personality difference from their counterparts.
fiorenza khansa s (2 months ago)
Three uploads in one day?amazing......
Jonathan (2 months ago)
2:04, dude, really? 😒
Bon Bon (1 month ago)
MLP – a show where girls are more manly than men :J
Faxxz Azel (2 months ago)
.................srly.........twilight.......loves to make memes, right ag? X3
sasamichan (2 months ago)
I wonder if ponies ever react to Humans on the Equestria equivalent of YouTube?
Bon Bon (1 month ago)
Oh, we don't record them, just watching :)
sasamichan (1 month ago)
if she has videos up I want to see them
Bon Bon (1 month ago)
Not all of them, but I know at least one that does ;)
benjo sian (2 months ago)
your cringiness i very much the reason i watch your reacts XD
MLPDethDealr32 (2 months ago)
triple upload XD
Percy and sam (2 months ago)
What? Double upload
Zachary link (2 months ago)
fictionfan0 (2 months ago)
12:18 I *thought* I saw some flying pigs today.
Averie Aubree (2 months ago)
Wait double upload AWESOME
Zachary link (2 months ago)
Book Lover (2 months ago)
More Equestria Girls fun! Yay! Also I loved seeing Zephyr in this; it's brilliant, I feel like he's an underappreciated character. (His crush on RD while weird; is okay just hilarious because of her reactions). Also I love that they included Timber in these; I wasn't expecting Timber to be in the Equestria Girls shorts, but he's a fun character.
Aisha Ajis (2 months ago)
I agree Zephyr is a fun character with a crush, he’s basically harmless and under appreciated 😊
S.S.S.S .B (2 months ago)
Epic Fable Reviews (2 months ago)
Timber: Wht up Applejack. Applegeek: Really? Me: Yes really its just Timber lol Dont be autistic.
btamamura (1 month ago)
fictionfan0 As an autistic adult, I’d like to second that.
fictionfan0 (2 months ago)
*ahem* As someone who was diagnosed with Asperger's, would you care to explain what you meant by that comment, good sir? 😠
Michael Ryall (2 months ago)
Zephyr Breeze getting owned and humiliated is just so satisfying...if only the people in my life like him could have the same happen to them.
Bon Bon (1 month ago)
+twist58 It's not how it works. People who act like that usually think that they're not cool enough, so they try to compensate for that by being "over their head" and pretend that they're cooler that they think they are. Little they know that they shoot their own knee that way. If Zephyr were more honest with himself and with Rainbow Dash, it might work. But I like their "chemistry", because it's super funny to watch him goofing around and Rainbow Dash going all tsundere about that ;)
twist58 (1 month ago)
The guy is obviously in over his head and full of himself most of the time, but if he had any ounce of dignity, he'll stop it.
Bon Bon (1 month ago)
Well, if someone overestimates himself that much, it's like asking for humiliation ;J Other people just show him his actual place then :J
Ira Sutton (2 months ago)
Come on, he's not that bad. Some of his antics can be aggravating, but he's not a terrible person.
The Commenter Brony (2 months ago)
Blaster Flash (1 month ago)
Pinkie is... concerned 😐
Johanna Blomberg (1 month ago)
holy shit that took me off guard x''D Pinkie's face also was priceless, oh how the tables have turned.. xD
Jason Tilford (2 months ago)
Gets me every time.
Kiko Squirrel (2 months ago)
Jake Berango (2 months ago)
A double upload! What does this mean?!
Bon Bon (1 month ago)
+Christian Galvan That's a new academy record :> Talk about hattrick :)
Christian Galvan (2 months ago)
Jake Berango make it triple
Shining Star (2 months ago)
Yaayy!! Applegeek's back! 💕😂
Blaster Flash (2 months ago)
Heya cowboy
Arianaandsophia World (2 months ago)
I am first but anyway I LOVE YOU APPLE GEEK
Mugz (2 months ago)
Double posted yay😋
MarzAt8 (2 months ago)
Stamefox (2 months ago)
More stuff? Yey
Brenda Star (2 months ago)
First jk I just tried to click the notification fast
Ravenqueen Garcia (2 months ago)
Not first but yaya

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